Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Army unis and dumbness

Army looks at “unisex” combat uniform.
Apparently women cannot wear men’s clothing.  This is proof positive that men and women are different.  Believe it or not that is a big concession on the part of most Statist lefties.  When looking at the uniform changes though, it appears that the Army is just going to ask the men to wear ladies clothes. Dad said any tool that claims to perform multiple tasks won’t do any of them well.  So, why not uniforms for each?

This is statist leftie logic.  If my big car is safer than your little car, they demand I drive a little car to level the playing field.  If Bob makes more money than I do, because he actually paid attention in school, they want to tax him down to my level.  If a large segment of black Americans can’t get ahead because of 40 years of government dependency, they say it’s because of white privilege.  They expect the white community to feel guilty for getting up every morning and going to work so the government can tax them to issue 40K in subsidies to people who won’t.

Unisex uniforms will suit this crowd fine as long the uniforms don’t fit anyone.

Dumb and Dumber
The president actually said that the country would be better off if states and the federal government hired more workers.  Just couple of problems with logic the words “government” and any form of the word “work” should never appear in close proximity of each other. 

We know from the GSA and IRS “working conferences” that they do not work.  We also know that the one task they seem to excel at is harassing innocent Americans.  From George Zimmerman to those harassed by the IRS the government has proven time and again the only thing it is efficient at hassling the people who pay them.  OK, OK, OK that and wasting huge sums of money.

Yeah, sure more government non-workers, that’ll solve everything - A BMV on every corner or co-located with every McDonalds, CVS and Walgreens.  Only a complete moron would even suggest such a thing.  Who was it that made the proposal again?  Oh yeah, the president.

Then Nanny Pelosi wants you to pay for your neighbor’s day care.  Pre-K and all-day kindergarten are nothing more than government subsidized day care.  According to Pelosi this will allow families to “earn without carrying the burden of child care.”  Hmm, so why not have the child and turn it over to the state until it turns 18.

But hey, it accomplishes the goal of more state and federal workers.  Remember, you can never start the indoctrination of the next generation soon enough.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Amos defies Sherman, refines war

Sherman understood war.  Amos? Not so much.
When I saw the Washington Times headline “Top Marine Gen. Amos is accused of interfering in sex assault, desecration cases,” I was certain that Amos tried to bring a bit of sanity to the case of the Marines peeing on the dead Taliban bodies by handling the case at unit Non-Judicial Punishment.  Boy was I ever disappointed.
Amos went in exactly the opposite direction.  Another general – LtGen Waldhauser - has indicated that General Amos ordered him to “crush” the defendants by “making sure some of them were court-martialed.”
Amos is the first aviator Commandant of the Marine Corps and has been pretty much a disaster for our beloved Corps.  As you might recall Amos demonstrated how fungible his principles were when he came out opposing the repeal of Bill Clinton’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding homosexuals serving in the military.  When our current president signed the repeal of Bill Clinton’s masterpiece, angels apparently appeared to Amos in a dream and he abruptly countermarched in lockstep with the president.  It was “a non-event”, Amos claimed.  What was a “non-event”, the repeal of DADT or your rather miraculous conversion on the issue?
A real Marine Corps general by the name of LeJeune once described the relation between enlisted men and their officers as that of a father and his son.  Question for wannbe Gen. Amos.  What father wants to see his son “crushed?”
No doubt the young Marines involved in the incident made a mistake and need some form of punishment, but for the Commandant of the Marine Corps to inject himself into this case in such a boneheaded way, is disgraceful.  Which is more embarrassing for the Corps some young men peeing on dead enemy bodies in the heat of battle or a four star general ILLEGALLY injecting himself into the case from the air conditioned comfort of the “green zone?”
Dare I say, Amos is proof positive that aviators as a rule of thumb should never be placed in charge of an infantry organization.  Today’s aviators see the battlefield from 25,000 feet.  They have no idea of what it is like having everyone on the battlefield shooting at them.  And when I say “everyone,” I mean everyone.  Friendly fire from other units, artillery, naval gunfire, aviation will kill you as dead as anything the enemy shoots at you.  The infantryman lives with the threat 24-7.
I’ve seen three or four of these Marines huddled passing their last cigarette among their buddies.  I once watched a fire team leader carefully divide a small piece of pound cake into four equal pieces while his team looked on with eager anticipation of their share.
I don’t think Amos has a clue what these Marines go through or their absolute devotion to each other.  If he did, the last thing he’d ever want to do to one of them is “crush” them for a bad decision made in the heat of battle - a decision that harmed no one who wasn’t already dead.
And consider this.  The Marines were not peeing on the bodies just to be disrespectful.  One Marine said they peed on the bodies as form psychological warfare as Muslims believe an unclean body could not enter heaven.  So right or wrong, the Marines thought they were waging psychological warfare on the enemy.
Now contrast that with real war crimes.  During the Philippine insurrection, there was a tit for tat in body desecration between US forces and Philippine rebels that would make a coroner cringe.  Stories of Viet Cong desecration of US bodies are legion – but apparently only after studying Thomas Jefferson. WWII saw horrible things done on both sides, particularly in the Pacific.
None of this is news to anyone – except perhaps Amos.  It is not meant as a justification for what the Marines did.  It is simply a reminder of Gen Sherman’s thought that “War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it.
Amos is either trying to refine war or look like the toughest guy in the fight from the comfort of his paneled office in the E Ring of the Pentagon.  Either way, he should probably resign and make room for an infantryman who understands what it is like to “close with and destroy the enemy” up close and personal and all that accompanies that life-threatening activity.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday stuff

