Friday, May 29, 2009

Dear Leader ignors own advice visits Las Vegas

Scrawny Harry the war is lost Reid said that our Dear Leader had the biggest heart in the word. Hmm. Give me everyone else’s money and see how big my heart will become. It’s easy to have a big heart when you’re spreading around someone else’s money.

Scrawny Harry’s remarks came during the Dear Leader’s visit to Las Vegas to raise money for Scrawny’s upcoming senate campaign. The Dear Dope must not have gotten his own memo. He told us we couldn’t go Las Vegas on the tax payer’s dime. So just how did the Dear Leader get to Vegas? It sure did look like the steps of Air Force One he bounced down like a pimp hustling a herd of $2 whores on Saturday night. Typical “do as I say” hypocrite Lib behavior.

After Vegas the Dear Leader was off to LA to meet with the beautiful people and raise more dough. While on the west coast, the Dear Leader said that his SCOTUS nominee Judge Sotomayor needed to be confirmed quickly so she could “START" handing out some justice.

Start? What the hell does that mean? One of two things:

One: Start means that heretofore Sotomayor has NOT handed out justice and will only begin to do so when confirmed for SCOTUS. Or

Two: SCOTUS hasn’t been handing out justice and will only begin to do so when Sotomayor arrives to straighten them out.

I suspect the Dear Leader meant #2. Only the Dear Leader is wise enough to find a judge of the people, by the people and for the people. Look I have about as much respect for the Supreme Court as I do for the other two branches of government. I think historically, that court has been populated by arrogant self-serving weasels more interested in making law than interpreting law. Constitution? What constitution? In that regard Sotomayor should fit in quite nicely.

And Pillsbury Doughboy with the hair-do like Bob from the “Becker” TV series, Robert Bobby Gibbs tells Republicans that they’d better tread very lightly on Sotomayor during her confirmation hearing or they’ll lose the Latino vote. That is sort of like John McCain telling his campaign not to criticize B-HO for fear of losing the Colin Powell wing of the Republican Party. That worked out well.

And speaking of Powell, his approval numbers remain very high. And why not, nobody knows where the hell he stands on a single issue of the day. When he goes on TV he never is asked to state his position on:
Gay marriage
Top marginal income tax rate
Immigration reform
Affirmative action
Abortion or his
American Idol favorite

He’s simply asked to bash Rush Limbaugh and other right thinking Republicans. I guarantee you that if asked to take a clear stand on the issues above his approval numbers would plummet 20 points. That’s what happens when you take clear positions on controversial issues. You piss about half the people off every time.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

All this sanctimonious talk about torture is the real torture

Chicago shock jock and part time conservative ManCow (the name tells you about all you need to know here) had himself waterboarded and declared it…wait…wait for it…TORTURE! Then he went onto Keith Olbermann’s little watched show to share the experience and decided that of the two, he’d prefer the waterboarding.

Ever the dope, Olby wanted ManCow to tell him how bad waterboarding really is. Let’s stipulate that it’s really bad. As anyone who might have had the wind knocked out of them knows, not being able to breath sucks. But, do I dare I say it, that’s the point.

Like having the wind knocked out of you, waterboarding does not kill you or even leave a scar. It is a very unpleasant sensation that sane people want to avoid at almost any cost. That by definition makes it very effective.

But torture? No. Not in the circumstance under which it was used:

It was not used gratuitously. In our seven and a half year struggle with man made disasterists, waterboarding has been used only three times. So, it is not as if we’re pulling in the Sgt Schultz’s of al Qaeda - who “know nothing” - and waterboarding them for the heck of it. Waterboarding the Sgt Schultz types would be torture because it serves no greater purpose than to inflict discomfort on the prisoner.

It was not used for revenge. Again, we’ve used it three times in seven and half years. We’re not pulling guys in and waterboarding them because they shot our buddy. Revenge was what Jack the a$$ Murtha claimed the Marines did in Haditha. But they didn’t waterboard anyone. According to Jack the despicable @ss, the Marines simply shot them…in “cold blood” which for libs is a less heinous crime than waterboarding I suppose. That claim, by the way, has since fallen completely apart. Now if we hold our breath (which ironically is essentially what waterboarding causes one to do) waiting on (g)assbag Murtha to apologize to the Marines he slandered, can we charge excrement for brains Murtha with torture?

Waterboarding was used in limited circumstances against high value targets to extract information that saved American lives – maybe by the 1,000s. We know that this true because, while perfectly comfortable with disclosing secret documents about enhanced interrogation that make America look bad and therefore HIM good, the Dear Leader is totally unwilling to release secret documents that disclose what was learned from those interrogations. Trust me on this. If the Dear Leader thought for an instant that releasing the results of the interrogations would do HIM any good, this self-serving punk would release those documents in a nanosecond.

Now if I hear one more “waterboarding is torture” idiot use the argument, “we shouldn’t do it because they will do it to us,” I think I might throw up. Here’s how stupid that argument is:

How many American POWs do al Qaeda and the Taliban currently hold? Zero. They are all dead. Many were tortured to death and their bodies dismembered.

How many times has the Red Cross or Red Crescent visited al Qaeda and Taliban POW camps? Again zero. There are none.

I guaran – damn - tee you Danny Pearl would have stood in line to be waterboarded in lieu of having his head sawed of while he was alive. That act and the murder of captured US servicemen by al Qaeda were both gratuitous and vengeful i.e. torture.

And oh by the way, we already waterboard our pilots and Special Forces guys. So that’s a moot point anyway.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jack the Ripper SCOTUS appointment

The Dear leader has hit the quadfecta with the SCOTUS nomination of Sonia Sotomayor:
Woman – Hispanic – judicial activist – racist. Were she a black woman with a Hispanic name who was a judicial activist and a racist, the Dear Leader would have hit quinfecta. But sadly for our Dear Leader, black racist women with Hispanic surnames who happen to be judicial activists are rare as hen’s teeth. But hey four out of five ain’t bad.

