Tuesday, March 31, 2015

War on women, hands up don't shoot now RFRA

Anyone with a brain knows “hands up don’t shoot” is a BS lie.  Even the azzbags spreading the lie know that it’s a lie.  It does not matter.  The lie fits the lefty Lib meme.  So the lie can be spread by $h!thead celebs,  Dope BS artists and MSM lapdogs as if it were true.  Hands up don’t shoot” was the next big lie after the fake “war on women.”  Today’s lie is that Indiana has passed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act that discriminates against homosexuals.

RFRA does no such thing.  The truth is no defense in any case when the Gaystopo is at your door demanding your papers proving that you actively support everything in the homosexual agenda.  Not giving a $h!t what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom, is not enough.  It’s not enough not to care that Harry the roach Reid got his worthless azz beat by his homosexual prostitute boyfriend.  You have to embrace and celebrate the azzbeating.  Fine, I think it’s great the roach got his scrawny worthless azz beat.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, RFRA.  Indiana is in trouble because it passed the essentially the same law that the slack jawed real war on women Billbo Billy Boy Clinton signed into law and The Empty Suit voted for it in one of his rare votes other than “present” as an IL state senator.  It make no difference to the intolerant left.  The Hollywood swells, Dopes and lemming media smell the blood of a 2016 presidential hopeful so they will lie their worthless azzes off.

It’s not just the Dopes though.  Republi-RAT Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard saw an opportunity to make political hay.  So, Ballard did what the spineless do, he joined the lie.  He condemned the law while asking that homosexuals be added to “protected list.”  Ballard is BS artist in own right.  I sent him a note:

Let’s add Christians to the “protected list.”  RFRA does not encourage discrimination.  It protects Christians from gutless intolerant PC pols like you.  I’ll avoid Indy when possible.

Send your own notice to Mayor Ballardhere. 


Monday, March 30, 2015

The roach, the Beast and Barkely

Harry the roach Reid has decided he’s looted enough cash from the treasury to retire.  His worthless no talent spawn are worried sick that their tired old bastard of an old man won’t be able lie, cheat and steal enough anymore to maintain them in a life style they’ve grown accustomed to.

The roach announced his retirement so that he and his homosexual prostitute boyfriend can reconcile after the prostitute beat the holy hell out the roach in a failed homosexual sex act performed on a trampoline.  Apparently the roach couldn’t get his “safe” word out until after the prostitute had pretty much laid waste to the bum.   The roach claims he got his azz whipped by a piece of “exercise equipment.”  Exercise equipment?  Even for a creepy old bastard, that’s a weird name for his homosexual prostitute lover.

OK beat up by a homosexual prostitute or beat up by a treadmill, which sounds more plausible?  Then there’s this possibility.  The Internet is alive with claims that the father of one of the young boys well-known pederast roach Reid has molested over the years.

The saddest thing in all of this isn’t that the roach got the holy hell beat out of him.  It isn’t that that beating seems to be the proximate cause for the roach to look for some other scam to finance himself and his no-talent spawn.  The saddest thing is that the worthless weasel is hanging around for his last term.  Just go away roach.

Let me just say that the Shrilldabeast is ambitious, insincere, polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, insincere, ambitious bag-O-crap who thinks she is inevitable, entitled, over-confident and secretive criminal. Lemmesee, yup got ‘em all plus a couple.  Apparently a group is warning us not use any of those terms to describe the Beast.  The words all being completely true and accurate apparently they all hit a little too close to home.  Being dopes, the truth hurts and cannot be tolerated.
Indiana freedom of religion law
Indiana passes a law to protect people of faith from being sued by the Gaystopo for refusing to bake a cake for Harlan and Bruce’s wedding.  Charles Barkley is calling for a boycott of Indiana.  Yeah, that Charles Barkley.  The one who called the author of his autobiography a liar.  Good.  We don’t need any more intolerant lefty Libs who, like the Islamo-Terror-Fascists, crap all over anyone who isn’t 100% in lockstep with their BS way of thinking.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Why Iran does not need to negotiate

The deadline for the Iranian nuclear deal looms.  Not to worry.  The same excrement smear who traded 5 Taliban chieftains for a bag of $h!t are running the negotiations.  What could possibly go wrong?

I think what needs to be done to kick start the negotiations is assign Bowe Bergdahl Aide de Camp (or in Bergdahl’s case decamp) to America’s sole Cambodian War hero John Francois Kerry.  They share the same kind honorable and distinguished military service to their country well known lying azzbag Susan Rice referred to when describing POS Bergdahl.  They can spend their spare time swapping war collaborator stories and trashing real American fighting men.  For their part, Iranian leaders are trying to kick start the negotiations by shouting “death to America” while Kerry and his Aide decamp Bergdahl nod knowingly in agreement.

What we can expect as the days for a bad deal wind down is some sort of “red line” to be established by TES to persuade the Iranians to take a deal that includes giving them a nuclear bomb as well as ceding to them the Louisiana Purchase (hell it’s all red state bitter clingers anyway).  The Iranian mullahs will reject any deal from The Empty Suit, and it won’t be because of a letter from anyone in congress.  It will be rejected because they know they can get EVREYTHING they want without a deal.  The mullahs will reject the Louisiana Purchase because they know The Empty Suit will give them the entire country at some point.  When he does you can bet the Dopes will still be screaming for “sensible gun control” so the bitter clingers have no way to resist.

