Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fear is the only thing LB has to offer

"...let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is...fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."
FDR's first inaugural address

We have gone from that kind of presidential reassurance to "the only thing to do is instill fear":
Planes will crash
Children will starve
Police officers are all going to be laid off
Fire fighters too
Teachers too
Border patrol officers too

Everything, if you believe the fear mongers, will shut down due to a 2.3% reduction in the rate of growth.  The government will still spend well over 3 TRILLION dollars.  With that kind of money, it would seem to me that we ought to be able to keep the lights on somewhere in government.

Then there are the predictions that actually came true due to government incompetence:
Aircraft carriers will not sail
Jails will be emptied

Sequestration has been in the offing for more than a year.  What has LB done to avert the "crisis?"  He did nothing before embarking on a doom and gloom tour predicting the sky will in fact fall on March 1st.  Before that?  NOTHING.  In fact, during the campaign, LB boldly stated the sequester "would not happen."  So on March 1st we'll have LB's first broken promise of the 2012 campaign.

But not to worry.  LB will be on the case Fri.  That's the day after the sequester takes place.  That is all you really need to know about this issue.  LB is on the case a day late and 6 TRILLION dollars short.  It's the perfect metaphor for this boob? 

Whatever pain is actually felt tomorrow will be manufactured or due to incompetent government managers.  The tv will be filled hapless LB dolts incapable of functioning without a government wake up call on the LB phone, a Headstart breakfast for their offspring, food stamps to cover lunch and dinner, a free bus ride from their section 8 housing to the welfare office, and government sleeping pill at night after the 50 inch flat screen tv is turned off.

All of this over a 2.3% cut in the rate of growth.  Rudy Guliani compared this to guy a making $100,000 thinking he was going to get a 10% raise but only gets a 7% raise.  So he goes and tells the boss that with a 7% raise his family will starve and he'll have to take his kids out school.  Most bosses in America would be tempted to fire the ungrateful bastard.  But for some reason when we translate that story to the government, we worry that an already bloated government can't get by without a small reduction in the rate of growth. 

Another guy put it this way.  Your son gets a $10 allowance.  He comes to you and asks for a $20 allowance.  You say no, but I'll give you $15.  Your ingrate son then goes around telling his friends that the old man cut his allowance by $5.

Today, the only things we have to fear is an ammunition shortage and an incompetent BS artist in the White House.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Pope Benidict's last day is tomorrow.  I predict the conclave of Catholic Cardinals will pick a Catholic male to replace him.  Damn racists.  Even NASCAR has let women in.  And what is so special a "Catholic" Pope?  Let's face it, Catholics, particularlly Catholic leaders, are a pretty rigid bunch.  Isn't it time for Catholics to bring in a popular forward thinking figure to be pope?  How about Billbo Billyboy Clinton?  That could be big.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sequester will be harmful on purpose

No word yet on my computer.  I suspect it was tampered with by the government.  The computer though had nothing to do with missing yesterday's post.  That was due to car problems.  So yeah, the government not only infected my computer, it wrecked the wife's car.  These nefarious bastards will stop at nothing to stifle freedom's voice.

I remain amazed that the government cannot cope with a measly 2.3% budget cut.  So what, pray tell, is the government going to do when real cuts are made to balance the budget?  I was reminded over the weekend that all working Americans took a 2% cut to their own budgets.  The 2% payroll tax came back at the first of the year.  Everyone started kicking in 2% for Social Security.  Now I did not hear about American households "shutting down" due the government withholding.  I did not hear about them canceling dinner to make ends meet.  I did not hear about them cutting one essential service for their families.

Now the government is facing pretty much the same 2%.  According to one news story after another, the government will not be able to continue a single service it provides. 

Keep in mind the "2.3% cut" isn't even a cut.  It is a reduction in growth.  The government will spend 15 billion more in 2013 than 2012.  The government will still spend over 3 TRILLION dollars.  So you have a 3 TRILLION + dollar budget that is increases spending 15 BILLION over last year's budget and yet the entire federal government is going to collapse over 2.3%.

It seems to me, everyone in Washington D.C. is an incompetent boob. 

