Monday, December 31, 2007

Story of the year: Murtha joins ranks with Oswald and Whitman as EX-Marines

I watched, listened and read as various news outlets opined on the “story of the year.” The answer to anyone not blinded by a left-wing lunatic ideology – which sadly comprises nearly all in the MSM - is as obvious as the nose on Carl Malden’s face. To anyone not buying into the “hate America first” mantra of Keith Olbermann and Jack the ass Murtha, the number one story is the turn around in Iraq.

But the lefty loons suggest the shootings at VA Tech is a bigger story because it turns up a dark and seedy, gun loving side of American culture that we must confront. WRONG! What we must confront are whacko anti-social morons like Seung-Hui Cho the idiot who was pulling the trigger. This nut job should have had his ass kicked, thrown out of the university and been put into an institution about two hours after arriving on campus.

But the I’m OK you’re OK, can’t we all just get along, he’s a minority so his behavior must be tolerated, moral relativism BS that sustains the Lib ideology just ignored his psychopathic behavior. Then when he kicked his psycho conduct up a notch and a tragedy occurred, Libs blame the instrument the psycho uses instead of the psycho. Lucky thing Cho didn’t strap a bunch propane tanks together and light them off. Libs would be talking about the dark and seedy nature of America’s love fest with the summer Bar-B-Q.

So VA Tech, as sad as it was, is not the story of the year. Iraq is. But Iraq is too obvious, and too good for America, so like the MSM, Lex will ignore it. Instead Lex believes that the story of the year is the exposure of Jack the ass Murtha as a treasonous, thieving, lying, scum-bag loser, Ex-Marine that he is.

For those familiar with the Marine Corps, except for Lee Harvey Oswald and Charles Joseph Whitman (the Seung-Hui Cho of his day as the Texas University sniper) and an infamous few others, there are no ex-Marines. As the saying goes, “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” So Marines, except those rare few, are always former, never ex, Marines. Well, Jack the ass Murtha, welcome to the ex Marine club where you’ll meet your buddies Oswald and Whitman when you get to hell.

The big difference between Murtha and the other two is that the other guys succeeded in their dastardly deeds. Un-indicted Abscam conspirator Murtha, being the loser he is, tried to force a humiliating defeat on his own country but failed. The fact that he failed makes him no less treasonous for his efforts. Then the fat lying bastard, believing only the worst of his own countrymen, tried to convict the Haditha Marines without a shred of evidence. He failed at that as well. But he hasn’t the decency to apologize. The only thing that the oversized bag of excrement has been successful at is thieving tax payer’s dollars to dole out like candy canes back in his home district.

In addition to being a treasonous, lying, thieving rat, he’s stupid as well. The blubbering fool actually thinks that Okinawa is a good staging place for operations into the Middle East. Hopefully someone on his staff stuffed a globe into the moron’s Christmas stocking.

I'd love to spit in his eye.

My first resolution is that Lex will be kinder and gentler in the New Year. Happy New Year All!

Friday, December 28, 2007

It’s still a dangerous world for universal pre-K

Sadly, predictably, Benazir Bhutto is dead. Now the chattering class is holding forth on who might have committed this latest atrocity brought to the world by the “religion of peace.” Some blame President Pervez Musharraf. Well, in that he survived no less than three such assassination attempts himself, he should be considered some kind of expert on the issue.

Oddly, those who blame al Qaeda are being dismissed. Even in the face of an al Qaeda statement taking responsibility for the assassination, the head in the sand crowd insist that single targeted assassination is not al Qaeda’s forte. Even though al Qaeda has tried to assassinate her before and made it clear that they’d prefer her dead.

So why not accept the whackos at their word? They did it. Well, it’s election time. Now, we can’t have al Qaeda raising its ugly head and scaring security minded people into voting for security minded Republicans. It is better if this election were fought on a fertile field of Democrat issues such as health care and universal pre-K. After all, who cares if we’re secure but don’t have free universal pre-K? Or is it the other way around? I always get confused around election time.

Because it’s a political loser, Democrats cannot accept that al Qaeda might be responsible for this disgusting event. Better that Musharraf be held responsible. After all, he’s a Bush ally.

Now, Dems are lining up against Musharraf. Cut off US aide! Hold him responsible! Send in the FBI! Election must go on and get Musharraf out!! Better take a deep a breath. Call Musharraf and tell him:

Protect the nukes
Maintain stability
Protect the nukes
Reschedule election once the opposition has identified a leader
Oh yeah, protect the nukes

Musharraf, like it or not, is our best bet for protecting the nukes and maintaining some semblance order. If Dems get their way, who knows what we’ll end up with.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

What's public?

