Friday, October 31, 2008

The Griffin endorses McCain sort of

I spend a couple of minutes each day looking for one of the eight pairs of reading classes laying around the house so excuse me if I forget all the reasoning I put into selecting GWB in 2000. I recall that I was looking for an honest, God fearing conservative that was not an ambulance chasing, intern chasing attorney with no moral fiber. GWB met all of that except he turned out not to be a fiscal conservative. Al Gore and John Kerry both came from the Senate which gave them a beginning credibility rating of minus 500.

Like Lex I was not thrilled with Obama or McCain. But hey,I have used a flat tip screwdriver on a Phillips head screw in a pinch. I support MaC but have entertained digging up Ronald Magnus to give a dead ex-pres another shot at it.

Going into Tuesday I feel somewhat like William Wallace at the hands of the English. I may see my own exposed entrails come Wed morning but on the bright side I will look forward to the libs fighting with each other like a July 4th trailer park drunk fest in McConnelsville. The fight will be over whom is the most liberal... Pelosi, Reid, or Obama.

Another upside will be the inevitable Clinton/Obama split in the Dem party. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. As you know she is from Scranton, or Chicago, or Arkansas, or New York, or Washington, and roots for the Yankees, or the Mets, or the White Sox, which makes her much more stable than Obama, and more appealing to the indecisive, hand wringing, and wavering independents rather than the full blown pyscho nut jobs.

This meltdown will give the conservatives another chance in 2012 to get a real conservative. It's going to be a real 3-ring circus. I want to see Pelosi with the dancing bear, Reid spinning dishware on his nose, and Obama sticking his head in the lion's mouth. I will proudly cast my vote on Tuesday but also pick up the popcorn just in a case the circus comes to town. A lot of popcorn. The Griffin.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

B-HO talked Lex tinkered

Hell no I didn’t watch it. I was messing around in the garage listening to 70s music on the radio. Besides why would I? Hope, Change, Bush sucks, McCain is just like Bush – repeat for 30 min. Reading about the 30 minute ego trip it seems to me it was long on America has become an enormous soup kitchen rather than America is the land of endless opportunity.

But I did learn something as a result of the B-HO’s big ego. When asked why the 30 min ego trip, a B-HO man advised that B-HO has raised so much money, why not 30 min or even an hour? B-HO, the man who told America he’d take public financing, has raised $600 million in private contributions. Not all that money came from Americans. A great deal of the money is as dirty as a Harry Reid land deal - or hell B-HO's own land deal with Rezko. McCain has raised $84 million through public financing. How’s that McCain Feingold thing working out for you now John?

Think about that. McCain is being out spent 6 to 1. The economy sucks. America is engaged in two wars - one of which is very unpopular. The incumbent party’s president’s popularity is lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon wheel rut in Death Valley. Yet the nationwide polls (if not the state by state Electoral College polls) are tightening to within the margin of error. Why?

Well, B-HO’s a know nothing, do nothing, be nothing dope whose most ardent supporters and admirers cannot name a single substantive accomplishment. Nothing is going to change that fact before Election Day. Not 30 mins of prime time TV or an hour or an all day telethon – which if you add in B-HO’s regular TV spots is essentially what we have anyway.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Elites push McCain then jump ship

Something funny happened on the way to this election. The smartest people in the room told the rest of us conservative dopes that the only candidate who could win this Nov. was McCain. The elite brains told us we’d better shut up and get on board the McCain train.

As regular readers (both of you) know, I was an anyone BUT McCain guy until Romney dropped out. Huckabee lost me early on with his, “I refuse to talk about Romney’s Mormonism – even if that whacky cult does believe that Lucifer and Jesus were brothers – I refuse to mention the fact that Mitt Romney IS A MORMON!!!”

So, after conservatives killed one another off in the primaries, we end up with McCain. Slowly, faced with the worst possible Dem choice, we justify supporting McCain because the alternative is just too scary to contemplate. Then McCain picks Palin as his running mate and real conservatives are actually energized.

That’s when all of the smartest people in the room – the ones who told us to shut up and get on board - themselves began jumping ship. Now it’s the real conservatives - who never wanted McCain to begin with - left to as Rush says, “drag McCain across the finish line.” All of the brainiacs have crossed over to B-HO to ensure they won’t be booted off the east coast cocktail circuit.

Any Rep who jumped ship over Palin was never a conservative to begin with. Good riddance, Peggy, Kathleen, Chris, David et al. No matter how this election turns out we’re going to be better off without the likes of nit-wits like you.

Paraphrasing the indomitable Mike Singletary new coach of the San Fran 49ers, “I rather play with ten players and be penalized all the way than play with 11 when that one player hasn’t bought into the team.” How many David Gurgans, Chuck Hagles and Peggy Noonans does the Rep party need? One seems too many to me.

After the story on redistribution ran Fri, I got call from AF Bro asking if it was true. I told him I didn’t know. The story was relayed to third hand from the Griffin. Yesterday I got an E-mail from the Griffin telling me Rush Limbaugh owes me because he used “my story.” I thought that odd because we both knew it wasn’t “my story.” I went back and looked at the post. While it’s not “my story” it sure does read like it is in the post below. I didn’t credit the source - the Griffin. I’ve updated the post.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We're about to find out why dad always beats the kids at Monopoly

According to B-HO, 95% of us will be in line for a “tax cut” after the election. There are two huge problems with that scenario.

First, about 33% pay no income tax what-so-ever. Yet, they will receive a “tax cut.” Hmmmm, how does that work? If I’m living in mom and dad’s basement paying no rent and for my birthday dad says, “Your mother and I didn’t you get you anything for your birthday this year son. We’re just going to refund this month’s rent payment.”