Hey, what happened to the empathy the Dear Leader was looking for in his first SCOTUS nomination? Sotomayor seems to very un-empathetic…well at least toward white men. Can you imagine if John Roberts or Sam Alito had said, “I would hope that a wise white man with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a Latina woman who hasn’t lived that life.”

It’s impossible to imagine Roberts or Alito being that dumb or that openly racist and sexist. If they even approached that kind of language, they would be pounced upon by the political and media hyenas and forced to apologize 10,000 times before being exiled to a remote corner of Wyoming or Montana. But when the Dear Leader’s appointment to SCOTUS uses the exact same language to disparage white men, well come on that’s perfectly OK. Nothing to see here folks just move along. Just more Lib hypocrisy. Nothing really that we don’t see 1,000 times every single day of the week.

But let’s face it the Dear Leader can get away with appointing Jack the Ripper to SCOTUS as long as it turns out that Jack is a Hispanic woman. Brain-dead Libs and their enabling MSM lemmings along with the Colin Powell Republicans will confirm anyone the Dear Leader sends up – except a white male.

It’s another sad day for America. But this is what America voted for.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Colin Powell defies logic, the evidence and common sense: Claims he's a Republican

Look, if Colin Powell wants to say he’s a Republican, fine. He can do that. But what’s the point?

Powell’s, “oh yes I am” argument that he’s a Republican seems silly to me. It’s like interviewing a guy in the University Michigan’s Big House claiming to be an Ohio State fan. He has on his big blue M sweat shirt, his big blue M visor and even shorts and sunglasses with U of M logo. His flip flops have U of M on top and OSU on the soles. But sure if he wants to claim he’s Buckeye fan, go ahead. He just looks like a moron doing so.

Then when interviewed it sounds like this:

REPORTER: So you’re Buckeye fan?

DOPE: Sure, I’m the biggest Buckeye fan ever.

REPORTER: What’s with all of the U of M stuff then?

DOPE: Ohio State’s becoming too shrill these days. So I’m hanging out with Michigan fans.

REPORTER: Did you root for Michigan to win last year’s game?

DOPE: Sure I did. Had to.

REPORTER: What should OSU do to get back into your good graces?

DOPE: Well first, fire Tressell. He’s been beating Michigan like a drum for almost a decade now. Then yank that Terrell Pryor kid’s scholarship. Next change the school colors from scarlet and grey to pink and purple. Last, that script Ohio thing has to go. If OSU would just make those minor changes and reach out for a big tent of Buckeye fans, they could get me and so many others like me back.

Well who cares if this dope says he’s a Buckeye fan or Colin Powell says he’s a Republican? Why should anyone at OSU listen to this dope or anyone at the RNC listen to Colin Powell? Powell endorsed the Dear Leader against Powell’s “old friend” McCain. What else do Republicans need to know?

And it’s not as if the Republicans were running some rabid right winger like…well like Lex. They ran -- let me reach across aisle and stab my Republican friends in the back McCain for crying out loud.

So if you’re some squishy moderate who wants the Republican Party to “just get along” with Democrats how could you do any better than McCain? If not McCain who?

And if you’re the Republican Party that couldn’t get Powell’s vote with a candidate like McCain, why would they want his vote in the first place?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Really not that much of a duel

I didn’t watch the “dueling speeches” yesterday. But I did hear the endless loops on radio and TV. Seems to me, America got a good look at the petulant, whining, whimpering, it’s not my fault, George Bush did it, cry baby little turd of a Dear Leader juxtaposed against a thoughtful and serious man. After listening to that skinny clueless Dear Dope yesterday, I know now why he apologizes for his country everywhere he goes. He’s a moron and that’s what he thinks will make HIM popular.

The Dear Leader sounded very similar to Lex Jr. when I take him to the batting cage. Jr. spends more time bitching about where the machine is pitching the ball than concentrating on and trying to hit it. Both seem to have forgotten the mission. Jr’s is to hit the ball and the Dear Dope’s is to run the country while keeping us safe. When the going gets rough, both resort to excuse making. The machine is pitching the ball too low. That’s too far outside etc. etc. At least jr can mix the complaints up a bit – too fast, too high, too low, inside, outside. The Dear Leader’s excuse is always the same - George Bush did it.

Hey! Dear Leader - wake up! You’re the Dear Leader now. Act like it! Or as the Marines used to say, when in command – command. You’re the idiot who said he’d close Guantanamo without so much as a moment’s thought as to the consequences of that action. It’s not George Bush’s fault you’re an idiot. It’s not George Bush’s fault that you opened your pie hole and set a date certain for closing G’itmo before even asking (never mind working out the answer) the very pertinent question, “WTF are we going to do with the likes of Kahlid Sheik Mohammed if we close G’itmo?”

And something the Dear Leader and others of his ilk seem totally unaware of: The US Constitution does NOT apply to foreign nationals. When we capture man-made-disasterists in Iraq, we don’t’ have to read them Miranda rights. They don’t have any. They are not US citizens and they are not on US soil where constitutional rights might be conferred to them due to their location. That’s why Guantanamo was opened in the first place.

But hey it’s always better to appear as if you’re taking the moral high road than to actually have a handle on what your brain-dead policies might cause. So give a high talkin’ speech in front of the constitution whining about how hard you have to work. There is locker room term that fits this pansy to a tee. You all know the type - always whining; always complaining; when something goes wrong, he places the blame on someone else; he never steps up to take responsibility himself; he feigns injury to get out of drills; he comes with matching shoes, glove, bat, batting gloves and helmet all contained in his own personalized equipment bag. That’s our Dear Leader - all show no go.

But we’d all rather be around the guy who shows up with a worn out glove that has been handed down in the family for years and otherwise uses the team equipment. He runs everything out; can be counted on to always back his teammates up; he doesn’t make excuses for his team’s or his own play and he never quits. That’s Dick Cheney - all go no show.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just a couple of things

Conservatism we can believe in

We know that Colin Powell is a Republican. How do we know this? Well for starters he endorsed, and one supposes, voted for the Dear Leader. Add to that Powell’s insistence that Republicans become more like Democrats and his conservative bona fides are complete. In an over kill measure to prove he was conservative to the core, Powell insisted that Americans wanted more government and were willing to pay the higher taxes required to get it.