We played a game Christmas day called “Would you rather…” As the game’s name might indicate, the game is comprised largely of either or choices. A player advances if he can correctly predict the group’s majority position on some thorny moral or mythical dilemma.

One such dilemma was, “would you rather do without public bathrooms or public trash cans?” My position was that no one uses public bathrooms so we should just do away with them. That sparked an interesting discussion of what the word “public” meant. In my mind it meant owned and operated by the state, thereby making it “public.” Like libraries, bus stations, parks etc. Many took the view that that if a business was open to the public, it was in fact public.

This type of thinking is how we get smoking bans, wheelchair accessibility laws, transfat laws etc. Simply because a business opens its doors to the public does not entitle the public to run the business.

Non-smokers howl that they prefer to eat in smoke free restaurants. Fine open one. But alas, it far easier and cheaper to buy off a creepy politician - unfortunately, a category that comprises a group of the whole – than it is to run the risk of gathering partners, pooling funds, renting a building, buying equipment, hiring staff and actually running a restaurant.

So the mayor decides that restaurants ought to be smoke free. Since they are open to the public and we don’t smoke, we think it’s a good idea. Then the mayor thinks the restaurant ought to be transfat free. Since we don’t know what transfats are but have been told that they are bad for us, we think that’s a good idea. Then the mayor decides that every restaurant should have a two drink limit. Hey, wait a minute you fascists idiot. Well, he was a fascist idiot way back when he banned smoking. But you happened to approve of that bit of fascism, so what was to stop him from the next bit of fascism?

So the next time you pull over at a gas station or a McDonald’s to use the restroom, remember the man who owns the shop is not in business to run a public restroom. Buy a cup of coffee or pop and a candy bar or bag of chips.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It must be true

If it’s not true, how can this be:

Over two thousand years later and we’re still talking about Him. He commanded no great armies to spread His word by the sword. He had not a powerful navy to ensure His access to high places. He had no money to speak of to buy allegiances and fund His journeys. He was not a great political figure of His time. He led no great political movement. He was no rebel standing against government authority. Quite the contrary, He asked followers to render unto Cesar that which is Cesar’s. He gained and maintained a following not for what He gave to them but rather for what He asked of them.

Yet 2,000 years later, we still celebrate His birth, study His life, mourn His death and accept His resurrection as the basis of our belief.

If it's not true, how can this be?

Monday, December 24, 2007

It is the day before Christmas

Gotta go do my Christmas shopping. What? There's pleanty of time. The Flying J truck stop is open all night and on Christmas morning as well.

Twas the night before Christmas,
When all through the House – of Representatives,
Speaker Pelosi was wide awake,
Shouting expletives after expletives.

A man they called dope
It was hard for her to see
How W had beaten them
With his strange strateegery.

George Bush had left DC for Texas
With that smile,
That all in the MainStreamMedia
Had come to revile.

Dingy Harry too had fled
To Nevada with great zeal,
Because it was there that,
There was so much land he could steal.

So he declared the war lost
As he bid DC good bye,
A crooked land deal in Reno
He just couldn’t pass by.

He offered season’s greetings of cash
As he left town in a rush
To all that he met
From a fund made of slush.

So now Nance is stuck
In D.C. all alone
Code Pink is ready to kill
So she can not go home.

Then up on the roof
There were such cackles
It sounded like Shillery
Raising her hackles.

Then to her wondering eyes
Way off to the east
Stood a pant suited cackling
Shrillda Beast.

The woman who married one
Just to pay rent
Thought that qualification enough for
Her too, to be president.

All was going well
Until the Oprah arrived.
Then it began to falter
And her campaign dived.

It was all quite a hit
The Oprah and Obama.
Desperate, Shrill had to counter
With Chelsea and momma.

The Shrill arrived on a sleigh
Pulled by eight brooms.
Nance had to cover her nose
To guard against the sulfur fumes.

She waddled out
Thighs all a thunder,
Will this pant suit hide?
She began to wonder.

Nance had seen the photo
Of Shrill’s face all a crinkle.
Should she mention botox
To remove wrinkle after wrinkle.

It worked well for Nance
Her face all smooth and a shine.
Except for her eyebrows
They had moved above her hairline.