If the conversation ends there, I’m probably pretty grateful, if a bit embarrassed by dad’s sarcasm. But if dad then hands me $1,000, I’m probably thinking, it’s time to start looking into a home for poor ol’ pop. He’s obviously off his rocker. I pay no rent. Yet he “cut’s my rent” and returns a $1,000 to me? Yes, dementia must be setting in.

How is B-HO’s “tax cut” any different? Gee, I’m glad you asked. I’ll tell you. In the story above, pop will be giving away his own $1,000. To be truly analogous with the B-HO “tax cut,” pop would have to knock on his neighbor’s door demanding the $1,000 so he could redistribute that money to me. Wait, that’s not even right. The police would have to show up at the neighbor’s door with a court order demanding that the neighbors provide the $1,000 to pop so pop could give the money to me.

It is insane.

Second, B-HO has promised to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire in 2010. Guess what then? Everybody’s taxes will go up. Everybody who pays taxes that is. The 33% who don’t - which will probably be about 44% by then – will continue to get “tax cuts.”

So “the rich,” being the savvy rich people that they are, decide it’s nuts to waste their hard work and talent to support me living in mom and dad’s basement. So they send their money off-shore. They take their business over-seas. Don’t believe it? Why does dad always win when he plays Monopoly with the kids?

Democrats trying to tax “the rich” is like the kids trying to beat dad at Monopoly. Even when the kids decide to gang up on dad, dad lays low for awhile as the kids go broke one by one. At the end of the game dad has all of the money, all of the property and the kids are looking stunned at one another wondering how did dad cheat. Dad didn’t cheat. He’s a better player. The rich are better players.

That is why I hated the 700 BILLION dollar bailout. For every dollar that goes to help some poor shlub in desperate need, hundreds of thousands of dollars are going to end up in the pockets of savvy rich guys who created the problem in the first place.

To raise money to give to people living in mom and dad's basement, B-HO promises to tax "the rich" (dad), but will be forced to tax the middle class (the kids), because "the rich" (dad) knows how to hide and make money even in the worst of times. Soon the middle class (the kids) will be out of the game.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Is it time to start building your "compound?"

Uh oh, we’re in trouble. B-HO is acting like the American Caligula with comments such as “we have a righteous wind at our backs” and his supporters believe it. Thinking it safe and the election in the bag all sorts of new info is beginning to drip out on B-HO.

The first clue of B-HO’s plans for redistributing the wealth came when he declared himself a Democrat. Then there was the unguarded comment to Joe the plumber about “spreading the wealth around.” Now there’s this.

Did you get that?

“But, the Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and of more basic issues such as political and economic justice in society. To that extent, as radical as I think people try to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn’t that radical.”

Libs are always telling us that our complaint about Lib judges engineering social change through the judiciary rather than the legislative – i.e. legislating from the bench – is a bunch of hooey. Here’s a dope of a Pol caught in the act of advocating that extra-constitutional practice. And what issue is senor dope advocating it on? He wants the Supreme Court to be responsible to redistribute your wealth.

In a normal election cycle, any candidate making such an un-American anti-constitutional statement such as this would be done. This is not a normal election cycle. Proof of that is that any candidate who:

- sat in a church listening to a hate filled anti-American racists preacher for 20 years would be done.

- launched his political career in the house of a domestic terrorist who bombed the Pentagon would be done.

- voted in favor of infanticide 4 times would be done.

- condemned US forces conducting combat operations in support of freedom in “the good war” Afghanistan would be done.

and on and on.

This is not a normal election cycle. No doubt the B-HO spinners are out this morning telling the MSM to “move along, nothing to see here” and the MSM will do their part by dutifully averting their eyes and ignoring the story.

But wait there’s more. The framers counted on the natural tension between branches of the government to check each other. If the pols are correct, the Dems will control both houses by huge margins, the White House and at some point the Supreme Court. For the first time in my life, I can see this great republic caving in upon itself.

Here’s what’s in store for us if the new “new Dems” get their way:

Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., called for a 25 percent cut in military spending, saying the Pentagon has to start choosing from its many weapons programs, and that upper-income taxpayers are going to see an increase in what they are asked to pay.

So we’re now engaged in two wars and Slow Joe promises another “generated crisis,” yet Dems want to cut defense spending 25%. We’re in the middle of an economic “meltdown” and Dems want to raise taxes.

Given those two boneheaded policies, there may not be anything left for B-HO to redistribute. Order your 12 foot electrified fence and start building your “compound” now while you still can.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday free for all

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GOP’s $150,000 investment better than the US government’s $700 BILLION
So the MSM is all a titer about the cost of Sarah’s wardrobe. What about B-HO’s? What about Biden’s? Oh, the millionaires can buy their own clothes so what they spend is not important. New information comes to light this morning on this “scandal.” The GOP and whatever charity the clothes go to will actually stand to make money. If they auction Sarah’s wardrobe off, the RNC will probably achieve a greater return on a $150,000 investment than the tax payers will on the government’s 700 BILLION dollar bailout. Wanna bet? And if the MSM is so damn worried about how much money is foolishly spent on politics, how about the City of Chicago’s $2 MILLION dollar outlay for the B-HO victory party? It’s all BS.

Palin in the Summit City Sat.
Sarah’s in Ft. Wayne Sat. Wanted to go but tickets were gone in about an hour. I may make a couple of signs and drop them off for people who can get in. I’m thinking of a couple using the Sarah speaks - Dog gone it and you betcha:
Dog gone it, we just like Sarah.
Do we like Sarah? You betcha!
Sarah! You look marvelous!

