Friday, May 30, 2014

King SFB purposeful anti-American

After King SFB’s commencement speech at West Point a couple of days ago, Dick Cheney called King SFB “weak”.  That’s like calling Slow Joe Biden “foolish”; Peloser “dumb”; Shrildabeast “calculating”; Shinseki “incompetent”;  Harry the roach Reid “a senile obsessed old bastard”.  None covers the waterfront of what is truly trying to be expressed.

Weak?  Jimmy Carter was weak.  King SFB makes Carter look like Jack Armstrong.  It goes past weak.  I’d say it arrives at downright stupid, but I don’t think that’s the case.  It only looks stupid to Americans who want the country to succeed.  We now have to accept the fact that King SFB is not in that number. 

Through his “transformation” of America from a great power to weak socialist nanny state, SFB is actively trying to destroy America from within.    He’s accomplishing his task with his “pen and telephone”, ignoring law and by surrounding himself with the most incompetent among us, Biden, Shinseki, Napolitano, Clinton, Holder, Sibelius et al.  You cannot get that many incompetents together accidently.  It has to be purposeful.

How do you NOT hold anyone not a single person accountable after myriad scandals that have resulted hundreds if not thousands of deaths and the loss of billions dollars?  The ONLY answer is that they are doing what you want.  How do you lose two wars once won?  Put Slow Joe Biden in charge of negotiating the SOFA treaty to keep American troops in country in one and announce your “exit strategy” to the world in the other.  Besides, if losing two wars already won has to happen to accomplish the sacred transformation, then so be it.  Once you accept the fact that SFB is destroying the country on purpose, everything makes sense.

So when King SFB shows up at West Point and announces his Afghan strategy, timetable for capitulation, troop locations and movements to the cadets and rest of the world including the Taliban, talk of weakness and stupidity are off the mark.  It’s exactly what King SFB intended to do.

Compare King SFB’s speech with what Sun Tzu had to say about secrecy:
It is the business of a general to be quiet and thus ensure secrecy…

The only relevant question today in mind is:  Can the country survive another 2 ½ years?  Given King SFB's momentum and single mindedness of purpose, a lapdog media and the caliber of the opposition, sadly, I have my doubts.  I do not seeing us returning to the days of equal opportunity, individual responsibility, a shared American culture and yes a firm moral footing anytime soon.  That doesn’t mean I’m ready to throw in the towel yet.

MSNBC summed up in less than a minute and half
OK, let’s end on a funny note.  Al Not So Sharp(ton) is a fool big enough to be on King SFB’s cabinet somewhere.  Reading or speaking of the English language are not his strong points.  Watch this.  Love the part when he says “My good friend…” then cannot even pronounce his “good friend’s” name.  The end is, how do they say it?  Ahh yes, priceless.


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Scooter Libby would be a free man, nay hero, in today's King SFB rule

How’d you like to be Scooter Libby?  Yeah, I know.  I’d have lost the “Scooter” handle after Jr. High as well.  Anyhoo, here’s a guy who went to jail in 2007 for a misstep during the investigation into who outted CIA analyst (secretary?) Valerie Plame.

Here’s the thing.  Scooter didn’t do it.  Colon Powell’s lying cowardly deputy Richard the dick Armitage did.  What’s worse the guy sworn to get to the bottom of the Plame outing, Special Douche (prosecutor) Patty Fitzgerald, knew dick Armitage outted Plame after about 10 minutes on the job.

Case closed then, right?  No.  After all this is the U.S. federal government.  Why wrap up a federal investigation into X after getting the answer you were charged to find?  There are still millions of dollars to waste.   This thing can drag on for months or years to the delight of the lapdog media.  Besides, if we ask the same question 100 times in different ways, someone is bound to slip up and perjure themselves making the entire exercise worthwhile – particularly if the “someone” is Karl Rove.  Who cares if a heretofore innocent man is sent to jail in the process of investigating a crime already solved?  Certainly not the dick, Armitage.

That’s our federal government.  That’s why we need “assault weapons” in our homes.  That’s why we cheer when armed citizens in cowboy hats confront a bunch of over-armed, over-paid and apparently unsupervised roid raged hulking BLM p*ssies playing wannabe Marine Corp (or is it corpse?) Recon Rangers and send them packing.  That’s why mass murders are more popular than most people making a living in Caligula D.C.

Now fast forward to 2014.  Someone in King SFB’s administration outted the CIA Station Chief in Afghanistan.  So far no Special Douche has been assigned the case to put as many innocent men behind bars as possible after solving  the case.

To be honest, the 2014 case is a much more difficult case.  In the Plame case they were looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack – one nitwit guy in the company of otherwise ordinary people.  In King SFB’s administration the task is much more difficult.  The Special Douche would be looking for a particular piece of hay in a hay stack or literally one particular nitwit in an entire stack of nitwits.  Still how hard could it be?

So Scooter is jailed for answers provided to the Special Douche after the Special Douche had solved the crime he assigned to solve.  Meanwhile back to 2014 Caligula D.C. Eric the wad Holder gets a border agent and hundreds maybe thousands of Mexicans killed in some hare-brained gun running scheme, Shrilldabeast gets four killed in Benghazi, Shinseki gets at least 40 (maybe a 100 or more) killed in a waitlist crime at the VA, Janet Incampetano turns thousands of illegal alien felon criminals lose on us, Lois Learner uses the IRS to target King SFB’s political enemies, James Crapper straight up lies to congress about NSA spying and no one has been fired or thrown into jail for any of it. 

