Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Republican need an effective truth teller

Harry this war is lost Reid is in a huff because John Boehner won’t play ball with the senate, that and the shirt Barney Frank wore in the pic below was his. Now it’s all stretched out. So the bike riding, pomegranate sucking, cowboy poetry reading land thief took to the airwaves to bash Boehner for not being able to “control his caucus.”

Were I a Demo-Dope senator, I’d PO’d. The obvious inference is that Harry the scrawny one can “control Demo-Dopes in the senate.” This is a perfect opening for an Allen West truth teller. Link Joe Manchin, Ben Nelson, Clair McCaskill and Jon Tester to Harry (budget? We don’t need no stinkin’ budget) Reid.

It seems to me, any time that this worthless dirt bag opens his sewer slit, it’s a perfect time for some Republican to ask, “Mr. Leader, (insert air quotes over leader) how’s the senate budget coming along this year? It’s been over 1,000 days since the senate produced a budget. Until you do you can go to hell. By your own words you are running with a pack of lemmings, yet you still cannot produce a budget. Too busy enriching yourself with shady land deals?” I don’t now why there are so few Republicans willing to stick it to this creep.

Hell Republicans won’t even make the case that the Dopes are trying to de-fund Social Security. Why the FICA tax? Why not a three month income tax withholding holiday? That would put real money in the hands of the working class. They go after FICA because the Dopes and sadly the Reps know that they can raise that tax to “keep social security from going broke” a lot easier than the income tax.

They don’t have it in them to stick to this pile of bovine crap. They won’t do it. I don’t know why. It is such a target rich environment. Not having an effective spokesperson willing to tell the truth about puss oozing scabs pretending to be public servants like Harry Reid, Pelosi, Holder, Biden and the P-BO is one of the great disappointments of being conservative for the last 40 years.

But hey it’s Christmas let’s wrap our awards

Guy Lex would most like to have a beer with: Well anyone, but Mike Rowe the Dirty Jobs and Ford spokesguy seems like he’d be a hoot.

Guy Lex would most like to have over for dinner with the family: Tim Tebow. I’d invite him on a Tues night and after dinner take him to our Scout meeting unannounced. There’s not a better example for young men. Of course he’d take me to task for this page, but hey I’m willing to put up with that for Lex jr. and the others to have the opportunity to meet this great man.

Lex’s Person of the year: Time picked the protestor. I’ll go them one better. I pick the protestor crapping on the cop car. Nothing captured the OWS movement better. An unwashed pant load crapping on public property. Who is supposed to clean up after him? Does he think one of the 1% is going to clean that car? He is the 99% of the people involved in that movement. As such, if you see a sale on ammo, stock up. They will be back with a vengeance in the spring.

It’s Christmas. It almost got by me this year.  Enough of this stuff until after the New Year.
 Here’s the true meaning of Christmas captured perfectly by a cartoon character.
And this great Christmas song.
Merry Christmas to all.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More questions equals more racism, can one guy really be this stupid and a top 10 list

Surprise, Eric the wad holder is playing the race card. The ONLY reason those nasty people are asking questions I don’t want to answer is because the idiot in the WH and I have the same skin color. Well there’s a theory, if you’re going to lie, base the lie in truth. The P-BO is in the WH, like the wad, he’s an idiot who happens to be black. The wad is a disgusting incompetent douche. Sadly those are the three most important characteristics to work for the P-BO.

Conspiracy theory #11:
The wad knows that the P-BO was in on the ground floor of Fast and Furious. That’s why he’s stonewalling. That’s why he refuses to resign under circumstances that would have anyone with an ounce of integrity or shred of honor handing in his papers. The P-BO can’t fire the wad's worthless lying @$$ because who knows what the next guy will do. They will ride out the election year. If the P-BO wins, he’ll give the wad a medal of freedom to keep him quiet and appoint Moochelle the new AG to keep F&F quiet and bury the evidence. You have to be a completely useless idiot to work in this administration.

To wit, the slowest of all Joes, Joe shovel ready Biden said something so stupid it hit a 10 on the Richter scale of idiocy:

“Look, the Taliban per se is not our enemy. That’s critical. There is not a single statement that the president has ever made in any of our policy assertions that the Taliban is our enemy because it threatens U.S. interests.”

Wow Joe that was really, really stupid, even by your standards. The Taliban are not our enemy? Then why do we have a 10 million dollar reward out on the head of Mullah Omar? Why is it against the law to provide material support for Taliban? Who have we been killing in Afghanistan for the last 10 years?

Today’s end of year award- the top 10 people who have been taken seriously by the media this year but shouldn’t be:

10. Any Kardashian (Yet, they are a more serious source than what follows)

9. Al NOT SO SHARPton (Race hustling pimp.)

8. Sean Penn (I don't know why, but when Sean bung plug Penn meets with Hugo or Fidel it's news.  Flash to MSM, Sean Penn is not a State Dept. rep.)

7. Any representative of OWS  (More interviews with the guy crapping on the police car please.)

6. Jesse Hymietown Jackson (Race hustling pimp now thankfully nearly a has been.)

5. Barney Frank (The pic tells about all you need to know on this one.)

4. Moochelle the 1st P-BO (The 1st nanny is known for her “let’s move” program. I’m all for it as long as it’s “let’s move the P-BO out of the WH.")

3. Thomas L. my head is flat Freidman (Never has one commie lover been so wrong about so much, yet been treated so fawningly by MSM dolts.)

2. Anyone stupid enough to deliver the line “the debate is over” about global warm-mongering. (See post under on most under reported story.)

1. And the number one person taken seriously by the MSM that has absolutely no credibility on any subject - even himself - is:
The slowest of all Joes, Joe shovel ready Biden (Never in the history of man has someone so stupid risen so high for no apparent reason and spent so much time talking to prove he’s not an idiot and in the process only proven that he’s a much bigger idiot than we ever thought. In a debate on any subject, Biden would make Homer Simpson look like Charles Krauthammer.)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tyrant dies of over work and Lex's end of the year awards

Kim Jong Il is dead. What? Dead?! We didn’t even know Kim Jong was ill. Rim shot. Apparently the dear leader died of fatigue from physical and mental over work. Unless playing golf badly is counted as work, we don’t have to worry about our own dear dope suffering any such demise. You can expect the Thomas L. my head is flat Freidman types to write an obit along these lines: “Like the Chinese that I love and admire and think we ought to emulate, Kim did great things for N Korea. Sure hundreds of thousands starved or were murdered, and the world was on constant nuclear alert while this genius was running things, but admit it, nobody did a parade better. The US should learn from Kim.” Good riddance to another of the world’s tyrants.

