Thursday, August 31, 2017

If Lefty Libs ran the rescue

Hurricane Harvey dumped over four feet of water on east Texas.  The flooding is truly unbelievable.  The rising waters trapped thousands in their homes without power, water and sewage and miles from the nearest supplies of food and fresh water. 

with waters not expected to recede for possibly weeks, what to do?  Plucking the stranded survivors one by one with helicopters would take weeks.  Assets to go door to door via boats are not available to the government.  The situation was quickly becoming dire for those trapped in the rising flood waters.

Enter the Cajun Navy, a grass roots group of boat owners from across the country who have dropped everything in their private lives and descended upon the disaster to offer assistance.

What?  Private Citizens in the south helping each other out?  They are probably only helping white people who voted for PDJT and have a Confederate flag in the front yard, right?  No just about anyone in need can hop into a boat.  If Lefty Libs ran the show, here’s what it’d look like:

Lib:  Well are you licensed to help? 

Cajun Navy:  Nope. 

Lib:  What?  You just can’t show up with a boat and begin helping people without a government permit ($200), a government license ($400), 100 hours of training (99 of which is mandatory government required diversity training), an EPA sticker ($300) on your boat, proof of insurance, an emissions free pickup truck or other tow vehicle, and there's a complete bans on guns, Confederate flags and boats and/or people with names in any way connected the Confederacy.  Your boat's name - "Bobby's Dream" - is an obvious reference to Robert E. Lee's dream to take over the United States.

Cajun Navy:  No it ain't.  I'm Bobby and that boat has been my dream for years.   

Lib:  Well I suggest you look into a name change to something less offensive, like Malik or Barack.  Further the boat and occupants must be cleaned with a government approved cleaning agent and inspected by a government agent ($50 fee) between each run into the flood zone.  Boats must travel in at least 3s but not more than 5s (unless you are issued a waiver by the disaster coordinator located in Caligula, D.C. and available between 2 and 2:15pm on odd days with months with a minimum of 31 days) and maintain constant contact with government authorities and each other via a government approved radio, transponder, semaphore flag hoist (not Confederate flags), government approved tow ropes, government approved Mores Code lighting equipment (Must be proficient in Morse Code to send and receive a minimum 25 words a minute), a non-toxic water proof smoke generator and proficiency in smoke signaling techniques of at least three different Native American tribes, and at least one crew member proficient in American sign language, Spanish, Arabic and two or more Pacific Islander dialects.  Anyone wishing to participate and help victims will be required to pass an “extreme background check” (Unless you claim Illegal/Undocumented status).   

Now if you cannot pass these simple minimum common sense requirements we’ll have to confiscate your boat and truck and arrest you for impeding authorities during a crisis punishable by 10 years in prison a $10,000 fine or both.

Cajun Navy:  First off, f*ck you.  Second off, my boat won't hold all of that crap.  Last off, if you touch my boat, I’ll shoot you.   If you touch my truck after I leave, my wife will shoot you, and she’s a better shot than Sgt. York.  Now get out of my way so I can go help people.

What to do with those pesky statues
The Lefty Libs war on statues could be a money making proposition for communities.  Put the statues on Ebay and sell them to the highest bidder.  You’d have Lefty Lib lunatics with no actual interest in the statue bidding up the price and maybe get stuck with a giant Robert E. Lee statue which they no doubt default on or destroy in- place.  Legit winners could move the statue to private ground where it could be protected and enjoyed.  Problem solved.  You’re welcome. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Long history of Dopes having a goon army at the ready

As a guy who has taken and to a point still takes joy in the unhinged nature of some Lefty libs’ reaction to PDJT, now the old notion, “it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt,” is starting to take hold.  While the local OpEd page, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow et al provide some comic relief as evidence of the Trump Derangement Syndrome worsen daily making them look like the last drastic change in the portrait of Dorian Gray, the rise of violent fascists under the flag of being anti fascists is not funny.

PDJT was roundly condemned for condemning AntiFa in the same breath as he was condemning white supremacists.  Now the violence on the left is so obvious that even the Washington Compost and Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser have come to admit that their own Lefy Lib George Soros funded goon army – AntiFa - is getting out of hand. 

Well were they out of hand when rioted in Caligula, D.C. as far back as the inauguration?  Were they out of hand when they burned Berkeley?  Yes they were, and they were out of hand when they started the violence in Charlottesville.

It is unlikely that any Lefty Lib will ever mouth the words that now know to be true: PDJT was right about Charlottesville.  There was violence on both sides.  In the NFL when a receiver and a defender simultaneously control a forward pass, the tie goes to the receiver.  In baseball when there is a bang, bang play at first, the tie goes to the runner.  When there is violence on both sides of a protest the tie goes to the side with the permit to be there in the first place. 