That proves one of two things.  1)  Patty Fitzgerald is the greatest Special Douche ever - able to get innocent men to confess crimes outside the scope of already solved cases.  2)  The entire system is rigged and the lapdogs and entire Caligula D.C. establishment are in on the rigging.
As a purveyor of conspiracy theories, I’m firmly in the camp of the 2nd option.  That’s why I’m seriously considering matching sporting rifles and a 1,000 rounds of ammunition for the family for the next gift giving occasion.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ass Jerry Rivers confirms he's an ass...again

Well know dumbazz Jerry Rivers (AKA Geraldo Rivera) tweeted this gem:  The Second Amendment, as defined by the NRA, is stupid

Huh?  How does the NRA define the Second Amendment?  Oh, I know:  A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  That’s brilliant!  27 crystal clear words.  No definition necessary!

The clock-like precision of the anti-2nd Amendment crowd after a tragedy never surprises me.  It is as if they wait, day in and day out, always at the ready, scanning the Internet for a shooting then recycling the same tired talking points irrespective of the facts of the case.  In the UCSB case, exactly the same number of Rodgers’ victims were killed by a knife as with a handgun.  That doesn’t matter to these nit wits.  If the NRA hadn’t “defined” the 2nd Amendment the way they did those three victims would be alive today.  As for the knife victims?  Well that’s different.  They are just as dead for sure, but the lib left doesn’t care about that.  What they care about is getting guns out of the hands of law abiding citizen’s hands.

What jackazz Jerry is probably referring to is the difference between the “arms” at the time of the founding and today is quite profound.  That being the case, according to dolts like Jerry, a new “definition” of the 2nd Amendment is necessary.  First there is an amendment process to “change the definition” of things found in the U.S. Constitution, but let’s ignore that small detail for now.  Instead let’s extend Jerry’s asinine logic to the first amendment.  Could the founders have foreseen the advent of tv, radio, cable, Internet etc?  So if Jerry wants to round up and ban everything that the founders could not have foreseen then maybe we should boot third-rate ambulance chasing sensationalist journos who think prying open Al Capone's safe would make for good live tv, off of the airwaves as well.  If that were ever purposed no doubt Jerry would contend that the 1st Amendment doesn’t need “redefining.”

Then consider this.  How many “infringements” has congress already passed in violation of the 2nd Amendment?  “Assault weapons” bans, ammo restrictions, background checks, CCW permitting, FFL licensing, gun bans, gun free zones etc. are all infringements.  None has stopped crazy people from acting as if they are crazy.  The VA Tech shooter violated a "gun free zone" and probably at least 3 dozen laws while committing his heinous act.  So Jerry, what other "definitions" do we need?
If there were three honest brokers on either side of the aisle in Caligula D.C., I’d almost support an amendment to the 2nd Amendment.  The truth is there are not three people in the entirety of Caligula D.C. that could be trusted with such an important change.  Chucky Chuckles Schumer would be running the show.  Boner head Boehner and senate Rats would cower in fear of Harry the roach Reid taking to floor of the senate to tell lies about them.  So I’m happy to stand pat until such time as Caligula is populated by at least a couple of people willing to put the country and its citizens ahead of the Chamber of Commerce, NARAL, La Raza, NAACP, GLAAD and yes the NRA and other big money lobbies.

Last, I have seen Jerry a number of times on O'Really's show excusing illegals who murder, rape or kill entire families while driving drunk.  According to Jerry these incidents do not indicate the true nature of the hard working salt of the Earth illegals.  But some how for Jerry a crazy person with a gun indicates the true nature of all gun owners. GFY Jerry.  Maybe next time some drunk illegal will plow into you with his car and then finish you off with his fist, a hammer or baseball bat all of which kill far more people every year than guns.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Put crazy people in institutions before they start shooting

Leftist hypocrites
Calling a leftist lib a hypocrite is like calling Slow Joe Biden an idiot.  Everyone already Knows it.  Victor Davis Hanson, as always, nails it.

Crazy shooters
Quick what do Adam Lanza (Sandyhook shooter), Seung-Hui  Cho (VA Tech shooter), Jared Laughner (Texas shooter) and Elliot Rodgers (UCSB shooter) all have in common:

A)    Members of the NRA

B)      Members of the Tea Party

C)      Devote mainstream Christians

D)   Crazier than Gallagher doing a birthday party on the 4th floor psych ward for the criminally insane at Bellevue

I’d contend that if they were any of the first three we wouldn’t know who they are today.  But who is it who gets lampooned by Dopes, TV’s late night hosts, lapdog media and the entertainment industry?  Who is it that gets landed on by both feet when something like this happens?  The NRA gets landed on not because the shooter shared their clear understanding of the Second Amendment or safe gun ownership but rather because leftist do not like the Second Amendment.  Anything bad that might happen with a firearm, no matter how far removed from the NRA or its positions, therefore gets traced back to NRA.  The fact that three of Rodgers’ victims were stabbed to death makes no difference.  The Tea Party gets dragged in because leftist fear the Tea Party.  Anything leftist can do, legal, illegal, connected or not to tarnish the image of the low tax, small government Tea Party will be joined – no questions asked.  Christians are dragged in because leftist, like Communist and Islamo-Terror-Fascists, cannot stand anyone or anything that questions their narrow orthodoxy.  That is why leftist are the most intolerant people among us.

It seems to me that we might want to go back to the days when the bat $h!t crazies like Lanza, Cho, Laughner and Rodgers in our midst were institutionalized.  No doubt the leftist ACLU would scream bloody murder (pun intended) about civil rights.  Seems to me it's easier to put a few crazie people in institutions before they kill a bunch of innocents than round up 270 million guns.  Besides without crazy people going on shooting sprees, how would the left build a case against guns?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Idiot Peloser proves she's an idiot

Grand Fran Nan Peloser blames two unnecessary wars for the VA’s current run of troubles.  Peloser said, "Maybe, when we go into war, we should be thinking about its consequences and its ramifications.  You would think that would be a given. But maybe it wasn't."  Peloser maybe the dumbest humane ever to draw breath on God’s green Earth.  She’s the perfect embodiment of today’s Dope Party.  She’s a life-time member of the Caligula D.C. liar, thief and demagogue club.