And that explains CA overwhelmingly rejecting all of Gov. tax and spend Schwarzenegger’s tax and spend initiatives on Tuesday this week.

After a quick amendment to the constitution, I think all of this portends a Republican Powell Schwarzenegger landslide in Nov 2012. That is if we even have a constitution in 2012.

Using the Post Office and Amtrak as models

Because the Post Office and Amtrak are so efficiently run, we should be encouraged that the Dear Leader has taken it upon himself to run the car companies. And in order to ensure that all of the American car companies go down together the Dear Dope has enacted a new CAFE standard of 35.5 MPG by 2016. How could this possibly fail?

Well as anyone who has engaged in any major undertaking knows, it’s easy to get the 80-85% solution. Anything after that requires a lot of money, time or both. Take car safety. If we added $6,000 to the price of every car we could make them much safer. For some reason we don’t do that. We accept the risk and blow the $6,000 on Dear Leader summer apparel, “Yes We Can Bar-B-Que” wife beater t-shirts, a visor with the Dear Leader logo rising over UAW dad sacked out in a government supplied hammock and Dear Leader flip flops with “Military Tribunals” on one foot and “Bring the troops home” on the other.

Or, we could keep the cars exactly the same and just slow down. Make a national speed limit of 35 mph and we’d save gas and lives. For some reason we don’t do that. We accept the risk, say to hell with the environment, our own safety and habitually drive at least 5 MPH over every posted limit on the way to the next Dear Leader Town Hall Meeting where we beg him for a new car and house.

Well the same is true for gas mileage. The car companies have grabbed all of the low hanging fruit in their endeavor to make cars more fuel efficient. That’s why the new cars are nearly totaled if you hit a hot dog wrapper blowing in the wind at more than 15 MPH. Everything is plastic on the inside and the body sheet metal is so thin that it can be recycled as razor blades without milling it. But the car companies have managed to get the mileage up while maintaining safe and reasonably priced fleets.

That ends with the Dear leader’s initiative yesterday. The Dear leader wants the car companies to reach the 95% by 2016. Something has to give, time, money and/or safety – probably all three.

If you want to see where we are headed listen to IN a Yugo from “well known white comedian Paul Shanklin.”

“But do we simply use our heads
And choose a better way
As those small wheels turn.”

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Clark Grizwold's plan for closing Guantanamo

While the Dear Leader can in fact walk on water and turn ordinary iceberg lettuce into arugula, it seems he’s incapable of closing the terrorist – uh make that man-made- disasterist – prison at Guantanamo. Odd huh? You’d think the mere mortals who populate the Dear Leader’s party and Administration would be saying, “So it is spoken by the Dear Leader, so it will be done.”

Nope. Scrawny Harry the war is lost Reid said, “Not so fast my skinny half-black half-witted friend.” Yes crooked land baron Reid thinks closing G’itmo is a good idea, the problem is in the details. While Scrawny Reid doesn’t want any of the terrorists to come to the United States, the Dear Leader’s Attorney General Erick America is a cowardly nation Holder hasn’t been able to find any other country willing to take them either. And if we won't take any, why should anyone else? So America won’t take ‘em. Nobody else will take ‘em, but we’re closing Guantanamo.

Well all righty then. That solves everything. No wait. So what happens to the prisoners? Well if they aren’t coming here; they aren’t going anywhere else and Guantanamo is closing, does that mean they will all be executed? Perfect.

And here I thought the Dear Leader was just a gutless punk. Not even George Bush would just kill them all - Cheney sure but not Bush. I wonder how the radical Islamo-Terror-Fascists will take it when the firing squads start mowing down the human debris stored at G’itmo?

Oh that’s all just wishful thinking. The scum held a t G’itmo will continue to be treated better by our government than our own working class white trash who cling to guns and bibles. I’m sure when the Dear Leader made his announcement that G'itmo was closing in a year, Lex blogged that it would be a better strategy to develop the plan for closing G’itmo then announce the closing date rather than to tell everyone G’itmo was closing in year and then struggle to figure out how.

But what the hell do I know? It’s not as if I was an arugula eating community organizer, editor of the Harvard Law Review and high functioning moron. If I were, who knows maybe I could be the Dear Leader.

The Dear leader and his Larry, Curly and Moe team of advisors have painted themselves deep into the corner of the room farthest from the door on this one. Their fire, ready, aim approach to Guantanamo was perhaps the first clue that the Dear Leader’s election was akin to America hiring Clark Grizwold to plan the family’s summer vacations for the next four years. Hey, what could go wrong?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The mythical two-state solution

Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and a two-state solution – wait there is way more actual evidence that the first two might be real. The Loch Nest Monster, Big Foot and the two-solution - wait there is way more actual evidence that the first two might be real. Friendly Martians who pee gasoline and eat garbage landing in the USA, the Bengals win the Super Bowl and a two-state solution – wait there is about a 1,000 times more probability of the first two things happening before the the last one occurs.

The Dear leader is trying to push the mythical two-state solution off onto our only ally in the Middle East. This is dangerous for us and could be fatal for Israel. The reason that the two-state solution remains more elusive than El Dorado is that there is NO ONE for Israel to negotiate such an arrangement with. Who is Israel supposed to sit and negotiate with? Hamas?

The Hamas charter calls for the eventual creation of an Islamic state in Palestine. Perfect! Israel can deal with Hamas and everything will be great. Right? Wrong! The Hamas charter calls for this Palestinian state IN PLACE of Israel. It also calls for the obliteration or nullification of Israel.

Well Hamas is just a fringe player anyway – right? - so find someone else to negotiate with. WRONG again my dear public school graduate. Hamas actually won a majority in the Palestinian Parliament in 2006 elections. Then there was a rather bloody purge that left Hamas in control of the Gaza Strip and the other Palestinian political player – Fatah – in control of the West Bank. That is where we are today.

So what is really necessary is a three-state solution. Can’t Israel negotiate a two-state solution with Fatah? Gee you’re about as bright as the Dear Leader. How does that work? Fatah doesn’t even control the Gaza rocket launching Strip.