Kerry will of course be given another 57 Purple Hearts for dining on Frau Gras while collaborating (again) with America's enemies.  For his part, Aide decamp Bergdahl will desert (again) to join common cause with the outlaw thrash band You’re an Azzh**e Charlie Brown and their loyal band of followers holed up in the back waters of a Georgia swamp.  The Empty Suit will give the band and their followers amnesty and all of the dope and cheeseburgers they want for the rest of their lives to get Bergdhal back.   Moochael is pissed about the cheeseburgers.
OK this one kind of got away from me.  Too late.  Will try to do better Monday.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Don't be gobsmacked, global warm-mongering is a hoax & Bergdahl

The best case against the Warm-mongers
The old lawyer adage goes; when the truth supports you, argue the facts.  When truth does not support you, argue the law.  The warm-monger adage goes, it’s not about the science because the facts never support us.  It’s about winning the argument (i.e. money), so we’ll lie, make $h!t up and mock real scientists by calling them “doubters,” “deniers” and “flat earthers.”  Science shminence, the debate is over.  Give us our money.

Here’s the definitive link that exposes the warm-monger’s tactics, explains what an eristic argument is and uses the word gobsmacked.  Yes, it has everything.
Bergdahl I’m not a big fan of the death penalty.  That said, right now I think I could shoot Bowe Bergdahl’s worthless azz myself.  It might be because of the Rose Garden announcement were the excrement smear himself, The Empty Suit, and the Sunday shows where Val Jarret lied their worthless azzes off about Bergdahl’s service.   It might be because of the deaths of 6 good men looking for the deserter.  It might be because of the Pashtu speaking ponytail sporting creepy old man.

There is no doubt that this episode will make The Empty Suit look like a more incompetent buffoon than we could have ever imagined.  Proof positive is the response from Ditz Sister #1, Jen Psaki, who still insists trading 5 high value Taliban $h!theads for a worthless oxygen thief was a “good deal.”  I wish someone in the know would put the lie to this BS “we bring our own home.”  We don’t.  If we did, you’d never see one of those black POW flags.  We wouldn’t have a single MIA.  It’s BS.  The best that can be said in that regard is that we try to bring everyone home consistent with the mission, available assets and risk benefit assessment.

The fact is that finding Bergdahl became the mission.  His willful leaving of his post is the direct cause of any loss of life or injury that occurred searching his worthless azz.  He could face the death penalty.  That would be ironic that TES traded 5 high level Talis to get the release of a POS so we could hang him ourselves.  Way to go TES.  You’re doing a heck of a job.
No.  On second thought, I probably wouldn’t shoot him.  I’ve toured Leavenworth prison.  Some of the inmates are real patriots.  He may not fare well there.  I’d be all for dropping in on a Tali camp killing everyone and snatching the scumbag.  That’s different.  Killing $h!theads in the process would be fine, and if POS Bergdahl got caught in the crossfire, well…

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The fight for liberty never ends

The lapdog MSM and the Caligula D.C. regulars are still in having a $h!t fit over Ted Cruz.  A lot of the criticism of Cruz is little more than fancy name calling.  Oh my, who would stoop to such tactics?  Like calling Harry the roach Reid a double d-bag?  Yeah, I guess I do.  So, I’m ready to become mainstream?  No.  Not at all.  Such name calling is reserved solely for those officially credentialed by Lefty Lib AzzBag ASSociation or LLABA pronounced in the substitute teacher style of Mr. Garvey: La-Labaa. (Yeah absolutely click on the link.  It’s funnier than hell and probably racist to the hyper sensitive left.) Also the name calling can only be directed at conservatives.  So sad too bad.  Lex can get into an 8th grade name calling match faster than most.  So, eff those lazy slack-jawed weasels.

For his part, Cruz seems to be weathering the barrage of hate filled criticism with good humor and by staying on message.  When the NY Times criticized Cruz for not being able to work with establishment leaders on either side of the isle, Cruz wondered aloud if he had to declare the criticism as an in-kind contribution to his campaign.   When the poster above started cropping up in CA, instead of being offended like a whining lefty lib douche, Cruz embraced it saying, there was only one inaccuracy in the poster -- he didn’t smoke.  He went so far as thanking his wife for coming up with the campaign.

But no it’s not just the La-LABA attacking Cruz.  The oh so sophisticated hipster “right-wing” media are joining in trashing Cruz.  The self-loathing righties want so much to be accepted by La-LABA or give the impression that they are so much more high-minded than their peers that they criticize Cruz as means of gaining cred with their worthless left loon peers.  Eff those slack-jawed weasel losers as well.  They are worse than the La-LABA slack-jawed weasel losers.