So Nance hollered to Shrill
Why are you here the Night before Christmas?
The Shrill replied
Looking for Bill and his brand new mistress.

I’ve look up in New York
And in Arkansas down south.
And when I find him,
I’ll give him a punch in the mouth.

But not to worry
He’ll create no more spectacles.
I still have the key to the lock box
Where I keep his testicles.

So have you seen him
And his entourage all cheers and jeers
About his new girlfriend
Jamie Lynn Spears?

Nance said no
And quick as a wit
Shrill was back in her sleigh
Shouting G&$ DAMN IT!!

Shrill lashed at her brooms
With a whip made of fire
And up and up they climbed
Higher and Higher.

As she rode out of sight
Nance heard her shout,
“When I find you Bill,
You’d better look out!”

Curse you Obama
My campaign’s a mess.
When I'm president
You’ll get to know the I-R-S.

Friday, December 21, 2007

An unlikely choice for Man of the Year

OK, OK I know you all are on the edge of your seats wondering who Lex’s man of the year is. Time picked Putin. That’s stupid. The obvious choice is Gen Petraeus. It’s so obvious that everyone from Bill O’Reilly to Lex jr. has picked the General.

So let me offer up Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell has been so effective blocking most Dem idiocy that he has made Botox Nancy Pelosi and Land Barron Harry Reid so unpopular among the far left constituency that comprises the Dem base, that even Drew Peterson has higher approval numbers than either.

So yeah, Gen Petraeus is the man of the year – perhaps decade – perhaps century – history will tell. But by his political savvy, McConnell has quietly gone about saving America from untold Dem socialist mischief. So Lex gives the nod to an unsung hero – Mitch McConnell.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The NO ENERGY bill

If you wanted to make a lot of money, you’d bet against the US government in about every endeavor save for war. And even the war on poverty was a big loser. Announced in the mid 60s by President Johnson the “war on poverty” has since sucked 100s of billions of dollars out of the US economy and not appreciably reduced the percentage of poor.

When the government gets involved in managing forests they burn. When the government gets involved in managing the wetlands they dry up. When the government gets involved in education, 12th graders become experts on sex and drugs but can’t find their home state on a map or make change for a $.50 Coke from a dollar.

Now the government is injecting itself into energy. As such you can bet the amount of energy available today will be reduced and the cost of what little remains will go through the roof. How can there be a US “energy bill” that doesn’t encourage more drilling and discovery of oil, the use nuclear power and coal?

Instead the bill focuses on losers like conservation, CAFE standards, the use of renewables and ethanol.

Conservation. We cannot conserve our way to energy independence. It cannot be done. Not by increasing fuel economy in autos to 100 MPG and ripping out every incandescent light bulb in the country and replacing it with a mercury contaminated florescent one. Unless America wants to return to an agrarian culture/economy where we all farm and produce our own clothing, food and shelter we’d better be thinking of finding more energy.

CAFE. Is sheer idiocy. Not only will it not solve our energy problem, it’ll have the added deleterious affect of ruining auto manufacturing in the US. All of the low hanging fruit in this area has been picked. Short of Fred McMurray coming up with a flubber powered car, manufacturers are looking at ever smaller lighter and more deadly cars. You can bet when the inevitable carnage begins as a result of Congress’ idiocy, it’ll be congress hauling car execs up to the hill demanding answers.

Renewables. The most inefficient energy producers on the market today are wind, waves and garbage powered electric plants. This fact proves the opening sentence of this piece. Left to a market economy, they’d have been abandoned long ago.

Ethanol. Is the biggest idiocy of all. Mark Styne has written that we will go down in history as the dumbest humans in the long line of dumb humans for taking food and burning it in autos when there is ready supply of fuel perfectly suited for that purpose. If government gets its way on this one, we can all expect to be subsiding on a synthetic thin grey gruel - that will be discovered to have caused cancer - three days a week and standing in a long line to get our ration of government provided meat.

When it comes to energy, like nearly everything else, the best government action is no government action.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's time for a new contract

Howie “the scream” Dean apparently believes that the term Illegal Aliens is an “outrageous phrase.” Dems it seems prefer the word “undocumented” as a catch all for everyone who comes across our borders to destroy our schools, hospitals and deplete our social services. Apparently Dems believe it’s just a matter of the paperwork catching up with these thieves.

The semantics just about tell you all that you need to know with regard to the two parties’ thinking on ILLEGAL ALIENS. Dems look at the thieves as “undocumented.” That being the case, it would seem the solution then is simply a matter of documenting them - not arresting them and kicking them out or sanctioning them in any way. It is just a matter of getting them the right “documents.”

