Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Something other than ecology driving Eco Freaks

There’s a lot of global warming going on. There’s the conference in Bali where tons and tons of fossil fuels are being burned accommodating the UN crowd with the first class air travel, five star hotel accommodations, top flight food and drink that they have grown accustomed to…as long as someone else is paying. You can bet that the someone in this case is good ol’ Uncle Sam.

Then AlGore traveled on a private plane over to Norway to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize for making a movie of his Power Point slide show about global warming. Someone still needs to explain to me how Al’s slide show advances world peace. But anyway, in the process, by his own calculations, Eco Al pumped enough Co2 into the air to wipe out a polar bear farm and cause a slab of ice the size of Texas to calve off the coast of Greenland. Hey Al, have you ever heard of the mail service? The Nobel Committee could have mailed you your “Peace Prize.” Then you could have saved yourself all of the accounting problems of paying yourself for carbon off-sets.

Last, there is the frigid ice laden weather sweeping the mid west. Yes, in this upside down world, even cold icy weather is sure sign of global warming. In fact any unpredictable weather phenomenon – which by the way is nearly all weather phenomenon – is attributed to global warming. So how can lose that argument? Too hot? Global Warming. Too Cold? Global warming. Just right? Global Warming. And if the science doesn’t quite support the claims whip out the argument ender…”The debate is over.”

A sure sign that there is something going on here other global warming is nuclear energy. It is a clean endless supply of energy. But when you say, “Yeah this global warming stuff is scary. We need to convert to nuclear energy.” The eco freaks will faint dead away. They do not want to solve the problem. They want us all living in cave and dying by the time we’re 40.

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