In keeping with my pledge to support conservative mino candidates, I gave $10. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ted Cruz and protected classes

I think Ted Cruz would be a fine president.  He’d be at least a 2,000% improvement over the current sail-eared nitwit who occupies 1600 PA Ave.  I think the likely success of the next president will be in direct correlation to the amount of opposition mounted by the lapdog MSM and the Caligula D.C. ruling-class swells.  Cruz has caused an absolute panic among the MSM and the ruling class.  So, he must be a good guy.  The lapdogs warn Ted Cruz nearly destroyed the Republican Party with “his government shutdown.”  First, good.  The Republi-RAT Party probably ought to be destroyed.  But next the Republicans won a great landslide in the last midterm election.  Maybe that is proof positive that the government ought to shut down to be shut down.  But after winning the landslide, the fact that the RATS refuse to act like it is not Ted Cruz’s fault. 

Unlike most rock ribbed conservatives, I like Jeb Bush.  I voted for him three times when I was registered in FL.  If he’s the Republican nominee, I’ll vote for him again.  Jeb is the guy the polls the lapdog and the Dopes keep telling the Rats they need to nominate if they want to beat the Shrilldabeast.  That raises alarms for me.  Jeb, like McCain and Romney before him, is the steady moderate with all the cash.  That’s good enough reason for me to go with Cruz or Rubio or Walker or Paul.  The MSM are making a big deal about McCain referring to Cruz as a “whackobird.”  OK McCain’s guy is Lindsey Ghramnesty.  So, who is the “whackobird”?

Creating the protected classes
“Hands up don’t shoot” is a total BS lie.  The DoJ’s own report on Ferguson as much as admitted as much.  But the DoJ went on to condemn the Ferguson PD for issuing more citations to people of color.  That of course is advocating a quota system.  If the community is 66% black but only black high school dropout thugs think it’s OK to jaywalk or walk in the middle of the street the cops will be unable to issue a single citation for the punks engaging in that activity.  Using DoJ logic a cop would first have to find a white jaywalker before issuing a single citation to a black thug even if the cop sees 10 black jaywalkers endangering themselves and the community.
When complaining about the statistics for black men incarcerated in America or the rate of citations issued to blacks in Ferguson, the wizards at DoJ never ask the obvious question, did they do the crime?  By focusing solely on percentages, the DoJ is telling the cops to ignore crime committed by the protected class of minority criminals and actually target others.  Only by targeting others are the cops going to be free to issue citations to the people creating the majority of the problems.
Now Charlottesville, VA Police announced Monday they have found no evidence that a gang rape occurred at the University of Virginia in September, 2012.  That was where the famous non-rape rape reported in Rolling Stone magazine.  The fact that the victim’s story had more holes in it than the plot of the Sharknado series of movies made no difference what-so-ever to UVA President Teresa Sullivan who suspended Greek community activities at UVA when the fake story first broke.  The dumbazz responsible for “educating young minds” doubled down after the Charlottesville PD’s announcement saying in part, We cannot fulfill our mission as an institution of higher learning without providing for the welfare of our students and our community. There is important work ahead as the University continues to implement substantive reforms to improve its culture, prevent violence and respond to incidents of violence when they occur.”

You cannot be serious.  UVA has important work ahead to implement reforms to prevent a rape that never occurred.  Seems to me since the rape never occurred the current policy is working.  I’ll bet none of the “reforms” will have anything to do with prosecuting fake victims, reporters and collaborators who spread the fake victim’s line of BS.  What dumbazz Sullivan is going to do is use the fake rape to create a new protected class.  Like Ferguson, the protected class at UVA will likely be the majority – but NOT white males - as females now make up nearly 57% of the student body at American universities.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Terrorize the terrorists

ISIS is targeting 100 US military personnel.  ISIS apparently ID’d the military from information located on line.  The wannabe go along get along why can’t we be friends crap weasels at the Pentagon responded not by warning ISIS that they will hunted down and killed like rabid dogs or worse.  No.  The wannabes do not deal in plain language.  Instead they told military members to wipe their digital footprints from the Internet.  That cyber advice amounts to telling the nation’s warfighters to go hide under the digital bed.

So if ISIS next warns us that they are going to target people at voting places, will the pu**ies at the pentagon tell us we shouldn’t vote?  It seems to me if your response is to just cease any activity the 12th century azzbags use for targeting, the Pentagon ought to cease being the center of the nation’s warfighting strategy and preparation and be transformed into the center for a PC I’m OK you’re OK prayer rug, koran and hala meal distribution.

Seems to me the Pentagon ought to consider a requirement for all US service members to establish a digital footprint if they have not already done so.   They should warn service members and families to arm themselves and smoke these bastards out and kill them. 

Now when your family is threatened, the equation changes a bit.  So maybe we should rethink military recruiting and benefits.  Maybe single members should receive benefits for remaining single.  Crazy I know.  How could you ever get a force of fighting men 18-26 years old with no wives or children?  I don’t know either, but something tells me that is exactly what you’d want for a force of immediately deployable trained killers.

The PC in us will never allow us to establish a fighting force or even a cadre within the fighting force that is 100% committed to killing the enemy in a no holds barred confrontation with godless ISIS $h!theads.  ISIS are the guys that should be $h!tting themselves worrying about such a cadre of dedicated men dropping in on them unannounced, not vice versa.
The world is upside down.  ISIS runs amok while the Pentagon warns our warfighters to restrict their 1st Amendment rights and instead of killing the bastards threatening the force tells our men to hide under the digital bedsheets.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Folly of a two-state solution

The Israeli-Palestinian two state solution is about as likely as Lex’s NCAA bracket scooting through unscathed to the finish.  Which would be unlikely as hell even if I had wasted the time to fill one out – which I didn’t. 

