Monday, August 03, 2015

Immigration is the most important issue this election

What happens when you combine an unrestricted influx of illegal and legal immigration with an absolute unwillingness to enforce any type of identification for voting?  You get the Demo-Dope party. 

If you want to know why the Donald has gained so much traction with Americans you need only read this article on immigration and this one on illegal voting.   All of the blather on stage at this week’s first Republi-Rat debate will make no difference what-so-ever if we do not first protect our border and our elections.  Republicans’ long-term plans to do anything with regard to education, defense, taxes, healthcare etc. won’t amount to squat if those plans are scuttled by masses of illegals voting themselves more welfare payments from the Dope party.   As common sense and Milton Freidman tell us “You cannot simultaneously have free immigration and a welfare state.”  Now throw in letting the illegals vote themselves more benefits and how long will it be before the wheels come off our grand experiment in self-government?

Immigration is now my number one issue.  Nothing else we do will matter more to our long-term success survival than getting a grip a on our borders and our elections.  Now let’s face it any Caligula, D.C. insider azzwagon isn’t going to anything about it.  That eliminates only two candidates, Kasich and Grahmnesty.  Yeah, make no mistake Kasich is an insider.  Rubio is all but gone for his “work” with the gang of 8.  Perry’s thinking illegals are the salt of the earth makes him immediately suspect.  Jeb and any other “path to citizenship” BS candidate is out.  That leaves who - Cruz, Walker, Fiorina, Christie, Carson and maybe Trump.  Not a bad field.

We do not need a path to citizenship for 11 million uneducated low-skilled workers.  Places like Baltimore, Ferguson and most inner cities are filled with Americans with the exact same qualifications.  Do not think that if there are no jobs because all of their employers were fined and/or thrown in jail for hiring illegals and the welfare gravy train has disappeared that the illegals will not leave in the exact same manner they appeared.  And for the record, we sure as hell do not need a million more Muslims entering the country every year.

We’ll need to reform our own welfare system so it will encourage work, and we’ll need to expect more from our own spawn.  Many a Saturday afternoon in my youth were spent in the yard cutting raking and shoveling.  Now it’s easier to get Jose to do it for $5 an hour than it is to get Jr’s azz out of bed on Saturday morning.  Today our kids are so busy with everything that they do not do anything.  That sounds crazy.  But think about it.  Band, baseball, swimming etc. are all-consuming activities these days.  And not just for the participant.  Often one or both parents are hovering over their dear driving all weekend to this tournament or that sport camp.  Gone are the days when we walked to the church with a borrowed glove for baseball.  Now kids have full uniforms with their own equipment bags of gloves, bats, shoes, talc, pine tar etc.  And rarely are any of them willing to share with a team mate. 

Outside that special activity maybe we don’t expect enough of our dears anymore.  I know.  I made a deal with Lex jr. you get the grades and I'll take care of the chores.  He held up his end of the bargain better than I did mine.  Now I’m wondering if maybe learning how to handle a shovel and a wrench on hot day aren’t maybe as important as learning trig. 

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