The Dem idea of “documenting” the thieves will sort of be like when you show up at the J.C. Penny sale without the right coupon. The gal at the register simply reaches under the counter and gives you one. Oh you’re “undocumented?” Well here are your documents. No doubt, for Dems, the entire process for “documenting” “undocumented” aliens will be easier and cheaper than it is for the average legitimate US citizen to get a passport. No, that whole process is just too ridiculous, even for a thief. Let’s say it’ll be easier and cheaper than getting NY driver’s license.

So now the Dem congress, in an effort to compound the problem, have removed 400 miles of border fence from the Border Protection Act and reduced the fence that remains to a single layer. And they have stripped a provision that would have freed the two railroaded border patrol agents Campeon and Ramos.

This illegal alien issue ought to be one to propel Reps back into the majority in the House.

Seal the border
Fine employer who hire illegals
English as the official language

These are all issue that break about 60-40 against the Dem position. Reps ought to hammering them. It may be time for the Reps to resurrect the Contract with America and focus it on Illegal Aliens.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Liberal endorsements should mean trouble for Reps

Well, well, well, what do we have here? The crooked Keating Five Pol, so embarrassed about his own inability to stay away from tainted campaign cash that he concocts a law which infringes on every American’s right to free speech; so wants to be cuddled by the MSM that he opposes tax cuts; so wants to be loved by illegal aliens that he proposes an open border; has gotten the endorsement of a liberal former Democrat vice presidential candidate.

In normal times such an endorsement would have been the kiss of death for anyone trying to get the Republican nomination. I guess these are not normal times. The MSM is all agog with the endorsement declaring that McCain is back. I had only hoped that he gone somewhere but he never really left. He only got shuffled to the back of the pack where he belongs after his “this land is your land” open borders stance on illegal aliens.

So now Joe Lieberman comes out for McCain during the Republican primary. Instead of the event being the kiss of death that it should be when a Liberal endorses a Republican candidate, the MSM plays it up as the most important political event since 100,000 dead Chicagoans voted for Kennedy. Why am I supposed to be impressed by an honest liberal endorsing a crooked one?

Were I one of the other candidates, like Fred Thompson, I’d say: “Look I’m happy John got liberal Joe Lieberman’s endorsement. Based on my conservative views, I do not expect to receive the endorsement from any of the former Liberal Democrat vice presidential candidates.”

Monday, December 17, 2007

Baseball ought to challenge Congress to a drug test

Well the sun rises in the East. The tides come and go with clock like predictability. And Congress now wants to…shall we say…inject itself into baseball’s steroid mess.

Congress, incapable of getting anything meaningful accomplished – like say reducing America’s tax burden, has decide it will pile on the Mitchell Report by holding hearings of its own. The gasbaggery that is congress has indicated an interest in having baseball’s heavies, Selig, Feher and arguably the most important man in baseball today George Mitchell himself testify before congress.

Fine. I hope baseball’s union man, Don Feher, takes the gasbaggery to task.

When I worked on the staff at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twenty Nine Palms, CA the local fish wrap printed a cartoon of us in uniform smoking pot floating in an office with goofy faces. The cartoon so outraged our boss, one Major General John I. Hopkins, that he challenged the editor of the fish wrap to 100% urinalysis, Hopkins’ staff against the editor’s.

The editor, taking stock of the dope smoking FM types that populated his office, was forced to decline and later issued a correction and an apology for the cartoon.

Feher ought to take the exact same approach. When the gasbaggery goes on and on abut how important it is to Americans for the national pastime to be clean of steroids Feher ought to say:

Congressman Gasbag, you’re absolutely right. And if it’s that important to the American people that a game that has little or no impact on how 99.9% of them live their lives, it’s probably about 1,000 times more important to them that this congress is drug free. So I’ll make you a deal Congressman Gasbag, I’ll require a 100% mandatory drug test…civil liberties be damned…if you will. In fact, I’ll go one step further. I’ll bet a year of my salary against a year of your salary or a year’s worth of your bribes…ahh campaign contributions…that baseball is cleaner than this dysfunctional institution. The big difference is we’re not screwing up everyone else’s lives.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Baseball's biggest problem is Bud Selig

Ain’t America great! Here you are innocent until proven guilty – unless your conservative, then you’re guilty when Keith Olbermann says you are, or a baseball player, then you’re guilty when George Mitchell says you are.

