Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Liberal endorsements should mean trouble for Reps

Well, well, well, what do we have here? The crooked Keating Five Pol, so embarrassed about his own inability to stay away from tainted campaign cash that he concocts a law which infringes on every American’s right to free speech; so wants to be cuddled by the MSM that he opposes tax cuts; so wants to be loved by illegal aliens that he proposes an open border; has gotten the endorsement of a liberal former Democrat vice presidential candidate.

In normal times such an endorsement would have been the kiss of death for anyone trying to get the Republican nomination. I guess these are not normal times. The MSM is all agog with the endorsement declaring that McCain is back. I had only hoped that he gone somewhere but he never really left. He only got shuffled to the back of the pack where he belongs after his “this land is your land” open borders stance on illegal aliens.

So now Joe Lieberman comes out for McCain during the Republican primary. Instead of the event being the kiss of death that it should be when a Liberal endorses a Republican candidate, the MSM plays it up as the most important political event since 100,000 dead Chicagoans voted for Kennedy. Why am I supposed to be impressed by an honest liberal endorsing a crooked one?

Were I one of the other candidates, like Fred Thompson, I’d say: “Look I’m happy John got liberal Joe Lieberman’s endorsement. Based on my conservative views, I do not expect to receive the endorsement from any of the former Liberal Democrat vice presidential candidates.”

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