Thursday, August 27, 2015

Glenn Beck is un-American for advocating not voting

These days Glenn Beck is spending as much time telling us who he is against as he is telling us who he is for.  Fine.  No problem with that.  Then Beck goes on to tell his considerable audience that he won’t vote for Bush, Graham, Pataki, Gilmore, Trump etc.  OK fine not voting, for many people, is actually a vote in and of itself.  Romney got millions fewer votes than did his GOP presidential predecessor John McCain.  Many believe the GOP voters who sat out the 2012 Presidential election handed the election to The Empty Suit.  That has worked out well for the non-voters, right?  Not voting has proven to be a good model, right? We got gay marriage, Robertscare, the Iran deal, the IRS, VA, EPA, DoJ scandals galore.  So yeah, show those establishment GOP bastards and sit out 2016 as well.  Who knows, maybe the Dope that gets elected will finish the job of finally and totally killing off the American dream.  Yeah, that’ll show those GOP establishment bustards.    

No doubt, Beck is a bit worried about the Donald making a third party run against one of his chosen candidates, Cruz, Paul, Fiorina etc.  No doubt he thinks Trump needs to make a pledge to support the eventual GOP candidate.  Well Glenn, you go first.  You spend as much time railing against and running down candidates that are not in at least 98% lockstep with your views, isn’t it time for you pledge support?  Isn’t it time for you to make the same pledge to the GOP as Trump?   Also Glenn, how is not voting for the eventual GOP candidate any different than Trump running as 3rd party.  Both put a socialist dope in the Rainbow House.

Look, Beck can do whatever he wants.  If he decides that he is going to torpedo ½ the GOP field in Aug a year before election fine, but it’s then hard to take the (g)assbag seriously during his weepy monologues about America “losing its soul.” He groans on and on about the Planned un-Parenthood videos, the IRS, the EPA, the Iran deal but is perfectly happy to sit out a pivotal election that could end in allowing it continue and even accelerate.  In that regard, Beck is an un-American, self-serving, a-hole.

For the record, as Scott Walker has had trouble getting out of his own way lately, I am a Cruz/Fiorina guy.  But I will vote for the GOP or if it is Bush, Graham, Pataki, etc. I’ll vote against the Dopes.   

Fox shills for Univision
Apparently Megyn Kelly had a love fest with fellow Trump hater Whore-hey Reeemoose.  During their slobbering lovefest, Kelly never got to the pertinent question, “Has God spoken to you today.”  She also never asked the anti-American activist why he thought it was OK to act like an illegal alien and jump the line at the news conference and in doing so disrupt the news conference.  She didn’t ask why he never showed up the Shrilldabeast’s campaign and start disrupting that old bag’s few and far between news events. 

Fox News, like Glenn Beck, is becoming very tedious.

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