Oh, this opens the door for a twofer. Since George Bush was a part owner of the baseball Texans, expect an Olbermann Special Comment on "what Bush knew and when he knew it" about baseball and steroid use. No doubt Olbermann will find a way to lay the whole mess at Bush's feet.

Other than that, the government pretty much has to prove a case against you.

I checked the Mitchell report and my name wasn’t on it. That’s a good thing. I gave up trying to hit a baseball in about the 6th grade and don’t use steroids. Which brings to me the guys whose names have been released off of the report.

I have a big problem with people having their lives and livelihood ruined based solely on the word of George Mitchell. I have a bigger problem with that than anyone who might be injecting beef testosterone into their butt or whatever it is that they do.

Despite his denials, depite never having tested positive for a banned substance, all day long Roger Clemens has been declared guilty of cheating over and over by washed up, has been, or never quite were players. And worse - the too fat, too skinny, too slow, too old - ESPN guys who claim to know everything about sports but how to actually play at a level where they might be able to earn a living. Or even worse MSM freaks who know nothing about anything. Based on what? These players have been declared guilty based on the word of a couple of locker room towel boys being threatened with criminal prosecution.

There are a couple of problems with this whole mess:

First, many of these substances were neither illegal nor banned by baseball for many years. When Mark McGuire was gulping down Andro, you could buy it over the counter at GNC and baseball had no rule prohibiting its use. So at the time legally, what McGuire did was no worse than taking an aspirin. Only after the deleterious affects of the drug were discovered, was it moved to the control substance list and banned by baseball.

Next, last year about 7% of the players tested positive for banned substances. The names in Mitchell’s report don’t come close to approaching the 7% number. So why were the guys in the report singled out? And what does it say about Mitchell and his methodology when he spends several million dollars and a year and half and comes up with a lower batting average in catching cheaters (with NO actual test results i.e. proof) than the league that hired him?

The guy who ruined baseball, Commissioner Bud Selig, has promised to take action against those named in Mitchell’s report. Good luck Bud. Roger Clemens has the resources to take you and George personally, and league collectively to the cleaners if he wants to.

And I hope he does. I hope he gets you up on the stand and forces you, George, the player’s union and the owners to admit that you knew this stuff was going on for years but did nothing because baseball’s bottom line was doing OK. I hope he gets you and George to admit that you have not one shred of evidence against him other than the testimony of a couple indicted and scared towel boys to hang your hat on.

Bud Selig is a pathetic figure in this mess. He is the man who ruined baseball. He’s the guy who stood by and watched, doing nothing, as every pony escaped the corral. Then ten years later, he closes the gate and declares himself a hero for doing so. After ruining the game, the phony press now claims Selig is saving it.

I have just finished a 600 word, 30 minute report, that cost about $.07 (cost of a cup of home brewed coffee) on Bud and George and declare them both incompetent buffoons. Both are the Mike Nifongs of baseball. They deserve the same fate.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Debate? What debate?

Quick quiz, raise your hand if you think having candidates raise their hands at debates is silly. It’s a sad commentary when the biggest news out of a political debate is that the moderator was a better fit for Nurse Ratchet than debate moderator and nothing much happened.

Just as Lex’s prediction that Imus would be back on the air within six months of his NHH comment earning more money came true, so did the prediction about the rise of the candidate that skewered the moderator at these debates. I’m happy to say it was my man Fred who told Nurse Ratchet (AKA Carolyn Washburn, the editor of the Des Moines Register) that he wasn’t going to play the “raise your hand game.” The other candidates agreed and one could see the steam coming from Nurse Ratchet’s ears.

How can this be called a serious debate when Nurse Ratchet took the most important foreign policy question – Iraq – and the most important domestic policy question – immigration – off the table at the start of the debate? And excuse me, what the he*# was Allen Keyes doing up there? Is Monty Python going to be allowed on stage for tonight’s Dem debate?

The RNC had better wake up. They are never going to get a fair shake at these debates as long as the MSM media get to set rules. Only when a candidate says, sorry your rules are dumb, does a candidate gain traction.

Contrast the inanity of what happened last night with what happens tonight.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Something other than ecology driving Eco Freaks

There’s a lot of global warming going on. There’s the conference in Bali where tons and tons of fossil fuels are being burned accommodating the UN crowd with the first class air travel, five star hotel accommodations, top flight food and drink that they have grown accustomed to…as long as someone else is paying. You can bet that the someone in this case is good ol’ Uncle Sam.