None of this is new for the Demo-Dope party.  The Dope goon army from about 1915 to 1960s was the KKK.  When the Klan fell out fashion the Dopes flocked to the Students for Democratic Society (SDS), the Weather Underground, Occupy Wall Street and now AntiFa. The point is that the Dopes always seem to have a goon army at the ready.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

White supremacist/Nazis no more prevalent today than during The Empty Suit

Who knew there was a white supremacist/Nazi under every rock in America?  How did this menace escape us for the 8 years of enlightenment and wonder as The Empty Suit tried to dismantle America?  There was not a white supremacist/Nazi to be found during the golden years TES was running the show.  All we ever saw were the ever present racists who dared to disagree with TES’s policies of destruction.  Ahh, the good old days when we were simply run of the mill racists because we opposed the government’s effort to destroy the country in the name of “progress.”

So, ever since PDJT took the oath of office, apparently all of the run of the mill racists and millions more have transformed themselves into white supremacist/Nazi.  Here’s the thing, these days being a white supremacist/Nazi does not necessarily have to include believing the white race is superior to any other race or desire to promote or conform to any Nazi doctrine.  You’d think having one of those two frames of mind would be a prerequisite for the title white supremacist/Nazi.  You’d be wrong.

All it takes to be a white supremacist/Nazi these days is wearing a MAGA hat, having a desire to secure the country’s borders or arrest criminals.  If you happen to trust biology and look at the sex of a child as something that is rather cut and dry and permanent you will probably be labeled a white supremacist/Nazi.  If think free speech and the right to keep and bear arms are rights enshrined in the US Constitution you, no doubt, are a white supremacist/Nazi.  If you happen to be of the opinion that history is history and in that sense it is as unalterable as yesterday’s weather, well, that too would make you a white supremacist/Nazi.

On the other hand, if you support shutting people up with violence and intimidation, you are an antifascist. Which is really odd because shutting people up with violence and intimidation are the hallmarks of fascism.  But in a world where “peace through violence” is an accepted tactic (if you’re on the left it is anyway), what do expect?

Relax America.  There probably aren’t any more white supremacist/Nazis today than therwere during the darkest day of the TES administration.  The left is just rebranding anyone who disagrees with them as a white supremacist/Nazi.  That’s all.  Then they send their Soros funded goon army after anyone who dares to publicly raise their head to object.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Houston, AntiFa, Arpio, Muller and the wildest prediction ever

There is much finger pointing about why Houston was not evacuated.  Well, I can see both sides of the story.  You want to get people out, but they have to have a place to go, and you cannot create a stampede that creates a problem of its own.

Well seems to me we should go back to doing things like this the old fashion way. Women and children first.  I suppose that’s sexist.  I’m old enough to not give a $h!t.  Get the most vulnerable out.  That cuts the number of crisis responses by the first responders.

Where to go?  I would think every state and city has an emergency response plan.  Designate cities not in the path of the storm as support centers.  Those cities activate their emergency response plan even though they are not affected directly by the disaster in order to take refugees from the afflicted sight.

This all seems incomprehensible.  That amount of rain.  Trillions of gallons.  Trillions of tons of water.  I wonder if there is point at which it just doesn’t make a difference if any more rain falls.   

The bottom line is that this is all PDJT’s fault.  I'll sending $ to the Red Cross.

Shut up or I’ll call you a white supremacist and throw urine on you
Odd that Lefty Libs can call anyone who disagrees with them on any issue to any degree a “white supremacist” but get offended when their own constitution crushing BS gets called out as anti-American.

Berkeley is on fire again.  The George Soros funded fascist goon army, ironically called AntiFa, is proving PDJT’s point that caused so much outrage.  There is violence on BOTH sides.  It is undeniable.  Or to put it in CNN terms, AntiFa is beating the $h!t out people again in order to keep the peace.

AntiFa is also calling for assaults on police and the taking of property.  The only rational response is to buy more ammo and another sporting rifle.

Arpio pardon
The loving Lefty Libs are in a lather (When are they not?) over President Trump’s pardon of an 85 year old man convicted of a contrived contempt of court charge and limited the charge to a misdemeanor so the government could avoid a jury trial.  Arpio’s charges, trial and conviction are proof positive that you cannot trust the government. The sun continues to rise in the east.

I haven’t seen the Lefty Libs so worked up and outraged since convicted perjurer, accused rapist and all-round misogynist Billbo Billyboy Clinton pardoned the FALN who set off 120 bombs across America killing at least 6.  But at least Clinton’s motives were pure.  Instead of giving an 85 year old man who gave 50 years of his life to public service a break, Clinton pardoned the murderers to help his loser self loathing wife with the Puerto Rican vote* in her run for the NY senate.   

