Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday morning stuff

Trump is probably conservative enough
One of the big kicks used against Donald Trump used by establishment conservatives is that the Donald is not a real conservative.  The chattering class loves to point that out to all of the Trumpsters.  The chattering class says it every day and every day Trump’s numbers improve so the chattering class acts like the guy who does not speak French asking a Parisian for directions to the Louver.  When the Frenchman shrugs, “I don’t understand” the guy starts yelling louder and louder at the Frenchman, “HOW DO I GET TO THE LOUVER?”  The Frenchmen finally shrugs and walks away.  Oh, and for the record the Frenchman understood every word.

Here is news flash to the chattering class.  Donald Trump is NOT popular because he’s the most conservative candidate in the field.  He’s popular because he’s not afraid to poke a very sharp stick into the promise everything – but do nothing establishment Rat Republicans’ eye.  He’s popular because people actually believe he’ll do what he says.  If Trump is only 1/10th as conservative as the average Rat Republican, but does what he says he’ll do, he’ll be a 10,000% improvement over the “conservative” do-nothing Rats who sit about kissing The Empty Suit’s azz with one of their thooms up their butt leaving the other hand free to loot the treasury.  In that regard, like everything else, Rat Republicans are only half as effective as Dopes in stealing money from the US taxpayer.  The Dopes use both hands to line their pockets while kissing TES’s azz.

Who do trust with nukes?
George Will asked if we would trust Donald Trump with nuclear weapons.  OK, would you trust a lying thieving pig in a pant suit Shrilldabeast or Crazy old, old, old Uncle Joe or socialist Bernie Sander with nuclear weapons?  Will’s question is a good one, but the fact that he zeroes in on Trump while ignoring the Dope field tells you all really need to know.  I’m pretty sure there is a protocol to deploy nuclear weapons that runs well outside a presidential whim to nuke, say…Megyn Kelly because she asks stupid unprofessional questions.

Gas Gas Gas
Good news!   ISIS is using chemical weapons on the Kurds in Iraq.  
Was there any type of Empty Suit red line there?  Luckily our border is secure so we do not have to worry about ISIS coming across the southern border with a car load of mustard gas.

The pig in a pantsuit’s e-mails
The $64,000 question has not yet been asked to the Shrilldabeast.  Mrs. Beast how in the hell could you have done your job as Secretary of State of the United States without communicating classified information?  Are you lying your fatazz off about not communicating that type of information or were you a completely BS out of touch Sec State?

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