Now LB says teachers will be cut.  Why is the federal government hiring teachers?  TSA, which stands for thousands standing around, won't be able to keep up with a 2% cut.  So lines will last for four hours or more.  Fire every damn one of them and hire a private firm to run security.  It goes on and on.  Liberal's real worry with the sequester though is that, in spite of the reported across the board crash, is that nothing really happens when the sequester hits. 

Had the government hired people with brains and we elected true public servants instead of creeps more interested in lining their pockets than serving the American people - first we wouldn't be in this mess - but we could certainly take a 2.3% cut without all of the fear mongering.  But hey, it is what it is.

Conspiracy theory #4-13
The government will actually make things worse than they need be in order to place a millstone around the neck of the Republicans. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

The lost generation

Short post.  My compute has turned into a large paper weight so I'm on some totally unmanagable machine.

I saw a story yesterday that indicated that the new generation of "milenials" is the largest ever, voted over 60% for LB and think that government needs to do more.  So these dope milenials want a government that can't deliver the mail, can't run a train without billions in tax dollar subsidies, is 16.5 trillion in debt, has know nothing-do nothing-be nothing affirmative action pass through at its head and a complete dumb@$$ as #2 to do more.  What could possibly go wrong?

This means we're truly screwed for at least a generation.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Let the sequester begin

Given the prospect of having to reduce their budgets by a little over 2%, government agencies are predicting, like the Myan hoax, Armageddon.  Even brain dead Republi-Rats are whining about the sequester.  Remember this, it’s not even a lousy 2% cut, but rather a 2% reduction in the rate of growth.

How pathetic is a manager can’t handle a lousy 2% reduction in the rate of growth during down times.  I suspect the private sector has to deal with these things all of the time, particularly since LB arrived on the scene at 1600 PA who, Ave. 

In typical fashion, LB ticked off a long list of horrible things that would happen if the government took 2% reduction in the rate of growth.  According to LB people will be dying in the streets, waiting for months to board an airplane, schools will close, daycare will be totally unavailable, the borders will stand wide open, and the air will become un-breathable.

Leon Panetta claimed 800,000 civilian military workers will be furloughed.  Come to find out that, that means will be given an additional unpaid three day weekend over the next six months.  I’m good with that.  Give them two and save twice as much. 

Others are lamenting that government workers, who already make about 18% more in pay and benefits than their private sector counterpart,s are going to have to take a 20% pay cut.  Again, I’m of the opinion that, that is a good start.   

Now, if the sequester does actually occur, I suspect the sun will continue to rise in the east.  I suspect that those most reliant on the government will be the most inconvenienced, which could spell trouble for the Dopes, since these people wouldn’t caught dead voting for a Republican...6 times.  I suspect that any inconveniences to the masses will ones manufactured by the lapdog media and incompetent government managers.  You can bet any long line at an airport will be looped endlessly by the lapdogs.  They won’t bother to investigate that the long line exists due to the government moron who furloughed all of his people on the same day. 

What is really sad about all of this is that accomplishes nothing.  The deficit continues to clime and government continues to grow.  What is going to happen when the real cuts that must be made begin to be made?  If we cannot get through a lousy 2% reduction in the rate of growth, how are we ever going to get through a real cut?

Sadly, there are only about half a dozen people in Washington that even think such cuts are necessary to get the country back on track.    

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More stupid advice from His Slowness

Slow Joe Biden continues his near daily demonstrations of what a colossal dumb@$$ he is. After telling us women were every bit as capable as men to serve on the front lines of combat, slow Joe now tells us women can’t handle an AR 15. Brilliant!

His slowness said he told his wife Jill:

"If there's ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here--walk out, put that double barrel shot gun and fire two blasts outside the house -- I promise you whoever is coming in ... You don't need an AR-15, it's harder to aim, it's harder to use...Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!"

This is so stupid on so many levels it’s hard to believe even coming from a total (g)assbag like Biden. And this is the guy LB put in charge of coming up with “common sense” gun controls. First, here’s guy whose family has 24-7 secret service coverage advising his wife to expose herself on a balcony to “Fire two blasts outside the house…” How dumb is that? Fire indiscriminately? Where? At who? At what?

This is the type of advice people who do not know what the ph*&k they are talking about offer up. A key rule in firing any weapon is knowing what you are shooting at and WHAT IS DOWN RANGE OF THE INTENDED TARGET!

