Thursday, August 03, 2017

California want’s out. Let ‘em go.

There is a serious movement afoot in California called CalExit.  It has just gotten the go ahead to begin gathering signatures on a petition calling for California to secede from the United States of American.  585,000 signatures are required in order to get a CalExit referendum on the 2018 ballot.  

585,000 sounds like a pretty easy lift for Lefty Libs who hire other unemployable Lefty Libs with advanced degrees in late night TV watching who end up registering Mickey Mouse and every other cartoon character 4 and 5 times rather than getting up off the couch and looking for real people.  Experience indicates when Lefty Libs are collecting signatures for anything, whatever the actual number required by law is, for Lefty Libs it needs to be doubled.

As I recall we’ve been down this secession road once before.  American History being deemed a “triggering event” for most Lefty Libs, they are probably not aware of the American Civil War.  The CalExit folks ought to check out how that effort worked out for secessionists.  Hint: Not well.

So the Lefty Libs think that by passing a referendum they can just extricate themselves from the United States.  I don’t think it works like that.  It’s more like Kay trying to take Michael’s children in The Godfather II

Here’s an idea.  Rather than the secessionists dragging California out of the Union, why don’t they just move themselves to Tijuana as illegal aliens in Mexico?  Well of all Mexican immigration policy frowns on illegal aliens.  They deport violators after jailing them. 

Then there’s the problem with about half of the land area in California being controlled by conservatives.  Check out the 2016 map of how CA counties voted here.  Now consider that of the 5 counties in CA that a candidate won by less than 5 points, 4 were won by Shrillda the Hutt, and 3 of the 4 are contiguous to the red regions.  So what are the CalExit folks going to do when the western half of the state secedes back to the United States?  The nation of California at that point will consist almost exclusively of densely populated urban areas. 

That’s probably how voting patterns across the fruited plain break down, the urban areas Dope, the heartland Republican.  Why do they call it “the heartland” and why won’t anyone call LA, NY, Detroit, Chicago etc. part of “the heartland”?  I dunno.  If we’re a divided nation, the split between urban areas and the rest of the country are perhaps the clearest evidence of that division. 

Part of me would love to see the west coast of CA go.  They are nothing more than a bunch of pompous arrogant azzhats to me.  Their exit would mean no more Peloser, Feinstien, Boxer, Harris types polluting Caligula, D.C.   The swamp would be a bit less swampy without CA’s contribution of swamp creatures.  That’s enough for me to think, maybe this CalExit is not as bad as it sounds.  Certainly not worth another Civil War.  There are too many upsides to the equation. 

It’ll never happen.  The Dopes lock on CA’s electoral votes means the Dope party will fight this tooth and nail.  Can you imagine presidential politics if CA were a red state? 

What is President/Prime Minister/King/Sultan/Chairman Jerry Brown going to do when Mexico annexes the new nation of California?  Well, I’m sure they’d seek help from the Russians and ChiComs. 

Jim Acosta
CNN White House azzhat Jim Acosta who whined like a baby for days about the camera being shut off during the White House Daily Briefing showed why wanted the camera on.  It’s simple.  He wanted to preen on TV.  He got his butt handed to him by Stephen Miller yesterday in outtakes making the rounds this morning. 

Acosta tried to use the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty as means for attacking PDJT’s proposed immigration reform requiring new immigrants to speak English.  Acosta pointed out to Miller that the poem didn’t mention speaking English.  Okay, what language is poem written in Jim?  Does the poem carry the weight of law?  

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