Blaming two war – necessary or not - for the VA’s current troubles is akin to the fire chief blaming fires for the fact that his crews are too drunk to get on the trucks and put out fires.  One has nothing to do with the other.  These departments exist to remedy the consequences of events that make them necessary in the first place.  Besides, if the wars were so unnecessary why did the dopes vote for them – Nanc?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The VA and the fight that would make millions on pay per view

Mark Steyn on the VA
Mark Steyn has an interesting take on the VA scandal.  Why is the media seemingly all over the VA scandal when they avoided Fast & Furious, AP, IRS, NSA, Robertscare, Benghazi and myriad other scandals in King’s SFB’s administration?  Steyn opines that the media are covering the VA because it’s the ONLY one of the half dozen or so scandals that doesn’t have a clear trail leading directly to the White House.  This makes perfect sense for this particular class of sycophantic worshipers of a smarmy brain-dead affirmative action pass through know-nothing, do-nothing, be-nothing that cannot bear the undeniable truth about their Potemkin hero.  For these weasels it’s better to concentrate on a months gone foreign airliner than expose their superhero’s only super powers are to lie and feign ignorance of the most basic workings of his administration.  Even his crucial super power to lie convincingly must have been exposed to Kryptonite recently because fewer and fewer people are being affected by his smoothly delivered line of total BS.

Steps 1 & 2 of King SFB scandal cover strategy initiated at VA presser
Step 1) While telling the lapdog media that he was totally unaware of problems the VA yesterday, King SFB feigned outrage at the mounting body count of veterans that the VA is RESPONSIBLE for.  Step 2) Then King SFB announced an investigation into the VA’s practice of establishing hidden waitlists for the VA’s most expensive and serious cases.  When asked about the scandal and still on-going investigation two years from today some administration sac-O-crap will respond, “DUDE! That was two years ago.”  Case closed.

Question that needs to be asked
Has anyone looked into the political affiliation of the people killed so far by the VA?  If the IRS scandal is any guide, the VA would be targeting Republicans.

Most disturbing aspect of King SFB’s comments on the VA
First off there was almost nothing believable about anything SFB had to say about the VA yesterday.  Here’s a point:
King SFB: “If these allegations prove to be true it is dishonorable, it is disgraceful and I will not tolerate it. Period.” 
Aside:  Does that remind anyone of, "If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it. Period,"?

First, SFB, you have tolerated it - for last 5 ½ years.  You ran on this issue in 2007.  It’s 2014.  I suppose nobody told SFB that he’s actually been in charge for the last 5 ½ years.  Maybe he’ll read that in the newspaper.  That may be the most disgusting thing about this scandal.  SFB standing there telling us how PO’d he is but acting as if he walked into the job last Friday.  Why didn’t you get PO’d 5 ½ years ago SFB?  Next, most importantly King SFB, what has happened at the VA is criminal.  People died as a result of the VA’s purposeful criminal mismanagement of waitlists.  Someone needs to go to jail for a along time.  Scooter Libby went to jail because Colon Powell’s lying cowardly excrement head Uncle Fester look alike Deputy Richard the dick Armitage outted Valerie Plame.  You can bet nobody in King SFB’s inner circle is going to get so much as a $10 fine for killing more than a 100 people through their coordinated criminal neglect.

Pay per view's potential Colossus: Clay Aiken Vs. Ann Coulter
Newly minted NC Dope congressional candidate, former American Idol runner up, and apparent tough guy Clay Aiken tweeted he’d like to punch Ann Coulter in the face.  My money would be on the wispy Coulter to drop him like a bag of dirt in the first 10 seconds of a scuffle between the two.  Then all of the outrage would be directed at the one of them breaking social norms - ANN PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE.  Coulter is not one to shy from a fight.  You might remember she called Ed Schultz a “lying p*ssy” not too long ago.  Why is it that the women in the conservative spotlight seem to have more testosterone than the men?  We’re blessed with Coulter, Palin, Tantaros, Loesch, Pavlich etc. and cursed with wimps like boner head, Cantor, Ryan etc. too afraid to take the fight to the Dopes because Harry the roach Reid might lie about them on the floor of the senate.  Truly pathetic.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The kiss of political death, Lex endores John Bolton for president

Glenn Beck has pretty much turned into an unlistenable idiot.  It would seem he’s turning on anyone not in total lock step with his way thinking.  That would make him the Harry the roach Reid of conservatives or as he would shout LIBERTARIAN!  He opposed Mitch McConnell in yesterday’s KY primary.  Fine, so did I.  Not because he’s not conservative enough, but simply because he’s been in Caligula D.C. for decades making him part of the problem.  I’d have voted for Matt Bevin.  That said, this morning I’m 100% behind McConnell in the general election.  Not Beck.  He’s convinced that McConnell will lose in the general.  That’s all the more reason for a guy like Beck to get behind McConnell.  Beck is content to take his ball and go home.

Beck has made it known again and again on his radio program that he will not support another “moderate” Republican presidential candidate.  He’s an idiot.  He throws Mitt Romney into that “moderate” category.  OK.  Romney’s not the most conservative candidate available.  This may shock you, because I’m way more conservative or even libertarian than Beck, but I still think Romney has the best skill set to get the country back on track.  So I’m silly enough to put the fate of the country ahead of my own admittedly narrow way of thinking on a whole range of issues to get the country back on solid financial footing.  IMHO Romney remains the best guy for that task.

Beck apparently is not willing to settle for half a bag or even 98%.  He wants 100% or nothing.  He’s fine with the Shrilldabeast, but won’t support Romney, Jeb Bush, Christie etc.  I wouldn’t vote for Bush or Christie in the primary, but I’d do what I could to keep another brain damaged Clinton from conducting their sordid “business” from the oval office.

