Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Intell and irony

The lack of intelligence report

The NIE “with moderate to high confidence” is suggesting that Iran gave up all ambition for making a nuclear bomb in 2003. The NIE with moderate to high confidence is also suggesting that Iran continues in its quest to process materials necessary to make nuclear bombs. The NIE with moderate to high confidence further notes that Iran is continuing work on missiles to deliver nuclear weapons.

I predict with moderate to high confidence that the American people have little or no confidence in organizations that miss Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, the Indian/Pakistani nuclear programs, assured us Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction were a “slam dunk,” employs people like Valerie Plame and uses Plame’s lying husband for sensitive fact finding missions to Niger.

The Beast calling the Obama black

The Shrillda Beast has leveled a charge at Barac Obama that he’s playing fast and loose with campaign finance law.

That charge coming from The Shrillda Beast has all of the credibility of:

Jack Murtha saying someone is interfering with the war effort.
Teddy Kennedy calling someone a reckless driver.
Joe Biden calling someone a rip-off artist.
John Edwards calling someone vain.
Harry Reid calling someone petty.

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