If the idea is firing “two blasts” into the air, a year or two ago, Newton proved that what goes up must come down. When those shotgun pellets come down in a residential neighborhood they carry enough energy to damage property, kill and maim. What is the most memorable line from A Christmas Story? “You’ll put your eye out with that thing.” Well if you follow slow Joe’s BS advice, you’ll put your neighbor’s eye out, kill his cat, and shatter his car’s windshield.

Next, his slowness is telling his wife to take her home defense double barrel shotgun outside, exposing herself to whomever is out there, and fire two blasts. Quick question Joe how many shells does a double barrel shotgun hold? 4, 6, 7, 8? Try 2 dumb@$$. Now your wife has emptied her weapon in the hope that the noise will scare off whoever is out there. What she's left with is $800 7-8 pound stick.  If the idea is to just make a lot noise and then beat your assailant to death with an empty weapon, why not save the $800 and just get Jill two M-80 fire crackers and a Louisville Slugger?

Now, because she listened to a dumb@$$, Mr. Dumb@$$’s wife has an unloaded shotgun that needs to be broken down and reloaded. Real smart Joe. There she is fumbling with shotgun shells, probably in the dark, trying to reload. Hopefully the spent shells ejected smoothly – if the weapon even functions to eject spent shells many require the spent shells to be removed manually - or she’ll need to clear them before reloading.

Now I don’t begrudge a shotgun for home defense. In the dark the indiscriminate nature of a shotgun pattern may be useful in a narrow hallway or staircase. I would recommend a 6-8 shell pump shotgun (just the sound of a shell being racked into a pump shotgun has a deterrent nature all its own) over a double barrel, but if a double barrel is what you have, I wouldn’t advise blasting both barrels at once. Creeps travel in packs. You may want to see what comes out of the woodwork after the first blast.

Biden gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, dumber than a hoe handle.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Frum proves he's an idiot

Lapdog David Frum is on fire for his boss, Little Barry. Frum seems to think, absent any action in the Demo-Dope controlled senate* on gun control – no wait “common sense” gun control – yeah much better. Anyway, absent any action in the Demo-Dope controlled senate on gun control, there is still much LB can do to abridge the 2nd Amendment.

Frum seems to think that getting the Surgeon General involved is the key. His idea is to make gun ownership the same as smoking was 30 years ago. Yes of course, unsuspecting smokers had no idea that dragging the residue from a smoldering weed into their lungs might be dangerous. The fact that nearly everyone’s first smoking experience is unpleasant, a coughing fit followed by green snot being expelled from the nose followed by violent vomiting offered no clue what-so-ever that smoking might be hazardous to your health.

Lex’s dad was Chesterfield smoker for decades. He contracted lung cancer from his habit. Once during a tv story on a class action law suite against tobacco companies some poor woman was testifying that her poor dead husband had no idea cigarette smoking was dangerous. Dad laughed. “Hell Cigarettes have been referred to as ‘coffin nails’ since I was kid,” he replied. “Everyone knew.”

So anyone with half a brain knows smoking is bad. In the same vein, anyone with half a brain knows that guns are dangerous. Seriously, a gun’s lethality is one of the primary characteristics in judging a gun’s usefulness and one of main reasons for keeping it handy around the house. Nobody buys a pellet gun for home protection.

One of dope Frum’s primary arguments – seriously now – is that handguns do not come equipped with an indicator that there is a round in the chamber. First off, many do come with just such an indicator. The 9mm I carried in the Marine Corps had just such an indicator. As a firm believer that the best weapon for home protection is a revolver, Frum would be happy to know that a revolver always has a round chambered.

Which brings us to the most obvious point, probably the first thing taught at any shooting lesson is that unless there is a flag safety inserted in the chamber or the slide is locked to the rear with a zip line through the barrel, THE WEAPON IS ALWAYS TREATED AS IF IT WERE LOADED.

Now, if you have a gun for home protection, I have to ask, why would it not be loaded? It’s a pretty useless tool unless it is loaded.

Frum’s an idiot, but we knew that. He laments that guns often discharge accidentally. No they don’t. Prevention of such negligent discharges is another reason to keep a double action revolver. Left with the hammer un-cocked, a revolver is nearly impossible to discharge accidentally, although I suppose an idiot like Frum could accomplish the task.

But none of this is the dangerous part of the article. What’s dangerous to me is that Frum seems to think a Surgeon General’s report on guns and health trumps the 2nd Amendment.

