Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's time for a new contract

Howie “the scream” Dean apparently believes that the term Illegal Aliens is an “outrageous phrase.” Dems it seems prefer the word “undocumented” as a catch all for everyone who comes across our borders to destroy our schools, hospitals and deplete our social services. Apparently Dems believe it’s just a matter of the paperwork catching up with these thieves.

The semantics just about tell you all that you need to know with regard to the two parties’ thinking on ILLEGAL ALIENS. Dems look at the thieves as “undocumented.” That being the case, it would seem the solution then is simply a matter of documenting them - not arresting them and kicking them out or sanctioning them in any way. It is just a matter of getting them the right “documents.”

The Dem idea of “documenting” the thieves will sort of be like when you show up at the J.C. Penny sale without the right coupon. The gal at the register simply reaches under the counter and gives you one. Oh you’re “undocumented?” Well here are your documents. No doubt, for Dems, the entire process for “documenting” “undocumented” aliens will be easier and cheaper than it is for the average legitimate US citizen to get a passport. No, that whole process is just too ridiculous, even for a thief. Let’s say it’ll be easier and cheaper than getting NY driver’s license.

So now the Dem congress, in an effort to compound the problem, have removed 400 miles of border fence from the Border Protection Act and reduced the fence that remains to a single layer. And they have stripped a provision that would have freed the two railroaded border patrol agents Campeon and Ramos.

This illegal alien issue ought to be one to propel Reps back into the majority in the House.

Seal the border
Fine employer who hire illegals
English as the official language

These are all issue that break about 60-40 against the Dem position. Reps ought to hammering them. It may be time for the Reps to resurrect the Contract with America and focus it on Illegal Aliens.

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