When rushing ain’t rushing
Does it seem as if it’s taking B-HO longer to “rush” to his ailing grandmother’s side than it took for Lewis and Clark to explore the great northwest? Seems to me if you’re “rushing,” you’d book a flight and go – the same day if possible. B-HO has been “rushing” since last Saturday. That means he ain’t “rushing.”

The bailout must be working. Futures are only down 550 this morning.
Don’t even think about throwing yourself out of a window on this one, unless of course you live on the ground floor. The stock futures are already down 550 points which means an automatic freeze has been put into place. I’m sure glad we all rushed into throwing 700 BILLION at this problem. It’s working well so far huh?

Something’s going on in Iraq. What we have no idea. But, it must be good because the MSM refuses to cover it.

A story about “spreading the wealth around”
UPDATE: Via The Griffin and the Interent.

Today on my way to lunch I passed a homeless guy with a sign that read "Vote Obama, I need the money." I laughed.

Once in the restaurant my server had on an "Obama 08" tie, again I laughed. He had given away his political preference -- just imagine the coincidence.

When the bill came, I decided not to tip the server and explained to him that I was exploring the Obama redistribution of wealth concept. He stood there in disbelief while I told him that I was going to redistribute his tip to someone who I deemed more in need--the homeless guy outside.

The server angrily stormed from my sight.I guess, for the server anyway, redistribution of wealth is an easier thing to swallow in concept than in practical application.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Columns of Styrofoam Vs. clothing

Since winning the nomination, B-HO has spent more money trying to buy the presidency than George W. Bush and John Kerry combined in 2004. B-HO is doing all of this aggressive spending even after promising to take public financing. That promise was discarded like last week’s garbage when George Sosros and other big bucks socialists showed up at B-HO's door with dump truck loads of money.

We know that millions and millions of the dollars B-HO is spending are from donors as phony as an ACORN voter registration card. Other millions are suspected to be from foreign sources. Still other millions are from legitimate donors who have exceeded legal limits for contributions to a candidate under McCain Feingold. Combined B-HO is spending hundreds of millions of tainted dollars. That fact will be discovered and the money returned only after the election is over, a la Clinton.

Speaking of money, the MSM has now taken up goofing on Palin for getting a new hairdo and some new clothes. I don’t understand it either. She’d look good in a sweatshirt and blue jeans. But who cares? If she dressed in her own wardrobe, the media dolts and preppy Reps would be commenting about how she can’t be ready to be president when she can’t even dress like we do. Truly a no win situation for Palin and the RNC.

That said, where was MSM goofing on Dems for spending about the same amount of money for the Temple of Doom at the Dem convention? Palin’s clothes seem a more reasonable expenditure than the Barackolopolis. Palin’s clothes have lasted longer; have served a more useful human purpose; and have a greater residual value (apparently the clothes will be auctioned or donated to charity after the election) than the Barackolopolis.

Here’s an idea for McCain. B-HO says he’s all about spreading the wealth around, McCain ought call him on it and say, “Hey B-HO, let’s start with you. Send me half of your illegal campaign money.”

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What if?

Well if you read this and the polls don’t tighten over the next several days, we may have to - dare I say it- gird our loins for a President Obama. What can we expect?

The U.S. and/or Israel will deal with Iran before inauguration. Why wait for President Obama to give the nut job running the place (Iran not the U.S.) international stature? As Larry the cable guy says “git-r-done.” And Israel will not be the only ally at risk during an Obama administration. Joe the senator said that there were four or five scenarios for international crisis. What if they all blow up?

Abortion will increase. Obama said that his first act as president would be to sign an executive order repealing all federal bans on abortion to include federally funded abortions.

Taxes will go up on the rich and corporations. Only problem is that the rich are rich for the most part because they work harder, are smarted and more savvy than the rest of us. “The rich” will figure away around the taxes. Corporations will pass the tax along to consumers. Once Barney Frank and other Dems figure out that “the rich” are skirting the Dem taxes and treasury receipts aren’t what were expected, “the rich” will go from those making $250K to $150K to $110K to anyone with a non-union job. Expect to pay more and have less of everything.

The recent suspension of the moratorium on off-shore drilling rights will be re-imposed. Dems will order automakers to achieve some unreasonable gas mileage in some unreasonable amount of time. Automakers will go broke. They will be bought up by the government and produce cars nobody but the government buys. Anyone not driving a government produced car will be taxed.

Guns and ammo will be taxed and strictly controlled. The Second Amendment will be changed from “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” to some sort of hunter’s protection act. Good-bye to everything but single shot shotguns.

If Joe the plumber and Sarah Palin are any indication, the rights to decent with, object to or even ask a tough question of the Obama administration will be met with Gestapo-like tactics designed to chill any opposition. The re-imposition of the Fairness Doctrine will force the AM band off the air when they are made to market Lib radio that nobody listens to or is willing to sponsor.

Post racial my butt. Everything will be about race. An extremely thin skinned President Obama will claim any and all criticism of himself, his wife, his cabinet, his policy etc. etc. are because he has a funny name or doesn’t look like the other presidents on the dollar bill – as if there is more than one and anyone today looks like that president.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

...and he's a pandering dope.

From the “As if we didn’t already know” file, B-HO will say and do anything necessary to win – truth and principle be damned. On Oct. 11, while pandering to a crowd in the City of Brotherly Love, B-HO said this: “My White Sox are gone, so I’ll go ahead and root for the Phillies now.”

Then in Tampa on Monday afternoon, B-HO changed his mind and expressed support for the Rays. "I have said from the beginning that I'm a unity candidate, bringing people together. So when you see a White Sox fan showing some love for the Rays and the Rays showing some love back, you know we're onto something here.”

