Friday, August 04, 2017

Caligula, D.C.'s desire to destroy the country

Two things happened yesterday that have my spidey senses on edge.  1) The unbound Special Counsel empaneled to look into everything and anything in the universe has empaneled a grand jury in search of a crime sufficient to remove PDJT from office.  2) PDJT rallied his base last night in WV.

I’m not sure Muller, the Demo-Dopes, the Rat establishment Republicans, MSM, Hollywood…well, all of the usual suspects...appreciate the dynamite that they are playing with.  They’ve wondered into the Acme dynamite shed and are now, Wile E. Coyote like, looking for the exit with a lit match.

Do the usual suspects think the PDJT base – like those in WV last night - is just going to sit back quietly and allow their guy to be removed from office based on some trumped up possibly decades old charges dug up by Muller that have not one damn to do with 2016 election, which was the pretext of his investigation?  If they go after PDJT for financial crimes without looking into the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, all hell will break loose.

I’m not sure the ruling class weasels who have had a death grip on Caligula, D.C. for the last 50 years understand that we’re not going to sit back and take it while they remove our guy from office.  PDJT has power of the pardon.  If indictments are handed down on his family etc., he should just grant them a full & complete pardon 10 minutes after the indictment is announced. 

If PDJT is indicted, we should have the 63 million man march on Caligula, D.C. with pitch forks and torches and put the fear of nationwide civil unrest in the hearts of the Caligula, D.C. azzweasels.  I dunno.  I own several pitchforks, but I’ll probably be busy that day, but it’s a good idea. 

Per usual, ReRs are less than zero help.  The ReR know nothing, do nothing, be nothing controlled congress has devised a scheme whereby they will not actually recces in Aug.  The ReRs will reconvene every three days in order to deny PDJT any recess appointments.  WTF?  Did they even do that when The Empty Suit was ruining the country?  McConnell can’t move PDJT’s nominations, so now he’s going to make sure the president can’t either.

Not to be out done by the Left-Left Wing of the ReR Party, known as the Demo-Dope Party, ReRs are ginning up their own unconstitutional legislation to prevent PDJT from firing Muller.  YGBSM.  These azzweasles abrogate their absolute constitutional duty to declare war for the last 60 years, but they want the extra constitutional authority to tell the president he cannot fire employees of the executive branch?

I do not advise PDJT to fire Muller.  PDJT should use his pardon power to make the fruits of Muller’s over-priced witch hunt worthless. 

Lex noted that the government needs wide spread use of a lie detector to abate the daily leaks.  In addition it occurred to me that indiscriminately firing 10 Clinton/The Empty Suit holdovers in the NSC and State Dep might be a good policy. 

State Dep: Jim you gotta go.

 Jim:  But I didn’t leak.

State Dep:  Maybe not.  You gotta go.  10 people like you will go for every leak.  Spread the word. 

Jim:  But I didn’t do it.

State Dep.  I don’t care.  People have to know that they are messing with innocent people’s lives.  Collect your stuff and get out.  You have 30 minutes.  Security will very publicly see you to the door.  You’re done.  Send in Frank on your way out.

Lex you cannot be serious.  You’re advocating the punishment of potentially innocent people.  First off, yeah.  Second off, they are not “innocent.”  They are Clinton/The Empty Suit holdovers.  They should have been fired day one anyway.

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