*Note: Harry the roach Reid wants nothing to do with a vote on gun control – common sense or other wise. The roach knows forcing Dopes to vote on guns and exposing their true position is more dangerous than making them vote on a senate budget that exposes their true position of wanting to bankrupt the country.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Drafts and drones

Belated Valentine’s wishes
Nothing says I love you like signing your Valentine up for the draft and shipping her off to the mountains of Afghanistan for sustained combat operations. With that in mind, here’s the clearest case against heading down this slippery slope of destroying the American military wannabe General Dempsey and his boss have embarked upon.  Republi-rats, fearing Sandy Fluke will condemn them, will do nothing.

Remember though, the policy of putting women into combat units has NOTHING what-so-ever to with combat effectiveness, fairness or even women’s rights. It’s about breaking the military. It is designed to weaken the military. There is no doubt that standards will be relaxed then ignored in order to achieve the proper ratio of the weaker slower sex in positions to get men killed in combat. The losses will be justified by the “social justice” that was forced upon the military.

Then, when the military fails, the same people who broke the force by insisting on imposing conditions upon the military that have NOTHING to do with killing the enemy in combat, will discredit the military. As the last government institution the American people have any confidence in, liberals are out to destroy it.

Watching for the drone attack
Let’s tell the truth. Right now there are only two organizations standing athwart of LB’s grand scheme to declare himself lord and master of the universe and taking over America as a Hugo Chaves, Castro type ruler for life, the NRA and the Catholic Church. As such, both are coming under increased pressure from LB’s lapdog media and Hollywood know nothings like Jim Carrey et al.

As member in good standing of the NRA, the Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus in addition to being one of the former military guys Janet Incompetanto and DHS are so afraid of and as an occasional critic of the LB administration on this page, I believe Lex has to be near the top of LB’s list for a domestic drone strike.

All of the preparation here at the compound so far has been to withstand a prolonged Ruby Ridge, Waco type stand off with federal dunderheads. We have nothing for a Hellfire missile coming through the front window at zero dark-thirty.

Will a chicken wire screen cause a premature detonation of a Hellfire missile?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday round up

This is why these people cannot be trusted:
LB has directed Eric the wad Holder to ensure that “the wrong people do not come into possession of guns.” Gee that makes me feel better. The gun running wad is going to decide the groups of people who get to come into possession of guns. What could possibly go wrong?

Hey wad, what groups? Republicans? Anyone who thinks LB is nothing more than lawless waif, a buffoon, an affirmative action pass through incapable of any type of rigorous work? Those groups? Or the Mexican narco-terrorist that you have been running guns to?

Conspiracy theory #4-13
I’d look for a gun question on the next census form. You know the actual “enumeration” required by the constitution every 10 years that should be accomplished with a single question - how many people live here?

Instead the government wants to know how many bathrooms are in the house, what your income is, how many miles you travel to work and 8 pages of other intrusive extra constitutional BS. I’d bet AF Bros next paycheck that there’s question on gun ownership on the next census.

I wouldn’t recommend lying on the form. It’s a government document and if there’s trouble in Benghazi, President Shrilldabeast will use your deception on a government form as a pretext for that trouble and have you thrown in jail.

UPDATE: So far the only person punished for Benghazi is the CA filmmaker who had nothing to with it but is still in jail. But then, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!!!

So yeah, the government will use the next census as means to register gun owners. I’d recommend answering only the question that has to do with enumeration. The form is supposed to be untraceable. So if a census worker shows up at your door, as they did twice at mine during the last census, to have you answer the rest of the questions, you’ll know the government is lying about the anonymity of the from.

If they can find you to have you fill out the rest of the form, they can find you take the guns you reported having on the form.

Closing loopholes
Demo-Dopes are all about “closing loopholes” in the tax code. First, they aren’t loophole. They are tax law passed into law by the same group of morons who now call them loopholes.

All tax law is designed for one or more of three purposes, raise revenue, discourage an activity or encourage an activity. Green energy is a loophole designed to get people to act in certain ways by limiting their tax liability if they conform government desires to limit fossil fuel use. Mortgage deduction encourages home ownership. Cigarette taxes discourage smoking. Income tax discourages work.

