Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Catching up

Trump punts Georgie Ramos
Much is being made of The Donald's confrontation with Ramos.  My first take on this is that Ramos was acting exactly like the illegal alien excrement heads he advocates for.  He gets to jump the line and disrupt the proceedings and then be rewarded for his BS behavior.  Then right on cue the exact people he was jumping ahead of pipe up to defend the worthless POS.  Trump might have reminded Ramos that after the Donald's law suit is settled, Ramos may be working for him.  Let me guess, "You're fired!" 

OK the signs were crass and classless.  OK the university probably had to do something.  But it’s not as if anyone got hurt.  Now if these guys were starters on the football team, you can bet all would be forgiven. I think America is becoming a nation of babies waiting to feign offense about something, anything to get attention.

The definitive piece on PC (That isn’t about The Donald)
I like this short piece, particularly the line that characterizes Mike Brown getting his thieving, dope smoking, fat azz shot off as his “final miscalculation.”  Uh yeah, you could call it that.
Trump blasts Megyn Kelly…again
All manner of media BS artists are rushing in to save the poor dear, who, like the gals just outta Ranger school, supposedly don’t need no stinkin’ help.  I just need to know if God spoke with Megyn today.  So if Fox is so very “fair and balanced” and a great many people think Kelly was an obnoxious dope during the Fox debate, shouldn’t there be some balance to the love fest at Fox and at least one Fox contributor with the sense to say, “You know what, asking Ted Cruz if ‘God had spoken him today’ was complete and utter BS.”  But when it comes to one of their own, they ain’t so “balanced.”  Fair and balanced?  No.  When it comes to one of their own it’s more like closed minded and closed ranks.

Government of the people?
If you think Bernie Sanders and socialism is a good idea, read this and this.  Government is out of control.  None of this even addresses IRS, VA, TSA or EPA scandals.

Send Derek Jeter to negotiate with Iran
The Empty Suit claims he was hustled by former Yankee Derek Jeter on the golf course – but where else would you find the clown. Yet this is the complete dumbazz we trust make a nuke deal with Iran.  Exit question:  Is there any chance the Iranians hustled this clueless waif?
ESPN rejects truthprefers PC

Congrats to three Americans who pummeled Johnny Jhadi on the train 
Good for them.  Couldn't the American embassy have arranged a coat and tie for the three before the ceremony with the French president?  Just a bit embarrassing for the Americans to be in their very best polo pull over shirts while the Brit is in coat and tie.   

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