Friday, August 28, 2015

If we are not an angry country by now, we should be

One time good guy Marco Rubio says that the Donald will not be the Republican nominee “because we’re not an angry country.”  First off, anyone who has watched Trump on the stump or doing an interview knows that he’s NOT angry.  He had a woman on stage checking his dome for a toupee yesterday for crying out loud.  Even when he calls Rosie O’Donnell a fat slob on twitter it’s grounded in truth and has a reality TV – in other words, who gives a $h!t - aura about it.

But yeah, there’s a great many of us who are POed and with good reason.  We have given our hard earned Yankee dollars, our time and our votes to a party and pols that have taken our money and worse than done nothing with it, they have collaborated with the Dopes to destroy the country.  So yeah it kinda pees some of us off.  We have a blubbering cry baby drunk running the house calling Ted Cruz a jackazz while he openly kisses The Empty Suit’s azz.  We have still have Harry the roach Reid running the senate, well technically it’s Mitch McConnell but really there's not the least bit of difference between the two what-so-ever. 

Next off, if we’re not an angry country by now we must be dead, Dopes or in a coma.  Our hard earned Yankee tax dollars are being used to subsidize a twisted organization that cuts off baby heads and ships them off in the mail and laughs about it.  One Caligula, D.C. party is laughing along the other is hiding under the bed sheets doing not one damned thing about it.

Speaking of Planned un-Parenthood, the rape enabling pig in a pantsuit in front of a group of brain-dead compared the entire GOP presidential field to terrorist for opposing Planned un-Parenthood.  The Shrilldabeast said she expected terrorist to reel against women but that “it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to be President of the United States.” 

I’ll tell what’s a little hard to take.  The rape enabling old, old hag who has spent much of her adult life covering up for her slack jawed raping, groping, exposing, woman beating old man lecturing anyone about “women’s issues.”  So far the only Republican candidate that I have heard link the Beast to her rapist alley cat of a husband is Rand Paul.  Whoever replies to the Beast’s nonsense with, “If she’s truly interested in protecting women, the best thing Shrilldabeast could do is get her husband under control.”  If any of the under card candidates took it to the pig in a pantsuit on this, they’d skyrocket to the top of the polls.

So, a drunk, a liar and thief walk into a bar.  Then a priest and rabbi come in and sit down on either side of John Boehner.  Yeah count me among the POed.

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