So if the dopes are hell bent on closing “loopholes,” call their bluff. Close all of the loopholes by passing a flat tax. Hold a press conference telling the Americna people that you agree with the president about closing “loopholes” and have just passed a bill closing everyone of them.

Why can I think of this stuff but Johnny Boehner can’t. Maybe it’s a terrible idea.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Less preening more questions to the point

The left remains in love with cop killer Chris Dorner. CNN thinks he’s like a real life Denzel Washington movie. MESSNBC says he is shedding light on the racist LAPD. OK let’s say that’s true. How many LA police officers did he kill? Not a single one. He killed a woman and her fiancĂ©, a Riverside police officer and San Bernardino county sheriff.

The targets of his wrath have gotten off scott-free and bunch of innocent people have been gunned down for no other reason than they were easier targets. Not the stuff of heroes, even for lefties, yet they cheer him on.

Leon Panetta
Something bugged me about Leon Panetta’s senate testimony about Benghazi. Well a lot thing s bugged me but one thing in particular. It wasn’t Panetta’s fault. It was the fault of the grandstanding preening jackasses who populate the senate.

Leon Panetta said there was no time to arrange a rescue mission for the people being attacked at the consulate. I believe that is total BS. The battle at the consulate raged on and on for more than seven hours. Something could have been done. That something may not have been the perfect solution, but it may have been enough to save a life or two.

Panetta said that you cannot just send attack jets or an AC130 gun ship into the area without knowing what was going on. Well Leon, yes you can. You can put them on target ready to react in the hope that at some point you can discern what is going on.

That’s what bothers me about Benghazi. One of the preening jackasses should have asked, “How long did you expect that the attacks in Benghazi would last?” The obvious and only answer is “We had no idea.” Next question, “So not having any idea how long the attack might last, 4, 6, 8, 10, 24, 36 hours, wouldn’t it have been prudent to get something into the area in the off chance that at some point in the future they might be used to save American lives?” The answer would be some totally non-responsive line of BS. Next question, “Was any warning order issued to any American forces to be prepared to respond to Benghazi?” If the answer to that question is “no”, the next question is, “If you had no idea how long the conflict would last, why the hell not?” If the answer is yes next question, “When was that order given and to whom?” Next question, “When were those forces directed to stand down?”

It appears to me that for over seven hours DoD did nothing except monitor the deaths of four Americans at the hands of Islamo-Terror-Fascists. There is a word for that type of inaction – cowardice. Even Box-O-Rocks Chucky Hagel could have done nothing.

Conspiracy theory #3-13: LB told DoD not to engage because LB was in the middle of a campaign where one of his key talking points is that he has al Qaeda on the run. Better to have four dead Americans than a messy gun battle in Benghazi that might upset a key talking point. Besides “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?”

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

According to Jamie Foxx most talented are also most unemployed

Jamie Foxx called Doofus Magnus aka LB "Our Lord and Savior" at last November's Soul Train Awards. This year creepy Jamie Foxx pushed his “talk like a racist” button. During his acceptance speech as Entertainer of the Year at last Friday's NAACP Image Awards, not sly like a Foxx said, "Black people are the most talented people in the world"

Now, is that racist? What if a white guy had said, “After 4 years of our current double d-bag, it is clear that white guys make the best presidents. This is clearly a job not suited to affirmative action.”

But maybe he’s right. Here are some things that blacks are the most talented at

Blacks make up about 12% of the population.

Nationally illegitimacy rates are at 33%. But hey Jamie, blacks are #1 with a 70% out of wedlock birth rate. Way to go!

Blacks are #1 in incarceration comprising 37% of people in jail! And don’t give me that racist judicial system BS. Most black crime is against other blacks.

Hey Jamie well done on the poverty front. You’re #1 again! 32% of blacks live in poverty.

Blacks are #1 making up 36% of the people on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

And all of that is probably because blacks are the most talented unemployed people in America, leading the way with over a 16% unemployment rate. 

Now it’s not all as rosy as you think Jamie. There are a couple of areas where blacks can improve. Maybe you could you use your celebrity status to have blacks pick up their game in the food stamp area. Currently while comprising only 12% of the total population blacks make up 22% of food stamp recipients. Sadly, that’s #2 behind whites who make up about 66% the population and account over 30% of food stamp recipients. So Jamie you can still spin this as a #1 status based on a percentage of population, but really if you want to be the most talented in the field, you’ll need another 8%. Also blacks are going to really need to pick up the pace of high school drop outs. With a 8% dropout rate black trail by significant margins Latinos who deal with migrant populations and American Indians. I don’t think you will be able to claim most talented in this category for some time.