Then AlGore traveled on a private plane over to Norway to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize for making a movie of his Power Point slide show about global warming. Someone still needs to explain to me how Al’s slide show advances world peace. But anyway, in the process, by his own calculations, Eco Al pumped enough Co2 into the air to wipe out a polar bear farm and cause a slab of ice the size of Texas to calve off the coast of Greenland. Hey Al, have you ever heard of the mail service? The Nobel Committee could have mailed you your “Peace Prize.” Then you could have saved yourself all of the accounting problems of paying yourself for carbon off-sets.

Last, there is the frigid ice laden weather sweeping the mid west. Yes, in this upside down world, even cold icy weather is sure sign of global warming. In fact any unpredictable weather phenomenon – which by the way is nearly all weather phenomenon – is attributed to global warming. So how can lose that argument? Too hot? Global Warming. Too Cold? Global warming. Just right? Global Warming. And if the science doesn’t quite support the claims whip out the argument ender…”The debate is over.”

A sure sign that there is something going on here other global warming is nuclear energy. It is a clean endless supply of energy. But when you say, “Yeah this global warming stuff is scary. We need to convert to nuclear energy.” The eco freaks will faint dead away. They do not want to solve the problem. They want us all living in cave and dying by the time we’re 40.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Waiting for Larry

Gee there I was flipping a coin and playing rock, paper, scissors trying to figure out if I should go for Mitt, Rudy or Fred when The Oprah comes out for Barack. Whoddathunkit? Well that changes everything. If The Oprah is for Barack, how can I be for anyone else?

Why should I have to think for myself and do all of that tedious comparing and contrasting when I can just go with the judgment of my favorite pop culture icon? Who, by the way, is probably less capable of making a sound political judgment than Lex jr.

The Oprah and Obama has to be the most successful political/pop culture duo since Cambodian war hero John Kerry teamed up with Bruce Springsteen. Hmm, wait a minute, that didn’t really work out. How about Al Gore and Whoopie Goldberg? No, not really. Sean Penn and Dennis Kucinich? Yeah, that’s the one that’s really working.

About the only one of things that can be argued to have worked is Chuck Norris’ endorsement of Mike Huckabee. Shortly after Walker Texas Ranger endorsed Huckabee, Huckabee began his meteoric assent. There is only one conclusion that can be draw from these facts, Norris is bigger than The Oprah.

Look, I’m keeping my powder dry and waiting for an endorsement I can trust. Not until Larry the Cable Guy announces his support for a candidate can I be counted on to follow like a lost sheep.

Monday, December 10, 2007

This post will self-destruct in 5 seconds

Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Jay Rockefeller – or as he’s affectionately known on this page Jay Rockhead – is vowing to get to the bottom of the CIA destroying tapes of its agents interrogating terrorists.

First full disclosure, I hope that our CIA is torturing uncooperative maniacs trying to destroy the world. Second, if they are dumb enough to make movies of those “enhanced interrogations,” I hope that they are bright enough to destroy those tapes after they’ve served their useful purpose.

Now in an effort to get to the bottom of the destroyed tapes, J. Rockhead has sent subpoena over to the CIA demanding that Mr. Jim Phelps appear before his committee and explain what he knows about the hundreds of destroyed tapes he has witnessed. The CIA explained to Rockhead that Mr. Phelps was a fictional character in a TV series. Rockhead was having none of it. In statement to the MSM he lashed out, “Look, just because this Phelps guy is working undercover for Geico Auto Insurance is no reason he can’t come in and be debriefed about these self destructing tape the entire world knows about.”

Well, that’s about how stupid Dems are for making a big deal about this. I think we all know – and dare I say, for the most part, hope - that the CIA is engaged in certain unsavory activities. That’s why they exist – to do the things the local cops and the FBI can’t to protect us from Islamo-Terror-Fascists. So the tapes were destroyed – good. The next earth shattering news will be that “the secretary has disavowed all knowledge of the activity.” That will cause Rockhead to spend the next year trying to hang the whole thing around George Bush’s neck.

Friday, December 07, 2007

When the Constitution says "no" it's to limit government not the people

After organizing my own West Autumn Chapter of the Joe Horn Neighborhood Watch, I responded to this tripe found a couple of days ago in the Daily Punctilio. Lex responds:

Using Stephanie Salter’s backward logic: Quick quiz.