The end of the year is near. Let’s see if we can catch up on some stuff.

 A pictorial metaphor for green energy.  Wind turbine blows up because wind blew too hard.

Most under reported story: Global warm-mongering HOAX
Canada has pulled out of Kyoto. More damning e-mails have been produced exposing the warm-mongers for the deceitful lying @$$bags that they are. In the last 10 years even the manipulating lying scumbags (aka AlGore) cannot demonstrate any rise in global temperatures, making Mann’s BS hockey stick graph on global warming look more like the perfectly even hockey blue line. Economic conditions around the world even have global warm-mongers saying, WTF we still need jobs, and cars to get to the jobs. There is one “green jobs” fiasco after another like Solyndra and the hyper expensive and foreign made Fisker auto that wasted hundreds of billions of taxpayer money. But at least they were not catching fire like the overpriced, government subsidized and backed Chevy volt, not too dissimilar from the picture above.

Yet, Libs, media know nothings, and their public school educated legions are still insisting that the end is near if everyone does not return to an agrarian economy and ride bikes, everyone that is except for them. This is a clear case of too many people having invested so much into a non-sense theory that they’d rather see the world economy crash than to admit they were wrong. I mean if they back track on global warm-mongering what’s next? If science proves them to be the lying scumbags that they are with regard to global warm-mongering, science may go so far as to prove that a baby is in fact a baby. Then they’d really be screwed.

Most over reported story: OWS is just like the Tea party
No it isn’t. First off, the media and Demo-Dope tried to kill off the Tea Party branding them everything from Nazis to racists. Yet the Tea Party continues to grow in numbers. The MSM and Demo-Dopes have embraced the OWS losers up to the point that it has become clear that doing so was a political risk.  Now that a large percentage of Americans are sick of the vermin scum that make up the movement, the Dopes have backed away. OWS say they are the 99%. True, they are 99% of all the unwashed losers in America.

Lex’s Person of the Year for Ill (Not Kim Jong): The P-BO
While running the country 15 TRILLION DOLLARS INTO DEBT, that’s $48,000 per citizen, the P-BO has wrecked the economy, weakened the military, encouraged the decline of American influence around the world and encouraged the division of Americans along racial, social, economic and educational lines here at home. Way to go Barry. You’re doing a heck of a job. He has an idiot for VP by design. He has a lying, racist, buffoon who is an accomplice to murder for Attorney General. He has laden the government with scores of unelected unconfirmed czars who have written volumes of job killing regulations designed more to keep lawyers employed than to protect anything. It’ll take years, perhaps decades, to unravel the harm these people have done.

Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm not sure I'd trust myself, let alone half-wit, with this kind of power

No, I didn’t watch it, the debate that is. I went with some friends to stuff food baskets last night. Then we headed to a local sports bar to watch Thursday night football. We gave up that activity when the score reached the 41-0 mark. We came back to the compound for a nightcap that went until 2 am with two IN boys arguing about the virtues or lack there-of, of Bobby Knight.  IN people are funny about basketball.  I was supposed to be the tie breaker.  You'd have to plumb the depths of the Marianas Trench to imigine how little I care about college basketball.  But here's my tie breaker - Knight went to the Ohio State University, so I sided with Bobby.

I haven’t had time to even look too deeply into who the pundits say won last night. It’s all much ado about nothing. Voting starts soon, and voters can begin telling us who they think the debate winner was with their votes.

There are two items in the news this morning that need more attention than the 35 Republican candidates each claiming to be more like Reagan than the others.

Item 1: Apparently the US Congress has declared the United States is a battlefield in the war on terror. In doing so, they have established that American citizens on American soil can be snatched up by the military, held indefinitely and without charge. This is the kind of crap that gives Ron Paul a fighting chance to win the Iowa caucus. If Ron Paul never had to declare a stance on Israel, Iran or other foreign policy, he’d be ahead of the field by double digits.

Now, who do you suppose this in-Justice Dept. led by a clueless buffoon would be asking the military to round up? Certainly not the merchants of “workplace violence” like Maj. Hassan. And not voter intimidators like the New Black Panthers. The guy who’d be squarely in the sites of this DOJ would be Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Item2: That’s right. The DOJ has just released a three year investigation on America’s toughest sheriff, Joe Arpaio. And guess what they found? Raaaaaacism and bigotry. I know. It’s shocking that it took this menagerie of @$$clowns three years to put out a report that they had already written before they asked the first person a single question.

So we’ve got congress OKing the military to snatch and grab US citizens on US soil and detain them forever without a charge and the wad calling Arpaio a racist and bigot for enforcing AZ law. Do you suppose these two might be connected? Do you suppose these things might have a chilling effect on political debate? After all who is the Commander in Chief of the military who is going to be doing the snatching? One Barry the boob Obama. And who is it that is supposed to be protecting us from kidnapping and unlawful detention? One Eric the wad Holder. Come on now, does anyone with half a brain think that is going to end well for America?

And remember it was Republicans in the house who went along with this BS. So you cannot even expect them to come to your defense. When you hear this stuff, you have to give Ron Paul a serious look. I am well aware of Paul’s tinfoil hat foreign policy, but my goodness this stuff is just creepy. If this crap isn’t rolled back, foreign policy won’t matter, because there cannot be an American foreign policy if there is no America.

What passed me by today:

Missing your favorite tv show: Remember when you had to dash home to catch the one show you'd never miss on tv? You don't have to do that any more.  First came the video recorder, but you couldn’t even figure out how to get that damned thing to stop flashing 12:00 in a rhythm that you swear was programmed by engineers to mockingly say F*&k when it was lit and you when it dimmed. You had no chance of ever correctly recording your favorite show. Now you can go to Hulu or place a four digit code that corresponds to your favorite show in your DVR and it’ll record that code anytime it comes up on any channel. If that weren’t fool proof enough, and let’s face what is, cable channels record the shows for you and all you have to do is look them up.