Now, if I had it in my power to just pick a guy, it would probably be John Bolton.  Putin would put his shirt back on then crap himself, Saudis and other self-important Middle Eastern kings, princes, emirs and sultans would prepare to go from the 12 century back to the 7th, Iran would be openly chucking centrifuges into the Persian Gulf, Europe would wail, friends would rejoice, enemies would recalculate.  Best of all, if Harry the roach Reid lied about Bolton, Bolton would tell the truth about the roach.  That is something our current Republican “leadership” is too afraid to do.  I'd have Romney as VP to get our domestic house in order.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

FBI Director didn't know terrorism is still hanging around

King SFB chief (can you use the word “chief” or is it an Indian slur?) excuse for his scandal ridden administration is that he “didn’t know.”  He didn’t know about Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA, AP wire tapping, Benghazi, ICE release of 36,000 criminal illegals, the family got a dog, and now he didn’t know about the VA’s shadow waitlists to allow its incompetent administrators to collect a few extra bucks for reducing wait times.

As Lex has noted before, this is a totally believable excuse.  A clueless nit wit not knowing something important is about what you’d expect from a clueless nit wit.  When it’s easier to find the clueless nit wit on the golf course or vacation than behind his desk working, it just adds credence to his line of BS.  As in, “Hey how was I supposed to know the VA was killing off their customer by the 100s?  I was out shooting a personal best 128 at the local par three.  I’m mad as hell about this.  I’ll bet I’m madder than anyone in America.  But that’s all I can say about it now, because there’s an ongoing investigation.  Fake outrage should be good enough for Dope rubes and the lapdog media for now.  I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”

So it’s totally believable that the king sized buffoon we elected king doesn’t know what the hell is going on.  All the while his lapdog sycophantic pressmen (formerly known as yesmen) remind us of how just how smart King SFB really is.  By comparison to the idiots he has hired to surround him, the lapdogs are probably right, Biden, Seblius, Shinseki, Holder, Incompetano, et al serve to make King SFB look pretty smart.

Now we can add FBI director James Comely to list of idiots that King SFB has put in charge of running important parts of the government.  Comely actually told the New York Times that his plans to refocus the bureau’s attention back toward prosecuting criminals (that are not illegal aliens) and away from terrorism (or is it man caused disasters?) were made before he realized just how serious the man caused disaster threat facing the US really is.  YGBSM!  No. I’m not.  He’s that obtuse?  Yes he is.  He’s running our once proud FBI.

Monday, May 19, 2014

VA, King SFB slaughters Americans at alarming rate, GM, Race (as always), cops

VA Scandal
Wannbe Gen Eric Shinseki ought to have the good sense to resign in disgrace for the total mess he and his scandal ridden agency have become.  He won’t.  There’s no reason to.  If past performance in King SFB scandals (Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA, AP wire tapping, border insecurity, illegal alien prisoner releases, Benghazi etc.) are any indication, here’s how the VA scandal plays out:  1) King SFB and key administration players feign outrage 2) An investigation is initiated during which King SFB and key administration players say they cannot comment on the scandal because of “the ongoing investigation”  3)  Key documents are withheld, redacted to the point of uselessness, destroyed or hidden 4)  Two years pass  5)  When a government official is asked about the scandal he replies, “DUDE!  That was two years ago.” 6) The same MSM lapdogs that ignore this and the myriad other SFB scandals cheer and provide 24-7 coverage of King SFB’s week long summit on why cats and dogs do not get along and his blue ribbon panel to get to the bottom of the canceled tv show Lost.  How many useful man hours were “lost” by viewers trying to figure out just what in the hell was going on in that show?  And most importantly, how did the fat guy remain so fat while supposedly being marooned on the mysterious island?  It was an island…right?

Some bright tv talker said you cannot fire a wounded combat veteran.  Besides, firing Shinseki would leave the VA rudderless in the midst of the crisis.  It would appear that the VA is rudderless WITH Shinseki.  The “you must keep him because things are too screwed up to fire him” defense reminds me of the kid who kills his parents then begs for leniency because he’s an orphan.  Lincoln went through a lot generals before getting a Grant.  Fire

Getting to the bottom of the VA scandal
I’d get to the bottom of this in about 3 days.  We know that people who engage in activities that have been reported at the VA to get some cheesy government bonus will sell out pretty cheaply.  I’d get all of the regional directors and their 3-4 top underlings to Caligula D.C.  I’d put them all in one big hotel ballroom partitioned off into as many cubicles as necessary.  Individually I’d give them this spiel, “OK you need to understand this is your last opportunity to come clean without the full weight and penalties of the law coming down on your head.  You tell me what you know right now and, if you didn’t kill anyone, your penalty will be being fired, never to work in government again, forfeiture of any government pension, and requirement to repay any bonus money you might have received.  If you do not cooperate I can guarantee you that punishment plus considerable fines and as much jail time as I can hang one you.  You should also know your colleagues are being made the exact same offer.  If one of them coughs up the info, and you’re involved and you don’t cooperate right now, you’re screwed.  You should also know that while you’re here in Caligula, the FBI is raiding your office seizing your computers and those of your staff and colleagues.  The decision is yours.  What’s it going to be?  You have two minute to mull it over.”

Given the character of the people who would engage in the activities that have been alleged, I predict a blood bath.  They'd roll on each other so fast King SFB wouldn’t have time to tell another lie, Slow Joe wouldn’t have time to commit another gaff, Queen Moochele wouldn’t have time to hector the FBI about selling donuts and coffee at the ballroom before the whole thing unraveled.