Conspiracy theory #7-13
Apparently your car can be hacked.  Hackers can control everything from steering, speed and breaking to blowing the horn.  Cars also probably have GPS tracking devices installed by manufactures that we do not know about.  I mean cone on, they are going to collect every aspect of our lives conducted on our phones and computers and then let us escape their scrutiny when we hop into our cars?  That makes no sense.  Of course every car manufactured in past 10 or so years has a GPS tracking devise.  That information is being fed to the NSA.  But not to worry, it’s all for our own good and security of course.

Now take that story and read this and take a look at this.  Weird huh?  A guy closing in on the NSA and telling friends he was on a big story involving the NSA and the FBI dies in high speed fiery car crash.  The car - a Mercedes Benz CLK250 - is not the type know to spontaneously explode in a fireball after an accident.  After all, it's not Chevy Volt which does spontaneously catch fire but is incapable of anything approaching "high speeds."

So yeah, if you have something on the NSA and FBI keep it to your self until you go public with the info.  There’s no guarantee they won’t drive your car off a bridge afterward, but at least the information will be out there before they do.

Papa Francisco takes Rio by storm

I saw Pope Francis wowed them in Rio.  You know at least one guy is really, really, PO’ed about that.  Grand Marshall, 9 Star General, Secret Chief of Staff and Super Secret Secretary of the Air Force one Mikey Weinstein.

You know this guy has to be fit to be tied.  3 million inspired youth rally to the pope in Rio in one visit.  How is that even possible?  Mikey is attacking Christians one art print in one chow hall and one Chaplain’s Corner in one Air Force post’s webpage at a time.  Mikey can’t even affect that little bit of change without the complicity of spineless Air Force “commanders.”  How can this little man with the big smile get 3 million on site while inspiring millions of others just by the 3 million showing up?  It’s not fair.

A pic is worth 10,000 words in this case.  Look at the pics above.  Who is enjoying life?  Who would you rather hang out with for the last hour of your life?  Who would you want your kids to take time out of their day to visit?  Who is looking forward to every minute of life?  Who is at peace?  Who is filled with rage?

Repubuli-Rats being rats
When asked if Robertscare should be funded, the latest poll shows American voters oppose Robertscare at record levels - 66%.  Good news right?  Wrong.  When led by spineless drive the country off the cliff at 60 MPH rather than 100 MPH Republi-Rats there is no such thing as good news.

66% of voters do not think Robertscare is ready for primetime.  Heck even the president himself KNOWS the law is so FUBARed he ignored the US Constitution…AGAIN… and unilaterally suspended part of the law.  But Republi-Rats have no stomach for a righteous fight.  It has always been easier to quit for this bunch of pamper P-words.

Republicans have the perfect opportunity to defund Robertscare during the next debt ceiling negotiations.  They will not do it.  Why?  Well according to some, it is better to wait until after the mid-term elections.  Then they may have a majority in the senate – not enough in either house mind you to override a veto but a majority.

Weasels!  They will get the majority and complain they cannot override a veto and continue to give the president everything he wants.  Boehner, Ryan and the rest can go to hell if they do not join Cruz, Lee et al on this last best hope to kill Robertscare.

The country is more important than your little political party.

Friday, July 26, 2013

MRFF is running America's Air Force

Here we go again.  Another Air Force Col in command has bent over for Mikey Weinsein and the MRFF.  This case to me is more egregious than the first several weeks ago.  In that case you may recall the base commander removed a religious painting or print from the chow hall.  OK fine.  In this case the commander has taken it upon himself to trample the 1st Amendment rights of his chaplain by censoring his column from the post website.  You can read about it here.

So Lex sent him the love note below.  It’s a bit harsher than the last, but so is the offense.

Col Duffy


I’d say you were weak for censoring a commissioned Air Force chaplain within your command to please an a-hole who is not, but that would be an understatement.  Unless you are willing to “profusely apologize” to the chaplain for trampling his 1st amendment rights to please a psychopathic a-hole, you are a coward and a hypocrite.  Sadly, in today’s Air Force, that makes you general officer material.