Floppy then 3” discs: I don’t have any of the 5” floppy discs anymore. I do have an entire box of 3” hard discs, mostly with pictures on them. I’m looking at my computer there’s not even a port to load such things anymore. I’m going to have to get some after market drive to read the things if I ever want to get anything off them. Sort of like dad’s 8 track bolted under the ashtray.

Walkman: How many of those things do have lying in drawer somewhere? I Have a walkman with cassette player, with a CD player, and an mp3 player all wadded in drawer with wires everywhere. I-pod killed them all, mercilessly.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I know! Let's have another debate and ask the same questions for two hours.

Lemmesee, it’s Thursday. It’s been, what, four days since the last one.  There must be a Republican candidate’s debate tonight. This one is on Fox. For some reason people still believe the baby splitter network has more sway with a conservative audience than say, PMSNBC.

I don’t know why. The last Fox debate was an embarrassment for the network. It had the same none sense questions as all of the other debates. It tried it’s best to pit candidate against candidate rather against the real problem – the P-BO.

I’m going to watch this one start to finish. I predict the winner will be the candidate who refuses to take the bait to bash fellow conservatives and turns questions that attempt to do so on the P-BO.

Question: “Newt, Mitt called you ‘zany’ the other day. Would you like to take this opportunity to call Mitt a name?”

Answer: “No. I’ll tell you what’s zany, being 15 trillion dollars in debt. I’ll tell you what’s zany, asking the Slowest of all Joe’s, Joe shovel ready Biden to be your VP. I’ll tell you what’s zany, having an accomplice to murder as your Attorney General. I’ll tell you what’s zany, an American president bending and bowing to every thug, king, sultan, dictator, emperor and emir that crosses his path. By comparison, I’d look quite normal even if I and my entire cabinet piled out of one those clown cars at the Capitol Building for my first State of the Union address.”

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman let lose this stream hate speech in some left wing Jewish journal;

If Tebow wins the Super Bowl, against all odds, it will buoy his faithful, and emboldened faithful can do insane things, like burning mosques, bashing gays and indiscriminately banishing immigrants.

Wow, Rabbi J, I couldn’t agree more. After all, we know it was those crazed Tebowers who gunned down a dozen people at Ft. Hood in one of the worst cases of work place violence ever right after Tebow lost to AL in the 2009 SEC Championship game.

ASIDE: The dopes in the P-BO administration called the Ft. Hood shootings “work place violence.” I’m not surprised. Just after the shootings, the Chief of Staff of the Army and Elmer Fudd look alike Gordon Sullivan, told reporters that the real tragedy of the Ft. Hood shootings would be if it set back the Army’s efforts at diversity. Fudd, uh, Sullivan should have been fired on the spot. Not only for sponsoring “diversity efforts” that kept a lunatic Islamo-Terror-Fascist in the ranks but also for his off the wall insensitive remarks. So no, after the P-BO let Sullivan’s criminally stupid remarks go un-rebuked, I am not one little bit surprised that the administration called the murder of a dozen US citizens at the hands of a ITF “work place violence.”

Just one more example of the PC cowards that populate the general officer corps of our armed forces.

I’m back on track now. For the record, I do not believe God favors Tebow on the football field. As I once heard during the prayer before a NASCAR race from a fan behind me, “God don’t give a shit who wins this race.” Well said, my friend. Have another beer. But I do believe in the power of prayer, and I believe a lot of people pray for Tebow.

Today's things passed by.
Pagers: Recall when all of the cool and important people, ok and drug dealers carried pagers? Gone.

Developing photos: I remember taking film from my, 110, then my 35mm, into the drug store to be developed. You could get it back in three days or pay extra to have it in 24 hours. Now you look at photos instantly and shoot another picture if it didn’t turn out like you wanted.

Spare tires that look like tires: The donut tire has replaced the full sized spare tire. It saves cost and saves weight in the trunk. But come on, admit it.  You’re disappointed when car guy tells you, “No it doesn’t come with a full sized spare tire. If you want one those, buy a pick up.”

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Wad encouraging voter fraud

Well as usual there are a lot of things going on. So many in fact, it’s hard to focus on one thing. I guess the really big one this morning is that accomplice to the murder of border patrol agent, Eric the wad Holder is set to challenge any state voter ID law that requires a person to:

Produce an ID
Prove he is a resident of the state
Resident of the voting precinct
Legal US citizen
Of legal age to vote
Hasn’t already voted

While the wad sees nothing wrong with New Black Panther thugs standing outside polling places with clubs, he is concerned about state efforts to ensure those voting have a legal right to do so. He is more concerned about illegal aliens and criminals getting to vote than he is about your vote being diluted by Demo-Dope sponsored, organized and supported voter fraud and intimidation.

Here in the US, for the last 40 years, we have had a government that will not control our border. Now we have an administration that - not only will not control the border - but will sue several states who try to do the Feds job for them. They will sue other states for making an effort to identify people not in the country legally – EVEN AFTER THEY HAVE BROKEN THE LAW.

Now the wad is, not only encouraging illegals to enter the country, he is encouraging them vote illegally. This falls right into place with several of Lex’s conspiracy theories – don’t ask which ones. I have numbered them, but I don’t have a clue which is which number. Let’s say theories numbers 3, 6 and 8. One theory called for the P-BO to win the election through voter fraud and intimidation. This action by the wad fits.

Americans have to produce at least three forms of identification to hop a plane overseas. That activity will cause little or no impact on the nation as a whole. We have to produce identification to write a check at the Kroger, or rent a de-thatching machine from Taylor Rental. None of that is being challenged by the wad. The only thing this miscreant is worried about is people having to produce identification at a polling place during an election that will determine the fate of the nation.

Either he brings suit against ever having to produce an ID for any reason; or he requires it only in cases where the national interest is at stake – LIKE VOTING; or he requires ID for everything. Cherry picking voter ID is being done for one reason and one reason only – TO ENCOURAGE DEMO-DOPE VOTER FRAUD.

