Friday, August 11, 2017

Maxine Waters is the only answer to the North Korean issue

PDJT is a madman!  He actually thinks lunatics with nukes ought to be confronted rather than appeased.  Has he learned nothing from Neville Chamberlain?  Can’t he just give the North Korean Dear Leader another nuclear power plant and hundreds of billions of dollars to pursue his dreams of destroying America (a la Billyboy Billbo Clinton) and save other Lefty Libs the trouble?   

PDJT’s crazy confrontation of with the reasonable Kim Jung Un is going to get us all killed.  What right does America, with its uneven capitalistic distribution of wealth, have to lecture the Communist Utopia of North Korea, where everyone is equal?  Besides as America is more and more becoming a nation of the obese.  Look how trim North Koreans are.   We should model ourselves after them.

What needs to be done is to dispatch America’s last learned diplomat – Maxine Waters – to North Korea to discover what Kim Jung Un demands and ensure him we will supply it. Maxine Waters is America's last best chance to appease Kim.

Appeasement has worked so far.  Why mess with a policy that has kept us out of war so far?

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