Friday, August 14, 2015

Lex affirmed, Est. Conservative media hammer Trump and 2 conspiracy theories

A brilliant piece on the debate
Why is it brilliant?  Well because the author, Angelo Codevilla, restates many of Lex’s points from the lead up to the debates.  Of course Codevilla states the points more succinctly, and refrains from one of the hallmarks of this page, calling Dopes, Hollywood swells, MSM hacks and other government officials Jr. High School locker room names.  None the less it gives one satisfaction that a great thinker like Codevilla has stumbled upon the same solution that you arrived at months ago.

Conservative Establishment Conservative media: Leave the Donald alone
George Will, Krauthammer, Lowery, Williamson etc. continue to pound Trump as if that’ll make him go away.  Every time they, the MSM or a rival goes after him, Trump jumps in the polls.   So how long do you continue to think that just one more hit piece on Trump from a reputable establishment conservative writer from National Review on Line will do the trick and end Trump’s candidacy?

Give it up.  Take the Ted Cruz approach and coopt Trump while never saying a disparaging word about him – or any other candidate for that matter.  Maybe a rising Trump lifts all Republican candidate’s boat.  Cruz is rising while people who went after Trump – Paul, Perry and Kelly – are in decline.  Hello!  Can we learn anything?

Besides, if Trump is eventually going to die off of his own doing, as the know-it-alls insist in every column, why not just let him do so?  Cruz is smart.  Having not offended the Donald, he’ll be in a good position to get Trump’s followers when if he implodes.  Back to Codevilla, had the Fox News morons played it straight by asking policy questions instead of insisting that Rosie O’Donnell is not a fat pig and a terrible human being as Trump correctly noted during his twitter war with her, he might have stumbled on a question about Iranian nukes, abortion, homosexual marriage, etc.  

Conspiracy Theory 11-15
Some are insisting that Donald Trump is 5th Column within the Republican party, a Trojan horse sent by the Clintons to destroy the party from within by disrupting its primary process and perhaps eventually running a third party candidacy.  The theorist on this one note Billbo’s phone call to Trump urging him to get into the race.

Maybe.  But every day the odds look better for Trump to win the Republican nomination than for the Shrilldabeast to win the Dope nomination.  Also, weak, spineless, lying, thieving, Dope-lite PsOS like McConnell and Boehner are doing a better job of destroying the Republican brand from within than Trump could ever hope to achieve.  Last, anyone who thinks that they can control Trump on such a ruse will end up disappointed.  I guarantee that even if the Donald did enter into an agreement with Clintons to turn the Republican primary on its ear, Trump’s loyalty to that plan disappeared with his rise in the polls.

Conspiracy theory 12-15
This one is much better in my view.  The Clintons do have a 5th column within the Republican field, but it’s not Donald Trump.  It is Jeb Bush.  

Better to have coopted the front runner and odds on favorite to win the nomination than some wild card like Trump.  The Clintons and Bushes have some kind of evil relationship where Barbara and GHW Bush refer to the slack jawed rapist as “their adoptive son.”  They have raised all of these wonderful children so why the need to adopt a reprobate? 

Given the field of candidates and the fact that his old man, his brother and his adopted brother were all presidents, why would Jeb think the nation couldn’t survive without another Bush in the Rainbow House? 

ANSWER:  The Clintons have coopted Jeb because they know he will not vigorously attack his slack jawed rapist adopted brother or Billbo’s do-nothing unaccomplished pig in a pantsuit wife.  So at the family dinner one night Bill-dabeast insist only a Clinton or a Bush is worthy to run America.  Jeb says, “OK I’ll run.  That way no matter who wins, the presidency will still be in the family.”  The logic is undeniable.  OK it’s deniable, but it’s a good conspiracy theory.  

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Anonymous said...

From the Griffin....
Codevilla's article about the non-debates is correct and what FOX presented last week was not a debate. Mrs. Griffin immediately commented that Marco Rubio is the best looking candidate. Yes, her mind is made up on who to support. Of course I have dedicated great and serious consideration in the analysis of each candidate. I like Rubio too. But Carly is great and Scott Walker would be a good president but not electable. The non-debate then is photo op for some viewers like the Mrs that can select in 30 seconds. And she is happy and convinced. I weighed the words of each candidate with great deliberation, see sawed on who is the best candidate, fitfully agonized over the body language of each person, and decided to wait on making my pick. The wife slept great the night of the non-debate. Bitch.