*NOTE:  What the hell kind of voter is persuaded by the pardon of murderers?  Demo-Dope voters.  That’s who.

As is always the case whenever PDJT does something – anything, Rat establishment Republicans join with their like-minded Dope friends in condemning PDJT.  So it is not surprising that John McCain, Jeff Flake and Paulie Walnuts Ryan rushed to the TV mic with Chuckles the Clown Schumer to trash PDJT for giving the 85 year old Arpio a break.

What strikes me funny about this the language used by these dumbazzes.  Talk of subverting the US Constitution, rule of law blah, blah, blah.  Seems to the constitution is clear on this issue.  I didn't like Clinton letting murderers off, I didn't like The Empty Suit letting a traitor Manning off.  I didn't call those moves unconstitutional or a violation of the law.  I only accused Clinton and TES of political BS.  This may be political BS.  But the guy is 85 years old convicted of a contrived misdemeanor for crying out loud. 

One time hero McCain is an embarrassment.  Flake is appropriately named.  Walnuts is, as always, pathetic.

The Muller “investigation”
Robert Muller’s  criminal probe, that is supposed to be convened only after a crime has occurred, is busy trying to uncover a crime that can then be investigated.  We cannot fool ourselves.  Muller’s team of blood sucking Demo-Dope partisan lawyers have no interest in justice being served.  Muller is a swamp creature.  He will not be welcomed back to the swamp if fails to indict PDJT.  PDJT’s past business dealings are fertile ground for groundless charges dating back decades. 

Prediction:  Muller will indict PDJT on some BS charge not remotely connected with original purpose of his investigation.  What was that?  Oh yeah, some kind of Russian collusion in the 2016 election.  How quickly we forget.

Conspiracy Theory 5-17:  The outcry over PDJT’s pardon of Sherriff Arpio is a set up so that when PDJT pardons himself, staff or business partners after Muller lays his steaming pile of excrement before congress they can use the Arpio pardon as predicate for charging PDJT with “flaunting the judicial system” and starting impeachment proceedings against him.

Wildest prediction ever:  In 2020 PDJT wins a four way race between himself Running on the MAGA ticket, John Kasich and Jeff Flake on the Republican ticket, Terry McAuliffe running on the Dope ticket and Bernie Sanders running on the Real Dope ticket.

Friday, August 25, 2017

What do the Lefty Lib assaults on the 1st and 2nd Amendments mean?

In an America where the 1st Amendment is under unprecedented assault, at least in my lifetime, can the 2nd Amendment be far behind?  

We know the 1st Amendment is a joke on campus.  We know the 1st Amendment is joke to the Lefty Lib goon army AntiFa.  We know that the 1st Amendment is rapidly becoming a joke on social media.  We know PC is rapidly becoming the unwritten law of public discourse.  

Besides just banning speech they do not like on campus and online, Lefty Libs are perfectly comfortable assaulting people (and/or their property) with whom they disagree as means to chill speech.  If you happen to think that these notions are far-fetched, wear a MAGA to any mall in America and see what happens.  Put a Trump sticker on your car and park it downtown.

As for the 2nd Amendment, technically it has been under assault for the last 30 years.  But now something new is afoot.  Justice Breyer just gave an interview indicating that he doesn’t believe that the 2nd Amendment is about Americans being allowed to keep a gun at your bedside*.  Today the ACLU said it will no longer protect the 1st Amendment rights of organizations who bring guns to a rallies.  That is an excellent case for concealed carry.

What’s going on?  I do not know, but the American Thinker had this post that is enough to make you invest in anther sporting rifle and another 1,000 rounds of ammo.

*Note:  This is one reason I cheer the election of PDJT daily.  Had Shrillda the Hutt won the 2nd Amendment would be disappearing via Supreme Court decisions.

PDJT racist?  Crazy?
The Lefty Libs’ Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to spiral further and further out of control.  Every bit of crapola that the Lefty Libs have slung at PDJT to date, PDJT has managed to deflect.  After Charlottesville, the Lefty Libs began the “PDJT is a racist” cry. 

Do they really believe the charge?  I doubt it.   How could a racist survive in Manhattan?  How could a racist survive in the world NY and worldwide real estate?  How could a racist survive in the world TV entertainment? 

I’d wager were it possible to read their minds, after a hands and keens with magnifying glass in hand search for their minds, we’d find that the vast majority of people shouting “RAAAAAAAAAAAACIST!!!!!!!!” not only do not believe it, they know for a fact that it is not true.

The charge of PDJT being crazy is just…well crazy.  My understanding is that “crazy” is a difficult diagnosis to make.  It is probably impossible to make via TV sound bites.  

So why do these silly things keep cropping up?  Well if you take the bit at the top, and combine it with the unrelenting assault on PDJT’s character, it may all be a well-orchestrated coup attempt.  Now that is crazy talk, right?