Israel negotiating a two-state solution with the Palestinians is about as likely as Elwood P. Dowd working out a rental agreement his friend “Harvey.”  First off Harvey does not exist.  He is a figment of Elwood P. Dowd’s imagination.  There is no Palestinian “leader” for Israel to negotiate a two-state solution with.  Abbas is a nobody.  Abbas governs nobody.  Who the hell is Israel supposed to negotiate this two-state solution with?

Next, even if Elwood and Harvey came to an agreement, Harvey would have no means to hold up his end of the bargain.  The same is true of Abbas or anyone Israel may negotiate with.   Anyone sitting down to negotiate in good faith with the Israelis will be treated the same way the Crips and the Bloods treat a black kid that is good student at his school - they beat the hell out of him.  The Iranians and Hamas are pulling the strings for the Palestinians.  Abbas is about as much good to the Israelis as the 6 foot rabbit is to Elwood.  Less actually because Elwood believes in Harvey.  The Israelis have no such illusion about the worthlessness of Abbas.
Finally, the last thing the Palestinians should want is a Palestinian state.  With statehood comes the responsibility of being a state.  If you or your people launch rockets on your neighbor, your neighbor can declare war on you and wipe you out in an all-out war.  Hmm. On second thought, maybe we should advocate for a two-state solution.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dopes push min wage, refuse to pay themselves

Esplane dis Lucy, Dopes want the Feds to increase the minimum wage to $10.10.  All across America Dopes want to increase the min wage much more.  In Oakland, CA they want $12+ an hour.  In Portland the Dopes have worked a deal to increase the min wage to $15.  Simultaneously, Dopes want to bring tens of thousands of uneducated, unskilled criminals (a 98% Dope voting block if ever there was one) into the country. 

So now you’re the manager of a chain restaurant in Portland.  You can hire Marquise for $15 an hour.  You can hire Hector for $8 an hour.   The two chains up the street have already laid off J’Kamphry and De Lawford to hire Juan and Jose.  What do you do?

No.  I don’t think the names are racist.  You’re the racist for assuming anything based on the names alone.  In my mind “J’Kamphry” is white, male, heterosexual Christian fired because he failed to check his white, male, heterosexual, Christian privilege.  Hector is a biracial, transgendered, bisexual polytheist hired solely because he covered all 300 diversity tests established by the chain’s HR department – that and “it” was willing to work off the books for $8 an hour.  So there.

But hey if Portland and Oakland want to destroy their economies I’m all for it.  An unintended consequence of increasing the min wage will be that the “black lives matter” crowd will have fewer and fewer brunches to disrupt because honest restaurants will be closing.  If Portland thinks $15 is an honest wage - fine.  What I do not get is the feds stepping in.  Dopes across America make the point.  Oakland Dopes think the min wage needs to be $12 something.  Portland Dopes think it should be $15.  What the hell is wrong with those stingy money grubbing neo-cons in Oakland?

I think anyone who votes or is a registered Dope should be paying $25 an hour for everything.  When you get in a cab, you have to give the cabbie $25.  Then pay the fare.  You sit down at a restaurant, you have to pay the server, the hostess, the bar tender and the cook each $25 then pay the bill.  Com’ on man it’s only fair.  Practice what you preach. I do.  I bitch about how much everything cost and look for a bargain.  Dopes should be out looking to “spread their wealth” around. 

The big problem with this solution is that Dopes are almost 100% hypocrites.  Take fat pant load AlGore – please.  This clown has a bigger carbon footprint than the entire state of Wyoming, yet he’s made hundreds of millions of dollars off the warming scam.

Best line on Starbucks #RACETOGETHER campaign to generate a conversation on race.  Dennis Miller says he can’t have a discussion on race at the Starbucks because he’s exhausted from the “death penalty symposium” he just left at the Jiffy Lube and the “life begins at conception” argument he had with the drive thru clerk at the Jack-in-the-Box.

Biggest loser in the Israeli election
The Empty Suit

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

RATs insist on slowing the suicide car from 120 MPH to 60 MPH before it goes off cliff

Got this love note to his elected officials from the AFBro.  I added the one line in italics about tens of thousands illegal aliens walking across the border and sent it via the sail mail to my RAT senator and representative.  Copy, adjust as necessary and give the RAT crap weasels hell.

March 18, 2015   

Senator _______________

324 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510 

Dear Senator__________:

The latest poll has congress' approval rating at a whopping 5%. Frankly, I'm surprised that it is that high.

Last November, we gave Republicans control of both chambers, but you still allow Nancy and Harry to control the narrative as well as the legislation.

The Republican "leadership" savages conservative voices in the party, while playing go-along-get-along with the uber left.