If you happen to be a Christian, I’d remind you of Jesus’ warning, "But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father…”  Matthew 10:33

If not, stop groveling to the MRFF, get up off your knees, take the time to read and study Sun Tzu.  The first of the five constant factors of war is The Moral law.  There you will find a passage:  The moral is to the physical as ten is to one.

We had a saying, “When in command – COMMAND.”  Who is running your unit – you or Mikey Weinstein?

Good luck kissing butt to the top so that you can stand for absolutely nothing when you get there.

Col Duffy can be reached here:

I sent a note of encouragement to Lt. Col. Kenneth Reyes as well:

Dear Lt. Col. Reyes:

As a 20 year military veteran, I can tell you that the roll of the military chaplain is a vital one for the success of our military.  It breaks my heart to see our chaplains under attack for performing their duty.

I encourage you to continue to persevere in your necessary work in a loud and clear voice.

James 5:11
As you know, we consider blessed those who have persevered. You have heard of Job's perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Real dead people but phony scandals

According to the White House these are four phonies.

It has been suggested that, since Tryavon Martin was a minor, George Zimmerman could sue Martin’s parents in civil court for Martin’s assault on Zimmerman and the subsequent upheaval Martin’s criminal act caused in Zimmerman’s life.

Now imagine that if you can.  The carefully constructed biopic of a poor little sheep’s memory being sullied by the very wolf that killed him.  OUTRAGEOUS!

Who constructed this false narrative on Martin - everyone from the president, the Attorney General, the race baiting industry (no wait, that WOULD include the president and the Attorney General) the entirety of the lame stream media, most of Hollywood’s glitterati and sports figures helped construct an image of Martin as a helpless, defenseless, “child” out for some candy and a cool drink when he was descended upon by a vicious predator.

None of that narrative is true.  Take 10 and watch this.

Now juxtapose the outrage there’d be if Zimmerman sued Martin to the silence of the lapdog media when the president refers to the many scandals tainting his office as “phony scandals.”

In Fast and Furious there is a dead Border Patrol Agent and literally hundreds of dead Mexican citizens.  Maybe if they were “white Hispanics” someone would take notice, but since they are all apparently run of the mill brown Hispanics, the lapdog media yawn.

I’d like to watch spokes person Jay Carney get the @$$ whipping he deserves if he had the guts to tell SEAL Team buddies of Ty Woods and Glenn Doherty that Benghazi is a “phony scandal.”  The only thing phony about Benghazi is the BS lie the president and his minions settled on about the cause of the assault on our Ambassador.  That deception was designed solely to get the president past the 2012 election.

If the IRS scandal is “phony” why did the president feign outrage when he “heard about it in the media?”  Phony my big corn fed butt.  The federal government under the direction of the president’s reelection team harassed American citizens for the express purpose of keeping them from participating in the 2012 election cycle.

If this president can lie and call matters of life and death that affect the nation “phony,” then George Zimmerman ought to be able to tell the truth about Trayvon Martin.

No wait.  We’re having a discussion about race in America.  The truth will have to be suspended until the conversation is over.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How screwed are we?

This how screwed we are.

What to rant about today?




Immigration reform?


Homosexual marriage?

IRS scandal?

Racists targeting Zimmerman?

Racists targeting everything but the real problems in the black community?

Fast and Furious?

Meltdown of Robertscare?

Out of control government?

Out of control government because of Republican weaklings?

Out of control entertainment figures?

Out of control sports figures?

Fed propping up markets?

Swells in Washington D.C. living large while the country slides into the abyss?

School systems more interested in teaching tolerance for homosexuals than math?

Impending doom of American culture due to low birth rates, abortion and birth control?

Etc. etc.

Looking at the list, it dawned on me we’re totally screwed.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cops acting more and more like para-military forces

     Marshall Wiggum (AKA Marshall Matt Wiggins - I know.  That was way too easy)

In the post under, Lex links to an article about unprofessional US Federal Marshalls raiding the wrong house.  OK mistakes happen, even to the best.  What was really amazing about the article was not even the foul language used by the officers.  They are entering what they believe to be a dangerous situation and I’m sure adrenaline accounts for a lot of the profanity.

Besides, everyone knows harden criminals wet themselves and become docile as a new born when expletives are shouted at them by people in authority.  Actually given that scientific fact, I don’t know why anyone needs a gun to protect themselves.  Just shout F*%K really loud the next time your life is in danger from a thug.

What was truly inexplicable was the reaction of the Marshall in charge to the reaction of the innocent people having their apartment mistakenly raided.  The Marshall, Matt Wiggins, who will now be known as Marshall Clancy Wiggum, of the US Federal Marshall service, kind of placed the entire blame for his mistake on the people inhabiting the apartment he mistakenly raided without warrant.

Yeah, weird.  Just when you’d expect a contrite apology and the offer of a tour of the Marshalls office for the couple, Marshall Wiggum claims he “went above and beyond.”   By that I’m sure he means he used twice as many swear words and shouted them twice as loud as usual to subdue the innocent couple.