Well, the more desperate the Lefty Libs get in their never ending assaults on PDJT, the more desperate they appear. 

Still, I’d keep the gun at my bedside ready for action, Breyer be damned.  We’re in strange times.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Dopes have but one play left in the Lefty Lib playbook

No.  I’m here, so didn’t win the 700 million.  I stopped to get a ticket last night and the usually sleepy little corner convenient store had about 20 people standing in line.  I was willing to throw $2 away on a ticket.  I wasn’t willing to stand in line for that privilege.

Prediction:  Does anyone else have the sense that PDJT has already decided not to run for reelection in 2020?   His Tuesday speech in Phoenix just had the feel of a “F*ck ‘em” event to me.  I mean why the heck does a billionaire need any of the trouble being President of the United States entails?  Why not just hire it out?

Well to throw some cold water on my own prediction, PDJT ran an entire campaign in 2016 with a “F*ck ‘em” feel to it.  So…

Prediction 2:  If PDJT chooses not to run, the Demo-Dopes will transfer all the hate and vitriol currently directed at PDJT to Mike Pence.

Prediction 3:  If Mike Pence doesn’t win the GOP nomination, the hate and vitriol directed a Mike Pence will be transferred to whoever does.

Prediction 4:  If that nominee drops out for whatever reason – say an Access Hollywood tape or a Russian dossier – that hate and vitriol will be transferred to whoever take his place.

Prediction 5:  If that candidate drops out, the hate and vitriol…well you get the point.  Demo-Dopes are nothing if not totally predictable.  They have no ideas. They have no message.  What they do have is an angry mob of elitist Hollywood and MSM know-nothings who reflexively target any Republican with the temerity to run against a grand and glorious Demo-Dope.  The method is always the same as well.  The target is always a racist hater.

What exactly is being accomplished by protesting the National Anthem at NFL games.  What’s the point?  Is it just to say America sucks?  Okay why?  Well because of the way it treats minorities.  “It” meaning America that took a mulligan on the 3/5ths compromise that cost 600,000 lives, that America?   The NFL?  Whitey?  Who or what is the point of taking ta knee during the anthem?  Because the who and/or what and the goals of the protest cannot be clearly defined, I think the protest is combination of racist politics and self-seeking grandstanding. 

A real protest would include sitting out a game or two and forfeiting the paycheck or playing and donating the money to a worthy charity.

What is being accomplished by the protest?  Is America having a new awakening?  No.  We’ve been woke as long as I can remember about race.  Race has been a political constant – particularly on the left who uses the race card like John Dillinger used a gun to get what he wanted.

Near as I can tell the only thing the protest is accomplishing is the slow death of the NFL.     

Shrillda the Hutt lost because PDJT “invaded her personal space”
In her new book that will not sell, Shrillda the Hutt claims that she was creeped out by PDJT’s presence on stage and violating her personal space during the second debate. 

First, personal space?  This elitist bag of poo obviously has never been forced to use public transportation or stand in line for a Powerball Ticket, or rode in a cattle car at Marine Corps basic training or tried to dash to the public restroom during the first caution at a NASCAR race or stood in line to vote against her in the 3rd district in Indiana.  Talk about violations of personal space. 

Second, how unstable is she if she’s “creeped out” by the close proximity of a political opponent on stage at public forum. 

Third, has she checked with any of her letch of a husband’s victims about being “creeped out”?

Prediction:  The last thing you’ll read in Shrillda the Hutt’s new book is that she was a lousy, lying and corrupt candidate and that’s why she lost even after her racist corrupt part fixed the primary for her.  AKA the truth.  

Note to the Hut:  You got your ample azz whipped.  Get over it.  Go away.

PMSNBC in meltdown
I peeked at PMSNBC last night between TCM movies  and there was the queen of smug Rachel Maddow railing on and on about something.  I was certain it was a #NeverTrump rant but couldn’t make out the line of attack until her Smuggness opined that the Russian Dossier “could spell big trouble for the White House. If it’s true.”   BWAAAAA HAAA HAAA.  YGBSM!!  “If it’s true” that I won the Powerball last night, I’m headed for my new mansion in my private jet.  The only place I’m headed in reality is to clean up horse poop out back.  Idiot; that's Maddow not Lex is an idiot, but you knew that.  Right?  You knew idiot was directed at Maddow.  Right?  Come on.  You knew it was directed at Maddow.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

PDJT rallies base, Lefty Libs magnify their Trump derangement Syndrome

I breezed past two bedtime calls Last night to watch PDJT – on the computer as my cable news ban is still 80% in effect – I was quite amazed.  It was like the eclipse, I could not avert my eyes (the doctors say I have no chance regaining my sight, but it was worth it).  He savaged the MSM hacks especially CNN.  It was glorious.  I think it was effective, because when I told Ms. Lex what he was saying – the MSM is dishonest - the reasonable one in the family’s response was, “Well, they are.” 