You and your glitterati colleagues inside the Beltway have abdicated your role as a voice of We the People. You pass thousands of pages of unread, unintelligible legislation written by and for "K" Street special interests. In effect, you have reduced congress' role to that of rubber stamping "K" Street initiatives. Worse, your unread, unintelligible legislation then goes to unelected, politically appointed hacks that write tens of thousands of pages of rules to implement the laws, details wherein the devil resides. Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in disgust, and I feel their pain acutely.

You allow our Imperial President to rewrite laws to his liking, wave a wand to allow tens of thousands uneducated, unskilled criminals walk across our border and, rather than doing your duty to uphold the Constitution, you pass the buck to the Judiciary. I remind you that it was the Judiciary (Chief Justice Roberts to be specific) that rewrote O-care from the bench and foisted that “Obamanation” on us.

You allow our tax dollars to go to numerous unelected, politically appointed (without any Advice and Consent) "Czars," all of whom are rabid radicals that implement agenda-driven rules that have the effect of law on us.

You allow the various departments and commissions to run amok and implement agenda-driven rules that have the effect of law on us. Egregious rulings by the EPA, three politically appointed FCC hacks just took control of the Internet, the IRS targeting citizens and groups for their political speech, BLM Nazis armed to the teeth intimidating a lone rancher, the race-driven DOJ inserting itself into local law enforcement issues while refusing to investigate NBP voter intimidation/Fast& Furious/IRS intimidation/Al Sharpton's $4M tax fraud/etc./etc., all of these tyrannies go on without any effective congressional response.

$18+T in debt and increasing exponentially without any effort to rein it in.

The nominee for the country's top law enforcement officer, Loretta Lynch, said she would not enforce laws that she and her boss, our Imperial President, don't like. Yet the Republican "leadership" and the Republican controlled Judiciary Committee gave her a thumbs-up. You yourself told me that you would consider “all the information” prior to deciding on her nomination. What, pray tell, else do you need to know about her other than the fact that she, as AG, will only enforce those laws that she agrees with?

I could go on, but I think you get the picture of my frustration with and lack of confidence in you, your colleagues, the Republican "leadership," and the institutions which you all have played a part in perverting.


As I said earlier, 5% is a ranking well above your level of performance.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Yes everything is just fine with the world

I’m pretty sure Lex opined that if the only requirement for “marriage” was “love” you’d soon see things like this. If Bruce, Steve and Harlan can get “married,” can bestiality, incest, polygamy, marrying the dead, a plant, a car etc. be far off?  Can a man marry a person just because he loves that person irrespective if the other person loves him?  I know it sounds stupid as hell, but two dudes getting married sounded just as stupid not that long ago.  Now three are getting married.  No that’s not a slam on homosexuals.  It’s just the truth.  If the only criterion for marriage is love, there can be no bounds to who can marry who or what.  If you follow the Beatle’s logic, “all we need is love” for marriage this is what you’ll have.

Black brunch sucks
If you want to avoid the “black lives matter” protesters from disrupting your breakfast, don’t combine it with lunch.  If you do “brunch” you’re playing right into their hands.  Get your azz out of bed and go to breakfast.  If you’re done by 11 -11:30am the lowlifes will just be rolling out of the sack and you can get home before the bums give up looking for their car keys after remembering the car got repossessed a week ago. 
What’s hilarious to me about this whole thing is the priceless look on the lib white privileged faces.  I suppose 90% of Portland, OR vote went for The Empty Suit.  Now they are the target of The Empty Suit's organized mobs. 

From the YGBSM file
After dismissing ISIL as the JV, the world’s most narcissistic azzbag clown – The Empty Suit himself – said, “ISIL is a direct outgrowth of Al-Qaida in Iraq which grew out of our invasion, which is an example of unintended consequences, which is why we should generally aim before we shoot.”  Using The Empty Suit decoder ring, let me translate, “Uh, lemmebeclear.  I’m half black.  You can’t be blamin’ me for nothing.  It’s all that honky Bush’s fault.  Now let me get back to something important – copying Dick Vital’s bracket for my TV March Madness interview.

This wannbe Commander in chief lost Iraq.  After all of our lost blood and treasure in Iraq the Iranians now have more sway in Iraq than America.  90.9999% of that is The Empty Suit’s fault.  The wannabe generals too busy sucking TES’s azz to do their job bear the other 9.0001% of the blame. 
Conspiracy theory #04 -15
Iran’s emergence as the major broker in Iraq and our acquiescence to their nuclear ambitions in the disguise of an “executive agreement” on that program are all part of the TES plan to subvert Israel and America.  They are NOT events occurring independent one from the other.  They are both part of the excrement smear’s plan for the Middle East.

Monday, March 16, 2015

John Boy Kerry the picture and the definition of "white privilege"

White privilege
You know you’ve reached rock bottom are a total loser and really have no life, responsibilities or even a worthy hobby when you spend your week at a “white privilege” conference.

I held my own white privilege conference on the compound this weekend.  Not including the elaborate opening and closing ceremonies, it took 3 seconds, “The golden rule people. Adjourned.”  The Empty Suit held half of a white privilege conference.
The Cotton letter
America’s own national embarrassment – The Empty Suit – told some unknown personality that he was “embarrassed” for the signatories on the senate letter reminding him and the Iranians that whatever scheme TES and Cambodian War hero John Francois Kerry come up with to sell out the country it does not mean squat unless ratified by the senate.  The sail eared dip$h!t at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is throwing a temper tantrum about a letter that states the obvious but still some of the GOP are having second thoughts about the letter.  Typical.  The Rats get caught telling the truth.  The truth, as always, is an affront to the Dopes.  The Rats apologize for it.

