Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The demise of the GOP control of the congress is over-blown

Lex can save the GOP.  It’s all marketing.  They do not have to achieve anything, and they won’t.  They just have to make Robertscare, Chuckels the clown Schumer and Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser the opponents. 

Look, Robertscare isn’t going to fix itself before Nov 2018.  It’s just going to get worse.  Premiums are going to continue to rise and insurers are going to continue to flee the market.  Robertscare is the brain child of and wholly owned by the Dopes.   The 2018 Campaign slogan for conservatives challenging Dopes and conservatives challenging Rat establishment Republicans in primaries is simply:  I am the 51st vote.

Then the right thinking conservatives link their opponents with Chuckles the clown Schumer and Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser – yeah even the ReR opponents.  These weasels are nothing more than an organ grinder’s dancing monkeys performing to whatever tune Chuckles the clown Schumer happens to be grinding out.  Some photo shop expert could make a gif with a smiling Chuckles the clown's face over the body of an organ grinder and the Dope/ReR opponent’s face photo shopped over his dancing monkey.   TAG LINE:  Does WV really want to give one of its votes in the senate to Chuckles the clown?

I’m not a thieving liar, so I cannot be a politician, but I think that approach can be effective.  Run against the establishment of both parties.  The photo above pretty much captures the sentiment.

Support swamp drainers
There are a lot of accomplishments already under PDJT’s belt.  Perhaps the most important, after Justice Gorsuch, is exposing the Rat establishment Republicans for the complicit Demo-Dope Lites that they are.

Danny Tarkanian is taking on a swamp creature in Nevada.  Roy Moore is taking on the swamp’s own Mitch McConnell endorsed candidate in Alabama.  (Oddly PDJT came out for Moore’s opponent.) 

I sent Tark $10.  If we can generate the same kind of matching support that we generated for the Murkowski recall petition, we could generate another $10 for Tark.
The most important issue in the world
No, not North Korea threatening to attack Guam or another terror attack in Paris.  A mere global crisis of nuclear war and the religion of peace raising its ugly head again pale in comparison to Colin Kaepernick not being signed by any NFL team to date. 

The learned Lefty Libs at ESPN are all aghast that the Kaep hasn’t been signed.  Why?  The guy has been relegated to back up status.   His TD to Int. ratio of late proves he that he is apparently not all that accurate of a passer.  Add that NFL career killing stat to the fact that the guy is just a PR nightmare and the Kaep’s lack of a contract makes perfect sense. 

But for the ESPN and other Lefty Lib sports talkers, a washed up QB isn’t washed up if he’s half black and publicly sports an anti-American political bent.  In that case the washed up QB becomes a symbol of how racist America and the NFL remain.  Oh, and it’s all PDJT’s fault for good measure.

I don’t really know if Kaep is washed up.  The fact that no NFL team has signed him leads me to that conclusion.  His politics have nothing to with it.  The NFL is a pretty pure meritocracy.  They will deal with just about anything if a guy can play.  The Kaep hasn’t been signed, so I conclude that he’s not all that good a QB. 

But Lex, he played in the Super Bowl.  I played on some pretty good high school teams.  That fact didn’t make me an all-star player.  I remained a mediocre player on a good team.  Perhaps the same can be said for Kaep’s Super Bowl experience.  Also remember, San Fran and Kaep were headed to one the biggest azzwhippins in Super Bowl history before the lights mysteriously went out.

Assuming that no NFL team has signed Kaep because he’s a half black anti-American dope is like concluding the NFL is anti-Catholic because Lex cannot get a multimillion dollar contract to play linebacker.  No.  I can’t get a multimillion dollar contract to play linebacker in the NFL, because I can’t play linebacker in the NFL.  Religion has nothing to do with it my case, and suspect that race has nothing to with it in Kaep’s case.

Here’s my crazy take on this.  White sports broadcasters, particularly those who can’t and who never could play the sports they cover, are white interlopers in a world dominated by talented black men playing the sports that they cover.  So in order to get some cred with the community that they cover but could never play, the Max Kellerman’s, Dick Vitale’s and Skip Bayless’s of the sports talker world come out and call the Kaep’s failure to be signed another clear case of the latent racism that remains in America.

If Kaep were white no one would give a rat’s patooty if he were signed or not.  He’s a second string QB for crying out loud.  Who cares?  Lefty Lib race baiters and pathetic guilty white sports-world interlopers seeking cred in word dominated by black players – that’s who.

Prediction:   When the usual carnage of NFL QBs begins as early as the preseason, the Kaep will be signed and assume his rightful position on the depth chart – a backup to the backup QB.  Then the Lefty Libs will begin to complain about him not being the starter on a better team. 

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