Where in the U.S. Constitution do the words “separation of church and state” appear?

Answer: Nowhere. It's not in there.

The reason that it is generally a fool’s errand to search out where in our Constitution certain rights are provided is that the Constitution does not attempt enumerate each and every right. Rather, the Constitution seeks to LIMIT GOVERNMENT power to interfere with those rights.

That is how Salter accidentally swerved into the truth when she noted that “Ellery Schempp recently observed, the Constitution ‘mentions religion just twice, and both times the word “no” is attached.’”

The first case appears in Article VI and states “…no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” The second is found in the First Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” In both cases the “no” is inserted as a RESTRAINT ON GOVERNMENT’s ability to interfere with the people’s right to free expression of religion.

Don’t even get me started on the Supreme Court legislating from the bench because Liberals can’t get the votes in congress. It would indeed take nine crafty and highly trained legal minds -- minds capable of say, finding a right to abortion and sodomy hidden somewhere in the Fourteenth Amendment -- to turn the First Amendment on its head from “freedom OF religion” to “freedom FROM religion.”

Bonus question: Where in the Constitution are Salter and Schemepp guaranteed that they will never have to gaze upon a Bible in a public space, hear a public official utter the dreaded words Merry Christmas or pass a small cross on the roadside?

Answer. Nowhere. It’s not in there.


I love Christmas for a lot reasons but near the top of the list has to be because I know that somewhere the Salters and Shempps of this world are miserable. They spend every waking minute worrying that there is a manger scene or a Christmas party going on in a public space somewhere. Then they lay awake at night tortured by the fact that, like the Grinch, they will not be able to stop Christmas from coming again this year.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

NIE four years late; who knows what's happening in Iran now

The wise heads over at MSNBC - yes, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve doubled their viewership by looking in occasionally - are still talking about -- with “Bush is a liar” being the most overworked meme -- this latest NIE report.

Let’s put this NIE thing into perspective. First, since the US congress decided to neuter our intell agencies in the 70s, they have not been known for accuracy or effectiveness. Second, strategic intell is a very inexact science/art. Imagine you’re trying to learn what nation states want most to keep you from learning. They will hide it, lie about it and provide misinformation about it. Yet somehow Americans have this “24” perception of an all knowing US intell system. Last, what bits of information we are able to gather is then filtered through government bureaucrats - some with their own political agendas.

Taken as whole, picking the weekly winners in this year’s college football season is a more exact science than strategic intell.

Now we learn that an NIE put together in 2007 reports that Iran stopped its CLANDESTINE nuclear program in 2003. Lemesee, if you are willing to accept what the report says, 3 from 7 would be a four year lag in what our intell boys are able to figure out about Iran’s nuclear program.

But wait, a 2005 report said “with high confidence” that Iran was aggressively pursuing nuclear weapons. That is a mere two years before the 2007 report and two years after the 2007 report said “with moderate to high confidence” that Iran had ceased its CLANDESTINE nuclear program.

Then there’s what’s in the report that the Dems and the lemmings in the MSM want us to ignore. Iran had a CLANDESTINE nuclear program, continues to enrich uranium and develop long range missiles.

So we have conflicting intell estimates that are at best four years behind the power curve. We have Iran enriching uranium, developing long range missiles and nut job president who openly advocates the nuclear destruction of Israel.
Yes this would be the perfect time to accept the latest report at face value and grant Iran Most Favorable Nation status. Four years after Iran drops a bomb on the Knesset the intell boys will predict “with moderate to high confidence” that Iran has once again started up its CLANDESTINE nuclear program, dormant since 2003, and once again poses a threat to Israel.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Only intell that fits MSM & Lib world view is accurate

Well Ohio State made it to the BCS Championship game again this year. You’ll recall that last year the Buckeyes went into championship game heavy favorites. All of the pundits, who are supposed to know, favored Ohio State. After taking a 7-0 lead on the opening kick-off, it was all down hill for Bucks. They were the subject of 41-14 beat down at the hands of the University of Florida. What happened? How could so many experts be so wrong by so much?

What happened was that the truth changed. While Ohio State appeared to be the best team at the end of their season, Florida played an additional two games. Over the 54 days between Ohio State’s last game against Michigan and the championship game two things changes. First, Florida got much better than the penalty and turnover prone team that lost to Auburn earlier in the year. Second, Ohio State had 54 days to read their press clippings and plan their post game victory party.