Seems to me any such letter stating the obvious would be brushed aside by TES with the response, “Duh.  Of course the senate must approve any agreement.”  Instead Mr. Affirmative Action is taking the letter personally.  He’s whining like a cut dog.  Which means the letter hit home.   Not enough for some RATS not to try to jump ship just when they have the know-nothing jerk right by the putter.

Now, John boy Kerry just back from a ceremony awarding him his 47th Purple Heart for his 120 day stint in Vietnam, Kerry took a slap at the letter’s author, Tom Cotton, as inexperienced.  Uh, Fran├žois, how many days had The Empty Suit been in the senate before deciding he was just the guy to run the country into the ground?

Kerry is a pompous liar and a coward.  In all probability Kerry was dishonorably discharged from the Naval Reserve for not finishing his reserve requirement after deserting his shipmates in Vietnam after claiming three paper cut wounds for an early out.  Kerry is a crapweasel.  Why any of the 47 signatories of Tom Cotton’s letter would take a word of criticism from this walking talking ketchup clown POS says everything we need to know about RAT Republi-RATS.  Kerry picked John Edwards as running mate in his failed presidential run - case closed.  A coward and a liar with all of the good judgment of Homer Simpson.  But the RATS never, never, ever call the POS on it.

Now the pompous POS says we need to negotiate with Assad to end the Syrian Civil War.  Weird huh?  The Empty Suit draws a red line that Assad ignores so TES draws another red line and so on.  When the civil war breaks out, TES says Assad must go.  Now, John Boy is saying we need to negotiate with Assad.  What Kerry needs to do is get the Shrilldabeast to mistranslate a “reset button” to give to Assad when he first sits down with the murdering bastard, a man the Beast once called a “reformer.”

Friday, March 13, 2015

Admen bravely target Catholics, pope issues fatwa

Fashion label Rosso di Sera is displaying this image on a giant billboard in Naples.  Pope Francis has issued a fatwa on Rosso…no he hasn’t.  Sorry, wrong religion.  I’m wondering if the cutting edge ad men who came up with this idea would consider the same ad exchanging the nun’s habit for an Arab hijab and changing the rosary out for a koran?  Something tells me the brave, brave men who came up with idea of the nun would wet themselves were they to be associated with a bare breasted Arab woman holding a koran.  They are, of course, cowards and high paid bullies of the highest order.  Pope Francis will probably smile, do a pope “cross” in the air toward the poster, forgive and drive on when he visits Naples later.

But in the big scheme of things where the chief executive of the United States is shredding the US Constitution unencumbered by an “opposition party” that just won a landslide election this really does not concern me much.  We are being overrun by an army of uneducated, unskilled, low-wage criminals and the government not only does nothing to stop it but actually encourages the activity.  The race baiting azzbags from The Empty Suit on down encourage disruption in Ferguson, MO to the point where the race baiters have destroyed the economic base of the city.  Iranians are now running the show in Iraq with the blessing of TES and the Dopes - again with no “opposition” from Republi-RATS. 
Hard times Mr. & Mrs. America.
Top tier candidates
Here are Lex’s early top tier of the plethora of Republicans out there.  The main consideration here are people who will actually take the fight to the Dopes.  No more Mitt Romney Mr. Niceguy.  The 2016 candidate has to hit back when the inevitable Harry the roach Reid type lies start flying.  When that inevitability occurs our candidate needs to tell the roach straight up to go to hell.  Here they are in the order of preference.  All would be totally acceptable but Walker has the leg up as a governor and lack of a college degree.   
Scott Walker
Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio
Rand Paul

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Race baiters - TES and the wad - delighted with Ferguson response to the wad's report

Michael Brown got his punk azz shot off because he was a punk thug.  The Empty Suit and Eric the wad Holder have been stoking racial animus ever since.  But facts are suborn things.  In the end even the wad had to admit that the punk thug got his azz shot off because he was a punk thug.  So the wad decides that it was never about the punk thug getting his punk thug azz shot off.  No.  Not at all.  What it was really about was about traffic tickets and 7 e-mails containing racial jokes in Ferguson. 

Race baiting trash like TES, the wad, Revs? Jesse and Al et al, got what they wanted last night.  Two Ferguson cops were shot in the streets.  SO now the entire department is understandably going to be on a hair trigger.  That will not end well for punk thugs.  That will not sit well with TES, the wad and their like-minded race baiting azzweasels.

Maybe the cops ought to just turn the asylum – Ferguson – over to the lunatics for a week.  NY City PD had a slowdown and Mayor Bloomberg went nuts when the money stopped rolling in.  Cops writing tickets was one of things that the wad’s report condemned the Ferguson PD for, but apparently is’s OK if commie dope NY City does the exact same thing.