Foxx is modern day idiot confusing pop culture with talent. He is of the mind as long as a guy can shoot a basketball or a gal can shake her @$$ on stage for the Super Bowl half time show, they have talent. Sadly, even some of the most talented in those categories fall well short of earning even a meager living.

What Foxx might have done, had his “talent” not trumped his brain, is to encourage his most talented following to stay in school, off drugs, away from promiscuous sex and out of trouble. He could have told them that world needs 100 times as many black accountants, doctors, salesman, engineers, truck drives, welders, miners etc. as black athletes and entertainers.

But heck, you’d need someone who understood fame is hard to achieve and fleeting. You’d need a messenger with real talent to make that message stick.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

State of the Union

LB will be blathering on and on tonight. I won’t be watching. On the domestic front, he’ll lay out a boilerplate of crap that everyone knows we cannot afford and then call for bipartisanship in destroying the country fiscally. On the social front, no group no matter how far afield will go unmentioned as suffering from the wrongs America was founded on. All we need to do is round up the guns – except the ones Eric the wad Holder is selling to Mexican narcoterrorist - and give every aggrieved group free everything at the expense of the “richest Americans” and everything in the universe will be restored to a proper equilibrium. On the foreign front, America will be blamed for all the world’s shortcomings. The answer will be to destroy our nuclear shield and our economy, turn down our thermostats, eat gruel, put a windmill in our back yard and drive a spontaneously combustible automobile.

The Republican response
Republicans will go along, but only with half of everything.
Here’s a guy totally unafraid of LB, definitely not a Rep establishment @$$ kissing sissy. Ben Carson lambastes LB while LB sits there squirming wishing he were on the links or shooting hoops. You can be sure that Dr. Carson hit the nail squarely on the head because the lapdog media is howling, “How could he? This is so inappropriate for the prayer breakfast. Oooowwwwwoooo.” If Dr. Carson were not black you can be assured that charges of racism would have already been leveled against him.

Here’s another guy that seems totally qualified to give the Republican response.  This is the most articulate two minute response to gun grabbers I've heard so far.

Official Republicans have no stomach for confronting LB like these two gentlemen would, direct and unafraid. Hell Republicans won’t even tell the American people that Harry the roach Reid is a lying thieving senile old corrupt bastard. Harry the roach can lie through his @$$ and not one Republican will step to the mic and tell the American people that the roach is a liar, a thief and is looting the treasury not only to line his own pockets but to line the pockets of his worthless no-talent spawn as well.

Marco Rubio will give the official Rep SOTU response. He’ not a bad choice. Supposedly he’ll deliver his response in Spanish as well as English. Mistake. It’s pandering to Latinos as if they are the only immigrants illegal or otherwise that matter. Instead he should say, “I could do this in Spanish, but I’m not going to. Learning the English language is probably the most important key to any immigrant’s future.”

Monday, February 11, 2013

Dorner's murder spree a call for a conversation about race in America

First, Lex is back.  Be assured I've credited everyone's account for the missed posts last week.

Sometime back, Lex suggested that Pope Benedict’s  lasting legacy could be by resigning before going senile and dying in office.  Well here we are.  Lex also noted that because of its stance opposed to LBcare, the lapdog media would be picking up its attack on the Catholic Church.  CNN has used Benedict’s well reasoned resignation to do just that.  More later.

LB sure has done a lot heal to heal the racial divide in this country. Take Chris Dorner…please…rim shot.  A guy is out murdering people and what is the reaction? Well:

Quoting Chris Dorner’s manifesto, some worthless rapper named Ab-Soul said this, “This was a necessary evil.” Then Ab added his own comment, “God Bless You Sir.”

Yeah, well I doubt that God is or ever will. Something about thou shall not murder the innocent. Murder is one those pesky mortal sins that cannot be done away with an act of contrition and three Hail Marys.

Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy web cite is loaded with references to Dorner as the modern day Django. I guess his name would be pronounced Orner then.

Hmm, was Django’s first victim a helpless woman? Did he shoot defenseless people, more or less, in the back?