Through criminal stupidity King SFB has killed more people than the 9-11 terrorists
The crime wave and death toll this administration has unleashed on it citizens and friends through their colossal stupidity is unprecedented – Brian Terry and 1,000s of others in F&F, 1,000s either killed, raped, murdered, etc. due to an insane lack of immigration enforcement, 4 in Benghazi (how many wounded we don’t know), more than a dozen killed by Government Motors others maimed and wounded.  In the middle of the carnage and bloodshed The MSM lapdogs yawn.

If a foreign government killed as many of our citizens and friends as King SFB, we’d really, really be POed.  But it’s the affirmative action kid so we have to grade him on a curve.

Government motor fines self, tax payers pay fine
The government just fined the government motors company $35 million for failing to report a faulty ignition system in some GM cars.  Government motors still owes Uncle Sam 11 BILLION from the TARP bailout money Uncle Sam turned over to the company.  So, who pays the 35 million?  It’s mind boggling.  On the one hand the government “loans” GM 50 BILLION.  GM says it can’t/won’t payback the last 11 BILLION of that loan.  Now the exact same government that loaned GM 50 BILLION and forgave the last 11 BILLION of the loan is fining GM 35 million.  WTF?  Fine them 11 BILLION 35 million and be done with them.  This government is so stupid, so reckless, so unaccountable for anything it does and fails to do it is enough to make Mother Theresa cuss them out.

Coach tells team, “You can’t win”
King SFB, Moochelle & Eric the wad Holder all recently went on record talking about what a national disgrace race relations are in America.  Two old men - one bitching about his girlfriend showing up to his games with black men and the other talking about blacks being better off as slaves (surprisingly neither racist used the N-word) – got the conversation that never ends into a rolling boil.  The irony in all of this is that these two-and-half black people seem to have missed the fact that they have reached the pinnacle, the very denouement of this nation’s 200 year struggle with race relations.  But hey, everyone knows that a couple of old white men issuing non-PC statements trumps three people of color in positions of ultimate power.

These “national leaders” getting out there and talking this kind of BS is akin to the coach telling the team, “no matter how hard or how well you play, you’re always going to be a bunch of losers.”  Well we all know who the loser in that scenario is.  So we also know who the losers are when King SFB his hectoring nag of a wife and his criminal AG talk crap about race.

Take away:
Former Marine Corps Colonel Peter Martino was stationed in Fallujah and trained Iraqi soldiers. Martino went before a New Hampshire city council meeting last year to assert that the Department of Homeland Security is working with law enforcement to build a “domestic army,” because the federal government is afraid of its own citizens.

Well, maybe not now, but someday, and soon, if things do not change they will have good reason. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Arming Hank Kimball

Feds want to give this man ballistic body armor and a 30 round submachine gun.  What could go wrong?
Having bought up tons and tons of ammo to support armed agents in nearly every branch of the federal government, the feds are now dumping your hard earned tax dollars on body armor and submachine guns for the Department of Agriculture.  Why?  I do not know.  So Lex got County Agent Hank Kimball from Hooterville, MO on the blower to explain.

Lex:  Good afternoon Mr. Kimball.

Mr. K:  Good afternoon Lex.  Well, it’s not really afternoon here.  We‘re an hour behind you there in Indiana.   Do you know how that works?  Anyway, it’s still morning here in Hooterville, well late morning.  Well, not really late like it died or anything like that, but late like most of it’s already gone.

Lex:  Ahh, yes.  Well the reason called Mr. Kimball is to ask you why the Department of Agriculture is investing in ballistic body armor and submachine guns.  Do you have any ideas?

Mr. K:  Ballistic body armor?  Is that another name for that skin tight underwear armor stuff all the kids at the high school wear?  I don’t really have the body for that anymore.  Well, I have a body.  Wouldn’t be talking to you if I didn’t.  But I think I’d look pretty silly in that stuff.  It looks like that stuff would cut off your circulation.  Do you know if it cuts off your circulation?  Blood circulation I mean.  I supposed I’d still be able to circulate around the county in it – if didn’t cut off my circulation – blood circulation. 

Lex:  No.  I don’t think it restricts your blood circulation or your ability to move freely about the county.  But that’s not why I called.

Mr. K:  Well get to the point young man.  I’m a busy man.  Mr. Douglass has weevil in his corn.  He wants me to come take a look.  Look at what, I asked him.  The weevil he said.  What weevil I asked.  The weevil in my corn Mr. Kimball.   Apparently he has a weevil somewhere he wants me to look at.  So I don’t have a lot of time to waste.  Well, I have some time.  I may stop by Drucker’s for an ice cream on the way over to the Green Acres farm, I just don’t have a lot of time.

Lex:  Huh, yes well, I’m not talking about underwear armor – uh Under Armor.  I’m referring to ballistic body armor, what you might call a bullet proof vest.

Mr. K:  Vest?  I’m a jacket man my self.  Never could understand why anyone would pay all that money for a jacket they cut the sleeves off of.  No sir.  Give me a jacket sleeves and all.  Now Mr. Douglass wears a vest.  Do you want me to ask him what he might do with an underwear armor vest?  Seems silly to me, a skin tight jacket with no sleeves.

Lex:  Bullet proof vest, Mr. Kimball, BULLET PROOF!

Mr. K:  Bullet proof?  Now why on Earth would anyone need a bullet proof vest, or even a bullet proof jacket, here in Hooterville?  Is Mr. Douglass trying to teach the Mrs. to shoot that shotgun again?  She always ends up on her backside and shoots down the telegraph wire.  She must have shot that wire out a 100 times.  Well, maybe not 100, but at least 50.  Well, maybe not 50.  At least 10.  Or was it twice?  Anyway, I don’t know why in the world anyone would tell a woman to “get a shotgun.” Well, I know why they’d tell her that, but I don’t know why they'd let her do it.    

Lex:  Look Mr. Kimball, this isn’t going the way I thought it’d go.  I’ll just let you get on over to the Green Acres farm.

