Friday, August 21, 2015

Trump raises true meaning of the 14th Amendment

If you were as backward on the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution as I was, here’s the definitive word on it from Ann Coulter.  As it turns out, the Donald might be correct.  Anchor babies are not US citizens and can be loaded up with the rest of the family and sent packing.  Now if you’re a sexist pig like Billbo Clinton and will not take the word of a woman, Mark Levin makes clear theintent and meaning of immigration as contained in the text of the Constitution and as it pertains to the 14th Amendment here.  There’s also this.

No doubt the lefty Libs will be using the same BS argument they use in the “separation of church and state” argument to overcome the language found in the Constitution.  They will continue to harp about it and insist, “it’s right there in the Constitution.”

Even if the 9 dopes in robes hold with the anchor baby BS, it seems cleaning that up will NOT require a Constitutional Amendment.  And how has all of this been pushed into the sunlight?  The Donald, that’s how.

Charles Krauthammer, per usual, deconstructs and blasts the Donald’s positions for mass deportation, anchor babies etc.  For CK: How do we know we cannot do these things when we have never even tried?  Anyone who hunts or wants to run off a pest squirrels or birds knows that you do not necessarily have to kill them all.  When you start shooting at the pests their survival instincts kick in and they vacate the area on their own.

The same maybe true for illegals.  When you start to round up a few, cut off employment, schools, hospitals and government assistance many - maybe even most - will vacate the area on their own.   Besides what is the worst that can happen?  We try and don’t get anywhere and we are no worse off than we are now.  The cost will be covered by cutting off the benefits.  Or in the Donald’s world, we get Mexico to pay for it by cutting off any foreign aid we send them.  Thing are so very F-ed up, why not try?

Trump also called Jeb a “low energy person.”  Not even CK will come to Jeb’s defense on that one.  But seriously, what establishment Rat Republican isn’t low energy?  McConnell?  Boehner?  Thad Cochran, John McCain and Orin Hatch have about as much energy as the stiff in the Weekend at Bernie’s movie.  The Rat Reps are all next to dead except for mustering enough energy to line their own pockets with taxpayer money. 

Another question for lying pig in a pantsuit
We all know the real question that needs to be asked of the Shrilldabeast, how could you possibly do your job without access to classified e-mail?  The next question needs to be simple, “Did you receive any e-mail marked ‘Top Secret’?”  This is important because the pig in a pantsuit insists that she never received anything marked “classified.”  “Classified” is NOT a security classification.  In other words, nothing would be "marked classified.”  It would be marked confidential, secret, top secret and/or NOFORN.  The lying $h!t needs to be asked if she ever received Top Secret information on her BS e-mail server.

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