So were all of the “experts” liars? No. The truth changed. What was the truth at the end of Ohio State’s season had changed significantly by the end of the BCS Championship game.

So now we have a new NIE out that significantly changes what was believed to be the truth just two years ago. So what is the incurious press doing? Are they trying find why the truth according the NIE changed so abruptly and dramatically? No they are calling President Bush a liar…again.

According to the MSM lemmings Bush is a liar because he had to have known what was in the NIE months before its release, but he persisted beating a war drum against Iran. For the really far loons, Bush is a liar because he believed an NIE report saying Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. But Bush detractors are geniuses for believing this assessment on Iran.

Intell is a historically inaccurate science/art. The rule of thumb for intell consumers is to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Intell reports are based on largely on what is known, what is probable and how what is known and probable limits or advances the target’s capabilities. The one thing that intell can not do is get inside the mind of the target assess intent.

So what do we know?

Iran sits on a substantial amount of oil.
Iran continues to process uranium “for peaceful energy purposes” even though it sits on a cheap and ready supply of energy.
Iran continues to research and develop long range missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons.
Iran’s nut job president has made a long series of provocative statements about destroying Israel.

What can we draw from what we know?

Well according to Dems and the MSM we assume that the President of the United States is a liar and Iran’s nuclear ambitions are all peaceful and fully transparent.

On the other hand, people with a brain will conclude that as long as Iran has centrifuges running to process uranium and a nut job president declaring an end to Israel and the West, we’d better plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Intell and irony

The lack of intelligence report

The NIE “with moderate to high confidence” is suggesting that Iran gave up all ambition for making a nuclear bomb in 2003. The NIE with moderate to high confidence is also suggesting that Iran continues in its quest to process materials necessary to make nuclear bombs. The NIE with moderate to high confidence further notes that Iran is continuing work on missiles to deliver nuclear weapons.

I predict with moderate to high confidence that the American people have little or no confidence in organizations that miss Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, the Indian/Pakistani nuclear programs, assured us Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction were a “slam dunk,” employs people like Valerie Plame and uses Plame’s lying husband for sensitive fact finding missions to Niger.

The Beast calling the Obama black

The Shrillda Beast has leveled a charge at Barac Obama that he’s playing fast and loose with campaign finance law.

That charge coming from The Shrillda Beast has all of the credibility of:

Jack Murtha saying someone is interfering with the war effort.
Teddy Kennedy calling someone a reckless driver.
Joe Biden calling someone a rip-off artist.
John Edwards calling someone vain.
Harry Reid calling someone petty.

Monday, December 03, 2007

How much peace can we stand

It is a well know fact, that aside from daily bombings, beheadings and mass murder of innocents that it is best known for, Islam is the religion of peace. Well that well know advocate for peace is at it again. Muslim rioters are again burning Paris but this time they are also beating and shooting police by the fire light.

Over in the Sudan, peaceful acolytes of Mohammad took to streets shouting “Kill her.” The “her” in this case is some hapless matronly looking Brit female teacher named Gillian something or other. Her crime against the religion of peace was letting her Muslim school children name a Teddy bear Mohammed. Well what else could you do besides kill her for something as egregious as that? If you let this slide, what’s next? Cartoons of Mohammed?

Mainstream Muslims in Saudi Arabia are OK with putting a 19 year old rape VICTIM away for six months after 200 lashes because she was out in public with a male who was not a family member. You’d think, at minimum, President Clinton would speak up for this poor gal. After all, how would he ever get a date in Saudi Arabia with such rules?

Hamas led Gaza Palestinians marched in the street against Arab peace talks with Israelis at Annapolis. That is an odd position for adherents to the religion of peace. One might think that “religion of peace” and “peace talks” would kind of go together. When dealing with Muslims, one would be wrong.

Meanwhile back here in the states, the only Muslims making a peep about any of the outrages being perpetrated in the name Mohammed are flying Imams and Muslim social organizations like CAIR who sue anyone who says that they not being aggressive enough in speaking out against the outrages. Weird huh.

Pols insist on calling Islam the religion of peace. Now I know that our politicians would never mislead or lie to us. Is anyone else getting the feeling that maybe the overwhelming majority of Muslims are complicit by their silence with all of this violence? How come there are never any worldwide MUSLIM counter demonstrations against the savagery perpetrated by “radical Islamists” in the name of their faith?

Would the Pope sit silently by while 10% of Catholics went around the world blowing up and beheading non-Catholics in his name and the name of Jesus Christ? I kinda doubt it.