We all know that dopes want felons to vote, because criminals are major dope voting block. We all know that they leave the border unsecured and encourage voter fraud among the illegals entering the country because those people are a special un-prosecuted subset of the first group – criminals. Now the wad wants open borders and open voting to the world. How long can we last?

Items passé

Mail boxes: I remember living in CA and running to the corner mail box to drop bills in. Today I don’t even know for sure where the closest mail box to the compound is located. I’ll bet it’s at the post office.

Telephone booths: I recall rows and rows of them at airports right off every jetway, shopping malls had two or three locations with a dozen or so phones in each and they were set up at strategic street corners. Quick, where is the nearest phone booth? There may not be one.

Burning leaves: With this bunch, burning leaves is probably a bigger crime than voting illegally. As a kid, I used to see neighbors burning leaves at the curb every year. Three years in suburbia before escaping and not one leaf burning experience. We burn massive amounts of leaves here at the compound. I suspect satellite surveillance will have the Feds closing in on us by 2012 or 13.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Third party means four more years

Glenn Beck’s a funny guy - funny as in ha, ha and funny as in peculiar. Of late, in addition to advice on how to ride through the coming financial doom, he’s taken to a “nobody is good enough for me” approach to the Republican primary. Well, I shouldn’t say nobody. He’s a Bachmann, Santorum supporter of sorts. I should say he doesn’t support anybody who can actually win the primary.

Yesterday, he about knocked me off my lunch when alluded that he’d support a Ron Paul third party bid before he supported a Romney or Gingrich candidacy. YGBSM. You had better think that through Glenn. A third party run by any credible center right candidate is likely to hand the P-BO another four years.

Beck’s reasoning is that the mainstream Republican candidates are the same as the Demo-Dopes with the exception being the speed at which they’d drive the car over the cliff. Fine I’m with you. How many times has Lex posted the Boehner/Slowest Joe pic to make that very point? However, with time comes a better opportunity to, at some point, apply the breaks. A third party vote will accelerate our course toward destruction and thereby limit future opportunities to apply the breaks or grab the steering wheel.

I will not be at the bottom of the cliff in a smoldering heap proudly stating that I helped accelerate the crash by voting my principles in 2012. Vote your principles in the primary. Then, do the right thing for the country. If you cannot vote “for” the Republican, cast a vote “against” the P-BO. We should have but one principle in the 2012 election; send the P-BO and clueless clan packing. Guess what Glenn? We won’t get there with a third party candidate.

Things that have passed us by
I remember my siblings and me laughing at mom and dad and the shoe box of 8 track tapes they kept handy for drives in their Custom Cruiser with the after market 8 track player bolted up under the ash tray. I recalled this treasured memory when Lex jr hopped into my truck, shut off the CD player and plugged his i-pod into the dash. What the hell I thought, I’m my dad. What else has passed us by? In addition to the bits of stunning insight you get from the lead, as above, I’ll be adding some things that have gone the way of the buggy whip and three pronged pitchfork. Today’s installment:

Prank calls: Who hasn’t had the joy of calling a crazy number and asking, “Is your refrigerator running?” “Well then you better hang up and go catch it!” HILLARIOUS! Or calling the drug store and asking if they had Prince Albert in a can. “Better let him out. He can’t breath.” Or the best, calling your sister’s business pretending to be an out of work, un-bonded, redneck plumber willing to “work around” the bonding issue for a side job or two?

Since the inclusion of caller ID on nearly every phone these days, the joy of the prank call is nearly gone. I suppose I could borrow a buddy’s phone to call the Handy Andy and ask if they install outhouses, “Cuz I need one bad. The toilet here is stopped up bad after taco night, an the wife’s family is comin’ over for the big game. I was just gunna have em use the compost pile out back, but the wife wants sumpin a bit more formal.”

Sadly, it’s taps for the prank call as we knew it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

George Stephanopolis suddenly concerned about marital infedelity

Apparently there was another debate Saturday night. It was moderated by ABC hacks George taxes are investments Stephanopolis and Diane how can they call it for Bush Sawyer. The debate had a segment where the candidates were asked about marital infidelity. It was a set up for the candidates to take a gratuitous swipe at the new GOP frontrunner thrice married Newt Gingrich.

No one offered the, “George, why don’t ask that question to your former boss” defense. Or the “YGBSM George. You worked for the biggest philandering, lying, raping, disbarred, alley cat who ever – not just lived in the White House – but probably ever even stepped foot in the White House. Now you expect us to believe that you have suddenly grown a conscience about these things? Get back to me when you find out what your former boss thinks about such things” defense. Or the “I don’t care if they were in a threesome with Jerry Sandusky, they’d be a far, far better choice than the sack of crap currently occupying the White House” defense.

They all pretty much took the bait and ripped away. Oddly, the guy who didn’t was Mitt Romney. Even odder, Newt himself was contrite with a bunch of, “I’ve made mistakes…” hooey. By bringing Billy Boy put some ice on it Clinton into the discussion, Newt was given the perfect opportunity to lay waste to the media in general and George S. in particular as the hypocritical turd merchants they are, and by doing so, gain 3 points in the polls. For some reason, he passed it up.

The other big news out of the debate was Romney betting Perry $10,000 in regards to the Texas Governor’s insistence that Romney has been inconsistent on his position on the individual health insurance mandate. The media is aghast that Romney would plop down 10 large of his own money on stage in a bet with Perry. They couldn’t care less about the P-BO betting a trillion of taxpayer money on a failed stimulus plan. They seem even less concerned as to whether or not Perry’s accusation against Romney is true.  Screw Perry's accusation. Who cares if it's true or not?   Romney just bet 10 grand!!!!  That's the real story here.

Look, we’ve all done this. Some loud mouth keeps saying the Green Bay Packers beat the Denver Broncos in the 1963 Super Bowl. Knowing the first Super Bowl wasn't even played until 1967 and it was between the Packers and the Chiefs, you bet 5 million just to shut the guy up. The difference is that Romney can actually pay the bet off, but like you, he knows he isn’t going to have to. The idea is to just shut the dope up, because he won’t take the bet. The larger the sum of money wagered the more certain you are likely to be about the outcome. It’s like betting the field in a horse race then taking a side bet with your dad that you have the winning ticket "right here" in your pocket. Your money on the side bet is pretty safe.