After the speech, I could not resist and had to peek at CNN.  It was hilarious.  Don Lemonhead was in a state of shock as he convened a panel of 6 #NeverTrumpsters to trash the speech.  What made it so hilarious was that PDJT had just made the point that CNN regularly gathers panels of 6 #NeverTrumpsters to thrash him.  So CNN was just doing what CNN does. Ignoring my cable news ban did not extend to PMSNBC.  There’s only so much one can take after he’s breezed past two bedtime calls.

Some seem to think PDJT went too far when he stated that the MSM does not like America.  Lex has been saying this since this page has been around.  The only difference is that I give the MSM and 98% of Demo-Dopes the benefit of the doubt by putting it this way, “I’m not saying the MSM is anti-American, but their actions would be no different if they were.”

There was some good policy news in the speech.  PDJT not so subtly indicated that Joe Arpio will pardoned.  PDJT indicated that there would be a government shut down if the border wall is not funded*.  He set the terms of the debate for the 2018 mid-terms if tax reform/cuts are not done.

*The Dopes could seize on this by saying, "Hey, I thought the Mexicans are supposed to pay."

PDJT was in rare fire ‘em up mode.  Many think that he was over the top and drowned out his spot on message from the night before.  Maybe, but those are the same wizards of smart who gave PDJT 0% chance winning the GOP nomination and minus 25% chance of winning the general election. PDJT has his own way of doing things.

Politically I think PDJT’s goal is to get the base 100% behind him so as to be able to threaten the weak-kneed Rat establishment Republicans with his political power with the base.  He also, I think, is driving the left further left – if that’s possible.  Running against the MSM, Leftist loons like Chuckles the clown Schumer and Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser is not a bad strategy.

Jeh Johnson claims statues are a rally point for hate
First, I doubt it.  The outcry against statues is 100% political.  People have walked by these things for decades and never gave them a thought.  Now they are rally points for hate.  BS.  They are a 100% manufactured rally point for a political wedge issue for Dopes.  If they weren’t, communities would be having open debate as what to do with the monuments of Dopes erected by the Dopes instead of tearing them down in the middle of the night and destroying them.

Put these monuments and yes pieces of American art in museums.  Put a plaque by each stating the honoree’s political party and views, the political party that erected the statue, when it was erected and why.  That’s sort of like history, right?

The last thing the Dopes want is the bright sunlight of history shining down and documenting their corrupt and racist party.

Headline:  Thieves Rush Sneaker Stores, Steal Thousands in Merchandise in Just Seconds: NYPD
Yup, absolutely profiled it.  Black lives matter so much they should be allowed to loot at will.  That Confederate Statue in Charlottesville made ‘em do it.  Where’s Jeh Johnson declaring this a safety issue and demanding that the store owner put the shoes outside on the sidewalk before someone gets hurt running out the door with an arm full of stolen
merchandise and bumping his elbow. 

From the “You cannot make this $h!t up file”
ESPN replaced Robert Lee, an Asian American from Ohio, from broadcast a UVa football game because he’s an incompetent broadcaster.  No just kidding.  That would make sense.  The dopes at ESPN removed Bobby because his name is similar to Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Being a good ESPN Lefty Lib lemming who values his employment, Bobby Lee agreed with ESPN’s decision to note that his name is racist.  I guess we’ll ban everyone named Lee, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Hood, Byrd, Johnson, Clinton, Lynch, Wallace, Biden, Jackson, Sharpton, Wright, etc.etc. all of whom share a name with a well-known racists.

This is the next logical step in the Lefty Lib purge of all things**…no I guess that’s it.  Purging all things.

**I was looking for a group of something to plug in behind “all things.”  Like "all things white" or "all things American" or "all things mainstream" but “all things” period is accurate.   

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

PDJT takes command

The good news is “we are not nation building again.  We are killing terrorists.”  The bad news is that that is a rather open ended commitment to a very broad desired end state.  If you ask anyone in the know the question, “when will the war on terror end,” the answer as often as not is, “not in our lifetime.”  Lex has oft stated that the current conflict with Islamo-Terror-Fascists dates back to the Barbary Wars in the early 1800s.  The intensity of the conflict has ebbed and flowed ever since. 

So if the state of the world is a constant state of conflict with Islamo-Terror-Fascists, we might as well kill them in Afghanistan. 

Further good news, it was good to hear a president declare that we would win the war.  I do not think Bush or The Empty Suit ever stated clearly that victory was the objective.  Still what does victory look like?  Well, if we believe the president, victory will look like the confetti that littered the RNC convention floor on the last night of the convention with ITF bodies taking the place of the confetti and Afghanistan taking the place of the convention floor.  