Thank goodness we’re in that post-racial period we assured TES would usher in.  Things have never been worse in my lifetime.  Sad.
Short post today.  The NSA has hacked my home server.  My plan is to hide it in the Shrilldabeast’s basement.  They’ll never get it.  But I will have to spend a good bit of today digging up and relocating several compromised ammo and weapon caches.  I’m going to replace my compromised caches with gay S&M pornography address to Harry the roach Reid.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shrilldabeast digs deeper

Let’s start with the obvious –the Shrilldabeast is a lying sac-O-crap.  The most unbelievable thing in the Beast’s entire presser was that she never discussed classified material in e-mails cached on her private server.  As a lowly staff officer working the bowels of the Pentagon, I think that’s impossible because everything was classified weather it needed to be or not.  So unless as Secretary of State the Beast limited her e-mails to the weather, I do not believe it (the Beast) could have skirted talking about classified material.  Every serious policy discussion would have to have been classified.  You cannot discussions about Bibi Netanyahu – who you hate – leaking to the Iranians.  All of these countries have enemies and you cannot have known and unknown information floating out there.   Yeah, unknown, like, we don’t know if Harry the roach Reid is STILL molesting children.  You probably protect what you do NOT know as carefully as you do what DO know. 

Why is this important and who cares?  Well General Petraeus was just fined $40,000 for doing much less.  He just grabbed some secret papers, stuffed them in his socks and…no wait that was Sandy Burger.  Patraeus took classified material home and shared it with his mistress, and seriously who hasn’t.  So, because of the Beast’s well-advanced age, its Shreck like good looks and its wicked witch of the west personality, it’s unlike she has any type of mistress unless it’s some variety of constrictor, a love lost crocodile or some other reptilian.

Next the supposed “smartest woman in the world” had a private server so she didn’t have to carry two devices.  So apparently this super hyper genius can’t figure out how to get two e-mail accounts on one device.  For “it” to be the “smartest woman in the world” that would mean either women as a class are dumb as hoe handles or the Beast is a lying, self-serving, sac-O-crap weasel.  On the very device I’m tapping out this post I have access to two e-mail accounts.  One for daily business and one for doing business that triggers an annoying barrage of spam.  Wow.  Who knew Lex was a super cyber specialist.

Last - and this hilarious – “it” expects us to “trust” “it” with regard to releasing all relevant e-mails.  There will be no neutral third party to examine the private server.  Trust “it”?  I wouldn’t trust the old hag to hold the dumb end of a tape measure.  The Beast has about as much interest in “releasing all the e-mails” as OJ has in tracking down the “real” killer of Nichol Brown and Ron Goldman.   Which is exactly – zero.  The pant suited old bag is in serious trouble because insiders are saying The Empty Suit is orchestrating the drip, drip, drip of Shrilldabeast scandal.  So if the Dopes are turning on one of their own, that would be news.  And as for the MSM they have to be crapping themselves.  Whose butt do we run our heads up?  The Shrilldabeast’s where there is enough room to bring in a couch, or TES’s scrawny lying azz?

Jared Polis
Tehran Tom took his case directly to the Iranian government
Sent Polis and e-mail here:

Only one political party consistently gives aid and comfort to America's enemies - even to the point of nominating them for president - you are a member of that party.  Short list:
Kerry lied about Vietnam his service therein and his "Cambodian War" service
Harry Reid announces "the war is lost" while troops are in the field fighting the war
Nancy Pelosi gives aid and comfort to Assad
Kerry and Harkin visit Nicaragua to support communist Sandinistas
Ted Kennedy assures Soviets Democrats will work to hold Reagan in check
This could go on for days but you get the point.  Or sadly, maybe you don't.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Party of traitors shouts treason

When Harry the roach Reid took a break from getting manhandled by male prostitutes to announce that the Iraq War was lost, none in the MSM called him a traitor.  When Cambodian War hero and winner of 57 Purple Hearts - John Francois Kerry - lied his way through congressional testimony and then chucked another man’s military awards over the White House fence to protest the Vietnam War, Dopes and MSM lemmings thought he should be Commander in Chief.  When the Shrilldabeast rushed to the well of the senate to hold up a newspaper with the headline “BUSH KNEW” after 9-11, no one ever said she was wasn’t fit to draw another breath let alone run for president.  Then there are the stories of Dopes like Baghdad Jim McDermott, Dopes backing communist Sandinista’s in Nicaragua, comforting Assad in Syria calling him a “reformer,” The Empty Suit telling Medvedev he could sell America out after his last election, Dopes licking Putin’s butt with a mistranslated “reset button” while he invaded Ukraine, trading 5 Jihadist for deserter – none were called traitors.

I’ve often asked, “OK if you do not think the Dopes are treasonous bastards, what would they be doing if they were?”  Uh pretty much what they are doing right now.   Today the party of traitors is upset because 47 Republicans have signed a letter to Iranian mullahs explaining that any deal they might sign with TES can be $h!tcanned with the stroke of pen in 2016.  His slowness himself Joe jobs is a three letter word Biden – the national joke - said the letter “is beneath the dignity of an institution I revere.”  Ha reverence for the senate, a body filled with 89% egomaniacal ruling class azzwipes.  Expect Iran to funnel millions through the Clinton Foundation to get Godzilla in a pantsuit – The Shrilldabeast – elected to keep the insane deal valid.

