Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ferguson, the Beast and Kelly - all sort of the same

Dep of Justice is running Ferguson, MO it is a predictable mess
After petty thief and thug Mike Brown was shot while attempting to continue his assault on a police officer, Eric the wad Holder unleashed his un-Justice Dep. On Ferguson, MO.  Even after the officer was cleared of any wrong doing, DoJ cleaned house.  Today there are again riots in Ferguson, MO.  So, who are you going to blame now?   Well everyone but the people causing trouble no doubt.

If black lives really mattered to the people holding the signs that say they do, the best thing to advocate for is cooperation with the police.  Every one of the high profile black deaths at the hands of the police – including the outright murder of a black man in SC – could have been avoided had the victims simply followed police orders.  If black lives matter, cooperate with the police and write your letter from your jail cell a la MLK’s letter from his Birmingham jail cell.

For the people carry those “black lives matter” signs shouting people down, I don’t believe they give a hoot about Mike Brown or any other black man killed by police.  They are anarchists who probably are hoping more unarmed black men get killed in the commission of their crimes.  If they gave a $h!t they’d trade their “black live matter” signs in for signs that read “cooperate then contest.”

But if we’re honest here, we know the contest part is BS, because in every case the victim was breaking the law.  That violation of law led to contact with the police which led to an altercation and ultimately the victim’s death.

But all of this is happening in Dope cities run by Dopes in many cases black Dopes bought with union money.  Ferguson, MO is run by DoJ it’s a mess.  Baltimore is run by Dopes.  It’s a mess.  NY City is run by Dopes. It’s a mess.  Wherever there is inner city trouble, you can make book the Dopes and unions are running things.   

The Beast buying votes with your money
Taking a page from the sail eared dope in the Rainbow House, the Shrilldabeast set about to buy votes with your money.  It’s great work if you can get it.  The pig in a pantsuit announced yesterday that she would make college more affordable for little Johnny and Suzy, not by reducing college costs mind you, but rather by having you pay for their tuition.  That’s good news for Johnny, Suzy and their parents.  Consider those votes bought.

But it’s a double whammy.  Not only are you going to pay to send your slacker neighbor’s kids to college, but once they arrive they will be indoctrinated with all manner of lefty Lib BS “studies.”  Gender, black, women’s, Transgender, homosexual, “studies.”  I laid out some simple rules for Lex jr. as he sets sail for college.  As long as mom and dad are footing the bills there will be no tattoos, piercings or any courses from any department ending in “studies.”

During response to Trump, Kelly swears she won’t respond to Trump
Megyn Kelly apparently told her audience last night that she wouldn’t apologize to the Donald nor respond to Trump’s “attacks” on her for doing “good journalism.”  Uuuuuh, OK.  Not to put too fine a point on it but isn’t telling your audience that you won’t apologize or respond to the Donald sort of like responding to the Donald?  If you truly were not going to respond to him wouldn’t you have not opened your show by responding to him?  Just sayin’.  If you’re not going to respond to him, don’t respond him – period.  Oooops.  Can you use that word in the same thought with Kelly?  I’ll call Erick Erickson over at Red State and get a ruling. 

Oh and just because the echo chamber at Fox says it was “good journalism” doesn’t make it so.  For crying out loud, you asked Ted Cruz if God had spoken to him today.  THAT’S “good journalism”?  YGBSM!   The fact that all manner of lefty Lib MSM – CNN, NY Times etc. - are heaping praise on Fox for the debate is about all we really need to know.  But nice try.  Now, I’m not going to respond to Kelly’s refusal to respond except to respond by telling us she won't respond to the Donald’s response to her BS journalism.  Oh one more thing…

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