This reminds me of the time the Griffin bet the field at the track so he and Lex jr could beat me out of $5. Jr. says, “hey dad wanna bet I got the winning ticket right here” as he tapped his pocket. “I’ll take that bet”, I said. What I didn’t know was that jr. had a ticket in his pocket with $2 on every horse in the field and could not lose.

So B-HO’s out there betting the field for the World Series. He’s pandering to crowds in both PA and FL and stupid enough to think that it isn’t going to get out. And they think Sarah Palin isn’t smart enough. What a pandering dope. You could also make the case that he’s lying to one crowd or the other. And if you’re willing to lie about something as trivial as a baseball game, what else are you lying about that’s really important?

If I were McCain, I’d have ads up in FL and PA showing what a two-faced weasel B-HO is for saying he is rooting for both teams. The tag line for the ad would be, “if you can’t trust him to tell you who he’s rooting for in the World Series, how can you trust what he tells you about your taxes, your healthcare, your gun rights, your mortgage” fade out as the list continues. You could tie this in with another ad using B-HO’s bitter clinger remarks with a tag line, “What do we know about B-HO? He tells the crowds what they want to hear, but in private, he tells the elites what he believes.”

Then when the Lamestream Media boobs try to get McCain to hurt himself in one state or the other by declaring his allegiance, McCain says, “Unlike my opponent, I’m a straight talker. Arizona, my home state, has a National League team – the Diamondbacks. While I admire the achievements of both teams, loyalty to the D-backs’ National League affiliation will cause me to root for the Phillies in the World Series.” Sure people in FL may be disappointed or even PO’d, but they will respect a guy who tells the truth and picks a team a hell of a lot more than a two-faced dope who takes the people for fools while he tries to play both sides of the table.

Is this really important? In and of itself, no. But when you take this event into account with everything else we know about this over-rated buffoon – wait as a buffoon, he’s actually not over-rated – this empty suit, yeah I think it does matter. If you can’t pick a team for the World Series, how are you qualified to pick a course of action for dealing with Iran, Russia or North Korea?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Do what you can

As an average law abiding conservative, there are only about three things that you can do to influence an election. First send in some money to the candidates who support your views. I sent my final installment into McCain/Palin today and sent another couple of bucks to Bill Russell in what is probably a lost cause to beat Jack the ass Murtha.

Next is to send a letter into your local newspaper supporting your candidate. Below is the letter the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette has agreed to publish.

Last is to vote. I’ll certainly do that.

Of course if you’re a Lib you don’t have to send in any money. George Soros and angry anti-American foreigners will supply Lib candidates all the money they need.

You don’t have to write a letter. Every Lamestream Media outlet in the country long ago gave up even the pretense of fair, accurate and balanced coverage.

But thanks to ACORN, Libs do have it tough in one regard. Even after filling out a dozen or so absentee ballots, they will still have to travel around on Election Day voting in as many different precincts as possible. The only good news in this regard for conservatives is that the lazy bastards don’t get up until afternoon.

Here’s Lex’s letter (copy it and e-mail it in to your local fish wrap if you like):

This is tough. I don’t know who to vote for. Let’s compare candidates.

John McCain’s character was forged over white hot coals during a lifetime of service to his country - five years of which were spent as a POW in a North Vietnamese prison camp.

Obama’s character was molded like Silly Putty as a dope smoking, cocaine snorting, underachieving youth; turned Ivy League affirmative action fill; turned community organizer; turned self-promoting politician.

John McCain has spent a lifetime in the company of heroes.

Obama has spent a lifetime in the company of truly despicable people including an America damning hate-filled racist preacher, a lunatic priest, black separatists, Chicago street thugs and a domestic terrorist who got the idea of bombing our Pentagon and Capitol Building long before that scheme ever crossed the warped minds of Mohammad Atta and his pals.

John McCain has used his public position to advance a governing philosophy of bi-partisanship and country first.

Obama has used his public position to advance himself and a governing philosophy of socialism.

John McCain will lower taxes.

Obama will further ruin the economy by raising taxes. History shows, when Democrats aim higher taxes at “the rich” they always end up hitting the middle class.

John McCain will win the war in Iraq.

Obama will surrender.

John McCain will protect innocent life.

Obama ratchets Democrat tolerance for any abortion at any time – even the grotesque partial birth type - down another notch to a new low - infanticide. Three times Obama voted against the Born-alive Infants Protection Act which would require medical attention be given to any baby who is born alive after a botched abortion.

Hey this isn’t as tough at all. Let’s vote.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Put the trash out

When I joined the Marine Corps there was a way to boot less than stellar Marines out of the Corps. You know the type. The guys who are never caught stealing, assaulting, robbing, vandalizing and pissing in the office coffee pot but are always around the guys who are caught doing those things. It was called “frequent involvement with authorities.”

B-HO would have been booted from the Corps a long time ago for “frequent involvement with despicable people.” Have you noticed, Mr. Smoothie always has an answer?

“Why that hate-filled, racist, anti-Semitic preacher is not the man I knew for 20 years.”

“I was 8 years old when Billy Ayres and his wife were blowing up buildings in Washington D.C. That’s not the Bill Ayres I know. The Bill Ayres I know is the one photographed standing on an American flag in 2001 saying he wished he could have bombed more.”

“I had no idea ACORN was involved in massive voter fraud for Democrats in every swing state when I gave them over $800,000. That’s not the ACORN I mentored in voter fraud. We wouldn’t have this problem if ACORN had listened to me on how to commit fraud without getting caught.”