And it’s these media @$$wipes who think it’s Trump that’s not qualified to run a debate.

Friday, December 09, 2011

The Friday round up

Affirmative Action advancee advocates all are alike
There is irony everywhere in the world today. The Griffin pointed out the irony of the P-BO talking about “fairness.” There is nothing so ironic as our own know nothing, do nothing, be nothing, Nobel Prize winning, affirmative action pass through - King Weasel himself - delivering a speech on fairness.

The King Dope who has been pushed to the head of every line he has ever encountered his entire worthless life talks about “fairness.” Let’s face it, if life were “fair,” this dope would be on parole, smoking a joint while riding a scooter down the back allies of a Hawaiian village looking for a job. Instead he’s hopping Air Force One to sneak McDonald’s hamburgers and play golf.

With his meager academic achievements, how did young Barry get into Columbia? By pushing ahead of several white kids who were much smarter, that’s how. Is that fair? How did B-HO become an editor on Harvard Law Review? By the color of his skin, that’s how. Is that “fair.”

Then there’s the whole Nobel Peace Prize thing. Can anyone, with a straight face, say that the committee’s 2009 decision was “fair”? OK, every bit as “fair” as AlGore’s. In both cases, you had people competing for the award by working a lifetime fighting disease in Africa, Chinese dissidents who have been jailed and tortured, Arabs who risk their lives to promote interfaith understanding and peace. But, the committee gives its most cherished award to…who? They award it to some creepy dope without a single life’s accomplishment. Peace? Ha! The sail eared, walking, talking piece of detritus sat in pew of a church where hate was actively being preached week in and week out, year after year.

Now he’s going to lecture us on “fairness”? WTF? (Win the future.)  Next thing you know, Jon Corzine will be lecturing us on the need to be careful when investing our money.

Lying liar lies about lying
Yesterday Attorney General Eric the wad Holder denied that anybody at the Department of Justice lied about Fast and Furious. That of course is a lie. The wad did admit that the DOJ sent “inaccurate information” to Congress. Well come on. How many of us haven’t changed our story when we get caught lying. We either tell the truth then throw ourselves on the mercy of the cops, judge or mom and dad, or we come up with another lie. As it is his nature, the wad just changed his lie. The wad doesn’t seem to be too concerned that a Border Patrol agent was killed by HIS screw up. I wonder how concerned he’d be if these weapons started showing up in DC? I wonder how concerned he’d be if it was his skinny, worthless and cowardly ass being shot at?

Big butt bag befuddled by burger buys
Uh Oh, Moochelle the 1st P-BO is not going to like this. McDonald’s profits are up more than 7% in Nov. That makes sense. Even Lex stops by the golden arches during the Christmas season rush for fries and a Coke. Oh yeah, the family dog had a vet appointment earlier this week. Poor George was pretty traumatized by the whole ordeal. So, I stopped and got him a McDs hamburger and we split the fries. Who knows how much of McD’s boost is due to non-human consumption? Anyway, I’m quite happy that Americans are speaking with their food choices and with them they are shouting at the 1st nanny, Moochelle, “mind your own f&^king business, b!&ch

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Saving Social Security by making it go broke faster

In 2010, Social Security actually paid out more than it took in. The reason this happened can be summed up in three letters - P-BO. The specifics are bit harder to assess. Fewer workers means less tax being paid into the system for sure, but unreported cash deals contribute as well. Also illegal aliens, salt of the earth that we all know they are, may not be paying into the system for doing the construction jobs Americans won’t do.

As we continue our economic decline under Dopealus Maximus who has managed to fill his entire administration without including anyone who has successfully held a private sector job. If ever there was a case for a class action discrimination suite, it seems to me, private sector employers and employees could successfully bring one against the P-BO administration.

I saw something shiny and veered off point for a second there. I’m back. As we continue our economic decline under Dopealus Maximus, the Social Security intake to payout situation is likely to get worse. We’re entering the bubble where more and more people are eligible to draw Social Security and fewer and fewer people are working to pay those benefits. If you believe there is lockbox somewhere in Washington DC that has your name on it with your Social Security money in it, I’ve got three mint Ferraris just back from Japan that I can sell you. See the post two under.

So Social Security, like everything else under the numbskull regime, is a mess. What’s the P-BO’s answer for clearing up the mess? Simple, stop paying into the Social Security fund altogether. How else would you fix a problem? The first thing you always do is make the problem worse. Then you make it crisis. Then you hire a “commission” of old fart retired Washington insiders who have contributed to creating the crisis to come up with a plan for fixing the crisis they created. Then you ignore the commission’s recommendations. Sound familiar?

The P-BOs idea for insuring Social Security and buying votes is to have people stop paying into the system. He wants to extend the payroll tax holiday that has been in place for a year. Fine, I’m all for it. Cut it, burn it, stomp it into the ground, throw it out, and never bring it back. Create accounts for young people to pay into that they own at age 65 or whatever.

None of that will ever happen though. There’s a reason the P-BO wants to cut the payroll tax. He knows the Republicans will have to, at some point, agree to raise taxes to cover the shortfall he is now creating. You cannot not pay into the system for years and then expect draw funds from the system down the road.

So the Republicans face a dilemma. They can do the responsible thing and say, “Look if you expect to draw from the system down the road, you need to start paying into the system now.” Or they can extend the tax break now, then raise the tax later. That option will be the most onerous, because whenever the tax goes up, you can bet there will be fewer people working and more people drawing from the system.

Think of the Social Security fund as an egg timer. Instead of sand, it has bags of cash that slip through a funnel to retirees below. The system is fine as long as there are enough workers at the top to keep throwing bags of cash in that find their way to the retirees at the bottom. For the last year, Washington has decided that no more cash needs to be thrown in at the top. Now the P-BO says he wants to extend that idea. All the while the bags of cash are continuing to flow through the funnel and out the bottom.

As more and more workers head to the bottom of the timer and there are fewer and fewer workers at the top to continue the flow, it won’t be long before there is nothing left to flow to the bottom. That means our egg is done. Maybe we should call our egg timer a goose timer, because with it, we are surly cooking our own goose.