Beside Fatah is only slightly less thugish toward Israel than Hamas. The Fatah constitution calls for armed public revolution for the “Complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence.” Gee sounds like they’d be a willing peace partner for a two-state solution, but only as a precursor to the one state - a Palestinian state - solution.

So who would you sit down to negotiate the rape of your wife and the murder of your children with? The three guys with butcher knives and Russian GSH 18 pistols? Or the three guys with hunting knives and Chinese T54 pistols? This is Israel’s predicament. The world wants Israel to negotiate with two groups that want to destroy it.

The correct answer, of course, is neither. You and your 8 sons pull out your uzis and kill all 6 of the bastards, cut their heads off and post them on pikes outside your house as a warning to others. And, if you had nuclear bullets for uzis all the better.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Promoting murder at Neutered Dame

The Dear Dope, the Chief Thug, the clueless flip flopping half wit, called for open mindedness and civility when discussing child murder yesterday at Neutered Dame. America’s chief punk went on to ask for understanding for child rapists and implored the student body to walk a mile in a child porn peddler’s shoes before condemning them as sick freaks. Proving that not even a $50,000 a year tuition can guarantee an education in common sense, the Neutered Dame graduates responded with a “Yes we can” chant.

But hey, the Dear Leader – as always - only acted in his own best interest by showing up at Neutered Dame. He got the campaign photos he wanted of Catholics fawning over his skinny arugula inspired frame; Catholics more interested in themselves than their religion draping awards on him and broad smiles from the Catholic intelligentsia while shaking his boney hand.

The real villains in this case are the weasels at Neutered Dame who invited the grim reaper of the unborn in the first place. Screw principles, Catholic teaching and the letter from the Bishops. But the Chief Punk and the punks at Neutered Dame both got what they wanted, to hell with everybody else – especially all of the unborn souls snuffed out while the Dear Dope was talking about open mindedness and civility.

And let’s make this clear. We’re talking about cold blooded murder. We’re not talking about some 18 year old girl in trouble. In panic, she decides to end a pregnancy while the fetus is a blob of cells with zero chance of survival outside the womb.

We’re talking about a creepy guy who thinks partial birth abortion (PBA) is OK. We’re talking about a guy who thinks it’s OK to kill a baby born ALIVE after a botched abortion. I dare anyone to look at this video:

Now, talk about PBA with an open mind and civility. Picture a baby born alive and then thrown to the ground several times in order to kill it. Now, talk with an open mind and civility about the people engaging in and condoning that activity.

We might be able to have an open minded civil debate about the fate of unviable babies, their mothers and fathers and adoption vs. abortion. But what kind of creepy people will we have become if we can sit calmly sipping our white wine while some boob like the Dear Leader tried to tell us that it’s OK to suck the brains out of the skull of a viable nearly fully born baby? Or, if you can imagine, worse, taking a live baby and suffocating it, or throwing it to ground repeatedly in order to kill it, because after all, that was the “mother’s” intent? (Is "mother" even the right word here? An added word comes to my mind.)

I’m sorry, I refuse to have an open mind about these activities. I will not allow myself to be persuaded that these activities are anything less than cold blooded murder. And because they are performed on the most helpless and innocent among us, I have to believe that there is a special place in hell for those performing and condoning such acts.

So, go to hell Dear Leader and take the self serving murder condoning promoting bastards at Notre Dame with you.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Abortion support falls and Peloser lies...again

Well, well, well looky here at this Gallop poll on abortion – and it’s just in time for the Dear Leader’s assault on life at Notre Dame. I had always thought that the opinion on abortion would change as a result of science telling us – or for some confirming - that, yes, something unique and human is created at conception. Unless I’ve snoozed through it, like the NBA playoffs, there has been no such scientific announcement made.

While Al Gore tells us the “debate is over” on climate change as more and more acclaimed scientist jump ship from the SS Global Warming because it has 300 foot gash from the iceberg it just hit in the Caribbean, science cannot or will not bring itself to state the obvious. One European country is even allowing a baby to be aborted because of the child’s sex. What’s next eye and hair color?

But if Gallop is accurate, one would have to believe that Americans' ideas about disposal of human life – well at least the youngest and most innocent variety anyway – is falling out of favor.

And not a moment too soon as abortion and birth control have reduced the American fertility rate to 2.1 per female. That is the bare minimum required to sustain a culture. Now if we could just get the Dear Leader and other idiot pols to realize that answer to our financial woes can be solved with a flat tax or a value added tax with a healthy deduction for every child born to be locked into place until that child reaches the age of 18.

We’ll save the government’s role in raising and educating these children for a later time. Suffice it to say, it DOES NOT take a government run collective to raise a child.

A liar calls the CIA liars

Actually this is funny as hell. The Demo-Dope party trying to snare President Bush and Bush administration officials in a trap of never ending congressional hearings on torture has one of their own hang from her heels above a pit of vipers – no that that would be too much like a family reunion for the cold-blooded Peloser - make it hungry lions. Nearly all of the attention surrounding the CIA’s enhanced interrogation methods or as Demo-Dope like to refer to it “torture” is being directed at Peloser.

What did she know – very little, really next to nothing – and when did she know it – all her life – are now the popular questions for the Granny Nanny Peloser. Seems they could have pictures of George Bush himself pistol whipping one of these creeps and the only question would be, “Has Peloser seen the picture?”

If you saw her presser yesterday you have to know this woman is dumber than a hoe handle. Confused would be a polite way to put it. She looked like an advanced Alzheimer’s patient trying count out a bridge hand using the “discovery play” method.

But you know she will get away with it. Why? Well the CIA keeps secrets. They only give them away to the NY Times to attack Republican administrations.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dear Dope dopier than usual

In the biggest reversal since the French abandoned the Maginot Line, the Dear Leader said yesterday that he would fight the release of photographs showing “the abuse of terrorism suspects.” Hmm, that’s an oxymoron if ever there were one. Abuse of terrorism suspects? How would that be possible?