When the facts are laid before Marshall Wiggum, again you’d think a bit of introspection and contriteness would sink in.  You’d be wrong.  Wiggum’s response to the facts of the raid on the wrong apartment only got a - OK fine but, “she sure shouldn’t be going to the press,” which if you read it again, sounds like a threat.  Sort of like, I’d sure hate to see anything happen to the nice lady, but when you go to the press sometimes bad things happen. I'm just saying.

This is not to say “the cops acted stupidly.”  Marshall Wiggum acted unprofessionally and probably needs a few months of retraining and ordered never again to watch the Tommy Lee Jones character in The Fugitive.

I’d probably just fire him.  Screwing up is one thing, acting like an arrogant pr^&k in the face of your own screw up is a sign of sociopathic behavior.  Wiggum displays a kind of “it’s not my faultism” that would have me worrying about him dropping a gun on an innocent guy he gunned down for jay walking.

Maybe the Marshall Service could put Marshall Wiggum in charge of accounting for 5-6 million dollars worth of encrypted comm equipment the service cannot account for.  That’s kind of a perfect hell for Wiggum.  He’d kicking down the office doors of other Marshalls who could kick his @$$ and or shoot back.

But, Marshall Wiggum is the tip of the iceberg.  Used to be cops were the Andy Griffith types out to truly protect and serve. Andy had a uniform of sorts, but he carried no gun.  When he raised his voice, people listened because it was such a rare event.  Today’s cops look more as if they are patrolling Fallujah than issuing traffic tickets to a by and large peaceful civilian populace.  And remember DHS has bought 2,500 up armored assault vehicles for domestic use.

A sign of the times in LB’s America.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Zimmerman's Nifongs

Twins separated at birth?  Dr. Corey and Mrs. Ursula?
Angela Corey is the new Mike Nifong.  Nifong, you may recall is the disbarred, humiliated, now broke rouge POS prosecutor who tried unsuccessfully to railroad the Duke University lacrosse team.  Nifong lied, hid evidence, made things up out of whole cloth and refused apply the law or even commonsense while investigating accusations of rape made by a black stripper against three Duke lacrosse players.

As the stripper's story began to unravel, Nifong just made up more $h!t  and continued the persecution.  After all, the left was heavily invested in the stripper's BS story.  So much so, Duke forced the lacrosse coach out and many of the Duke faculty signed a letter convicting and condemning the three white players before the first legal hearing.

But facts are stubborn things. The black stripper was a liar, and as it turns out, she was an incredibly bad liar.  That didn't matter to Demo-Dope Nifong and the statist profs at Duke - all Demo-Dopes in good standing as well, no doubt.

The facts had no bearing on Nifong's decision to continue his persecution of the lacrosse players.  After all, why let the facts get in the way of a made for TV persecution.  Young, single, black mother (as if that were not the case of 73% of black mothers these days) working her way though college as a stripper, because that's the only type of work available for black women in NC.  The helpless college student shows up for a gig being thrown by the all white Duke lacrosse team ends badly when the poor black college woman is brutally raped by three of the players.

This high-profile case was made to order for Dope Nifong's re-election bid in heavily Demo-Dope Durham.  So facts be damned, these three player were going to be persecuted to highest extent of the law.

But sadly for Nifong and  made for TV movie industry, the stripper's story had more holes in it than Bonnie and Clyde's 1934 Ford Fordor Deluxe Sedan.  The NC Attorney General took over the case and in a nearly unheard of proclamation found the player NOT "not guilty" but took it to the ultimate level declaring the players innocent of all charges.

Nifong was disbarred and found guilty of criminal neglect.  Duke, the 88 or so faculty members who signed a letter convicting the players and the city of Durham have been involved in legal scrums for millions of dollars since the Attorney General's findings.

This is typical statist BS.  Throw a couple of hand grenades.  Disrupt everyone's life.  Then when proven to be the malicious, lying POS that they are, they respond with a, "Never mind," and the entire thing is just supposed to go away.

 And in a true oddity, the stripper (Crystal Magnum) seems to have profited from the allegation.  No jail time.  She graduated with a psych degree from NC Central Univ.   A psycho degree is more believable.  That may be a bit a harsh.  Anyone, I suppose, can turn their life around.

Psycho is a good segue to Angela Corey - or would it be sociopath?   I looked them both up.  They are very similar, but sociopath includes criminality.  So, sociopath it is.

Angela Corey is a vindictive creep.  Like Nifong, this sleazy b*tch was willing to use the power of her office to bring charges that everyone with a brain knew were inappropriate.  Like Nifong, she did not care one wit about the chaos she caused for a defendant whose life she knew would be ruined by her trumped up charges, lies and prosecutorial misconduct.  Nor did she give a hoot about the civil unrest that would follow the near certain acquittal from a reasonable jury of the felonious charges brought by someone more interested in the politics of a case than the facts of the case.

