Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lex on: gentrification; Venezuela; Lefty Libs siding with North Korea and Kim Jung Un

They don’t know much about anything, but Lefty Libs can debate everything
I know what Kyle Smith means in this piece, but all I kept think about is how the global warming scam where the unusually cool August we’re having in Ft. Wayne is attributed to -- drum roll please -- you got it, ta da, global warming, and that is the exact same tactic used by the left in the gentrification argument.  This must be the Lefty Libs idea of effective thought and rhetorical jujitsu used to when faced with the unassailable logic of the right thinking right. 

But when you are constructing political arguments to be used by nitwits, it helps when you only have to develop one per subject.  Every bit of evidence presented supports, nay PROVES global warming.  Even the snowflakes can master that. 

Smith’s argument on dealing with poor neighborhoods is the same.  Whatever whitey does in the hood is bad because he is white.  Got it?  Of course you do.  Whitey is bad no matter what, just like every type of study or current weather pattern supports proves global warming. 

The fall back argument, as always, is that the other guy is a fascist racist hater.  That’s all you need to know to debate anyone on any subject.  Be sure to shout the other guy down and break things during the “debate” to emphasize your point.

Venezuela exactly like American college campuses
Venezuela has established “truth commissions” to shut down debate and jail Mudaro’s opponents.  This sounds a lot like the tactics used by the disciples of radical Climate Cooling Warming Change Disruption, any American college campus or Google.

No, Lefty Libs are not anti-American, but they wouldn’t act any different if they were.
Used to be even the Lefty Libs sided with the West when nuclear disputes loomed with Commie bastards.  Not anymore.  When PDJT represents the West, the Lefty Libs are willing to take a lunatic like Kim Jong Un’s side.

The new meme with regard to North Korea and the US is that PDJT is going to get us all killed.  Hmm.  By get us “all” killed I don’t think the Lefty Libs mean anyone but other Lefty Libs.  I don’t think Kim can hit the heartland of America with his nukes.  They say he can range the left cost.  So when the Lefty Lib late night funny men claim PDJT is going to “get us all killed,” they mean they are in range of Kim’s arsenal.

Bottom line:  The Lefty Libs have become so unhinged from an ever worsening case of Trump Derangement Syndrome that they are actually willing to side with Kim.  Why?  Well because PDJT hasn’t continued the failed “strategic patience” policies of the last 40 years while dealing with North Korea.  We’ve patienced our way right up to the point that a lunatic can range the left cost.  When Hollywood is a smoldering pit, I suppose the Lefty Libs will urge restraint.  After all, look at how the land values outside the nuclear fallout ring just went through the roof.  Besides the North Korean strike ended all of that gentrification of LA.


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The Griffin said...

Discrimination in any form is wrong. Yet if you are white and male in Dayton, Ohio do not bother to apply as a firefighter or police officer. The city policies are racist. Plenty more examples too. The Griffin.