Anyway, the supposedly brilliant Dear Leader finally got a clue on what everybody in the world has known since Lynndie England became a household name as a result of the Abu Ghraib frat party photos. Releasing anything but kindness and milk statements about the “religion of peace” will only get you more murder and mayhem than usual from the practitioners of the religion of perpetual pissed-offedness.

But rather than saying, “this is a breech of national security and I won’t allow,” the Dear Dope said, “"In fact, the most direct consequence of releasing them, I believe, would be to further inflame anti-American opinion and to put our troops in greater danger." Which is like drawing a carton of Mohammed or something for the man made disasterist who populate the Islamo-Terror-Fascists ranks. The logical question to the Dear Leader’s in artful statement is, “If it’s going to inflame anti-American opinion and to put your troops in greater danger, what are you hiding you? Bet it’s even worse than we thought.”

So, after the damage was done, the Dear Dope made another U-turn and umm-ed and uh-ed his way to saying that there was nothing particularly damaging about the photos. What a dope! Then release them moron. Then we’re back to the 12 o’clock hour of our circular argument that the photos might cause harm to the troops. Idiot doesn’t even begin to describe this dolt.

NOTE TO DEAR LEADER: The fact is there isn’t anything that isn’t particularly damaging about anything when dealing with these nut jobs. For these pieces of excrement, everything and anything can be twisted into a justification for sawing some innocent’s head off. And if you think you are going to curry favor with these nut jobs by pissing all over your predecessor and America, you’re as nutty as they are. It will only mean that they’ll kill you last.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Left and Right agree America is in danger

First, the important stuff

Phew, that was close. Thank goodness Miss CA will be able to keep her crown. I thought her speech – well at least the part that made the news loop every 15 seconds - was very good. And The Donald surprised me by getting it right as well.

He is one of the few well known people with access to a microphone to tell the Miss CA haters that Carrie’s views on gay marriage are the same as the Dear Leader’s. No comment from the Dear Leader or his mouth organ - Bobby Gibbs - on that subject yet. Will the daring MSM dare bring it up?

But hey credit where credit is due - way to go Trumpy! You’re doing a heck of a job.

Less important but still disturbing: America may cease to exist as we know it

I arrive at this conclusion because two very different people arrive at the same conclusion for two very different reasons.

Camille Paglia, as well reasoned and restrained as any Lib, thinks America is sailing toward the crapper because right-wing radio nuts like Mark Davis are fomenting revolution among us other right-wing nuts. Paglia’s proof was found in this passage:

"I was utterly horrified to hear Dallas-based talk show host Mark Davis, subbing for Rush Limbaugh, laughingly and approvingly read a passage from a Dallas magazine article by CBS sportscaster David Feherty claiming that 'any U.S. soldier,' given a gun with two bullets and stuck in an elevator with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Osama bin Laden, would use both bullets on Pelosi and strangle the other two."

Uh oh, I thought it was funny too. Does that make me a bad person? Come to think of it, there's nothing like a good joke to make a right-wing nut want to grab his gun and go out shoot the Speaker of the House.

“Utterly horrified” by Mark Davis reading Feherty’s line on air and chortling about it? Come on Camille. Feherty’s line was just a reworked lawyer joke. You’re trapped in a pit with a hungry lion and a lawyer. You have a pistol with two rounds. What do you do? Shoot the lawyer…twice.

And as you know Camille, the best humor always has an element of truth to it. Myself, I’d shoot Harry the war is lost Reid twice, leave bin Laden alone with Peloser so HE could strangle her. Then I’d take bin Laden alive and turn him over to Holder’s Justice Dept. to see just how seriously they were taking this war on Islamo-Terror-Fascists, uh sorry – make that: this war on man made disasterists.

The other source for my conclusion is from Thomas Sowell who is as well reasoned and restrained as any Conservative. Sowell believes we’re sailing toward the crapper because we refuse to take seriously the life and death issues of the day. Sowell begins his argument this way:

"One of the many signs of the degeneration of our times is how many serious, even life-and-death, issues are approached as talking points in a game of verbal fencing. Nothing illustrates this more than the fatuous, and even childish, controversy about 'torturing' captured terrorists."

And ends with this:

"If we have reached the point where we cannot be bothered to think beyond rhetoric or to make moral distinctions, then we have reached the point where our own survival in an increasingly dangerous world of nuclear proliferation can no longer be taken for granted."

Sorry Camille, I think Mr. Sowell has the more compelling argument. America is more likely to sail into the crapper because the Dear Leader and his lemming MSM propaganda machine refuse to take seriously the clear and mounting threats facing this country than because Mark Davis chuckled at an old lawyer joke on the radio.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another reason to root against Notre Dame

Lex jr. is off on a 6th grade field trip today to tour the campus of the once great Notre Dame University. My advice to him was, unless you can learn to knock a guy off of a dirt bike going 50 mph at 60 yards with a football, think state colleges son. I even went so far as to ask one of the mom chaperone’s to actually talk the school and the campus down. As in, “What a dump. Who’d want to go to school at this place? It’s not nearly as nice as the state schools or even the junior college right there in Ft. Wayne.”

Now I know how my dad must have felt when, as a young Midwestern Catholic boy enamored with what were great Notre Dame football teams (like all Midwestern Catholic boys I suppose), I expressed an interest in going to Notre Dame. He laughed and said, “You’d better to get work then.”

I know of what I write. Last year as Lex jr.’s math project we compared the cost of attending Notre Dame to state school tuition. The cost comparison section ended with a cartoon of dad falling backward off his chair in disbelief when the Notre Dame tuition, room and board and book cost was displayed. Then we looked at the number of $5 car washes, $20 lawn mowing and $15 driveway shoveling jobs it would take to cover the cost of each. That section ended with a cartoon of Lex jr. falling backward off of his chair in disbelief when the total number of jobs required revealed that even if he worked 24-7, Lex jr. wouldn’t be able to cover the 4 year cost of a Notre Dame education.