Mr. K:  Why would I be headed over there?

Lex:  The weevil.

Mr. K:  What weevil?

Lex:  The weevil in the corn.

Mr. K:  Mr. Douglass has a weevil in his corn?  Why didn’t you say so?  I’d better get over there and take a look.

Yes by all means, let’s arm the Hank Kimball’s of the world.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

#Neanderthals, #Jail break, #Hashtags, #Brain dead Shrilldabeast

Lex is a Neanderthal
I support traditional marriage.  Not because I hate a group of people but rather because I believe in the silly line of logic of 5,000 years of history and natural law.  I know that that is thin gruel when it bumps up against an oh so tolerant leftist who relies on emotionalism and name calling to get his way.  That said, do I care if some judge marries Bruce and Harlan?  No.  I don’t.  Do I care if they get a tax break?  No.  I don’t.  I do not care about any of it up to the point that the homo fascists demand I accept the arrangement.  Do I?  No.  I don’t.

That’s not even what the homo fascists are up to though.  Not only do they demand that I accept the arrangement but I must celebrate it as well - as when Michael Sam slobbers all over his boy friend in the middle of sports show.  I don’t.  Even indifference is now declared homophobia by the homo fascist.  Chose not to bake a cake – you're a homophobe.  Be an NFL player and chose to tweet something – anything – not 100% supportive of Sam’s slobbering embrace and you’ll be fined and sent to re-education camp.  What the Miami Dolphins did to Don Jones for a tweeting about Sam’s love scene on ESPN is blatant homo fascism.  You’d better get your mind right or you’ll lose your job and be sent off to re-education camp.    

King SFB and Saddam Hussein birds of a feather
Like Saddam Hussein, King SFB is empting the jails prior to his inevitable departure.  First he grants clemency to drug offenders.  Then he turns 36,000 illegal alien criminals (yes redundant in that being an illegal alien means you're a criminal) loose on the American people.  Just before the Iraq invasion of 2003 Saddam Hussein emptied the jails in Iraq.  Lapdog MSM and Dopes yawn.  We hope that they and their families will be the primary victims of the inevitable crime wave that is bound to ensue.  Sadly, that will not be the case.

#Hashtag diplomacy
Queen Sad Sac had her picture taken with a sign #Bring our girls back.  That reminds of a little kid posting pictures of his lost dog on mailboxes.  It’s what you expect from helpless little kids.

Is hashtagging a bad or #worthless effort?  No it’s not - unless you’re an official of the most powerful country on Earth, or #former most powerful.  Hashtagging shows just how much you care, #love me, #I care, B/C #I hashtag.  If you’re a high school hippster tweeting about the football team #champions, great.  But when Putin annexes Crimea #Soviet Union, better to move troops, #meaningful response, than have some State Dep ditz hashtagging faux #outrage.  Putin laughed, #they’re weak.  Grown ups shook their heads at a feckless government response #beneath useless.

So there’s Queen Sad Sac hashtagging Islamo-Terror-Fascist to stop being Islamo-Terror-Fascists, #idiot.  Better for Queen Sad Sac to hashtag the truth, #My husband is brainless, ball less, affirmative action pass through who doesn’t have a clue how to use American power, so please bring our girls back.

Besides, I happen to know that Queen Sad Sac’s hashtag was just for show.  How do I know?  If she REALLY cared, if she REALLY wanted to scare the pants off those Islamo-Terror-Fascists she would have used all capital letters in bold.  Then they would have known that she REALLY, REALLY MEANT BUSINNESS, #I’m really mad now.
Rove says Shrilldabeast brain damaged
The good news is that Rove stipulates that the Beast in fact has a brain.  But seriously, what difference at this point does it make how damaged that brain is?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chamber of Commerce argues for another round of illegal immigration

On Monday at the "Economy and Infrastructure, CEO Panel" U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas Donohue said, "If the Republicans don’t [pass immigration reform], they shouldn’t bother to run a candidate in 2016. I mean, think about that. Think about who the voters are." Uh, illegals?  Donohue went on to warn that the Chamber would “put a lot more” heat on House members opposing immigration reform.  Oh thanks for the warning.  The chamber wants access to cheap labor for its members.  With high unemployment, you’d think the Chamber would be able to find all the cheap labor they want.  Not so.  Dope policy of 10,000 weeks of unemployment and other benefits totaling as much as paying 45K plus for people to not work screws up the demand curve.   Besides Tom, what do suppose will happen to that cheap labor when they are legal, unionized and or working for a Dope minimum wage?  We'll need another round of illegal labor.

Given the illegal way in which King SFB has gone about implementing the law called Robertscare, why in the world would ANYONE trust that this turd merchant is going to “faithfully execute” a law on immigration?  With a stroke King SFB’s pen he and his brain-dead wonder kids have just turned 36,000 criminal illegals including 200 murders lose on the American people as punishment for not being sufficiently pro amnesty. If, as a prerequisite condition to other aspects of the law, it requires the federal government to secure the southern border with a physical fence, does anyone seriously believe that SFB and Eric the wad Holder will ensure that that happens?  Like gun control laws, our current laws on immigration are being ignored by the feds.  In fact the feds are doing worse than just ignoring their own laws.  They are actively subverting them by suing anyone trying to enforce border.  The wad has sued the state of AZ for passing a law that mirrors the federal statute.  Again, who in the world would trust this lying, thieving, no count, incompetent bunch of BS artist to “faithfully execute” a law on immigration that required them to do something – anything – they didn’t want to do?  Anything that requires them to do something they disagree with up to and including restricting illegals from voting in our elections will be ignored, subverted or illegally wiped away with a stroke of King SFB’s pen.  So one more time, who in the world would trust this bunch of anti-American party before country weasels to “faithfully execute” a law on immigration?  King sized douche and world’s biggest useful idiot Johnny boner head Boehner and his “maybe if we kill ourselves and our constituents they will like us” Rat dumbazzes – that’s who.   Yeah, I don’t like him or them.