Angela Corey and Mike Nifong are birds of a feather and deserve the same fate - humiliation, disbarment and an endless series of lawsuits that leave them penniless.  These two examples of state sponsored terrorism, are why a lawyer friend once advised me, "If you are ever accused of a crime, even if you are 100% innocent, never cooperate with the cops or prosecutor without a lawyer."  He warned, "They often are less interested in the truth or justice than they are to make an arrest or win a conviction."  Don't believe me.  Take a look at this utter arrogance that is rampant in many police forces.

Corey isn't alone.  Top cop Attorney General Eric Holder cannot help injecting himself into another high profile case involving one of "his people."  There's a dead 17 year old unarmed black man.  Someone has to pay - irrespective of how culpable that 17 year old was in contributing to his own death.  Unable to come up with even one thread of evidence to indicate George Zimmerman did anything wrong, Holder changes his focus from George Zimmerman defending himself to FL's stand your ground law.

After all, the mob is demanding something.  Maybe they will settle for boycotting Disneyland, which everyone knows is the hot bed of stand your ground law in FL. 

Even the president had to inject himself into the case one more time.  I cannot believe this guy passed law school.  He too decided it would be easier to argue against the stand your ground law to the mob rather than the facts of the case - which happen to prove convincingly that had Trayvon Martin not chosen to hit George Zimmerman in the face, he'd have made it home to enjoy his Skittles and tea. 

Then, inexplicably, after FL prosecutor Ursula, uh, er Corey indicated that the case had nothing whatever to do with race; after two members of the jury claimed race did not enter into the verdict; after the defense team said race had nothing to do with the case, the president still comes out saying if Trayvon had been white, he MIGHT be alive today.  Yeah, maybe.  His dad might still be home, he'd be more likely to finish high school, less likely to be involved in drugs and crime, etc. etc.

But we all know that those unpleasant facts would in no way sooth mob.  In fact, we know that these kind facts enrage the race baiting industry and only make matters worse.  So that is not what the president meant.  He meant that George Zimmerman was a racist for shooting Martin.  Not true and as factually incorrect as using a 20 lbs. rhetorical sledgehammer to make an argument that the case was about stand your ground.

But when having a national conversation on race, the last thing anyone in the mob wants to hear is the truth.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Virtue and everything good is under assault

Several posts under Lex noted how truly gutless “liberals” are.  Liberals are like water always seeking the path of least resistance which as it turns out - like water - seeks its own level and is always a downhill course for culture and the nation.

That led to the discussion of how the Demo-Dope Party ruined the term “liberal” by turning on its ear.  That leaves leftist, anarchists, dopes, fools, lazy buffoons and a plethora of other modifiers to use in place of the once noble term “liberal.”  All of the founders were true classical liberals.  So from now on, I’ll adopt Mark Levine’s term for leftist buffoons, which is “statist.”  That is people who put the primacy of the state ahead of individual liberty.

Now, let’s expand the pool of gutless choices to include the choice between virtue and vice.  As a society how are we doing?  I’d submit, not very well.

Every institution that requires self-discipline and restraint is under assault in the country.  The military, Churches and the Boy Scouts are notable today.  They will soon go the way of the 4th estate, movies, music, TV and Broadway sliding down the hill of moral relativism into the cesspool that that is quickly gathering up every institution that once made America a great county.

Thomas Jefferson said it well: “No government can continue good but under the control of the people; and … their minds are to be informed by education what is right and what wrong; to be encouraged in habits of virtue and to be deterred from those of vice… These are the inculcations necessary to render the people a sure basis for the structure and order of government.”

John Adams said it better: Liberty can no more exist without virtue … than the body can live and move without a soul.”

And Thomas Paine said it best: “When we are planning for posterity, we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary.”

So where does this “virtue” come from?  Parents, school, church and friends are the key institutions that form a child’s perception of right and wrong.  Parents are being eased out of the formula by states adopting all-day pre-school which is nothing more than state-sponsored day-care.  Public school have been a hot-bed of Statist BS for the last 40. They no more teach right from wrong than Satan himself would.  The main teaching point in schools these days is - if it feels good do it.  Churches have been under assault by Hollywood and the lapdog media for some time.  Now, with the implementation of Robertscare and the near adoption of homosexual marriage as a “civil right,” every aspect of faith will be tested in the courts and ultimately decided by an unelected and unaccountable Supreme Court.  Even the 1st Amendment right to choose your friends is under assault by the government.  The Tea Party and religious tax exempt organizations are singled out for harassment by the IRS, the FBI, the EPA and every other government department that can make it harder to join like minded people.

I gotta run but you get the gist.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lex's conversation on race

There has been a call for Attorney General Eric Holder to use the death and aftermath of Trayvon Martin to lead a national conversation on race relations.  OK let’s put aside all of the petty name calling for today and have that conversation.  Here’s my stream of though on race relations.