And all of this happening in the dingy light of the Dear Leader as he is set to speak at Neutered Dame’s commencement on Sunday. Since the Dear Dope found Wanda Sykes’ shtick on Rush Limbaugh dying of kidney failure so hilarious, maybe he can get her to do a few dead baby jokes by way of an introduction. That’ll bring the house down.

It is a sad day when one self righteous creep – that would be Notre Dame President Fr. Jenkins not the Dear Dope – can single handedly ruin the University’s brand, cost it millions of dollars and the loss of support from thousands of fans. This is hard to write, but I hope the Fighting Irish don’t win another football game (OK except for Michigan and maybe USC) until Jenkins is unceremoniously fired for cause. Now I know how it must have felt for life long Atlanta Braves fans to have to tolerate traitor beeotch Jane Fonda sitting among them for so many years and ruining that brand.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Andrew Dice Clay to add class to next year's WH correspondance dinner with a bit on First Daughters

Holy cow who knew Libs had as sense of humor? Well at least a tacky one and only when it is directed at a conservative. There was some dim witted fully black woman on stage Saturday night to poke fun at America’s first half-black Dear Leader. So the fully black woman starts cracking on the half black Dear Leader’s drug problem saying “I hope his kidney fails.” Hilarious!

Huh? The joke wasn’t about the Dear Leader’s admitted go round with pot and cocaine? It was about Rush Limbaugh’s go round with prescription pain killers. Hmmm, seem to me it would have been a whole lot funnier were it directed at the admitted pot smoking cocaine snorting Dear Leader. Funny the MSM poked fun at George Bush for being a druggie without a shred of evidence to prove it but now not a word about drugs in the White House since an admitted pothead and cocaine snorter occupies the Oval Office.

Actually, there’s probably a whole line of Jeff Foxworthy’s, You might be a redneck if… Only the bit would be, “You might be a former crack head if…:

You might be former crack head if…:
You sat in Rev. Wright’s “church” for 20 years and DIDN’T know he was a stark raving mad racist.
You got a house from Tony Rezko and DIDN’T know he was criminal thug.
You’re married to a woman who has a $300,000 a year no-show job and she still thinks America is down right mean country.

You might just be a former crack head if…
You hire a tax cheat to...drum roll...collect taxes.
You think it’s a good idea to fly a 747 jet over NY City at 1,000 feet for a photo op.
You chose Slow Joe get into your fall out shelter and don't come out until I sound the "all clear" signal Biden as your VP.

There’s about an hour and half of material for the Dear Leader’s boneheaded mistakes as a result of being a former crack head. You know:

You MUST be a former crack head or an imbecile if…
You think it’s OK to kill a baby born alive after a botched abortion.
You think Osama bin Laden is just misunderstood because he bombed the Pentagon like other buddy Billy Ayres.
You think people will continue to bust their humps to make a living when the government takes 50% of what they make to “spread it around” crack whores and pimps pissing themselves in an alley somewhere.

There were a couple of other off-color, can we still use that term, “jokes” about political opponents’ children and a fall down funny bit about the Scare Force One photo op over NY City. I can’t wait until Andrew Dice Clay does his bit using the First Daughters at next year’s event. No doubt the classy press corps will eat it up and take all in the manner in which it was intended.
Now for some real humor, CBS golf analyst David Feherty wrote this in support of George Bush moving to Dallas:

"From my own experience visiting the troops in the Middle East, I can tell you this though," Feherty wrote toward the end of his column.

"Despite how the conflict has been portrayed by our glorious media, if you gave any U.S. soldier a gun with two bullets in it, and he found himself in an elevator with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Osama bin Laden, there's a good chance that Nancy Pelosi would get shot twice, and Harry Reid and bin Laden would be strangled to death."

Of course Feherty apologized for the funny and wholly accurate report.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Stress, ammo and lying

Stress? What stress? Just print more money.

Uh oh, 10 of the 19 biggest banks are under stress. They need another 75 BILLION to relive the stress. The banks, pining for some old-time capitalistic nostalgia, believe they can raise the money privately. If not the administration has promised to crack down on the tax cheats currently employed in Treasury to raise the money for the banks.

The geniuses who applied the stress to the banks – the same geniuses who got us into the mess in the first place by the way – say it’ll cost 599 billion dollars if the banks begin to fail in a worsening economy. 599 billion? Why should that be a problem? Wouldn’t we just print that much more money up and…wah-la problem solved.

I’m putting all of my money in something sure to gain value – ammunition. You think it’s funny, but go out and try to buy a box of .45 cal acp.

Clear case for keeping more ammo

Speaking of ammo, the things you see when you don’t have your .45. Go here and if this doesn’t send you scurrying to your trusted firearms dealer few things will.

What I don’t get about this whole thing is, how is a bunch of nut jobs looting a grocery store hurting Israel? The goods have obviously already been paid for so the only one getting hurt is the store owner. And isn’t there just a bit of irony in people stealing goods to protest Israelis “stealing” land?

I’d love to see a few JDL guys show up in overcoats and fedoras and start cracking heads. The JDL is probably banned in France.

Not only is she a moron, she’s a lying moron

Expect to see code pink protesting outside the Speaker of the House's office with signs that read - Nanny Lied Terrorists Cried. Turns out that the stupid, doltish, buffoon of a (g)assbag is a lying stupid, doltish, buffoon of a (g)assbag.

Playing to the nutroots who are the base of the Demo-Dope party Nanny Peloser claimed she “knew nothing” – say that using your best Sgt Shultz voice from Hogan’s Heroes – about the CIA waterboarding of terrorist murderers. Turns out she did.

So now faced with a lying moron beeotch heading up their own party, the Demo-Dopes are saying the real problem was that not enough people knew the details of what the CIA was doing. The CIA briefings on enhanced interrogation methods was limited to the heads of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees – insert one 10,000 oxymorons here. So to solve the problem of Peloser being lying scumbag, Peloser and others are considering reforms that would assure a more open process for all committee members.

Hey if you can’t count on four lying dirt bags, why not bring in 15-20.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Tolerance: If you preach it, practice it

First, I don't preach it. I'm all for calling queer things queer. But:

Add Carrie Prejean to the list of people the kind, compassionate and tolerant left can’t quite tolerate. We know what they did and continue to do to Joe the Plumber. This guy had the nerve to ask the Dear Leader a legitimate question – way back when the Dear Leader was only B-HO the candidate. Since then Joe has been the target of the MSM.