The critics say that, since we had 100,000 troops in Afghanistan at one time, an additional 4,000 troops is not going to be sufficient to bring the war to an end.  Well, the war isn’t going to end until the transformation of Islam is complete.  So, in my mind the number of troops is not as important as what they are allowed to do.  The desire is to kill the enemy as opposed to capturing and holding territory.  That mission can be accomplished with a lot fewer troops. 

Also, the rules of engagement will be critical to success of this new strategy.  If the goal is to kill the enemy, the military has be allowed to pull the trigger. Further good news from PDJT’s address last night is that he is willing to give them that authority.  No more frantic calls from troops engaged in combat to the on duty lawyer somewhere deep in the bowels the pentagon to allow artillery to fire in support of those troops engaged in a firefight because the artillery fire may hit an Afghan village 10 kilometers away.

Further good news was PDJT’s calling out of Pakistan.  These rats were known as duplicitous azzbags as fa back as when I roamed the passageways of CentCom.  GWB famously sent them an unambiguous message after 9-11 – you’re either with us or against us.  They’ve since forgotten.  PDJT reminded them last night.

I think it is noteworthy that PDJT admitted to changing his mind from his campaign position.  That is a clear signal that PDJT’s decision is not political.  That should give critics and supporters alike that PDJT can be persuaded to do the right thing for the country. 

More good news is the notion that PDJT will not tell the enemy when our forces would attack, but “attack we will.”  Moral of an army on the attack is easier to maintain than one that is being picked off one by one trying to maintain the status quo.

That’s a lot of good news in a 25 minute speech.  We’ll see in 6 months or so how it pans out. Or given PDJT’s wish to keep the enemy off balance, maybe we won’t.    

Cleveland Browns win the Super Bowl of National Anthem protests
The hapless Cleveland Browns can’t play football so they’ve taken to protesting.  They are #1 in the league for having the most players participating in protesting the National Anthem. 

This is all Roger Goodell’s fault.  He could have put an end to this stupidity when the protest involved one layer.  He didn’t do it.  Now the leagues popularity is plummeting.  Owners are also to blame.  Most of these guys probably have some kind “team rules” clause in their contract.  Make a team rule that player will line up take off their helmets and be respectful during the anthem.  Send any player that kneels or otherwise shows disrespect during the National Anthem to the shower and cancel their game check.

Prediction:  The NFL is in the beginning of its death throes.

It’s all former Navy Secretary Ray Maybus’ fault
The navy has hit another cargo ship.  Ray Maybus probably thinks as long as the watch crew on duty at the time of the collision was a diverse bunch and that ship was named after a social justice warrior, the collision is worth it.   With all of his social justince training taking the place of ship driving training, Ray Maybus has probably done a generation of damage to the US Navy. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday morning stuff

Bannon out
Demo-Dopes, Rat establishment Republicans et al got what they wanted.  Steve Bannon has been canned, resigned, wants to spend more time with the family. Whatever.  He’s gone.  I suspect that he still has PDJT’s cell phone number.

Prediction:  Demo-Dope et al will rue the day Bannon had the chains of the White House removed.  When Bannon levels the Lefty Libs and ReRs from his post at Breitbart, the Dopes will demand PDJT bring him back to the White House to shut him up. 

Sadly, predictable
No I did not miss the Barcelona attack.  I just thought the attack and sadly, the reaction to the attack, were as predictable as the sunrise.  The “religion of peace” killing and wounding scores is so ho hum.  I’d say it’s despicable, but what is really despicable to me is the way too predictable, we’ll bring them to justice, we can’t have a backlash against peaceful Muslims, and this is not the face of Islam blah, blah, blah.  How about, “Islam has a problem.  They need to correct it.  Until they do we need to hunt the Islamo-Terror-Fascists down and just kill them.”
America transformed?
PMSNBC ran special over the weekend titled something along the lines “Controversial Free Speech Rally.”  What’s exactly is controversial about a rally celebrating the First Amendment?  The speaker I suppose.  But isn’t that the point of the First Amendment?  No one needs to protect the speech of someone reciting the days of the week.  Only controversial speech and speakers require protection. 

Peace through violence
So the AntiFa - 40,000 strong - closed in on the “Free Speech Rally” in Boston to crack some skulls and exercise their heckler’s veto over free speech. CNN declared the AntiFa “seek peace through violence.”  So-called anti-fascists acting like fascist makes perfect sense in a world where a person can change their sex anytime of the day, where tolerance means shouting down people with different ideas, where statues are torn down overnight without so much as a public hearing. 

