Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Road trip to Bloomington, IN

I’m running Lex jr. to Bloomington, IN to start classes at IU.  Ho joy.  Here’s my last bit advice for him before turning him over the lefty lib azzclown machine.

Advice from your old man as you enter the land of leftist
Totalitarian fascism also known as “college.”

The biggest trick the devil plays on us is to trick us into believing that he does not exist.

He has NO power over you.

All he can do is tempt you.

College life is full of temptations.

Go to church. 

Make a friend at church.

If you want to be a true campus rebel, carry your Bible with you everywhere you go.  Occasionally get caught reading it.

Be a good roommate.  Be clean.  Keep the door locked – even if you’re only going to be gone for a second.  Respect other’s property.

If you are in the room, leave the door open to invite others in.

Call or text mom every day.  It won’t take but a second.

You are an adult now.  Act like one.  Take responsibility for all that do or fail to do.

Remember why you there.

Approach school as your job and excel at it.

Go to all of your classes.

Most “stress” is self-induced.  Being prepared for class and eating and sleeping right can remove a lot of stress.

Find time for physical exercise for one hour at least three times a week.  It’ll help clear your mind.

Explore the campus and find an ideal place to study.

Your dorm room is probably NOT that place.

Understand all of the course requirements and due dates in the first two days of class.

Post them somewhere where you can see them daily.

Meet with all of your profs after class or during office hours early-on just to say hi.

Seek help immediately if a class is not going well.  Meet with the Prof.  Find a study group.  If all else fails, try reading the book.

Make a good friend in every class that you can work with and seek help if necessary.

If you take good class notes, you’ll make friends easier.

A bad grade is not the end of the world.  It just requires extra work for rest of the semester.

Carry extra pens and pencils.  They fail at the worst times, besides you never know when the cute chicky-poo in the seat next to you might need to borrow one.

While mom and dad are footing the bill, no tattoos or piercings.  No drugs or alcohol (until legal).  There is plenty of time for that later.

Avoid any class associated with a department ending in “studies,” as in black, gender, women’s, transgender, homosexual, life, etc.  Life is too short to waste your time and money studying people who are studying nonsense.

There are objective truths in this world.  Discover them.  Avoid relativists.

Get your rest at night not during your morning classes. 

Put everything you’ll need in the morning together BEFORE you go to bed.  You think much better before going to bed than right after waking up.

Eat healthy.  Popcorn is NOT one of the major food groups.

Laundromat courtesy:  Be there to remove your clothes from the machine before the cycle ends.  Only a-holes leave their stuff in the washer or dryer for hours after cycle has ended. Clean out the lint trap after your load.

Balance a campus club or two with academic life.

Get out - go to all of the campus sponsored activities that you can.  It’ll be a fun way to meet people.

Unless you are whole-heartedly committed to the cause, avoid campus protests of all kinds.

Remember to brush your teeth for three minutes at least twice a day.

Stay on budget.

Not much good happens after midnight – check the metro section of any newspaper, most drug deals gone bad, shootings, stabbings, drunk driving etc. occur after midnight.

Be especially careful at night and doubly careful after midnight.

“White privilege” is a racist lie.  Asians are the most economically and academically advanced group in America.  Good for them.  Their work ethic and family structure allows them to excel.

When someone calls you a racist, homophobe, global warming “denier,” bigot, etc. it is designed to get you to shut up – probably because they losing the argument.

These arguments most often originate from the fake diversity crowd – or fauxvirsty poseurs.  They demand diversity in all things unless that diversity includes white, heterosexual, male and/or Christian ideas that bump up against their crazy idea of “diversity” which is nothing more than an Orwellian term used by leftist, totalitarian fascists to get you to march lockstep, or more accurately, goosestep with them.

In this regard be the nonconformist “outlier.” 

We’re only a phone call and a short drive away if you really need us.

You have done all the hard work to get where you are.  You've studied hard and gotten good grades in high school.   You have scored well on a standardized test.  You have been accepted into the only college you have wanted to attend.  You have laid the groundwork for a successful college career.  All of that is ancient history now.  None of it guarantees your success at IU, only a future of hard work and dedication will. 

So, enjoy college, while preparing for a successful career in the “real world.”   You are well prepared.  You can do this.  Get as much education and enjoyment out of your college experience as possible.

We have not seen you or spent very much time with you over the last 18 or so months, just the daily comings and goings as you’ve now grown up, but we will miss you terribly.  You have made us very happy parents.  We will be praying for your success.

Love, Dad 

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