Besides, if the Rats pass anything short of total amnesty with complete voting rights, instant full welfare rights, affirmative action status as well as permanent “victimhood” status the Dopes will simply demagogue what the Rats pass as nothing, because like poverty, healthcare, women’s rights and minority issues, the Dopes would rather have the issue unresolved so they can beat the Rats over the head with the issue every two years.  Remember King SFB, senile lying thieving excrement bag Harry the roach Reid and Peloser could have passed whatever they wanted with regard to immigration reform in King SFB first term.  They did nothing.  Hispanics still poured into polls to support their demagogic do-nothing supposed benefactors.

Tea Party surges
After last week's the primary results in NC, lapdog MSM, Dopes and Rats engaged in some wishful thinking – the Tea Party was dead.  With last night’s election results in NE and WV they are thinking – oops, not so much.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

John Lott destroys the left...again

According one of America’s great philosophers, “You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.  You don’t spit into the wind.  You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger, and you don’t mess around with Jim.”  – Jim Croce: You Don’t mess Around with Jim, 1972.

In 2014, I’d update Croce’s sentiment: “You can’t disagree with King SFB.  You MUST accept two men kissing in the middle of a sports show as normal.  You don’t call Islamo-Terror-Fascists – “Islamo-Terror-Fascists” and you don’t argue statistics with John.” – John Lott that is.

Lott is the former Yale economics professor turned statistics guru to support pro life, gun rights and the death penalty among other causes.  After the irregular death of murdering bastard Clayton Lockett, the left – including King SFB – were spouting all manner of BS to include the false claim that the death penalty, like everything else in America, was raaaaaaaaacist.  Lott destroyed their arguments with the cold unemotional proof of numbers. That caused quite a stir among left libs (Ref line one of the 2014 updated Croce lyric.)  The left libs did what left libs do they attacked Lott.  The only thing missing from the left lib’s attack on Lott was the go to line among left libs that are losing an argument…badly, claim loudly and assertively that “the debate is over.”  Lott responds to one of the attacks here.

My favorite Jim Croce song is Rapid Roy and its unforgettable lyrics; “Rapid Roy the Stockcar boy, he’s too much to believe.  You know he always have an extra pack of cigarettes rolled up in his t-shirt sleeve…He is the dirt track demon in ’57 Chevrolet…He do 130 mile an hour, smilin’ at the camera with a toothpick in his mouth.”  Almost enough to make you want to take up smoking while “runnin’ shine out a Alabam’ in a 500 gallon tank.”  Ahhh, Jim we miss ya buddy.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend stuff

Add Boko Haram to Shilldabeast’s greatest hits: Assad’s a reformer, Russian reset, Benghazi, the Arab Spring, cattle futures, vast right-wing conspiracy et al. 
Don’t blame the Shrilldabeast for NOT designating Boko Haram (BH) a terrorist organization.  First, like lib Dopes here in the US, BH’s major beef is with Christians.  So I’m sure the Beast had to have just a bit of sympathy for their cause.  Second, BH is comprised entirely of Eric the wad Holder’s people.  As such, they were sort of untouchable.  It was made clear early on in King SFB’s rule that - unlike the bitter clingers who would feel the full weight of the BLM, IRS, FBI, NSA… - SFB and the wad would not take kindly to administering the law or terrorist designations equally among their people.

Things that do NOT make sense
Romney – raise the min wage.  Yes raise it to $150 an hour so we can wipe out poverty all together and forever.

Paul – voter ID offensive.  Yes it is.  It’s only offensive to people trying to commit voter fraud.

Pope – “legitimate redistribution” of wealth.  Yes we should start with the Vatican’s art collection.

Jamis Winston – “honest mistake” while stealing.  Admit you are a lying thief.  Give up football for politics and move on.

Smart guys Vs. Dopes, guess who wins…again?
When dopes in government try to control smart people with dumb laws this is inevitable.  I love the line in the story when the genius from New Yorkers Against Gun Violence tells us, “The gun is still lethal. Yes, it can still kill people.  Duh.  Isn’t that the point of most sporting rifles – or what government lame brains call assault weapons?  Or would you prefer women at home alone get a shotgun?  (CAUTION:  Link leads to a top 5 funniest videos - ever.  Lost time is inevitable as you call others to come watch it over and over.  Oh, did they speed up the voice of the "guy" doing the interview?)  Oh, is there an organization that is PRO gun violence?  Doesn’t an organization opposed to something suggest that there is a large number of people in favor it?  Aside from gangs, I don’t think anyone is in "favor of" gun violence.  So wouldn’t it be smarter to start an organization entitled New Yorker Against Gang Violence?  Why in the world does an organization like New Yorkers Against Gun Violence exist?  Isn’t it like an organization titled New Yorkers Against Rape.  Aside from the Clintons and rapists, who is for rape?  Idiots.

Slow Joe Biden: confused idiot or dumbazz liar
Bakers bake, roofers roof, plumbers plumb, so what do liars do?  Let’s ask oh so slow Joe two blasts and a garden variety slap Biden.  Biden is soooooooo dumb he insists on telling the same lies he’s already been busted on.  That makes Biden the variety of liar that lies habitually, continually, for no apparent reason and may even come to believe his own lies.  Biden is such a despicable bald faced lying sac-O-crap he makes the Jon Lovitz’s pathological liar character on SNL look like the “I cannot tell a lie” version of George Washington we all learned before PC BS artists turned the indispensable man into a criminal.