“Rezko’s a crook? Shocking! That’s not the Rezko I got my sweetheart housing deal from.”

“Why sure I known that Jack the ass Murtha called U.S. Marines murderers without proof and his own constituents racists, but that’s not the Jack the ass I know. The one I know was just an un-indicted co-conspirator in the ABSCAM scandal.”

Mr. Smoothie has a logical answer for all of the creepy alliances he has formed to propel his own career. Taken one at a time the answers could seem reasonable – if the guy offering the answers didn’t have so much to gain by getting over. But when you look at whole picture and take all of the creeps as set, you have to wonder what kind of lame brained dope could come into contact with so many terrorists, racists, crooks, liars, felons and ner-do-wells without knowing it or being influenced by it.

It doesn’t add up. On the one hand the Libs would have you believe that B-HO is the smartest guy in any room. He was first in his class and editor of the Harvard Law Review. On the other hand this tower of intellect is excused for not knowing his preacher of 20 years is a racists fool, Billy Ayres is a terrorists, Rezko’s a crook, ACORN is organized solely to commit voter fraud for Democrats, and the leaders of his own party are more interested in losing a war for political gain than winning for the good of the country. They can not have it both ways.

It’s obvious B-HO will do anything – to include forming alliances with human trash – and say anything to cover those alliances up to get what he wants. I don’t think he’s any better or smarter than the trash he hangs out with.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The fight on the right: Joe six pack Vs. the elites

No! I absolutely refuse to be sucked into watching another debate. It is going to be re-play of the first two. There is no way the MSM is going to let John McCain out of the box to talk about partial birth abortion, infanticide, gun rights, Billy Ayres, Fannie, Freddie, Rev Wright and socialism. And even if given the opportunity, I’m not sure John an honorable campaign means never criticizing your opponent McCain has it in him slap B-HO down. So, no I’m not watching. I’d rather be surprised reading about how good McCain was afterward than watch another train wreck live.

But that’s not what is bugging me this A.M. There is line of “conservative” pundits signing up for B-HO. National Review founder William F. Buckley’s son Christopher for example has endorsed B-HO. When I think of Chris Buckley now, I think of Ron Reagan Jr. without the ballet slippers. Ron Jr. had to find his “own” way. So, when the only way he could find to get noticed was trashing his old man’s ideals, that’s what he did. Way to go Chris. I’m sure WFB couldn’t be prouder.

Then there’s David Brooks “the” conservative on the NY Times OpEd page. Ever notice how when Libs want to get the conservative point of view they go out and get some pansy ass like Brooks or David Gergen? They never call up Mark Levin, Ann Coulter (who by the way has more testosterone than Brooks and Gergen combined) or any “real” conservative. Better to have Brooks lament Sarah Palin’s lack of experience and Ivy League education than to have Coulter point out that Palin has accomplished more in government and life than the two Dem Dopes combined – without an Ivy League education.

Kathleen Parker works for Pravda on the Potomac AKA the Washington Post. Parker is pissed at Palin for – get this – “getting a new hairdo and expensive clothes.” “That chick is prettier than me!” That is a perfectly good reason to vote B-HO and send the country over a socialist cliff. Way to stick up for those conservative principles you believe so deeply in Kathleen.

Peggy Noonan is a “conservative” at the Wall Street Journal. Noonan thinks that the fact that she can’t answer a yes or no question in less than 10,000 hand wringing words makes her look as if she’s the smartest person in the room. She told Laura Ingraham that she doesn’t know yet who she will vote for. Of course she couldn’t say it like that. It took Peggy 5 tortured minutes to finally spit it out. Idiot.

And for some odd reason the lefties are now throwing Christopher Hitchens in as a conservative. Aside from winning the war in Iraq and defeating radical Islam, there is not a single issue that Hitchens is conservative on.

These east coast, NY, Beltway “conservative” elites are more in tuned with B-HO. They are hedging their bets. No sense being booted off the elite cocktail circuit over conservative principle and a silly election. They could care less about us bitter-clingers in flyover America. They treat us with disdain and think that we are their intellectual and social inferiors. Well, I’d rather pal around with the Palin family any day than any of them. And I’m sure they prefer that I would.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain risks losing both: campaign and war

Well if you still have doubts as to whether or not B-HO is a socialist, you’re brain dead -but this video clip ought to restore you to full brain function and remove any doubt.

Play it again and listen to how easily it rolls off his lips, “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everyone.” He has none of his usual stammering and stuttering that is present when he searches in vain for a coherent mainstream thought. No, this socialist crap just comes out naturally, easily, real fluid, like a child singing the ABC song.

Also, notice how the dope forgot to throw in the $250,000 figure. Instead B-HO says, “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everyone.” “The wealth,” when this idiot finds out that there are not enough people making $250,000 to do all of the socialist reengineering he wants to, is going to come down to $150,000 then $100,000 then $80,00 then $60,000. “Spread the wealth around” means if you’re making $45,000 and your neighbor is making $35,000, you need to help your neighbor make his house payments because “that’s good for everyone.”

When the Motor City Madman - Ted Nugent - was asked by Laura Ingraham why he thought B-HO was ahead, Nugent made the same point as covered in the second half of the clip. Nugent pointed out that one-third of the people PAY NO INCOME TAX. In addition, the government is the largest employer in America. So you have a significant percentage of America – maybe close to 40% - simply voting themselves a pay raise.

This is madness. The only good news is that – like all socialist Ponzy schemes – it’s unsustainable. How far into the toilet will we sink during four years of B-HO’s socialist redistribution? How do reverse a system that rewards such a large number of people “in the wagon” along for the ride and even whipping those pulling it? It’s crazy.