Then there’s this. In this Sacramento story entitled “Support Growing For L.A. Officer Accused of Killing Spree” appears the line, “It’s hard to believe, but there are those sympathizing with the man targeting police officers.”

First, no it isn’t hard to believe some people would sympathizing. Next, wasn’t the first victim a defenseless woman, the daughter of a police officer?

Some unknown BS artist on CNN, unknown because he's on CNN, named Don Lemmon compared Dorner with Rodney King and OJ.  Lemmon’s so stupid he probably has no idea how accurate he is.

Rodney King was career petty criminal who struck it rich when, while on parole for robbery, he got the crap beaten out of him by the LAPD during a DUI stop while he was hopped up on meth. 53 people were killed in LA when King’s assailants were found not guilty of excessive force.

King got 3.8 million dollars for his beating. But the money couldn’t save him. He wandered in and out of trouble with the law and drowned in his swimming pool last year while drunk and high on cocaine and marijuana.

OJ is a murdering scumbag set free by a racist jury (Maybe kind of like the first King trial). Oddly white people didn’t riot in the streets when OJ was found not guilty. Being a dope, OJ is currently in jail for some half wit hotel robbery

For comparing me to Rodney King and OJ, if I were Dorner, I’d add Lemmon to the list of people in my manifesto to be off-ed.

Several related notes:
Two not guilty verdicts:
In the first King verdict, the victim’s supporters take to the streets and 53 people are killed.
In the OJ verdict, supporters of victims go about their business as if nothing happened, while supporters of the perp celebrate.

Uh ho, white Hispanic George Zimmerman goes on trial for the wrongful death of LB’s little boy, if he had one, Trayvon Martin. No doubt Revs? Jess and Al will be calling for calm.

For everyone in SoCal, now is the perfect time to turn in your guns.

Dorner's defense is being set as a victim of PTSD. Dorner was a Naval reserve officer. If you believe Wikipiedia, and honestly why wouldn’t you trust a cite where anyone can post anything about everything, Dorner’s closest brush with live fire was in Bahrain while deployed as security for the 5th Fleet.

The word "manifesto" - like compound, militia, niggardly, gay (meaning happy) and an ever growing list - is now one savory people do not want to be associated with.  Darn it!  This occurs just as I was ready to release, "Lex's manifesto on backyard Bar-B-Qing."

So yeah, like everything else, LB is doing a heck of a job on race relations.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Bishop D'Arcy R.I.P

Lex is down with a cold. I just wanted to say a word about the passing of a great man, Bishop John D’Arcy. Bishop D’Arcy served the Diocese of Ft. Wayne – South Bend from 1985 – 2010.

Bishop D’Arcy had battled cancer with great strength, faith and character for the last three years. In his last interview, he’d come to accept his fate with the grace of a man of great faith. There was no woe-is-me, can’t something be done, I have so much to give etc. etc. He seemed content with the hand he’d been dealt and gracefully exited this world as he had lived in it since his studies for the priesthood began in 1949 – a faithful and humble servant of God.

Bishop D’Arcy will be laid to rest this afternoon in a crypt beneath the alter of the Ft. Wayne Cathedral. R.I.P.

Who will stand?
In what may have been the first shot fired in the US Council of Catholic Bishops' fight with the Obama administration, Bishop D’Arcy openly boycotted President Obama’s graduation speech at Notre Dame due to Obama’s stance on abortion.

It seems to me that, so far, the US Council of Catholic Bishops is one of the most powerful voices that hasn’t yet caved to the bullying and demonizing of the lapdog media, Hollywood know nothings and Washington D.C. elites. The USCCB has just denounced the latest accommodations HHS has offered with regard contraceptive mandates.

Our new Bishop Kevin C. Roades has drawn a four word line in the sand, “We will not comply.” I think he means it. No doubt the lapdogs will be digging deeper and deeper to turn up a new Catholic scandal. There is hope. As Father David Mary told us, “If the Catholic clergy couldn’t destroy God’s church from within for over 2,000 years, what chance does the government have?”

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Demonization new weapon of the left

It’s tough times being a conservative in America. Take the “gay rights’ issue. For 2,000 years the Catholic Church has held the same view on homosexuality as LB up until 6 months ago, when for political reasons, he changed his small mind. Now, because the bishops have a bit more spine when it comes to their “deeply held beliefs,” they are called out of touch.