The Anti-statue or AntiStat crowd is gaining strength after its unchallenged assault on Confederate statues and now is including religious icons, Chris Columbus, local politicians, Joan of Arc and even Honest Abe in their effort to erase America history - or any history for that matter - through the purge of American statuary.  When the anarchist take over the mob, who knows where the purge will end?

I’m probably an outlier here, but I think all this statue removal, AntiFa, renaming of everything and even proposing jailing people for incorrect use of made up BS personal pronouns et al is going to backfire on Lefty Libs in 2018.  If it doesn’t, we’re in big trouble. 

These are Demo-Dope icons put up Demo-Dopes.  The Republican Party should be setting the record straight at every opportunity.  Instead they are in rush to get left of the Lefty Libs and throwing anyone who wants the mob to moderate on the question of statues under the bus least they be called a racist.
Boycotting the NFL
There’s a movement afoot to boycott the NFL if Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned.  Fine, I’ve more or less boycotted ignored the NFL for the last several years, but the fate of an average 2nd string quarterback has had nothing to do with it.  I lost interest when no one in league could explain what constituted a completed forward pass and deferred the decision to some guys in a room in NY City where the well-known definition of pornography is applied to a catch in a NFL football game, to wit: “we’ll know it when we see it.”

The Kaepernick phenomenon of players sitting through the National Anthem has expanded, but no other player has lost his contract due to their protest.  What does that mean?  To me it means Kaepernick’s protest is not the main problem with him finding a team.

Here’s the thing.  If America is as bad as these high paid athletes claim, why don’t they live elsewhere?  I’m not saying that they should leave.  I’m saying that they have the means to leave but don’t.  What the point here is that if things are as bad here as they seem to think, why not use a bit of their high paid salary to live elsewhere in the off season? 

I mean, think about it.  If I were wealthy and lived in a town where I was treated badly, I’d move.  Why don’t the protesters move to Quebec, Mexico City or some other “comfortable place” outside the US where they aren’t so much at risk of being gunned down by racist police.  The fact that they don’t means to me that they don’t really think it’s all that bad here.  It means that their move has more to do with politics than social justice. 

Afghan speech
We will see what we will see and comment on it tomorrow.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Lindsey Grahamnesty proves he’s an azzbag…again

Here’s why the Rat establishment Republicans hate PDJT. He tells the truth about them.  Take Lindsey Grahamnesty…please.  Grahamnesty told an outright boldfaced lie about PDJT’s reaction to Charlottesville.  Grahamnesty claimed that PDJT suggested a moral equivalency between Charlottesville Nazi demonstrators and Heather Heyer, who was killed during the demonstration. 

That is just simply BS.  PDJT has been the only voice of reason and truth.  Lex YGBSM!  The MSM has pilloried him for nearly a week for being an out of touch racist for his handling of Charlottesville.  No, I’m not.  He condemned the violence on both sides.  Was there violence on both sides?  Yes, there was.  PDJT was correct.  There was not a whiff of equivalency by PDJT on anything particularly between the dead girl and Nazis.

Grahamnesty is like most ReRs.  At the first trace of trouble they run to the mic and see how much distance they can put between themselves and whatever colleague the MSM has targeted for destruction all while feigning moral superiority to the target and one upping one another in trying to appear to take the high road.  

The difference with PDJT is that he fires back.  Grahamnesty and the rest are pure fakery.  You know that they are lying through their teeth about PDJT because if you were to try to juxtapose their response to The Empty Suit’s reaction to the murder of 5 Dallas police officers by a Black Thugs Matter acolyte to their reaction to PDJT’s response to Charlottesville you’d only have to look at one response, because the ReR cowards said nothing when TES shrugged at the murder of 5 police officers.   Ann Coulter runs nails it all down here.  Oops, I’m sure that’s a micro aggression of some sort.

It’s good to know that a majority – 62% - of Americans side with PDJT on the destruction of American monuments.  So you have a Republican president defending monuments of Democrat rebels nearly all of which were constructed by Democrats while Democrats cry for the removal of the statues they put up. 

My take is same as PDJT’s.  Let the states and communities decide.  My sense is that anything that comes down is going to be replaced with some Lefty Lib crap art that will be closer to an eyesore than “art.” 

PDJT is under withering fire (oops another triggering phrase) from Demo-Dopes still not willing to accept the constitutional election of PDJT, from ReRs like Grahamnesty, MSM, entertainment, sports and anarchist arrayed against him.  Thank goodness it’s PDJT and some wimp like Grahmanesty. 

More proof of Charlottesville conspiracy theory here!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The purge is on

It is an imperative that people start any discussion about Charlottesville by saying how deplorable the white nationalists/supremacists.  Not to do so means that you side with them.  Okay white nationalists/supremacists are deplorable.  Maybe I’ll open every post with that so as not to have commie AntiFa goons trying to penetrate the perimeter here at the compound to pull down my St. Francis statue.