Last word on this deal.  Any deal with a terrorist supporting bunch of azzbags in Tehran that does not include, at minimum, daily inspections is worthless.  And even with inspections, these are the same clueless weasel Dopes who didn’t know the Shrilldabeast had an e-mail server in her basement.  What are the chances that the Iranians aren’t going to be able to pull the wool over their eyes until a mushroom cloud appears over Tel Aviv?

Monday, March 09, 2015

Monday morning round up

Gun Control
The Empty Suit on gun control:
As long as you can go on into some neighborhoods, and it’s easier for you to buy a firearm than it is for you to buy a book,
there are neighborhoods where it’s easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable.  As long as that’s the case, we’re going to continue to see unnecessary violence.”

I think the Empty Suit is talking about lawless people like his “kid” Trayvon, Mike Brown and Eric Garner.  Without knowing it, I believe the dumbazz makes a good argument that it is easier for a criminal to buy a gun than a law abiding citizen.  Although I do think a three-day waiting period for anyone stupid enough to hand out their hard earned Yankee dollars for arugula is appropriate.

I think Rand Paul should have gone Selma and noted that it was 100% Democrats beating the crap out of the Negros on the Edmund Pettus Bridge 50 years ago.  Now nearly 100% of blacks vote for the people who beat the crap out of them.  Weird huh?

TES didn’t know – but what does he know
The Empty Suit claims he heard about the Shilldabeasts e-mail arrangement like the rest of us – on the news.  BS.  Now I don’t for even one second expect this lazy, affirmative action pass through, half-wit to know much about anything.  But he’s lying his azz off.  That doesn’t mean he didn’t know about the Beast’s circumvention of “his” directive that government business be conducted on government accounts.  The punk knows so little about so much it’s totally believable that he had his head up his butt to his jug ears so he didn’t know $h!t about what his Sec State was doing.  What is totally unbelievable is that he “heard it on the news.”  BS.  Now had king dumbazz said he heard about it on the golf course I’d believe him.

One of the main Dope talking points attacking Try Gowdy’s investigation on Benghazi is that the incident has already been investigated to death and there is nothing new to learn.  Well, well, well turns out there was at least one big ting to learn – the Beast had her own e-mail server in the basement of her home.  It also means that not only didn’t the State Department’s Accountability Review Board talk to Shrilldabeast, they didn’t even bother to ask for her e-mails on the subject. Way to go wannbe Adm. Mike Mullen, you did a heck of a job.

The truth hurts
Over at National review, Kevin D. Williamson has this to say about the Shrilldabeast and her slack-jawed azz of a husband:

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton schemed to subvert record-keeping and transparency rules for reasons that are probably more or less communicated by her surname: The Clintons are creeps and liars and scoundrels and misfits, always have been, always will be. They are the penicillin-resistant syphilis of American politics.
Ouch!  Then he really takes them, The Empty Suit and our government ruling class creeps to task.  Read more at:

Saying Colin Powell is a Republican is akin to say Lex is a lefty Lib
Colin Powell – Richard the dick Armitage’s chief cover boy in the Valarie Plame non-outing outing – thinks it would be a good idea if blacks voted people asking for voter ID laws out of office.  Good idea CP, dilute the black vote with the illegal alien vote.  At some point the gravy train will run dry.  When that happens and the eventual race/civil war breaks out there will be at least three sides.  All the better to have illegals voting.  No matter how monolithic the illegal vote is, it can’t be any more monolithic than the black vote.
Irony Alert:  As a military guy, CP and his dependents had to produce an ID to go to the movies, buy gas, shop at the exchange, shop at the PX etc. But apparently for CP exercising one of America’s most sacred franchises should be easier than buying a 6 pack at the package store.  Idiot.

Eric the wad Holder on Ferguson
The wad’s DoJ has released a report on the Ferguson Police Department.  A story on the report and a link to the report itself can be found here.  The report completely exonerated Ferguson police officer Darrin Wilson who shot Mike Brown which gave rise to the investigation in the first place.  The report found that the Ferguson police “targeted” blacks for crimes like J-walking (I didn’t even know Leno lived there) as means to raise funds for the city.  The report did not say the police issued such citations to people who were NOT J-walking.  Now what was it Mike Brown was doing that caught Officer Wilson’s attention in the first place?  Oh yeah, walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic.  Hmmm.  And what was Eric Garner doing?  Oh yeah selling loosies depriving NY City of much needed tax dollars so he had to be taken down.  Eric Garner died to enforce Mayor Bloomberg’s tax policies for which the DoJ condemns the Ferguson PD. Does the wad know what an azz he looks like.  Yeah he probably does, but he does not care. 

I suppose the FBI is “targeting” white bankers for interstate bank fraud since the overwhelming percentage of azzwagons involved in that activity are white.  The report also discovered four racially tinged jokes in e-mails circulated around the department.  The report does not say if the jokes were funny.  As we all know, jokes, no matter how insensitive, are OK as long as they are funny.  Next I’m shocked, shocked I tell you to find out the Ferguson PD had an official e-mail account?  WTF?  They didn’t conduct official business on a private e-mail account with the server in the chief’s basement?