Eric holder is exactly the wrong person to lead that discussion.  Here’s a guy who used his prosecutorial discretion to let the guilty as hell New Black Panthers walk on violating the civil rights of white voters in Philadelphia because the perps were “his people.”  Now, he wants to use the power of the federal government to pursue a man found not guilty by a jury of murdering one of “his people”.

In the aftermath of the verdict, Holder has been so desperate to throw “his people” a bone, he not only continues to purse a man his own FBI said was clean, Holder has now pulled the old bait and switch.  Holder has conflated Zimmerman’s self-defense defense with FL’s stand your ground law.  The defense never argued stand your ground at trial.  Here’s why.  Zimmerman wasn’t “standing.”  He was on his back having his head pummeled against the sidewalk.

But racial politics trump facts.  If we can’t railroad George Zimmerman, we’ll railroad the entire state of FL.  Stevie Wonder has said he will not play in any state that has a stand your ground law on the books.  Why.  It had nothing to with Trayvon’s death.  George Zimmerman had no opportunity to retreat after Trayvon broke his nose, knocking him to the ground and then mounting him and beating his head against the sidewalk.

Now, in spite of what everyone has been saying over the last day or so, haven’t we been having a national conversation on race since about 1968?  I cannot recall a time in my life when we were not talking about race.  How long has affirmative action been around?  It has been around since 1961.  How much longer will it remain?  Forever.

Black History month.  Really?  What people settle for one month of the year?

You cannot have a conversation on race when you’re called a racist for not succumbing to the bigotry of low expectations.  Rachel Jeantel is the perfect example.  She claims to have 3.0 grade average, but it is clear she cannot speak the king’s English, read or write - at least in cursive. But if you point any of that out, you are not being helpful by exposing the next to useless inner city school system – you are simply a racist.

And that is the crux of the problem with any conversation on race.  Unless you bow down to every single accusation of the likes Revs. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Eric Holder and an entire army of other who make their living stirring up racial hatred, you will be labeled a racist.

And if you are foolish enough to try point out a 70% out of wedlock birth rate among blacks or the 50% drop out rate of black teens or the trend toward generational welfare support you are descended upon as if you had used the N word.

And let me ask, how in the world are you going to have a conversation on race or any other subject for that matter, with the likes of public school “educated” people like Rachel Jeantel or the Obama phone lady?  That is not to say they are stupid or anything else.  They are uneducated.  Now, I know I’m a racist for pointing out that rather undeniable fact.

And that is the problem of this entire charade about a national conversation on race.  A conversation indicates a two way street.  There cannot be a conversation when every argument from one side is met with a cry of racism.

And ask yourself this question, are Revs. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright et al willing to set aside the race card during this “conversation?”  No.  They will not.  They don’t want a real conversation on race because that would be bad for the race hustling business.

The left doesn’t want a “conversation” on race.  They want you to sit down and shut up so that they can lecture, hector and bully you.  And if you have the temerity to make a point, any point, they will shout you down calling you a racist.

You are successful, you see, because of your white privilege.  In their narrow minds, Rachel Jeantel could be brain surgeon if given the opportunities white people get as a matter of fact.  To them, hard work and discipline do not factor into the equation.  It is just a matter of skin color.

And given that pathetic argument, who are the real racists?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Watch this and think Detroit.  While America is one step away from "blessing" homosexual marriage as the Europeans have done, the Islamo-Terror-Fascists are two steps away from stoning all homosexuals to death.  But not to worry.  The real problem, as we all know, is the Christians - particularly those cultish Catholics who have been a thorn in the side Islam since the prophet emerged.

After digesting that piece, look here and after reading it, ask yourself if you think we are even capable of wining a fight with the ITF at this point.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cultural rot? Nhaa, stay on the easy path

To my way of thinking, the proximate cause of Trayvon Martin’s death was choosing to hit a man in the face who had not done one thing to him.  Isn’t that what this boils down to?  No first punch, no fight.  No fight, no shot from George Zimmerman’s gun.  Everything leading up to that moment does not matter one wit.

It’s that simple for me.  I don’t understand how this thing got so twisted.  No wait.  I do know.

The race hustling industry in America has twisted the case like the curly fries at the Steak and Shake.  When they say there was no justice for Trayvon, what they mean is that they’d rather see an innocent man go to jail for defending himself against man – not a kid – who hit him in the face and was beating his head into the sidewalk.

The reaction says it all.  Instead of using the occasion of perceived injustice to teach children not to hit people in the face who have in no way harmed them, they take the occasion to damage property, create chaos and loot.

In essence they are saying, “We will honor the memory of Trayvon by, like him, attacking people who have in no way harmed us and had nothing to do with the trial.”  Brilliant!  This all goes back to the theory of how easy it is to be a leftist.  If it feels good just do it.