Drudge had this under the headline: Student beaten for sneakers.  Why did I know before I ever opened the page that a gang of blacks would be beating up a white kid?  Hate crime?  Naaaa.  Yes this is one post racial country after the P-BO.  Revs Jesse and Al, nowhere to be seen.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I'm sure The Donald is, at least, as qualified as the rest

I see where The Donald is planning to moderate a Republican Candidate’s debate just after Christmas. Right on cue, the know-it-all crowd is up arms. Why, what qualification does he have to moderate a debate? The better question is what qualifications do David Gregory, Wolf Blitzer, Jim Cramer, et al have? So far the sum total qualification and life’s experience of people asking these guys and gal questions is having suffered in the liberal dominated tv news business for enough years to get their own show.

Why not have a debate where Donald trump can ask business questions, a retired Gen can ask military questions, a priest can ask social-moral questions, a farmer can ask ag questions, a rank and file union guy can ask labor questions etc.? What’s wrong with that? What makes the chattering class, who earn a living inside tv news by jawboning incessantly, think they are the only ones capable of asking pertinent questions of these candidates?

For some stupid reason Republicans, who will show up on PMSNBC to be grilled by some whacked out liberal know nothing douche whose sole qualification for asking a question like, “Why is it, do you think, that Republicans hate the poor, minorities and women so much,” is that he looks nice in tie. Yet, it is somehow beneath them for The Donald to ask, “Why are we letting China rip us off every year”.

It’s not just the liberal chattering class throwing water on the idea of a guy who has actually accomplished something in his life asking the candidates questions. All manner of Republican know-it-alls from Karl Rove, George Will and Charles Krauthammer are taken aback by the idea. I’m beginning to side with one of my Lib friends who once famously opined that he’d like to see Karl Rove get a good @$$whippin’.

I have about had it with Fox News as well. They have taken their “Fair and Balanced” approach to such an extent that now not only do they balance the left with a conservative but that conservative can always be counted upon to trash Republicans as well. I now call Fox News the baby splitter network. They get a flaming Lib on to talk up the Lib point of view and then balance that with a baby splitter who can “see both sides.” Yes, of course the Demo-Dopes are wrong for introducing legislation allowing bestiality in the military, but the Republicans don’t want to look too 1890s’ish by opposing it.

WTF? As an 18 year old Lance Corporal once said to me, “I don’t know sir, seems pretty f&%ked up to me that you suck a cock but you can’t drink a beer in the barracks.” I apologize for vulgarity, but that is rather clear thinking, well said to me. And it is fouled up. The solution, of course, will be to allow beer in the barracks as well. When someone complains that prostitutes ought to be able to have a room or two in the barracks, well ok then. After all, they have to make a living as well. What are we becoming?

Oooops. How in the heck did we get over there? Anyway, why not Trump asking few questions. Way to get back on track. That was a strong close Lex.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


If you have three of these,

 and you turn the keys over to three of these

Here's what you end up with

His royal @$$holiness continues his divide and conquer message today in KS. If you’re playing the drinking game, avoid the phrases, “fair share,” “balanced approach,” and “tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.”

Have you noticed how when the divider in chief talks about a “fair share”, he never says exactly what that share is? Why do you suppose that is? It is because most Americans, let’s say 99% because that is popular now, are common sense fair minded people.

If the dopiest Demo-Dope among us said, “The richest 1% are only paying 50% of all federal income tax. That’s outrageous! They should be paying at least 75%.” Most Americans whether rich or poor would disagree with the government confiscating over half the earnings of one of their fellow Americans.

So the dopes are careful never to articulate what the “fair share” should be. If they did, most Americans’ reaction would be, “YGBSM. The government can just steal more than half of a person’s earnings? That’s dangerous.” So it’s all platitudes and generalities about fair shares, balanced approaches and tax breaks for the rich. It’s never anything specific.

And so it will be today. Everyone of the Rrepublican presidential candidates needs to take to the air waves after the dope is done and ask, “Dear Dope, what percentage of someone’s earnings should the government be able to confiscate as their 'fair share'? The richest 1% are paying nearly 50% of all income taxes now. How much more constitutes their ‘fair share’?”  Newt ought to make good on his pledge to follow the P-BO around and show up in KS four hours after the P-BO takes off and ask, "Exactly how much is enough, Mr. P-BO?"

For some reason, it never dawns on our guys that Americans, as a group, are a pretty fair minded and savvy people. I think a vast majority would draw a line on government confiscation somewhere under 50%. Here’s why. We know that if the government can take over 50% from the richest among us, it will have very little trouble taking over 50% from the rest of us.

Monday, December 05, 2011

The NFL at a loss

The Denver Broncos staged another come from behind win while the Detroit Lions staged another got behind, stayed behind loss. I’m happy about both. As a result of another improbable Bronco win, Tebow hating ESPN analyst Merrill Hodge has been stripped naked and placed in rubber room with 24-7 surveillance for his own safety. When last seen Hodge was heard muttering, “He’ll never be a quarterback in the NFL. He’s a fullback who throws like a fullback.” Psych ward personnel tried to comfort Hodge by reminding him that the Broncos had the 9-3 AFC East division leading New England Patriots coming up in two weeks.

I do not know why Tim Tebow infuriates so many people. Well, I do, but we’ll get to that. In this day and age, who would you rather your son grow up to be like, Tim Tebow or - fill in the blank? Unless the fill in the blank guy is Jesus Christ himself, a large percentage of us would choose Tim Tebow. Who would rather your young daughter be dating, a guy like Tebow or a guy like Billy Boy put some ice on it Clinton? Again, I think we get a 99% to 1% split there.

Those who wouldn’t pick Tebow, let’s call them the Merrillites among us, it seems, have made it their life’s work to dump on the young 2nd year quarterback. Yeah, Merrill, QUARTERBACK! In yesterday’s game, Tebow earned a 149 QUARTERBACK rating while tossing the ball for 202 yards. His opponent, Christian Ponder, a quarterback who throws like professional quarterback, racked up 381 yards, but he only earned a 91 quarterback rating.

