Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Debate strategy, EPA destroying the environment, Trump fade?

GOP debate strategy should be to pivot to the pig in a pantsuit
Republicans should take a note form Carly Fiorina and use any lapdog MSM question to pivot to an attack on the Shrilldabeast.  Fiorina does this all time, especially when told that Republican stance on abortion is out of the mainstream.  She shoots back, it’s the Beast who is out of the mainstream; supports late term abortion while most Americans do not; supports Planned un-Parenthood’s dissection of babies for the sale of their parts while most Americans are sickened by the thought;  supports tax payer funding of abortion while most Americans do not. 

The premise of every lapdog question should be rejected.  Had Trump taken Kelly’s question on what he said about women and turned it on the Shrilldabeast, he’d have scored a knockout.  As in, “Look, you can bring up all of these things out of context.  Fine.  I’m not PC.  But my wife never had to try to cover for me for raping, groping, harassing and exposing myself to women.  The pig in a pantsuit has spent her entire married life covering up the sex crimes of her slack jawed screwball husband.  If the Dopes want to come after me for a twitter war with a fat slob fine.  But I’ll take it to them for their enabling of a true misogynist.  It won’t be pretty.  Besides I love women.  I’ll win all of their votes because women love me.”

The EPA is destroying the environment
Who will lose their job?  Who will go to jail?  Unless they can find a white Republican male – no one will be named.  No one will be held responsible.  Remember the “you’re doing a heck of job Brownie” line during Katrina?  Who is doing a heck of job in the Colorado River pollution debacle?  EPA head Gina McCarthy, like so many of TES’s people, is a clueless, incompetent, idiot.  She should name the people responsible for this mess and fire them after charging them criminally for negligence by close of business today or have her worthless ugly azz pitched into that river.

Dopes get all stressed out when one of us throws one those toxic curly lightbulbs they made us buy into the trash, but it’s all so ho hum when they release 3 million plus gallons of toxic waste into the Colorado River.  Heads should roll at the EPA. 

What we know after the IRS, VA, DoJ, etc. scandals is that NOTHING will be done.  No one will be held accountable.  This is another issue to pivot back to dopes on.  When asked (aka accused) about environmental issues Reps can of course point out the hypocrisy of the lefty Libs on the issue and can now say that Republicans are not dumping 3 million gallons of toxic mine waste into the west’s most important water supply.

Trump fade begins?
When the disgusting videos of the dissection of aborted late term babies surfaced, the Donald said Planned un-Parenthood should be defunded and that he’d shut down the government for that purpose if necessary.  Now he’s resorting to PuP’s own talking points to defend “some portions” of PuP.  According to Trump, abortion is only a small part of what PuP does.  300K abortions = small portion, really Donald?

Here’s what pols and even non pols like Trump need to remember.  The Center for Medical Progress still has at least 7 more videos to release.  One will surly come out just prior to the next Republican debate.  Given the escalating nature of the evidence against PuP in each video, pols - Dopes and Reps - may want to keep their powder dry on this issue.  Given how each video is more disgusting than the last, what will the last video show? 

This another good pivot point for the Reps to go after the pig in the pantsuit.  PuP founder Margret Sanger was a raging racist.  She called blacks “weeds”.  The Beast has said publicly that Sanger is one of her “heroes” and has accepted a PuP award named after Sanger.  How hard would it be to pivot from a Rep position on abortion to the Shrilldabeast accepting an award named after a raging racist from PuP?  As in, “My position on abortion is extreme?  I’ll tell you what is extreme accepting an award from an organization founded by a racist.  That’s what the pig in a pantsuit did.  That’s extreme.”

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