Per usual, the entertainment industry, athletes, lapdog media and leftist pols are all on board and in lock-step with the idiocy.  Restraint would take effort.  Why exert an effort in this day and age?  Few if any are taking the occasion to call for calm.  Eric the wad Holder told a black audience that he “shared their concern.”  What concern?  That black thugs are not being permitted to hit people in the face willy-nilly and pound their heads on concrete without fear of being shot?

Twitter is ablaze with all manner of “star” calling for revenge for Trayvon.  OK they don't say "revenge," but it's pretty clear what they mean.  One Fox News Leftist, Juan Williams, complained that there certainly was no justice for Trayvon’s parents.  Huh?  His point being that they had a dead child and somehow somebody had to pay for that, irrespective how culpable that child was in contributing to his own death.

He hangs his hat on the facts that if:
Zimmerman followed 911 operator instructions not follow Martin
Not carried a loaded gun
Hadn’t had a round in the chamber
Hadn’t pulled the gun and shot Martin

Martin would be alive.  All good and fine, Juan.  But Zimmerman did nothing illegal in any of those what ifs.  Poor judgment?  Maybe.  But if we’re going to lock people up for poor judgment, the entire LB @$$clown administration would behind bars right now.

What Williams and the other Trayvon Martin race hustlers seem to be able to do in their own minds is ignore the key event that led to Martin’s death.  That event was Martin choosing to hit Zimmerman in the face.

Now think about that one.  Think back to the teenage years, how many of your 17 year old friends would even consider hitting someone in the face unprovoked, let alone an adult?  Cultural rot?  Naaa, everything’s fine.  Just keep taking the easy road.  Self-discipline is a drag.  Only old white guys are even engaging in that activity anymore.

For me, the key teaching point for teens here is that, they can only control their own actions.  Had Martin controlled his reaction to Zimmerman following him and just jogged home he’d be alive.  Had he chosen to speak respectfully to Zimmerman, he’d be alive.

Instead, Martin chose to punch Zimmerman in the face.  What Martin couldn’t know and couldn’t control was Zimmerman’s reaction to being violently assaulted.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Creepy @$$ cracker acquitted

Stream of thought on Zimmerman acquittal:

The creepy @$$ ever grinning State's Attorney at her post acquittal presser made me think she had been drugged.

At the same presser, the creepy @$$ all cracker prosecuting attorneys seemed willing to stoke the flames of civil unrest all while pretending they “respected the jury’s  decision.”

Creepy @$$ cracker if there ever was one, Harry the roach Reid said this isn't over with the feds should get involved.  The Feds cannot scratch their own asses with out effing it up.

Was justice served?  In the sense that there was, by all accounts, a fair trial that aired all of the available evidence, made strong arguments on both sides, had a jury agreed upon by both sides weigh the evidence and arguments, had a judge that moved proceeding along and made rulings, yeah justice was served.

Justice being served doesn’t mean you have to agree with the jury’s decision.  We all know by the available evidence, that OJ is guilty as hell of double homicide.  The agreed upon jury, having heard all of the evidence and all of the arguments, acquitted White Hispanic George Zimmerman of all charges.  That is the only similarity between guilty as hell OJ and reasonable doubt George Zimmerman.

Let’s be honest.  The race baiters were never interested in justice.  They were interested the lime light and a guilty verdict.  That’s it.  There was never a mention of a fair trial and accepting a verdict of not guilty.  There was, on the other hand, a lot of talk of riots if Zimmerman was acquitted.  They wanted a show trial were Zimmerman was hung out to dry.  Even that wasn’t enough for some who tweeted placing Zimmerman in the prison’s general population so he could be murdered there.

Now, I didn’t watch the trial on TV, and I’m not lawyer, but I did watch the recap on Greta every night – and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express a couple of years ago.  So I feel as qualified as any other bystander to make an assessment of the case.  As in the Casey Anthony case, the grinning baboon in the person of the State Attorney, at a minimum over-charged Zimmerman.  By all accounts there was no chance of proving 2nd degree murder.  Once you go down the road of over-charging your left trying to get Zimmerman on something else anything else - child abuse as a lesser included offense, jay walking, littering - anything.  When that happens, people watching from afar get the State’s point.

That point is simple, “We know Zimmerman is guilty of something.  A dead 17 year old is all the proof we need for that.  Now by God he needs to pay, irrespective of the evidence.”

By my by-stander qualifications, the State never had a case for anything.  They proved nothing other than what was known before going to trial, that George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin.  On the other hand, the defense exceeded their burden of reasonable doubt by presenting a credible case that Zimmerman, after having sustained visible injuries, was in reasonable fear of his life.

And for the “it was just a fist fight” crowd, let a 17 year old punch you in the face in the dark, get on top of you and repeatedly hit you in the face and pound your head into a concrete sidewalk.  Now argue it was “just a fist fight.”  I don’t know if the defense made this point, but consider that Zimmerman had no idea when or even if, having gained the upper hand, Trayvon Martin would stop beating him before he lost consciousness and what would happen if he did.  Would the teen get up and kick him in the head 4 or 5 times?  Take Zimmerman’s own gun and shoot him?   Yeah, in this day and age I’d have feared for my life as well.

Then consider the railroad job Zimmerman got to appease Revs? Al and Jess.  The Sanford police chief was fired and the chief investigator demoted because they would not come to the same conclusion as the Revs? Al and Jess.  Then the governor got involved and appointed the grinning baboon State’s Attorney as a special prosecutor.  Then LB called Trayvon his wannabe son.  Then Dos-cJ (that’s a Steynism for the Department of so-called Justice or Dos-cJ) got involved organizing protests on behalf of the Martin family.  What a load of crap.  I had the sense that if Eric the wad Holder thought he could get away with it, he’d have lynched Zimmerman before any trial could take place.  With all of that, was justice served?  Probably not.  Had Zimmerman been black or Martin white there never would have been a trial.  But if you're going to error might as well error on the side of fair trail - ask OJ. 

Even now indication are that Dos-cJ is looking at civil rights charges against Zimmerman.  I’d look for the feds to show up in the middle of the night and whisk Zimmerman away.  Oh you don’t think so?  Ask the filmmaker fingered for the Benghazi riots if that’s not a possibility.

Friday, July 12, 2013

I'd trade smart for competent every time

After a cabinet meeting Monday LB let go the biggest YGBSM ever when he claimed to have told his staff to continue efforts to develop a "smarter" government.  That is just utter BS.  How can any government with slow Joe 2 blasts and a garden variety slap Biden in the #2 slot EVER be considered smart?  If Biden showed up the National Convention for Mensa members, the average IQ in the room would drop to 10.  He’s that stupid.

Biden is so dumb that if he were a tool in your tool shed neatly ordered from the complex screw type posthole digger to the simplest of all tools, the wedge used for splitting wood, Biden would be lined up after the wedge between the broken hoe handle and the dirty rag hanging on the wall.  He’s that stupid.

Then you have a lying and lawless chief law enforcement officer in the person of Eric the wad Holder.  He’s real smart.  This fine example of affirmative action pass throughism, in an effort to trash the 2nd Amendment, thought it a good idea sell guns to the Mexican drug cartels.  He is an accessory to the murder Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry a Mexican police chief and HUNDREDS maybe THOUSANDS of others.  Who knows?  Who cares?

What is really important to this race baiting @$$ weasel is using DOJ resources to gin up trouble down in Sanford, FL.  Hundreds of dead Mexicans and a dead Border Patrol Agent don’t cause this soulless bag of excrement to lose a wink of sleep.  But if a one of “his people” decides to assault someone and gets shot for his trouble, well the full weight of the federal government needs to come down on the guy who defended him self’s head.

Four dead Americans in Benghazi?  What difference does it make?  That’s smart?  What really makes a difference is using the government to push an absurd story about a video that no one had seen and locking up the filmmaker.  Smart?

The IRS targeting American citizens, that’s really smart Barry.  The NSA collecting endless bits of information on every American citizen, that’s really smart Barry.  Solyndra, that was really smart Barry.   The cops acted stupidly, that was really smart Barry.  Trayvon looks like your son, if you had one, that was really smart Barry.

You cannot surround yourself with creepy lying turd merchants like Biden, Holder, Clinton, Kerry et al and talk about a smarter government.

Besides, you know what?  Americans don’t really even care about “smart.”  I’d trade competent for smart any day of the week.  For example:  Mrs. Lex graduated high school in three years with honors, graduated college with honors, has a wall covered with academic and military awards.  Lex is a  middle of the road guy, average in every way.  OK, OK a bit over the weight average. But you know what?  I’m the only one of the two who can figure out which side of the sink the disposal is on 100% of the time.

Example 2:  I had a gunny in the Marine Corps who did not graduate high school.  The Marine Corps taught him artillery and leadership.  The gunny was the most valuable man in the battery of over 100 Marines that included 6 college educated highly trained officers.

There is a difference between smart and competent.  I suspect that there are enough high-falooten degrees in this dysfunctional administration - pass through degrees and otherwise.  What’s lacking is competence.

Side bar – a little lawyer lingo there
I’m not lawyer and don’t play one on TV.  But it dawned on me while ranting a few paragraphs above that George Zimmerman’s defense attorneys screwed up.  They should have used the now famous Shrilldabeast “what difference does it make” defense.

You recall the Beast’s who cares as long as it doesn’t stop my presidential run response to the dead Americans:
Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?

So, at the very beginning of the defense case, why didn’t the defense say:
Was it self defense or because George Zimmerman was out for a walk one night and decided he’d go kill a teenager?  What difference, at this point, does it make?  Your honor, the defense rests.

A compelling defense, no?