What scares the Merillites out there is that Tebow is a guy who not only knows the Bible, but he believes it, lives it and witnesses to it. It’s the last part that particularly galls the Merrillites. How dare he speak of his “Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.” Just who does he think he is, Billy Graham? There is no room for that in the NFL. Rape, sure. Accomplice to murder, why not? Weapons and drug charges, who hasn’t been there? But mentioning Jesus Christ in your post game interview, well, we have to draw the line somewhere.

During his college days, Tebow would use a white pen on his eye black to send out the word on a particular Bible verse. After Tebow graduated, the NCAA banned all markings on eye black. The NCAA is still working on a policy regarding the rape and sodomy of young boys in the locker room of one of its storied programs by an assistant coach. But thank goodness they cleared up that eye black thing. That could have gotten really ugly.

Here’s the big thing. Were it not for football, Merrill Hodge would probably be the guy spinning a towel over his head at the Speedy Wash on the south side to let you know your car was ready. Were it not for football, Tim Tebow would be building an orphanage in the Philippines; or ministering to criminals in a prison; or assisting with surgery in Central America; or opening a half way house in the inner city; or reading to the elderly in an old folks home. But most likely, he’d be doing all of the above.

I think that has a lot to do with the animosity some have for Tebow. They have so much invested in the game, they can’t stand it when a guy shows up who can actually do some thing else beside play. It reminds me of a telling quote from the Bush/AlGore campaign. AlGore was whining, that if Bush lost, he could go back to Texas and still have a life. But politics was all that AlGore knew. If he lost, what would he do? Well now we know. He’d continue to lie his fat backside off while getting rich “telling stories” about things he knows less about than how a microwave oven works to heat food.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Ponder this

Yesterday I was pondering the imponderable. What if The P-BO wins a second term and the Occupy anything but a job crowd is in control, then what? The hated 1% who are pulling 50% of the load now are going to be expected to…what…pull 80-90% of the load? At what point do the 1% say screw it, divest, buy a beet farm in PA and let the 99% do it?

I thank God for the 1%. They are the ones making this whole thing go. It’s the guys like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs (RIP), Donald Trump, Jack Welch, T Boone Pickens and those who aspire to great things that have the vision, drive, savvy, and creative intellect that drive this country. The country says thank you by confiscating half of what they earn by the sweat of their brow. If they decide it’s not worth it any more, we’re screwed royally.

As they begin to drop out, the P-BO and Occupy crowd will demand those remaining pay more to make up for the lost revenue. That will cause more to drop out and the cycle repeats itself until the 99% actually have to start pulling their fair share of the load.

If you think these whiners are PO’d now when everything is given to them, wait until the P-BO says, “well you know, we might need the public sector unions to pay ½ of 1% into their own retirement fund.” Watch Greece. That’s what will come here.

But that’s not even the biggest problem. Last month, Lex did a bit on some whiner dope who quit his job and peed away 35K for an advanced degree in puppeteering. He dumped 35K down the crapper to learn how to make the same paper mache puppets that Mrs. Glendenning taught us in 2nd grade using a balloon, wheat paste and newspaper strips. Then to his utter shock and dismay, he is actually surprised that there was not a huge market out there for puppeteers with advanced degrees in stuff most of us gave up right after we washed the wheat paste off our hands in 2nd grade.

That pretty much sums up the entire Occupy movement. They are a mob of people with no usable skills. What they lack in skill cannot be made up for by drive and ambition, because the only thing they lack more of than usable skills are drive and ambition. If they had any of that, they’d clean themselves and their “camps” at least once a week. Where’s the next big idea likely to come from, some guy trying to make a ton of money by discovering an alternative to fossil fuel or an unemployed puppeteer whining because no one cares that he’s been fascinated with wheat paste since 2nd grade?

If the “99%” take over this country we’re in heap big pile of doo-doo. No! Hell no! I do not believe for one second that the Occupy losers comprises much more than the 1% of the country they are supposedly railing against. But if we swap the current 1% for that 1%, it won’t be month before the entire country begins to resemble a south side trailer park. No offense to toothless, trailer dwelling, white trash. I used to be one myself.

So yeah, I think it’s pretty important that we boot the sail eared affirmative action pass through incompetron out of the WH. To fail to do so is too imponderable to ponder.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Outhouse thinking

I was cutting tin in the barn yesterday for my outhouse - Yeah outhouse, every compound needs one. The first thing the feds do when they surround a place is cut off the electricity and the water. – I began to wonder how America could have elected such a dunderheaded dope as their chief executive. What the hell did 53% of American voters see in this chump’s history that would lead a rational thinking person to pull the lever for a jug eared narcissist? I arrived at the conclusion that the 53% are pure and simple racists.

No not racists in the sense of wearing sheets and burning crosses. Racists in the sense that the only thing they saw was the color of the P-BO’s skin. Any white guy with the P-BO's background would not have made it out of Iowa.

There was such a complete void of any meaningful accomplishment. What had he done? Aside from running for office and putting his name on two books written about himself, the P-BO’s list of jobs, voting record and life’s history added up to exactly ZERO. If you add in the negative characters, Ayers, Wright, Jones etc., it would be a large negative number.  His time in the IL state senate is the perfect example.  His big accomplishment there was being and voting “present.”

In the Marine Corps, the gunny would explain anyone with the P-BO’s credentials and meteoric rise in the following terms:
All flash, no bang.
Shows up after the attack in a dress uniform and holds a press conference.
You could build a stairway to heaven with all of the Marines he’s climbed over.
Can hear him coming at a 1,000 meters because of the band he hired to toot his horn.
Will step in front of anyone junior to himself in the chow line.
Have to build three extra shitters on field exercises just to handle his BS.
With all his hot air, there’s no such thing as cold weather training in this battalion.

So he’s elected, and from the first day it has been one major foul up after another. His first official act was to declare he’d close G’itmo in a year. No plan. No hint of a plan. Just sign an order without one second of thought. It’s still open. From bailing out banks to running car companies, from apologizing for America to bowing before Saudi and Chinese despots, from calling America an arrogant country to running guns to Mexican drug lords, from sitting on his skinny backside during a budget crisis to creating that crisis by pissing hundreds of billions of dollars down the drain on “stimulus,” this guy has been a total and complete disaster.