Media dolts thought it more important to vilify the questioner than to study the candidates answer. Now Joe’s in trouble again for speaking a rather plain truth – I don’t want my kids to be hanging around with homosexuals. I couldn’t find the age of Joe’s kids during my quick web search, but why would any parent want homosexuals “anywhere near” their young children?

The same MSM that is lampooning Joe right now excoriated the Catholic Church for NOT doing exactly what Joe recommends with homosexual Priests. But that is the one thing the darlings on the left never point out. The mess the Catholic Church got itself into was primarily because it was tolerant of homosexuals as long as they practiced the priestly vow celibacy. As we know now, many were not that celibate. The church’s problem was not just pedophilia. It was HOMOSEXUAL pedophilia and certain Bishop’s tolerance of the aberrant behavior.

It turns out, in the Priesthood anyway, that Joe’s exactly right. If Joe had been the Pope 40 years ago, the Catholic Church would have 100s of millions of dollars available today to help the poor and 100s of young boys could have grown up normally.

Boy Scouts have the same policy and they get the bum’s rush by all of the “tolerant people” because of it. That is until something goes wrong with a Scout Master, then the MSM begin circling like hyenas. But they never seem to work into the story that the Scout’s position - which is the same as Joe’s - on homosexuality may be the right policy for an organization that is populated by young boys.

Carrie Prejean was bumping along on her way to the Miss America crown when some homosexual dope - or as Joe would call him queer - hit her with a cross body block while she was in a gown and high heels. This whole thing is Donald the hair Trump’s fault. Why would Trumpy have a homosexual judging a beauty pageant? Using The Donald’s brilliance here, I suppose the Westminster Kennel Club will try to have the CEO of Frisky’s Cat Food judging the best in show at next year’s dog show.

So the queer judge – and in Hilton’s case "queer" is exactly the right word – asks a politically explosive question about gay marriage. When Ms. Prejean gives the same answer as the Dear Leader and the voters of the entire state of CA, the queer and all of his PC buds explode on cue.

If the Dear Leader were a man, he’d step up and say, “Leave her alone. I agree with Ms. Prejean. She and I have the same position on this issue. If we ask for tolerance, we must be willing to give it as well.”

Ahhh, but he’s not just a mere man. He is…The Dear Leader.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Colin and Meghan in 2012!

Colin Powell, a Dear Leader Republican – does that make any sense? Can it make sense? Anyhoo, Powell has let it be known that Americans prefer more gubiment these days not less and that’s why the Republican Party is in the crapper. Powell’s advice to the Republican Party is very Meghan McCain like – act more like Demo-Dopes.

Could we possibly be seeing the signs of a Powell McCain ticket in 2012? Well one thing is for sure, if we did, there would be no need for debates. The Dear Leader would call for government control of everything from guns to toothpicks and Powell would simply agree. Slow Joe still the dumbest man in government Biden would call Republicans racist hate mongering war mongering Neanderthals and Meghan would say, “Don’t forget homophobes.”

The last thing this country needs right now, when Demo-Dopes control the White House, Senate and House and with the MSM acting like Demo-Dope lap dogs is for the opposition party to become MORE like the party in power. Who will speak for the 46% of Americans who voted AGAINST the Dear Leader? 46% is not an insignificant number.

You expect this kind of idiocy from people like Meghan McCain who say dopey things because they are interested in getting a date and being booked on The View and other idiot shows. The best way – ask her old man – for a “Republican” to get booked on these loser shows is for that Republican to trash his own party. But what is Powell’s excuse?

Powell is supposedly a well schooled and read military man. He should know that the TWO party system has worked for America for over 200 years. Now, the general is essentially advocating one party rule. Demo-Dopes and Repubi-Rats are already too similar for my taste. We don’t need more “me too echoes” from the Republi-Rats. We need a clear articulate opposition voice.

That voice for many is Rush Limbaugh. So what does the general do? Encourage competing ideas? No. Debate Limbaugh? No. He just tells us Limbaugh is too divisive. Well that cannot possibly be true or Powell and other Demo-Dopes would just leave him alone to hang himself with his own rope. They know he’s a threat. So, they attack him - him not the ideas of freedom, liberty and capitalism that he spends three hours a day talking about.

Last, and most important, the idea of a party is not to win elections but rather stand for ideas and governing principles. You should not be modifying your principles to win elections. To do that would make you Arlen Demo-Dope no Republi-Rat no Demo-Dope Specter. Governments and political parties should not be driven by the whims of public polling. We are NOT a democracy. We are a constitutional representative republic. The score or so founders, who had more integrity and intelligence in their little toes than the current 536 people running America have in their entire bodies, set this thing up so that governments and parties wouldn’t have to bend to transient fads.

It doesn’t make a Demo-Dope’s or Reupubli-Rat’s a$$ what the people want. If the people want more gubiment and the gubiment they want runs contrary to the constitution: so sad, too damn bad, the people can’t have it without changing the constitution. Meghan McCain doesn’t have a clue about these things but the general should.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Dear Leader's Lady Justice not so blind

Uh oh, what if you’re a home owner renting a house. Suddenly, the family in YOUR house can’t make the rent. You try to have them removed so you can rent the house. The renters refuse to budge. You’re frantic. Your whole cash flow situation is in jeopardy while you try to juggle payments waiting on the back rent and new tenants.

Finally, you end up with the tenants in court. There, a judge appointed by the Dear Leader will hear the case. No problem you have a rental agreement signed by the tenants and they have no evidence of payment, so it should be pretty open and shut.

But the judge is not interested in any of that legal stuff. He’s interested in the color of your skin and the color of the tenant’s skin. He’s interested in how much money you make and how much the tenants don’t. The judge is interested in where you went to college and why the tenants didn’t. He’s interested in what kind of car you drive and how far the tenants have to walk to catch the bus. It’s called empathy.

