Monday, August 07, 2017

In MD, Dopes make clear why they support illegal immigration

O’Reilly’s new book: Killing America
The Demo-Dopes have a simple plan.  First let them in.  Then let them vote.  Mission Accomplished.  The “them” in this case are illegal aliens.  But hey when you think a poem in the base of the Statue of Liberty equals immigration law, this also makes perfect sense.

There was a time in America when only white land owning men could vote.  Sort of makes sense.  You cannot have the peasants voting for land reform.  Then only white men.   Then only men.  Ann Coulter traces the decline of America to 18 August, 1920.  That was the date that the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote, was ratified.  According to Coulter, that’s the date when America began to vote with its heart instead of its head.

This voting reform is a bit different.  Giving illegal aliens the vote is insane.  I suppose that the Dopes will want to give the illegals a onetime voter privilege for the referendum.  But illegals have probably been voting in the Dope dominated College Park (home of the U of Maryland) forever anyway, so…

The next step in this insane process for the Dopes will be to let illegals vote absentee by mail over a 6 month period, including chain voting for their dependents back in their country of origin.  After all, they have as much at risk as any American citizen.  Right?

What is absolutely amazing in all of this is that Americans will vote to have their vote cancelled by an illegal alien.  Well, truth be known, Dopes know that illegals, being a criminal element, are a reliable Dope voting bloc, so the only votes they will be cancelling are right-minded votes.  So what’s the harm?

This is the most blatant obvious bit of evidence of why Dopes want everyone who wanders across our border blessed as the salt of the Earth and the new American saviors.  This is what the Dopes have in mind.  They don’t give a crapola about Carlos - except that he’s a reliable Dope vote.  If Shrillda the Hutt were occupying the White House this BS would be a bill in the House and Senate right now and the usual Rat establishment Republican suspects would be signed on as co-sponsors.   

So, God bless PDJT, short comings and all and f**k the #NEVERTRUMP cabal of anti-American Caligula, D.C. azzhats. 

The indefatigable PDJT
I heard PDJT described as indefatigable.  That a good word for him.  You do not hear it very often, which makes it as much as an outlier as PDJT himself.  With zero support from his own party, PDJ has carried on tirelessly to do what he can to single handedly MAGA.

Tirelessly?  Lex, he’s on a 17 day vacation.  Well at least he didn’t schedule separate flights for the entire family.   In a post several under, Lex asked why congress needs to be in Caligula, D.C. to vote?  I suppose given modern technology, the same goes for POTUS.  I suspect for POTUS it’s a change of location rather than a vacation where most of us turn off the TV, radio, computer (except your daily Lex) and only check the cell to see if the kids or aged parents are OK. 

A magazine (Newweak I think) actually had a picture of PDJT in a Lazy Boy chair.  The inference is obvious.  So the guy making 6 stops a day in the last days of the Nov campaign, while his opponent was being propped up by Secret Service agents at one maybe two stops a day, is the lazy one.

The other meme of the #NEVERTRUMP idiots is that PDJT’s White House is in chaos and nothing is getting done.    By nothing they mean congressional action.  I know this because while rehabbing a bum knee at the gym I watched Fareed Zakaria on CNN.  Fareed was talking the phony as a Honus Wagner Tops baseball card AlGore. 

Zakaria made the point that PDJT White House wasn’t getting anything done, then whined about withdrawal from the Paris accord, opening of the Keystone and Dakota pipelines and his appointment of EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt to AlGore.  Seems to me PDJT is getting a lot done.  Freed just doesn’t it.  PDJT is getting a lot done and nearly all of it is peeing off all of the right people.

So, good on PDJT.   

Hands up don’t shoot…the movie
We know that the Lefty Libs control all things Hollywood.  So this article on Bruce Willis’ new take on an old movie – Death Wish – should surprise exactly no one.  The premise of the movie, it seems, is as phony as the MSM hyping the Michael Brown “hands up don’t shoot” BS.   

I ordered another sporting rifle.  Here’s why.
Okay it’s Michael Savage, but still, does the Caligula, D.C. ruling class really know what they are dealing with?  Answer:  No.

How do you send the IQ of an entire TV studio into negative numbers?  Invite Maxine Waters to be a guest.
Just when you thought the average IQ on The View couldn’t sink any lower, Maxine Waters shows up and the average plunges into negative numbers. 

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