No, St. Francis is not safe from the on-going purge being pursued by ignorant leftist to hit the delete key on anyone and any idea that does not conform to their BS ideas about things.  On the other hand, real racists like dead former Grand Kleagle of the KKK, WV’s Bobby Byrd, will be deemed sufficiently reformed to keep his name on a 1oos of sites in WV.

Here’s the problem as I see it.  You cannot judge peole from the past against modern mores.  Slavery, sadly, has always been and remains today a part of human nature.  Seems to me, forgiveness is easier for people who conformed to the custom of the time than someone who continue to maintain those views long after they’d been discarded.  Bobby Byrd was a modern day hater.  In my book that makes him a far worse character than the average pre 1861 Southerner.  Tear down his statues and change the names on everything with his name on it.

If they don’t demand that, you’ll know the AntiFa leftists are not driven by racism.  They are driven by politics.  The politics is, as always for leftists, driven by the effort to first weaken and then finally destroy America.

As the purges continue Washington Jefferson et al are on the chopping block.  Then the leftist mob go after the National Anthem.  Then the American flag will all be excised to accommodate these lunatics. 

Here’s an odd thing no matter what accommodation is given, nothing will make the Lefty Loon happy.

Lex has always wondered why the Feds allowed statutes of rebels to stand and took to naming military bases after rebel generals (and not very good ones at that).  But once you go down the road of excising your history, where do you stop?  There is a movement afoot to remove the name Lynch from buildings because someone is upset by that name. 

Wherever you think it will stop, it won’t. Order more ammo America.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lex renounces racism

I guess we all have to renounce racism.  Okay I renounce Loowee Farrakhan’s black nationalist movement.   I renounce The Empty Suit for never renouncing Loowee. 

I renounce Rev? Al Not-so-Sharp-ton for race baiting his followers - all geniuses - into burning down Freddies Fashion Mart and attacking and killing a Jewish man.  I condemn The Empty Suit for allowing a fellow race baiter - No-so-Sharp-ton - into the White House on multiple occasions.

I renounce any college, business or government agency that engages in the open and legal racist practice of affirmative action.  I renounce The Empty Suit for not ending affirmative action. 

I renounce all college race baiters more interested in the color of their student’s skin than the content of their character.

I renounce Black Thugs Matter sympathizers that gun down 5 Dallas police officers protecting their right to march.  I renounce The Empty Suit for condemning the movement and the violence it spawns.

I renounce feral black “youth” who attack whites.

I renounce the same “youth” who engaged in attacking whites from behind in vicious assaults and call it a “game.”

I renounce Eric the wad Holder’s refusal to apply the law to “his people.”  I renounce The Empty Suit for not firing fellow racist Holder. 

I renounce the racist media who relentlessly spread lies to obscure the truth about “hands up don’t shoot” Mike Brown and Officer Darren Wilson who shot him; the “angelic” Treyvon Martin and “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman who shot him.

I renounce the black thugs rioting in Ferguson, Baltimore et al in honor of Brown and Martin.

There.  Lex has renounced racism.

PDJT’s take on Charlottesville Saturday and yesterday were spot on
PDJT reiterated yesterday that there is enough to blame to go around to both sides for the Charlottesville fiasco.  The usual suspects have their shorts in a wad for stating that unassailable truth.  “There’s no moral equivalency between the two groups!”  The pious self-righteous #NeverTrumpers shout.

They’re right.  There is no moral equivalency between one group of people exercising their 1st Amendment right and another trying to stop them with violence or even the threat of violence.   So no there is no moral equivalency between people exercising their constitutional rights and another group trying to prevent that activity.  By saying there is no equivalency between the two groups while siding with violence, the braindead Lefty Libs and the usual azzbag Rat establishment Republicans making that absurd claim are actually legitimizing violence against political opponents.

Many in the AntiFa movement proudly carry signs and sport T-shirts proclaiming, “It’s okay to punch fascists.”  Uh, no it’s not.  By not condemning both sides the Lefty libs and wimp ReRs are encouraging the violence.  If it’s okay to punch fascists, is it okay to shoot a commie, ram an AntiFa anarchist with your car, burn down someone’s home who isn’t sufficiently pro homosexual and on and on. 

The left is pushing another harebrained idea that “hate speech is unconstitutional” or “hate speech is not protected by the constitution.”  Idiots.  That’s exactly the kind of speech that the 1st Amendment was established to protect.

The goal in all of this Lefty Lib douchbaggery is to shut you up so that they don’t have to come up with effective arguments for their commie BS.  They just call you a fascist punch you in the face and the debate is over.  Oh, don’t think about bringing charges against the guy who punched you.  It’s legal.