Empathy? Do they even have classes on “empathy” at all of these top flight law schools? I thought empathy was what you looked for in a partner, priest, social worker and doctor. Fairness and equal application of the law are traits I’d look for in a judge not empathy. A court case isn't supposed to be a "Queen for a Day" reality show where the person who tells the saddest story wins.

The Dear Leader let slip while explaining to us mere mortals what he’d look for in a judge to replace Souter on the Supreme Court that the long held judicial philosophy of “empathy” will be a key factor in choosing the next dope to wear a black robe on the Supreme Court. Empathy, and the color of the person’s skin, the sex of the person, the person’s religion, - you know all the key things in judging these days when the actual fair and equal application of law is an after thought.

As an empathetically challenged person my self – one who neither garners nor gives empathy easily – I have to worry about this. It would seem that if I’m mugged by an inner city youth down on his luck, the judge is just as likely to look at me and say, “Mr. Lex, the administration and I would like to thank you for spreading your wealth around to these poor inner city youth” as to lock the thug up. And in the case with the rent, the judge seems likely as not to say, “How dare you Mr. Lex! You’re taking advantage of these poor people. I order you to turn the deed of the house over to the tenants forth with. Have you no empathy?!”

So fairness and equal justice under the law are out and empathy is in. That’s change we can believe in. I guess the Dear Leader will have to find an artesian who can artfully chisel the blindfold away from Lady Justice’s eyes and move her hand to place a thumb on one side of the scales of justice, because that is what judicial empathy will look like.Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 04, 2009

It's time for the Greeks to lead the world again

Every time the Dear leader makes a boneheaded move, which is about 3 times a day currently, the MSM always begins the story with same theme, “How could such a smart guy make such a stupid move?”

One of the latest things the “smart guy” fouled up was when, at his 100 day show, he made a fool of himself by asserting Churchill said, “we (the British) don’t torture.” Turns out Churchill said no such thing. Some of the real “smart guys” – as opposed to poseur smart guys like the Dear Leader – have provided ample proof that not only did Churchill never utter the actual words, he didn’t particularly agree with the sentiment - even in a Machiavellian sort of way.

Machiavelli would have insisted that he opposed torture to appeal to the masses and look benevolent. The whole time he’d be engaging in the very sort of activity that he denounced to maintain his power. Hmmm, sound like anyone we know? Is the new term going to be Dear Leaderian?

Another of the Dear Leader top ten dopey things to say was when asked if he believed in American exceptionalism he replied off handedly, “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

Ahh, yes the Greeks. Anytime there is a crisis in the world, the world responds with, “Where are the GREEKS!” And as the people to most successfully explore space, put a man on the moon, defeat the Soviet Union, harness nuclear power, save Europe from itself twice in a single century, build the Panama Canal and find a cure for polio, why shouldn’t the rest of the world look upon the Greeks as exceptional? Had the Greeks done any of that maybe they would be considered exceptional in a worldy way. But America did them all. Greeks were exceptional during a different time in world history. What an idiot.

I don’t think the Dear Leader is smart in the way we think of Albert Einstein as being smart. I think the Dear Leader is savvy in a sort of Slip Mahoney way. He always lands on his feet in spite of his idiocy. Any political person who attended the right Rev Wright’s church for 20 years would be done. If that pol were white and sat in a church where white race baiting were going on, he’d probably be up on trial for hate crimes. If guy got a sweet heart house deal from Tony Rezko he’d be up on racketeering charges.

I think the Dear Leader is nothing more than the king of the punks - an affirmative action hire slipping under the radar with a smooth delivery and a tissue thin resume. But as long as the lemming MSM continues with the Wizard of Oz like presentation refusing to pull the curtain back, America will continue its march toward government controlled banks, union controlled industry and equal outcome based laws and programs replacing equal opportunity. When that happens, it’ll take 5 generations to restore American exceptionalism. Until then, at least we’ll still have the Greeks.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Same answer different question

Life just keeps getting easier. Well at least for some of us. Remember when you stayed up all night trying to cram all of the simple facts into your head in a matter of hours that you ignored or daydreamt through for weeks? All of that is totally unnecessary these days.

Take the Dear leader show last Wednesday. I didn’t watch because I knew the answers before they were asked. How easy can it get? Used to be a guy would have to know something to be president. This guy just answers by rote:

Question: The ECONOMY is in a tailspin blah blah blah blah. How can you reassure the American people?

Dear Leader: I inherited this mess for George Bush blah, blah, blah, blah. Only the government is big enough to save us blah, blah, blah, blah. To recap let me just say it’s all Bush’s fault and only I can save you.

Ahh, who passed the 700 BILLION dollar bailout, the 800 BILLION dollar bailout, the 400 BILLION dollar earmark uh continuing resolution and the 3 TRILLION dollar budget and printed a TRILLION dollars of worthless money to boot? Demo-Dopes did all of that.

Question: The ECONOMY is in a tailspin blah blah blah blah. Banks are going broke at record numbers blah, blah, blah. How can you reassure the American people their bank won’t be next?

Dear Leader: I inherited this mess for George Bush blah, blah, blah, blah. Only the government is big enough to save us blah, blah, blah, blah. To recap let me just say it’s all Bush’s fault and only I can save you.

Ahh, didn’t we just spend north of 1.5 TRILLION dollars to get these banks squared away and buy up all of the toxic assets created by Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Franklin Raines et al – all Demo-Dopes by the way?

Well you get the point. It’s all templated answers that blame Bush before saying that the Dear Leader is the only one of 300 + million citizens clever enough to save us. Throw in a little global warming lingo, blame America for this and that and let the lemming MSM do the rest.

When the Dear Leader stutters and stammers hopelessly in search of an intelligent thought, like an 8 year old concocting a lie about why his homework isn’t done, the MSM remarks how thoughtful he is. When he goofs basic facts on Winston Churchill, the MSM tells us how well read he is. When he denounces the very CIA techniques that have kept us safe for the last 7 years, the MSM tells us the American people agree, even though a huge majority support enhanced interrogation. But people are beginning to see the moron for what he is – a moron who’d be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle.