Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A clean planet & B-HO's large problem

Keeping the planet clean

If environmental whackos really wanted to keep the planet clean, they’d be all for the US drilling for more oil in ANWR and anywhere else the lifeblood of our economy could be found here at home. The whackos would be all for the cleanest energy around - nuclear. They’d be all for the building of more refineries here in the US.

Why? Because, we can produce energy better and more efficiently while being more environmentally responsible than most of the places currently producing the world’s energy.

But instead of pushing for the most environmentally friendly energy possible, the whackos are content to keep us over the foreign oil barrel. But there’s a silver lining in this dark energy cloud for the whackos. Some of the money we’re spending on foreign oil is going to the terrorists trying to destroy us and our economy. Which, I think, is the whackos’ ultimate goal.

Notice when Bush offers solutions to bring more energyto the table, ANWR, building oil refineries andnuclear plants, the Dems want to further restrict thesupply by taxing and "taking profits." Neither is going to bring more enegry to the table or reduce the cost the supply already there.

The terror war and reliance onoverseas oil are a two headed monster. It feeds onthe world's petro-dollars. We should be drilling likecrazy, building more refineries and nuclear plants.

B-HO’s new big problem

I hope not to offend the entire black church – whatever that is, but I noticed that after 20 years of apparently snoozing through Rev Wright’s sermons B-HO woke up yesterday. B-HO became outraged with Wright. Not so much at what Wright was saying about America, white and Jews, after all that’s old news. What really offended B-HO were Wright’s attacks on him. So it's all OK with B-HO if Wright slams America, whites and Jews, but damn it don’t slam B-HO.

Oddly B-HO’s biggest problem today is not Rev Wright. It’s all the loons we saw dancing in the aisles hootin’ and hollerin’ at his “sermons.” There’s only one Rev Wright there are hundreds of thousands of people who are buying the hate Rev Wright is selling.

Also, all of the pundits and talking heads who acted as apologists for B-HO and his Rev were shoved under the bus right along with Wright yesterday. In the morning the “well Wright is right” and “B-HO wasn’t there, he didn’t hear it, and even if he did, so what” crowd were left jaws a gap when B-HO said the Rev Wight at the National Press Club was not the Rev Wright he’d met 20 years ago.

Well that raises all sorts of questions. There is a great word made famous by former Kansas City Chiefs coach Hank Stram. During the 1970 Super Bowl game against the Minnesota Vikings, Stram could be heard on the sidelines, “Keep matriculating the ball down the field men.” So a question for B-HO, “How did Wright matriculate from your spiritual advisor, mentor, confidant and avuncular figure you met 20 years ago to the anti-American racists loon he is today without you noticing?”

We know two things about B-HO. 1) He joined Trinity United for political purposes. 2) If he were not running for president, he'd still be sitting there listening to and exposing his family to the racist, anti-American, hate based rants spewed from that pulpit.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One vote only, please

Dems are in high dudgeon this week because the Supreme Court has decided that you ought to have proof of who are and where you live before voting. The idea that you ought to have, at a minimum, the same type of ID required to obtain a Blockbuster or Kroger card to vote is bothersome to Dems.

Sure people ought to have to have an anal exam before being allowed to check out the comic genius of Will Farrell or get .04 cents off that box Post Toasties. That’s understandable. We have to know who’s checking out Will Farrell because that tells us a lot about their mental acumen. But requiring an ID just to cast a vote to decide who will lead the most powerful country on earth, that’s a bit over the top.

How can illegals vote in states like NY, if they cannot get a driver’s license? Besides, illegals ought to be allowed to vote. We all know they are God’s children too and are in fact the backbone of the country. Also, this measure is sure to cut down on the number of transient bums and felons who will vote. Bums will be the most disenfranchised group. Bums can move from shelter to shelter and halfway house to halfway house on Election Day and vote 5-6 times. So while others may lose a single unlawful vote, bums could lose 5-6. Felons are people too. Like illegal labor, who really knows how much of our economy depends on illegal activities? And think about this. If people cannot follow the thick black arrow to their candidate’s name and punch out that and only that chad, how can you expect them to fill out a driver’s license form?

This is just outrageous. It is a frontal assault on the Dem base of illegals, felons and dopes by the Bush Supreme Court.

The funniest argument I keep hearing is that, really there isn’t “that much” voter fraud being committed. Well, one case is too much. And fraud being fraud is designed to slip under the radar so do we really know how much fraud is occurring?

Monday, April 28, 2008

The gas tax holiday

John McCain’s gas tax “holiday” is likely not to see the light of day. Unless the Shrillda Beast gets on board with it in a big way, the Dem controlled congress is not likely to pass a law with the Rep presidential candidate’s name on it that lower gas prices. Dems wouldn’t want Americans thanking John McCain for the five bucks they saved on every fill up all summer long.

Also, once that tax is gone, nobody wants to be the pol that turns around and raises gas prices 18-20 cents in one fell swoop for no other reason than Labor Day has arrived. The timing is all wrong. The price would be set to go up in Sep just weeks before a national election. That would result in Rep candidates yelling, “If Dems let the gas holiday expire they are raising your taxes!! Vote Rep for lower gas prices!” So the easy way to avoid the mess is not allow it to happen.

You can bet Dems are in all day meetings trying to figure out a way to be for the gas tax holiday while looking for political maneuvering that will never allow it to happen. About a week after Memorial Day look for land baron Scrawny Harry Reid to tell his golden horde of MSM lemmings that the Dems tried to pass the gas tax holiday but the mean Reps wouldn’t go along with the free condoms for 3rd graders program so the deal broke down.

To be honest other than helping John McCain out, I don’t believe the gas tax holiday is a good idea. It will have the opposite effect of what is intended. By driving the price of gas down, usage will rise putting an additional strain on an already tight gas commodity market. And as most of us know when supplies of something diminish prices increase.

Here’s a news flash. The requirement for oil is going to continue to increase for the foreseeable future. As the requirement for oil continues to rise, so will the price. As noble as conservation is, we cannot conserve enough to off-set the global rise in demand for oil. We need to do both, conserve and find new sources of oil and energy.

The only good that I can see that will come of the John McCain’s gas tax holiday is that as the price of gas continues to rise there will be more and more pressure on pols to ignore tree huggers and go out and drill for oil as well as build more refineries and nuclear power plants. Increasing domestic supply is the short term answer, but it is not THE answer. It provides short term relief that will provide a skilled worker job boost, help wean us from supplying some of the world’s worst tyrants with US petro-dollars and stabilize oil costs.

The problem is that if we start today, it’ll be 5 years before we begin to see any results other than on the hiring of skilled workers. That’s no reason not to start. And for the love humanity, let’s stop burning our food supply for fuel.

Friday, April 25, 2008

B-HO's big problem

B-HO’s in big trouble. The reason he’s in big trouble is that he’s spent years hanging around unsavory characters and can’t bring himself to say, “You know, I should have chosen my friends better.” Instead he thinks he can shut everyone up by calling them a racist if they mention his seedy past.

I noted several posts below that the reason that there can be no discussion on race in America is because Whitey will be accused being a racist any time he gets one inch left or right of the acceptable line. That line is that Whitey is evil and America is only where it is today because of Whitey’s exploitation of blacks.

If Whitey says, ”you know, if you don’t have an illegitimate crack baby two weeks after dropping out of the 8th grade, you have a much better chance of being successful” – well Whitey is a racist and just plain mean.

And this is B-HO’s tactic right now. Just call anyone who questions his troublesome relationships a racist and move on. Anyone who calls him a liberal is racist. Anyone who wonders how you get 800 billion in new government programs without raising taxes on the middle class is a racist. Anyone with a gun is a racist. Anyone who attends a church not spewing black liberation theology and hatred is a racist.

This NC RNC ad is but the first of what will be ads running on every station in every market every 15 min from about now until the election questioning B-HO’s judgment for hanging out with screwballs. And in spite of what John McCain says, questioning those relationships is not low ball politics. Had McCain been sitting in a white supremest church for 20 years, he’d be done. If McCain had hung out with David Duke or had a passing relationship with Tim McVeigh, the FBI would be questioning him right now.

But if it’s the black guy with all sorts of questionable relationships – shhhhhhhhhhhh. Don’t say anything. You’ll be called a racist. Well Whitey ain’t buying it. And you can take 97% of the black vote in this country and still lose in a landslide.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Howie Dean, we got a problem

B-HO and the Dems have a big problem, B-HO and his pee poor judgment. When B-HO was nothing more than an arrogant, elitist fledgling politician, he thought it’d be cool to align himself with a domestic terrorist, a lunatic hate America, hate Whitey and hate Jews reverend and a black separatist kook – you know the usual crowd at a Democrat fund raiser or cocktail party. Now that B-HO is an arrogant, elitist established politician, his Democrat base is being called into question.

So B-HO throws up the Bart Simpson defense. I didn’t do it. Nobody saw me. You can’t prove anything. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Well not so fast Bart, uh umm, Barack. See we have all of these tapes the right Rev Wright and they are not all that...oh what’s the right word... “hope”ful.

The sermons are real downers particularly if you’re white, or a Jew or an American. When you throw those tapes in with B-HO’s connection to the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, you got a problem dude. And that’s not even counting B-HO’s own “bitter” comment or his affirmative action queen wife’s dopey comments about never being proud of a down right mean America.

So B-HO sits in the church pew for 20 years and not until a few weeks ago was aware that his pastor is a racist lunatic. That’s believable…if you believe in three headed, flying, fire breathing dragons who play bridge on Wednesdays. Totally plausible dude.

Now the NC RNC has put up an ad with B-HO and the right Rev Wright. B-HO wants John McCain to have the ad taken down. I wonder why? McCain oddly wants the ad taken down as well. Both are alluding that to run the ad is racist.

Hmmmmmmm, very curious. The NC RNC runs an ad of the right Rev Wright in his own hate filled racist words yet it’s the NC RNC answering charges of racism.

Well, here’s a news flash to B-HO and John McCain: The NC RNC ad is the first of 1,000,000 or so to come of B-HO’s pee poor judgment when it comes to the people he chooses to associate with before November’s election. And thanks to John McCain’s campaign finance reform, there’s nothing McCain or B-Ho can do about it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Howie and the Dems "hoping" for a way out

With Rush Republicans throwing the Democrat Party into further chaos, Howie Dean and his troops are getting nervous. Exit polls in PA yesterday showed 10% of the electorate called themselves conservative. Shrillda Beast’s margin of victory? Why strangely it too was 10%.

So now Howie wants the Super Delegates – Super Delegate is Dem speak for, we don’t want bitter small town Americans who cling to religion and guns choosing our candidate – to decide quickly so Dems can end all of this pesky voting by the little people. How is it that the “party of the people” comes up with something called a Super Delegate? Each Super actually counts for in excess of 10,000 votes of gun and Bible clinging little people.

None of that sounds quite so “party of the peopleish” when it’s revealed that the Supers have the clout of 10,000 voters who had to register and stand in line. But Supers, being so super, cannot be burdened with any of that and did not receive even one vote for themselves.

Neither is what Supers are expected to do all that “party of peopleish.” Supers vote at the convention for “what’s best for the party” – not what’s best for the country – not what’s best for rank and file Democrats – not even for the best Dem candidate – but vote for the Party. You can almost hear Kate Smith breaking out into a stirring rendition of “God Bless the Democrats.”

But the Supers are only one of Howie’s problems. Remember how Dems screeched that we had to count every vote in FL during the 2000 election – well at least every vote in the four most heavily Democrat districts in FL? Well now they are fine with not counting any votes in FL or any in MI for that matter. The only question I have for Howie and the Dems and I’ve not heard it asked – ever – are the Supers from FL and MI going to be allowed to vote at the convention?

If the Supers are allowed to vote, that would give the Dems a trifecta of snobbery, arrogance and elitism. They’d have the Supers each of whom count as much as a regular Delegate at the convention but each Regular will represent over 10,000 votes. While Regulars are pledged to specific candidates based on who received the most of those 10,000 votes, the Supers are bound to nothing…well nothing but the party when determining how to vote. And the trifecta…if a state is disqualified for breaking DNC rules, the Supers - who in all probability participated in and may even have engineered the rule breaking – will still be seated and allowed to vote because…well after all they are Super.

But as far as Howie’s problems go having an elitist nominating system and disenfranchising two huge states are fairly easy problems. Easy that is when compared to the fact that the Dems have given an insurmountable lead an elitist candidate; a candidate who is comfortable hanging out with a domestic terrorist; a guy who married a pampered affirmative action queen whose thanks to the nation that got her where she is is to call us mean; a dope who sat in a pew for 20 YEARS listening to a racist, anti-Semitic, anti-white and anti American lunatic; a dolt who thinks it’s credible to say that he didn’t know what a creep Rev Wright was until two weeks ago but still refuses to disown the lout; a Bullsh*&er who showed up for hate Whitey, black separatist Louie Farrakhan’s 200,000 man march.

Now B-HO won’t stand up and answer questions about these associations. He wants to talk about “the issues.” Well I don’t think that there are any more important issues than B-HO’s associations with unrepentant terrorists and ugly hate filled Revs.

But other than that, things are proceeding just as planned for Howie and Dems.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day likely to drive down Dem turn out

Back in 1969 some doofus named John McConnell came up with the idea for Earth Day. We’ve been "celebrating" it ever since.

Like most PC specially designated days and months - like Black History Month, AIDS Awareness Day, etc, etc. – these things usually have the opposite affect of what is intended. Black History Month? What a joke. Who’d settle for a month? AIDS day? So you’re going to stop having unprotected homosexual sex and sharing needles with crack whores for a day and that’s going to be good enough to protect you the other 364?

Now, I don’t buy into all of the Co2 hocus pocus, but if I did, I guess I’d be wearing burlap and living on an organic food only commune somewhere. As a result of having to grow my own food organically, I’d weigh about 80 pounds; in part because growing food organically doesn’t produce much and because I’d give most my harvest to the commune’s bio-fuel project so it could be burned. It ain’t easy being green.

So today I suppose I have to hop in my gas guzzling SUV drive over to Lowes and pick a couple of plants for Earth Day. But won’t that trip to Lowes damage the planet? Maybe I should just stay home and not do anything for Earth Day. I know, I’ll go on line and buy some carbon off-sets from AlGore, drive over to Lowes and pick up my plants.

But hey I can figure out how to get to Lowes. What really scares me is how Dems in PA are going to get to the polls. They actually buy into this Co2 foolishness and not everyone drives a hybrid. This has got to drive down turn out. What were state Dem officials thinking scheduling an election on Earth Day when we’re all supposed to plant a tree and otherwise sit at home breathing shallowly, if at all, so as not to pump out unnecessary Co2.

Perhaps St. AlGore could do a public service message in PA allowing Dems a special dispensation to drive to the polls. Or Dems could do what they always do, tell other people how to live their lives while the Dems merrily go about ignoring the rules they have laid down for everyone else. It ain’t so hard being green when you're a hypocritical Dem (as if there were another kind) and buy carbon off-sets from yourself.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Dems a party perpetually PO'd

That breeze blowing across your front lawn this morning is the collective sigh of relief of liberals at last able to exhale after Pope Benedict FINALLY left the US. You can just hear them in their coffee - or is it latte - clutches this morning, “Huge crowds, people packed six to eight deep along his motorcade route, waiting for hours just to get a view or quick picture, true love and affection for him everywhere he goes, just who does Benedict think he is anyway, Barack Obama?”

Which bring me to the larger point. It has to suck to be a liberal. It seems you always have to be angry about something. The libs are the glass is half, nay three quarters, nay just plain empty people. The anti-war, pro- immigration Pope comes to America and small minded bigoted liberals like Bill Maher are caught on tape making fools of themselves as they lie during their red then blue and finally purple faced rants which expose them for the angry little people they are. In Bill Maher’s case, he is quite literally a short little person – rumor is he sleeps in a shoebox.

Conversely, it’s great to be conservative. Whenever something goes right like winning a battle in Iraq, or a visit from the Pope we get twofer. We get the joy of the event and the schadenfreude of watching libs be miserable as they curse the good news. When things go a bit wrong like Scooter Libby going to jail, we can still count on libs ending up in the corner crying like two year olds because they wanted Karl Rove.

So if Dems win in Nov look for them to be PO’d because they have to deal with a war, the economy and set tax policy. All of which, two days after inauguration, will be reported to be much worse than originally thought because of George Bush - Wahhhh, Wahhhhh.

Friday, April 18, 2008

No courage required at Time

I don’t want to go all Mohamed on you, but why is it the people like those at Time Magazine or John doofus Kerry's old anti-war band insist on using the nation’s most revered war memorial as a political prop?

If Marines were even 1/100,000,000,000th as hysterical about cartoons or photoshopped crap of our cherished touchstone as Muslims are of…well, nearly everything, the Time building would be a smoldering cinder this morning and its editors forced into deep hiding.

But we’re not. So the dopes at Time, who aren’t fit to carry one of those young men’s shoes, take the Pulitzer Prize winning photo of Marine heroism and morph it into something so banal and common even the weasels at Time could do it.

Environmentalism is not akin to scaling the steep slopes of Mt. Surabachi under enemy fire. It is the exact opposite. It takes no courage what-so-ever. Environmentalism is like riding an inner tube on “the lazy river” at the local water park. It is literally the easiest thing that you can do. Just go with the flow. Nobody is going to assault you for your efforts. Quite the contrary, you are likely to be hailed as some kind of hero for doing nothing more than separating your garbage.

So to use the photo of men who risked life and limb to raise that flag to support a cause that requires NO courage or sacrifice at all is just dumb. I’ve seen the Marine Corps War Memorial misused in dozens of ways. In cartoons I’ve seen the flag staff replaced with a cigarette or an assault rifle or a syringe to name a few. The U.S. flag has been replaced with everything from a bra to the MicroSoft flag.

I suppose it’s a great honor that nearly everyone can identify with and want to be a part of the Marine Corps War Memorial. Here's a tip, unless the cause or effort being promoted requires true sacrifice and courage and promotes freedom and democracy - editors, organizers and outsiders ought to leave that Memorial alone.
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pope cause mass fainting across America

Starting at about 10:30 am Eastern yesterday, America’s fainting couches were filling up and the smelling salt supply began dwindling. What caused this phenomenon? Egad man the Pope showed up at the White House.

Just the thought of this event sent the weakest among the “separation of church and state” crowd back to their beds at about 9:30. When Pope appeared at the East Lawn of the White House emerging from a government owned up-armored presidential Cadillac, others began going weak in the knees. Then Kathleen Battle sang the Lord’s Prayer and there was no stopping the rush. It’s like when someone gets sea sick. After the first person goes, others feeling even a little queasy begin to lose their lunch as well.

When the Pope took to the podium to praise America, the Rev Wright like Americans were found passed out in a state of shock. Rev Wright himself was heard to utter, “What’s this honky cracker talkin’ ‘bout? G-D America!” before reaching for the salts.

Then as the Army Choral began singing the greatest hymn ever – The Battle Hymn of the Republic – the agony of liberals pulling their hair out could be heard across the country followed by what sounded like frantic African tribesmen beating on hollow logs. That of course was actually the sound of liberals’ hollow heads as they hit the hard tile floors across America.

Needless to say, I caught the ceremony yesterday.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

If protection of children is the goal, raid Trinity United

There is something weird going on with this TX polygamy sect. The “accuser” is nowhere to be found. The children have been, hmm not kidnapped, forcibly separated from their parents. The man at the center of the accusation hasn’t been to TX in 30 years.

Yet based on an uncorroborated phone call, TX officials stormed the compound and ripped over 400 children from their parents.

Dale Dribble the three pack a day conspiracy nut on King of the Hill would be going nuts. I’m not there yet. After all polygamy is against the law – unless you don’t marry the women and simply spread your seed around then let the government pay to raise your off spring. That of course is fine and people engaged in such activities are never to be condemned.

Now the liberals, if they chose to be consistent with their gay agenda, should be coming to the support of polygamy. They should be holding polygamist rights rallies. They should be constructing laws making it a hate crime to discriminate against polygamists. After all if we can have marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman, what could possibly be wrong with a marriage between one man and several women?

I don’t know how this whole thing is going to turn out. Maybe the authorities have headed off another Jim Jones or David Koresh. Or maybe they are harassing a group of people who are breaking the letter of a law the spirit of which is flaunted in welfare offices across America everyday.

Right now to me this thing looks like a bad cross between the Waco and Elian Gonzales raids. If the authorities are bent on raiding something to remove children from a dangerous and unhealthy environment, they should consider the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago at 11 am Sunday morning.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

B-HO Shrillda care - Pope Benedict XVI

Here’s an interesting one for the”universal healthcare” crowd. While I was visiting Phoenix, I had the chance to meet my sister-in-law’s cousins who were visiting from Canada. The couple almost had to cancel their trip because of a health concern.

The woman had an on going irregularity with her heart. The”free” Canadian healthcare system couldn’t deal with a heart irregularity quickly enough for it to be resolved so that the doctor could then certify the woman fit for international travel. It seems for the woman to have health insurance while traveling outside Canada; the doctor’s certification is required.

So what to do? Simple, you sneak across the border to Detroit, have the required medical tests performed there, ship the results back to your doctor for “certification” then go on vacation. Well that’s what this couple did. It was all working perfectly until the doctor went on his own vacation before “certifying” the woman’s tests. Well a couple of frantic calls and a small bribe later, the woman’s tests were reviewed and certified and the couple left on vacation.

So what did I learn from this exchange?

Canadian healthcare isn’t free. The couple had to go to Detroit and pay out of their pocket for the required care.

Canadian healthcare isn’t efficient. If heart irregularities are placed in the same cue as hangnails and a scraped knee, you got problems.

Canadian healthcare is used to affect the behavior of its citizens. Had the required tests not been done the couple would have had to purchase private health insurance before leaving the country or stay home. The man told of several friends who had to pay for extra health coverage when leaving the country because of certain health problems. How long before the nannies running the system decide that people who smoke, drink or eat too much are placing an undue burden on the system. Therefore their behavior should change, healthcare withheld, or subsidized with an out of pocket “contribution.” Once “those people” are dealt with, the nannies will turn their attention to people who ride motorcycles, fly an airplane or own a gun.

Canadian healthcare which was devised originally, I’m sure, to help the poor is least responsive to those it was set up to help. The rich couple I met, when faced with an unresponsive system, simply dug into their own pockets, crossed the border and got their treatment. The poor have no option but to stand in the bureaucratic healthcare line receiving the same success rate of the public school system and the same compassion of those standing in the line at the DMV.

And This

Pope Benedict XVI will arrive at Andrews Air Force Base today. Even before he started packing his bags for the trip, the liberal intelligentsia were mocking the Pope for being, of all things, too Catholic. The same people who mock him offer advice on how to run and grow the Catholic Church. That advice boils down to - stop acting Catholic.

It is unlikely that Pope Benedict will follow any of their advice.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

B-HO racist snob

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This photoshop from Michelle Malkin’s site

[T]he truth is, is that, our challenge is to get people persuaded that we can make progress when there's not evidence of that in their daily lives. You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

Well there it is. Now we’re told such comments are elitist. They are at a minimum that. But what they really are racist stereotyping of worst kind. And after all of that what do you suppose B-HO’s campaign boils these comments down to? Small town America is bitter. So try this. Call your best buddy a stupid, fat, lazy, ugly, drunk who can’t pick up the 7-10 split in bowling. Then just before he knocks your block off say, “Well it’s true. You’ve never been able to pick up the 7-10 split.”

This is what B-HO and MSM lemmings are trying to do. B-HO paints a picture of small town America as a bunch of backward, gun toting, religious zealots who, because they are inbred racists, are bitter about free trade, minos and immigrants. Then when confronted about the litany of racist comments say, well, it’s true, Americans are bitter.

Two things about B-HO’s rant really, really, really piss me off. The rest just really, really pisses me off.

First, because we’re bitter, Whitey clings to his religion. I find it impossible to believe that there could be a more bitter, hate-filled, anti-American, anti-Jew, anti-white preacher than B-HO’s own – Rev Wright. Where the hell does B-HO get off telling us we’re bitter and clinging to religion after he spent 20 years listening what could be the most bitter preacher in America?

Next, because we’re bitter, Whitey is anti-trade. HEY B-HO, who the hell was just racing all over Ohio telling everyone what a screw job NAFTA was? YOU! Who is it blocking free trade with Colombia? YOU! You hypocritical steaming pile of excrement.

Let any white person try something like this when talking about the pent up anger of inner city blacks.

And it's not surprising then they get angry, they cling to welfare checks and the hope of reparations or listen to bigoted anti-American preachers or hold a never ending hatred of whites – the vast majority of whom never did one thing to them but pick up the welfare tab – or a hatred people who aren't like them - immigrants who have come to this country and in a much shorter time than blacks who were born here have prospered through hard work rather than government relief or an anti-trade sentiment that penalizes the worlds productive people as a way to explain away their own sloth and failure to learn the king’s English, educate themselves and stay off drugs.

Well, when called on the racist rant just say, “well, inner city blacks are angry.”

Then there's this on the global warming front. It's Apr 13th and in another clear sign of global warming, it"s snowing in Ft. Wayne, IN.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Is it time for hunger off-sets?

There are reports of food riots increasing around the world. The starving masses will be happy to know that the burning in their bellies is being mitigated by the green weenies who are burning food as an enviro friendly fuel. AlGore is starting a new company that will sell hunger off-sets. Starting today Big Al will add an extra meal to his diet to off-set the hunger some child in world might be feeling. “It’s the least – or is it the most – I can do” a humble AlGore commented yesterday when unveiling his hunger off-set plan.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Let's have a conversation on race relations

It’s a long post today. I’m headed in for rotator cuff surgery today and don’t know when I’ll be able to get back to the keyboard for some one armed hunt and peck typing. Anyway, split it up over two or three days or read it all at once.

McCain gets booed at MLK talk

Shocking! They’ll stand and cheer for Rev Wright’s anti-American tirades but boo McCain for apologizing for a vote, which at the time, reflected the overwhelming view of his constituents. McCain apologized for voting against making MLK Day a national holiday. The “they” in this case is the group of perpetually offended blacks who see everything from their three out of wedlock children from three different fathers to their decision to drop out of high school so they could move up the gang hierarchy – besides education is acting white – as Whitey’s fault. Maybe the Rev Wright ought to squeeze in a sermon on forgiveness (is that still a Christian thing), if it could be worked in between anti-American, anti-Jew, anti-white hatred and bigotry.

McCain gets credit for going and apologizing. But let’s face it, McCain will get about 4% of the black vote. Sadly, there is nothing that he can say or do that will change the minds or votes of the other 96%.

Here’s a sad one

Last year Allen County Sheriff Ken Fries wanted to form an anti-gang task force. He wanted to form the task force in cooperation with Ft. Wayne’s police force. Sheriff Fries’ initiative made sense. Ft. Wayne is Allen County’s largest city and the hot bed of gang activity within the county.

Well the blacks of perpetual victimhood had a fit. Certainly Whitey Fries just wanted an excuse to come into black neighborhoods and arrest young black men. There could be no other explanation for Fries’ gang task force. They called Fries a Nazi and intimidated the Ft. Wayne police chief into rejecting Sheriff Fries’ plan.

Last week there were seven gang related killings in the Ft. Wayne in a 40 hour period. It was so bad in Ft. Wayne for a short while that Harry Reid and the Democrats declared Ft. Wayne lost and called for a complete withdrawal of Americans from the city. So the same blacks of perpetual victimhood who opposed Sheriff Fries’ gang task force last year rallied last week to voice their complaints. And what were they complaining about? The lack of police protection.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Racism is a black thing other minos won’t understand

So what do the two stories above tell us? We have a race problem in America. Duh. But I don’t think it’s a race problem. I think it’s a black/white problem. See other minorities have come to this country and done well. Who is the Asian Al Sharpton? Who is the Latino Jesse Jackson? How come the Hindu Indian Rev Wright hasn’t shouted G-D America and organized our taxi drivers and convenience store owner operators?

Let’s stipulate that for the most part Whitey is a money grubbing racist a-hole. If that is true, then he’s a racist a-hole to everyone. You cannot make the case that he’s a racist a-hole to blacks but loves Asians, Latinos and Indians. If he’s a racist, he’s a racist to everyone.

But our race problems only seem to involve black and white. Al Sharpton was no where to be found demonstrating in the Korean neighborhoods shouting “no justice no peace” through his now legendary bullhorn after Korean store owners shot an untold number of black looters during the Rodney King riots in LA. Today the Dem primary shows a big split between Latinos and blacks but nobody is calling either side racist. But the race hustlers will call Whitey a racist if he doesn’t support B-HO.

And how do you explain away Whitey’s money grubbing economic “disenfranchisement?” Aren’t the two mutually exclusive? If I’m a money grubber, I’m going to hire the best person I can get or afford to get the job done. If I’m a racist I’m going to end up hiring white trash Whitey and be beaten like a drum by everyone who hires bester people and soon be I’ll out of business.

No discussion

As loudly and persistently as people of all hue call for a discussion between black and white about race, that discussion is no where near happening. How do I know? Well, blacks can’t even talk to blacks about race yet. Every time somebody like Shelby Steele, Bill Cosby, Juan Williams or Thomas Sowell try to talk about black responsibility rather than black victimhood, they are shouted down with taunts of “Uncle Tom” and “Oreo.”

So if blacks are incapable of having a discussion about race among themselves without one side quickly spiraling into vicious name calling, what chance does Whitey have to join the discussion?

The sad fact is that there is a race hustling industry in this country that has no desire to see any resolution or even an easing of racial tension. Revs Jackson, Sharpton, Wright et. al might have to start looking for legitimate congregations and serious but less profitable pastoral work if Whitey and blacks join hand in hand and start singing Kumbyya.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Canyon, wars & B-HO

The Canyon

We walked much of the south rim of the Grand Canyon over a two day visit. To anyone with an inquiring mind, the thought of a river creating the canyon is laughable. So scientists have come up with a new theory called up-lift. Yes, while the river was down cutting the “experts” tell us earth itself was up-lifting.

When the Park Ranger finished her talk we walked away politely. It was only on the way home I asked the three kids in the group if they believed the ranger. They all said they did. Then I asked, given all of the rivers in the world, many more powerful than the Colorado, why is there only one Grand Canyon? No good answer.

Of course the Park Ranger would have been fired had she said, “You know, we have no clue how this thing got here. All of our scientific theories are inadequate to explain this phenomenon. Perhaps the hand of God played a role. That’d explain it.”

The long war

I did some light reading on the trip. Anyone who doesn’t think we (we as in the West) have been at war with militant Islam since about the 6th century ought to pick up William Weir’s “50 battles that changed the world.”

About half are of battles in Weir’s book involve Christian/Muslim conflict. We are probably engaged in a battle today that historians will reflect upon as one that changed the world. What’s at stake? A moderation, modernization and democratization of the Middle East or the beginning of a new-world wide caliphate.

Indiana Primary

The Democrats are going to try to dissuade Republicans from voting in the Dem primary here in IN. I plan to vote for the Shrillda Beast in the May 6th IN Dem Primary. I will have a camera ready if any of the Dems try to “dissuade” me.

I’ve noted on this page before that throwing the Dem party into chaos is just an added benefit of my vote for the Beast.

The real purpose of my vote will be to scuttle B-HO’s bid for the presidency. Anyone who sits and listens to hate filled, bigoted, anti-American preacher for 20 years, then claims he didn’t know anything about the preacher’s G-D America attitude is a liar or a dope. Same with B-HO’s mischaracterization of John McCain’s 100 years in Iraq remark. B-HO is a liar or a dope when he says John McCain supports a 100 year war in Iraq.

Do we see a pattern emerging? So which is it B-HO, liar or dope?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dropping the bomb

Ahhh, AZ was great. The weather was great and will be for another two weeks then it’ll 120 degrees at ten in the morning. But of course, it’s a dry heat. No, it’s a hot heat.

Anyway after being gone for week with no newspapers radio or tv, I get back and everything is the same.

All of the pundits agree the Shrillda Beast can’t win, but she labors on. Why? Dick Morris says it’s because her campaign is nearly 13 million in the hole. So she needs to stay in because she’s broke. OK Dick knows a great deal more about these things than Lex. But in my simple mind, if she’s down 13 million today and continues to campaign she’ll be down 14 million tomorrow. How does that old saying go, when you find yourself in a hole, first stop digging. So, in Shrillda’s case wouldn’t it make sense to say, when you find yourself down 13 million stop campaigning?

Others say that the “super delegates” will save Shrillda. Hard to believe that the Dems will cheat the smart handsome black guy for fat obnoxious chick. If they are that dumb, every statewide/national election for the next 20 years will be a big problem for the Dems. Blacks vote as about a 96% block for Dems.

So why is the Beast still in it? First off, I think she has sense of entitlement. Next, I can’t help but think that the Beast and her alley cat husband know something is going to drop out of the sky on B-Ho’s head. And of course that something can’t be good.

So why hasn’t it dropped out of the sky yet? Don’t know. Wed before “Super Tuesday” would have been a good time. But maybe Shrillda was thinking she’d need B-HO as Veep. So, she didn’t want to lay waste to him at that point. Now, she has no choice.

In Tuesday’s Washington Times Wes Pruden may have identified the bomb that will fall on B-HO when he wrote this:

"As the high-water mark for Barack Obama recedes," says Charles Lipson, a professor of political science at the University of Chicago, "his campaign must now confront several dangerous stumps that were once hidden below the surface [of the water]." Writing on RealClear, he identifies one "stump" from the radical-left past that Mr. Obama has diligently hidden. He served on the board of the Woods Fund, a small radical foundation, with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn late of the Weather Underground, the radical cell that killed cops and tried to plant a bomb in the U.S. Capitol. They're married to each other now and after a decade on the run turned themselves in and served prison time. They're unrepentant. In an interview with the New York Times, Prof. Ayers boasted that he had no regrets about setting bombs to kill innocents: "I feel we didn't do enough."

When the senator and the unrepentant bomber served together on the Woods Fund board, the Fund awarded $6,000 to Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church “in recognition of Barack Obama's contributions of Woods Fund as a director." Later the Obama-Ayers board awarded a generous grant to the Arab-American Action Network. It's entirely possible that Barack Obama missed the board meetings when uch awards were made. He says he missed Jeremiah Wright's incendiary sermons, oo. The man has a gift for avoiding the wrong place at the right time.”