But it’s not enough to just say that anyone who disagrees with the Lib point of view is out of touch. Anyone who disagrees with the Lib point of view is labeled evil. The Lib propaganda machine that is everywhere from the public school, lap dog media, the movies, tv, music essentially everywhere has to demonize everyone who disagrees with them in the worst possible manner.

The “gay rights” issue isn’t about long held social and religious beliefs, it’s about a group of evil people who won’t allow gays to marry in their churches or receive communion. I’m absolutely sure I don’t give a crap if Bruce and Harlan find a preacher and get married. I am just as sure that the Catholic Church has a right to say, Bruce and Harlan you can get married, but you cannot do it here.

For its 2,000 year old stand and holding pretty much the same view as LB up until about 6 months ago, the propaganda machine has set about demonizing the church, because as noted in post under, for diversity’s sake we all need to be exactly the same.

Take the gun issue. Gun owners are being threatened, ridiculed and demonized because they can read and understand the 27 plainly written words of the 2nd Amendment. Mark Kelly says new gun controls don’t have anything to do with the 2nd Amendment. Huh? How can “gun control” not have something to with the 2nd Amendment? Kelly was a Navy Captain so he swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Having sworn the same oath on at least 5 occasions, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t an exclusion of the 2nd Amendment in there anywhere.

In MN yesterday LB was talking “common sense” gun legislation that would require universal background checks, limit magazine capacity and reinstate the assault weapons ban. LB said an overwhelming majority of Americans supported these actions. It doesn’t matter if 99.9% of Americans support your hare-brained scheme, it is contrary to the 2nd Amendment, so it is lawless BS.

Unlike the clueless Mark Kelly, I think this all about the 2nd Amendment. That is where the discussions need to begin. But that’s too hard. So the Libs go about amending the constitution via extra constitutional BS legislation. The propaganda machine swings into high gear and demonizes anyone who gets in the way. Jim Carry thinks anyone who bought a gun after the Newtown massacre is not worth protecting. Well, Jim, I guess that’s the point. The people who bought guns are taking a bit of that responsibility upon themselves.

In the end though, holding the constitutional non-conformist view of things against an elitist government ruling class of hypocrites, their lap dog media lackeys and the rich and pampered glitterati has an enduring appeal to most Americans.

I’m pretty sure that even if we know who Jim Carry is, we don’t give crap what he thinks about much of anything.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Free fire Friday

We’re from the gubument. We’re here to help.
If you’d like to get a sense of just how incompetent the government really is, read this article about an ATF sting operation in Milwaukee. A missing fully automatic M4, $15K in unpaid bills and damage to a front store, $35k of lost merchandize at that front store are just the beginning of what seems is an endless list of foul-ups by gubument agents. But don’t worry. No doubt the agents are being promoted and put in charge of security in Benghazi. This is typical gubument work performed by the same type of gubument screw ups now in charge of your health care.

Ol’ Box-O-Rocks
Long time readers might recall that Lex’s pet name Chucky Hagle was “Box-O-Rocks.” Lex first called Chucky box-o-rocks after Hagle said the “American people were afraid” after 9-11. The only thing real Americans fear is running out of ammo in a gun fight with a tyrannical government. Taking it one step further, on more than one occasion Lex referred to Hagle as the dumbest man in Washington D.C.

Anyone who saw even a smattering of ol’ box-o-rocks’ testimony must now agree, he’s an idiot totally unqualified to walk the neighbor’s dog let alone run the largest most capable department in the world. In short, he’s a perfect fit for Sec Def in this administration of anti-American lame brains.

The Harbowl
I’m rooting for the team that doesn’t have anyone convicted of obstruction in a double homicide investigation on the roster.

I’m rooting for the team that has standards high enough not employ anyone convicted of obstruction in a double homicide.

I’m rooting for the team that doesn’t have to provide special head gear for star players because they used banned antler extract to get back in the game.

By the way, where is the photoshop of Ray Lewis with deer antlers growing out his head and bloody knife in his hand?

I’m rooting for the team that didn’t have a money grubbing owner that crapped all over a city that supported his franchise for nearly 50 years when he moved it to Baltimore.

I am a little brother. We stick together. I’m rooting little Harbaugh, Jim of the 49ers.

Prediction: 49ers 34-17