But our man John McCain would rather “lose running an honorable campaign.” He says, “I’d rather lose a campaign than lose a war.” Someone needs to grab him by the lapels, shake him and say, “If you lose THIS CAMPAIGN, WE WILL LOSE THE WAR. Now get out there and slap this idiot around like 10 eight year olds playing Slap Jack with a deck full Jacks.”

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yes we are angry and for good reason

Democrats and their MSM lackeys have stumbled upon a new line of attack against McCain/Palin and the Republicans. Republicans are angry. I don’t know when anger, like discrimination, got a bad name.

Because, damn right we’re angry. I’m still mad as hell about 9-11 and don’t understand anyone who doesn’t clench their teeth and mumble “bastards” when the events of that day cross their minds.

I get mad when the exact same buffoons who got us into this financial mess are now the ones telling us how to get out of it.

I get mad when a “non-partisan non-profit” tax-exempt group like ACORN openly endorses a candidate and transparently engages in voter fraud on behalf of that candidate in 10 swing states with no consequence.

I get mad when Republicans get called racist every time they speak the truth about B-HO, ACORN, Franklin Raines or Fannie and Freddie.

I get mad when I hear scummy Harry Reid tell America “The war is lost. The surge is a failure,” even before the surge was in place.

I get mad when an overweight blubbering pant-load like Jack the ass Murtha accuses US Marines of murder without one iota of proof and before any hearing has taken place.

I get mad when low rent weasels like RC Durbin compare our troops to Nazis.

The point is, anger is not necessarily a bad thing. There are things that SHOULD make us mad as hell and willing to stand up against. When people stop getting mad, it is time to worry. That will be the time when good men do nothing and evil succeeds.

Besides, if you really want to see unhinged anger take a look at this.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fire the final protective fire!

In the Marines, a final protective fire (FPF) is a use of all available weapons systems to stop an enemy’s advance. It is comprised of an all out use of direct fire weapons fired at the maximum rate of fire, set to create interlocking bands of fire and designed to kill anything that has the misfortune of wondering into their path. During the FPF, defilade areas are covered by mortar, cannon and other indirect fire weapon systems, again fired at the max rate of fire. The FPF is fired when the max number of enemy targets are available to destroy as much of the enemy force as possible in a short violent exchange.

Were I advising the McCain campaign, I’d make the following suggestions:

Fire the FPF in advance of the final debate. Fire the Ayers bomb. Fire the infanticide bomb. Fire the 2nd Amendment bomb. Fire the ACORN bomb. Fire the Freddie, Fannie, Raines and Johnson bombs. And yes, double down on the Rev. Wright bomb.

Get it all out there ahead of the final debate and then fire it all again. Ignore the questions and attack B-HO’s character and empty record. When the question comes up for the one thousandth time about the bailout, here’s answer:

Well that’s an excellent question that has been asked and answered a thousand times. B-HO, that one, was in bed with Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson who looted Freddie and Fannie for over a hundred million dollars. He was in bed with ACORN who along with their sleazy Dem buds in the congress perpetrated this mortgage fraud on the American people. Now ACRON is under investigation in ten swing states for voter fraud - fraud that this one, B-HO, taught them. Not happy with just ruining the American economy, now ACORN and the Dems are actively trying to steal an election.

He has long history of hanging out with creepiest people among us. From domestic terrorist Billy Ayers who bombed the capitol and the pentagon – long before Mohammed Atta and his buds ever came up with that idea – to Chicago street thug and convicted felon Tony Rezko who managed a sweetheart land deal that this buffoon and his family took advantage of. I may not know how many houses Cindy owns, but I do know none were bought with the aide of a convicted felon. And I’ve never belonged to a church where the pastor God-damned America and incited racial and religious bigotry – like that one did for 20 YEARS.

And speaking of the creepy people that one hangs with, how about the “leader” of his own party – Harry the surge is a failure the war is lost Reid? John the Haditha Marines are all murders Murtha? John we’re storming into Iraqi homes terrorizing women and children Kerry? RC our troops are like Nazis, Pol Pot and the Soviets who ran the gulag Durbin? What a despicable pile human trash.

Abortion is a touchy issue. Partial birth abortion isn’t. This guy supports that grotesque practice. In fact this idiot takes it a step further in denying a baby BORN ALIVE after a botched abortion medical treatment. Think about that. This one thinks it’s OK to take a LIVE BABY and throw him into a broom closet for a day or two allowing it to die from neglect. The child’s crime? Surviving an abortion attempt. My friends withholding medical treatment to child under those circumstances is, by any standard, murder - plain and simple murder. That one favors it. I do not.

Let me tell you what this election boils down to:

That one will lose a war. I will win it.
That one will murder the most innocent among us. I will protect them.
That one will take your money and guns. I will fight to see that you keep what is yours.

Now I’m leaving. I’ve said everything I have to say. Good night. See you on the trail. I’ve got better things to do.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Post-racial my butt

Lemmesee, B-HO is supposed to be the post-racial candidate – the one to bring us all together, right? Well why is racism more rampant now than ever? It’s come down to the point where you cannot say one word about B-HO or hell any Dem without being called a racist. That’s post racial?

And if you think it’s bad now, see what happens if B-HO gets elected. Good bye talk radio, Fox News, Washington Post, Weekly Standard et al. We just can’t have that racist stuff around questioning all of the good works of a B-HO administration.

B-HO is a dope – a high functioning smooth talking moron unfit to run the local diner let alone the country.

To prove I’m not a racist, here’s my unqualified black guy for president. Take 10 and check it out. This guy’s been around a while. He gets the point across and has fun doing it. I’d vote for him.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

We're screwed in '08

What was that? A town hall meeting where you get the exact same questions…and answers…as when the lamestream media ask is boring. Where was the ponytail guy from the Clinton Bush debate – “How are you going to provide for my family?” Where was the boxers or briefs question? Where was the, “if you were a tree what kind would be?” Where was the, “have you ever hung out with a domestic terrorist?” Did you ever belong to a church where the pastor G-damned America? How about a good ol’ straight forward, what the hell exactly is a community organizer?”

This thing was so scripted and bad, I was continually watching the clock hoping for it to end.

McCain hit all of his points but was herky jerky in doing so. I understand why the brain dead among us would say B-HO won. McCain got in all of the inexperienced, tax and spend, big government liberal stuff that he could.

But what in the heck was that $300 billion to buy down mortgages? Is there a free market guy around anymore? What happened to personal responsibility? How can you call someone a tax and spend liberal when you just threw $300 billion new taxpayer dollars on the table? Then, how can you go on and say healthcare is a “responsibility” not a right? And what, paying your mortgage isn’t?

I knew I shouldn’t have watched. I won’t make that mistake again.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The debate might be worth watching

Hell yeah I’m watching tonight. McCain finally seems to think this thing is worth fighting for. Since the weekend, he’s unloaded on B-HO for Ayers and now Freddie and Fannie. I have to think the wrong Rev Wright is going to come up before it’s all over.

He’s got the lines down - who is the real B-HO? Tonight McCain should follow up with - and what has done? The answers to these questions are - a smooth talking know nothing, do nothing, be nothing dope who hangs out with unrepentant domestic terrorists and unholy hate mongering preachers. It works for me anyway.

So when B-HO brings up the old song and dance that this all just a distraction from the main issue - the economy - McCain should segue into: “You want to talk about the economy? Let’s talk about the economy and a couple more of your shady associations - your buddies Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson. These buds of your looted Freddie and Fannie and caused a significant portion of the problem we are now facing.”

When B-HO tries to turn table and brings up Keating, McCain should point out that he and B-HO supporter John Glenn were cleared of any wrong doing. Is B-HO questioning John Glenn’s integrity?

A few words on – POLLS. Don’t believe them – at least until the last week. The people who run them are all Libs. This happens every election and we fall for it every election. John Kerry is now up in Ohio 87% to 4%. It looks like Bush willing be pulling his resources out any day now. It’s all BS. Besides, why worry? All you can do about it is vote, send in a few bucks and write a letter to the editor.

There is also a thing called the Wilder affect – named after Doug Wilder who ran for Gov of VA. Wilder, a Lib black guy, was way ahead in the polls and lost. How could that happen? Well it seems Libs were happy to tell the pollster that were going to vote for the black guy but in the privacy of the voting booth, Lib white Dems couldn’t pull the lever for a mino candidate. We’ll see if that is still true.

Monday, October 06, 2008

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How many race cards are there in a deck?

At the risk of being labeled a racist by the AP, B-HO is a dope for many reasons. High on the list among them is the people he has CHOSEN to associate with.

B-HO and family sat in a “church” for 20 YEARS listening to a hate mongering pastor - Jeremiah Wright. Wright used his pulpit, it seems, more to stir racial animosity and hatred for America than to seek salvation for his flock. B-HO first defended Wright by saying - more or less - that he was family. Then for political gain, B-HO threw a member of his "family" under the bus. Wright had finally gone too far. He said the exact same things he'd been saying for 20 years in his church in front of the National Press Club where we could all hear him. He had to go.

Convicted Chicago thug and felon Tony Rezko got B-HO his house at below market rate. So the next time someone in the MSM asks the McCain campaign how many houses he has, the answer ought to be, “Gee I don’t know. But I do know that none of them were purchased with the help from a convicted felon.”

Freddie and Fannie looters Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson are prominent B-HO economic advisors. So if you like the way the Freddie Fannie mess went down, I suppose you’ll love B-HO’s economic plan as well.

Even B-HO’s - America is a down right mean country that I’ve only recently been proud of affirmative action queen - wife is a problem. She pretty much has been hidden away. After the election though, they won’t be able to shut this mean-spirited angry woman up.

So when SarahCuda brings up B-HO’s association with unrepentant domestic bomber Billy Ayers, why is that “racist”? Ayers is one of B-HO’s white whacked-out buddies. Seems to me, Ayers is the LEAST racial of the associations mentioned.

The ASSociated Press knows that there is not one thing racial about Palin pointing out B-HO’s associations with the creepiest people among us. They want to shut McCain Palin up by labeling any criticism of B-HO as racist.

The B-HO campaign laughs the Ayers association off by saying B-HO was but a babe when Ayers was blowing things up. Well here’s the follow up question that never gets asked, “OK you were only 8 when Ayers was blowing up the Pentagon. How old were you in 2001 when the above photo of Ayers standing on an American flag was taken?”

Also, they tell us B-HO has condemned Ayers’ “actions.” But they don’t tell us B-HO condemns the man. They do not tell us that B-HO has demanded that Ayres take responsibility for his action and, to the extent possible, make restitution for what he did. And they do not explain why B-HO would associate with a guy whose actions he condemns.

So were McCain to say, “Sure Alger Hiss is one of my big heroes. But I was only eight years old when Hiss was betraying his country by working for the Soviets at Yalta. Besides, other than betraying his country, Hiss was a swell guy.” Oh yeah, I’m sure McCain would get a pass from the MSM for that.

Surprisingly the McCain campaign issued a tough – for them anyway – statement defending Palin’s remarks:

“The last four weeks of this election will be about whether the American people are willing to turn our economy and national security over to Barack Obama, a man with little record, questionable judgment, and ties to radical figures like unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayers. Americans need to ask themselves if they’ve ever befriended an unrepentant terrorist, or had a convicted felon help them buy their house — because those aren’t smears, those are true facts about Barack Obama.” —Tucker Bounds, spokesman McCain-Palin 2008

Friday, October 03, 2008

Biden "beaten like a wack-a-mole by a methed up cage fighter in biker bar"

Yeah I watched the whole thing except for Slow Joe’s closing statement.

If it were a fight they’d have stopped it after, “Say it ain’t so Joe. There you go again, talking about the past.”

One has to wonder how bad it could have been had Biden not stood there and lied through his teeth so many times. There is a long list here but just a couple of the more memorable lies:

1. I didn’t say “no coal” that was taken out of context. Big problem Joe, that damned YouTube video. We all saw you saying, “NO COAL PLANTS IN AMERICA.”

2. B-HO never said he’d sit and talk with Ahmadinejad. Yes he did. Big problem Joe, that damned debate tape is available as well. THE FACTS: Obama was asked in a July 2007 debate whether he would be willing to meet ''without precondition'' with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Cuba and other countries the U.S. regards as rogue nations. Obama replied, ''I would.'' Uh Oh! A two word declarative sentence is very difficult to parse. You can almost hear B-HO’s staff now, “It would depend on what would the meaning of the word ‘would’ would have been would it have been put into the proper context.”

Best line of the night, however, goes to Tom Brokaw. I was cruising the channels to get the after debate spin – which was predictable MSM BS - and happened in just as NBC was wrapping up their coverage. In an unguarded moment I suppose, Brokaw laid a bomb on the Biden camp, MSM spinsters and disappointed Dems, (paraphrasing) “Well, Democrats can end their night thankful that there is only one VP debate.”

Ifill remains a disgrace. The fact that she didn't come out wearing a B-HO button doesn't mean she belonged on that stage. She didn't. She is a dishonest weasel.

I’ve been trying to e-mail my congressman for two days. No luck getting through. Apparently the servers are jammed. That or the bastards just pulled the plug so they don’t have to listen to those pesky voters.

Keep trying. Kill the bill.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

For the sake of journalistic ethics (gag), Ifill should step aside

The VP debate is tonight. I probably won’t watch. Why should I? I can tune in afterward and have the MSM tell me who won, what I should think about it and what it means. The answers to those questions I already know.

In order:

The MSM will declare Biden the winner.

They will tell me I should think that McCain is an idiot for picking Palin.

And it means it’s over for the entire Republican party.

Besides I have 7 yards of dirt being dumped in my driveway this morning. I may busy or too tired tonight.

Ain’t it funny that nobody knew that this Ifill gal had a pro B-HO book in the works and due to be published on inauguration day? You’d think that that bit of information might have been important enough for Ifill to share with whoever was doing the interviewing for the VP moderator gig. You know something like, “Oh great I got the job! By the way, did I mention that I penned a Lewinski job book on the B-HO family? But I’m sure I can be fair. You know like the OJ Simpson jurors during his murder trial. They swore they could be fair and uphold the law. That turned out well, didn’t it?”

Remember this the next time someone uses the term “journalistic ethics.” I suppose it’s too late to can this dishonest B-HO shill in favor of someone a bit less partisan. But think about that. Why couldn’t you call on someone ten minutes before the debate and say, “Ifill choked on a chicken bone. You’re the moderator.” How hard can it be to ask questions?

Senator Biden do you still think it's "patriotic" to pay more taxes?

Senator Biden do you still think the partition of Iraq is a good idea?

Senator Biden do you still think it’s a good idea to give Iran $250 million unattached American dollars?

Senator Biden do you still think that B-HO is not qualified to be president of the United States?

Senator Biden do you still think the first Iraq war a mistake?

Senator Biden do think your leader in the senate was treasonous bastard when he declared the surge a failure and the war lost even before the surge began?

Senator Biden do think Jack Murtha is an unpatriotic bastard for declaring Marines in Haditha guilty of murder before a trail?

Of course with Slow Joe you’d only need one question for the windbag to go for an hour and a half.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pence leads Man of the Year voting

The senate is taking up the bailout bill today. I’ve sent my senators a to the point e-mail – No bailout! It’s a useless exercise. Of all politicians, the six year tenured gasbag type is the least susceptible to the will of the people or common sense. That fact, coupled with the near 800 point market drop after the house tubed the last bailout effort, has probably caused any manhood the girly boys in the senate might have had to shrink up past non-existent.

On the good news side, the bill has been greatly improved. And for that we have the men in the house to thank. First in line for kudos is John Boehner, who shut down the Reid, Pelosi railroad job that was a $700 billion dollar bag of crap.

Then Mike Pence et al who pulled the rug out from under the leadership of both parties and the administration by voting the “negotiated package” down and out on Monday. Pence was also at the fore leading Republicans during the summer recess “drill here, drill now” energy debate. That debate has caused Pelosi and Dems to cave on energy policy and drilling as well. If Lex were to name his man of the year today, it’d be Pence.

If only we could vote this thing down a couple of more times we might get a bill acceptable enough to stomach. But alas, this may be about as good as we can hope for. Maybe a tweak here and there in the house – but it is what is. And as bad as it is, it may be time to swallow the horse pill and move on. I’d continue to argue to let capitalism rule except for fear that another huge market correction or crash might cause an even more odious government intervention.

We may have played this hand as far it will take us.