ASIDE:  Re-read that sentence.  It’s beautiful.  It lampoons Biden and the PC left, invokes Washington in his rightful place as the “indispensable man” in American history and contains a SNL reference.  You just cannot get these kinds of links reading people who know how to write.

Anyhoo, in short Biden is a quadruple pathological lying idiot.

Now I can see having a few too many and telling a story and stretching it a bit.  We’ve all done that.  What was an average fish who got himself foul hooked while you were trying to un-snag your line - a fish who essentially committed suicide - after a few beers turns into a wily monster you played for 20 minutes before finally setting the hook then battled for an hour because you were using two pound test fishing line tied to the end of a three foot bamboo tomato stake for a pole – because that’s all you had.

That’s not what Biden has created here.  He sat at a desk. He thought about it (As far as Joe Biden’s thought process goes).  He wrote this entire line of BS out.  He supposedly reread it.  People who knew Biden and therefore knew he was lying supposedly checked it.  And yet they go with the lie?  Jeez um Pete, you’d expect someone in the process to say, “Joe that’s not true.  It’s a good story at a cocktail party, but you cannot publish lies – particularly ones this easily checked.  For your own good, that story (uh lie) is out.”   Then, then, THEN he sticks with the lie even after he’s exposed as lying crap sac.  What’s next?  King SFB tells us we can keep our healthcare plans if we like them?  Cambodian War hero John Francoise Kerry recounting his Cambodian War exploits?   Peloser tells us she’s really, really smart and has NEVER had a single botox treatment.  John boner head Boehner tells us he has NEVER used a tanning bed?  How dumb do they think we are?  GIVE IT UP.  PLEASE.  It’s disturbing.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Things that go together: Ukrainian referendum and the NFL draft

Ukraine referendum
(Reuters) – “Pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine ignored a public call by Russian President Vladimir Putin to postpone a referendum on self-rule, declaring they would go ahead on Sunday with a vote that could lead to war.”

For his part, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk, having been installed after riots displaced his Russian puppet predecessor, himself just a tad less than the legitimate leader of Ukraine said he is not worried by the referendum.  In accordance with left lib thinking here in the US, if the referendum is passed he will appoint a single judge who declares the whole thing unconstitutional.  The big difference between leftist judges in the US and in the Ukraine is that the referendum in the Ukraine probably is unconstitutional.  The whole Russian/Ukraine vote smacks of AlGore’s attempt to recount only four heavily Dope precincts in FL during the 2000 presidential election.  Of course if you hold a vote in heavily Russian ethnic enclaves you are likely to get the vote you want, particularly with Vlad’s heavily armed thugs monitoring the vote – sort of like the New Black Panther thugs “monitoring the vote” in PA during 2008.

But Lex you rail against one or two judges who overturn the popular vote here in the US, how is this any different?  What Vlad is doing is akin to California counties north of San Francisco and west of LA voting to succeed from the state.  Now I’m all for that.  But I don’t think it’s legitimate to announce a vote this weekend and have voting take place only in the garages of pro separatist.  That is essentially what is happening in Ukraine this Sunday.

But Lex, Vlad is asking the separatist to hold off on the vote.  Suuuuuure he is.  He’s really, really, really concerned about peace in Ukraine.  No.  He isn’t.  He’s posturing to have clean hands when another part of the world descends into civil war.  While King SFB promises the Ukrainian government clean socks and razor blades in their effort to stand up to an expansionist Russia, Putin’s armed thugs are actively promoting civil unrest in Ukraine.

Homophobic NFL
The NFL is in deep, deep doo doo.  Somehow homosexual Michael Sam wasn’t drafted last night.  There’s only one answer – homophobia.  Why else would Michael Sam not be drafted #1 in the entire draft; given a 25 year 275 million dollar contract with 270 million of it in up front money and partial ownership of the team?  Straight up homophobia I tell you is the only reason.

That of course that is total BS.  We know for a fact that if an individual can play football, the NFL will tolerate accomplices to murder, domestic abusers, drunks, rapists, drug users, serial assault and battery, racists, dead beat dads etc.  Given all of that, I find it hard to believe that they draw the line at homosexuals.

Seriously though, what do expect from a league that would tolerate one of its premier franchises calling itself the “Redskins.”  If I were Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, I’d hold a presser and tell the world:

“After a proud tradition of promoting Native American heritage for the last 75 or so years, I’m sick of having my franchise named after losers.  I’ve decided to go with the winners.  Starting immediately the Caligula D.C. NFL franchise will be known as the Caligula Cavalry.  Our new colors are now Union blue and gold.  Our helmets will be adorned with a head on view of a cavalryman atop a charging horse with his saber drawn and above his head perpendicular to the ground.”  Oh the hue and cry that would ensue.  Caligula Cavalry is out.  The only thing worse it seems than having a team named the Redskins is having one that is named after the white guy organization most responsible for the defeat of the Redskins.

It’s not enough to get rid of the name Redskins.  It must be replaced with something totally benign and PC like the Caligula D.C. Delta Smelt.  The Delta Smelt is the tiny "endangered" fish that has as much to do with California farm land going dry as anything Mother Nature has contributed to the problem or more appropriately failed to contribute.  Caligula D.C. Delta Smelt, now that’s just silly or so it would seem.

Cavalry is out.  Delta Smelts is too foolish.  How about the Caligula D.C. Grey Wolves?  There you go.  The Grey Wolf is a beautiful and cunning predator animal.  It’s a wild animal so must be on someone’s endangered species list.  Caligula could claim that it’s raising awareness to the plight of an endangered species.   OK problem solved.  Caligula D.C. Grey Wolves it is.

Oh, by the way, did you know that “Grey Wolf” was the nickname the Apache gave to famous Indian fighter and cavalryman Gen. George C. Crook?   Snyder may get another 75 or so years out of the Caligula Grey Wolves before some ultra sensitive group figures it out and demands a change.