Today the country, nay, the world teeters on disaster in large part due to this moron’s incompetence. Yet he remains a viable candidate for president. WTF (Win the Future)? You’d think this guy would go on tv and say, “Wow, I really f%$ked that up.” At least a LBJ moment, “I will not run, nor will I accept the Demo-Dope nomination for the President of the United States.” Instead we’re getting, “Hey, the second term has to be an improvement, after all, how much worse could I possibly F*&k it up? Vote for renewed hope and change in 2012.”

This election season reminds of the photo of a bill board constructed somewhere that had these words on it:

If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, please vote against him 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Better to be a known womanizer than to try to deny the charges

It’s that time of year when Lex begins to tune out all of the “news” crap in an effort to enjoy Christmas and the New Year. Not having heard much news wise since Thursday, here’s what’s up. We got about 4” of global warming last night. It’s the second snowfall already this year. To the crowd at the University of East Anglia, this has to be the missing piece of data that needs to be fudged, ignored, denied and lied about that pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin of the global warming doubters. Snowfall in Ft. Wayne on the 29th of Nov. means the debate is officially over.

Even if you’re “tuned out,” who could miss the latest with my man Herman Cain? Lemme just say, if you’re tweeting some gal, not your wife, in the wee hours of the morning there is seldom a legitimate reason for it. I’d go with the, “I was counseling a troubled woman through difficult times,” line of BS. But who really knows? And that’s the point, nobody really knows. Even if it’s all an elaborate lie and sham, Cain has been damaged so badly with so much doubt cast upon him, I think he’s toast.

So who will benefit? Newt as the new anti-Romney will gain the most. This scandal has the added benefit of inoculating Newt from similar charges. First off, Newt has the advantage of being known serial womanizer. So he can always say, “Yes, yes, of course it’s true, and it’s old news. It’s a well known fact that when it comes to romance, I’m a deeply flawed human. I have turned the corner on that period of my life with a new religion that I take very seriously and a new wife that I truly love. No really, I mean it this time.”

Second, how many times can you go to the same political scandal well? At some point, when all 37 Republican candidates have these kind of charges leveled against them, people begin wonder. I find it a bit ironic that Herman is in such deep trouble for mere allegations when Newt, a confirmed philanderer, has gotten a pass. It’s funny because Herman vehemently denies every accusation while Newt, says, “Yeah, that’s pretty much true.” Yet, it’s Herman who is on the ropes while Newt's star continues to rise. Weird Huh?

I believe that Herman will end his candidacy with a statement to the effect, “I cannot continue to put my wife and family through this drip, drip, drip of daily lies.”

Well, I have to get out there and get the global warming off the driveway.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The world teeters

The world is a mess. The Arab Spring unsurprisingly has led to the rise militant Islamo-Terror-Fascists in Egypt and Libya. The ITF vow to wipe out Israel. Iran is on the brink of developing nuclear weapons. They vow to use them on Israel. The Israelis, absent leadership from their heretofore stalwart ally the United States could take matters into their own hands and set off a regional conflict that could easily become a worldwide conflagration. They may already have taken the first step. This morning, there are reports of an Iranian missile base being destroyed by an unknown explosion.

Europe is also a mess with rumors of the collapse of the Euro surfacing every other day. Our own dope has pledged “to do what we can” to easy the insability in the Euro Zone. Think about that. Isn’t that sort of like a skid row bum standing around the trash can fire saying, “I want to buy a Bugatti.” He looks at another bum and asks, “Will you help me?” The other bum replies, “Well, you know, I’ll do what I can.” We’re 15 trillion in debt. I can’t see barrowing from the Chinese to bail out Europe.

Europeans are turning to Germany to bail out the Euro Zone. Since May 8th, 1945, the Germans and much of the rest of free Europe have been able to rebuild their countries and economies unburdened by the need for a credible national defense which has been provided for them by the United States. So what to do with all of that unspent defense capital?

Back in the 70s the European eggheads all got together and decided that together they could form an economic alliance that could rival the United States. In 1991, 15 countries formed the European Union. In 1999 11 of the EU countries went all in and dumped their own currency in favor of the Euro. A little over a decade later, the thing is a mess. Greece and Italy decided that since their fiscal insanity was being backed by the Germans and French they could continue to heap more and more largess onto the key voting blocks.

Now, the Germans are getting sick of bailing out unsustainable social spending in countries, not their own. The house of cards is about to collapse. This is pretty predictable. It’s no different than the Little Red Hen who gathered, sowed, reaped and milled the wheat, baked the bread and cleaned the kitchen. All the while, the rest of the barnyard animals sat about. When the bread was cooked all wanted an equal share of the reward irrespective of their effort in gathering supplies, baking and cleaning up kitchen. And doesn’t that just about sum up OWS?

It is now the time of reckoning. But how does a country extract itself from a union that it entered into without some pretty harsh backlash? It’s like a divorce, there’s never a good time for it. Well, we’ll wait until we get through the holidays. Well, we’ll wait until we get the kids through school. Well, we’ll wait until we get our finances squared away. Germany is probably hoping for a three month window of stability when it can say, “OK well everything looks rosy. You guys take care. We’ll always be best of friends, right? See ya.” Someone always has hurt feelings and spends an inordinate amount of time trying to "get even."  Anyway, the window for Germany is probably several years away.

But hey there’s good news for the Europeans. The former head of the House Banking Committee, Barney Frank, is going to be available. That’s right, I see that Madam Frank is retiring. This piece of crap is exactly what is wrong with Washington DC. 16 years in congress for some dope who ran a male prostitution wing out his basement. I wonder, was Jerry Sandusky was a client? By insisting that the government should back home loans to people who had no means to pay the money back, he was also partly responsible for the near collapse of the American financial system! Then after nearly destroying the system, the douche bag who caused all the problems gets to write the bill that is supposedly going to fix the whole thing. That is Washington DC in a nutshell. Screw something so badly the entire nation is thrown into chaos, and then you get to write the bill that “fixes” the problem you created. It is exactly like when the dopes who destroyed the CIA and FBI ability to collect intelligence, then sat as inquisitors wondering why the CIA and FBI couldn’t uncover the 9-11 attacks. Good riddance you blubbering buffoon. But our loss could be the Euro Zone’s gain.

Some how I’m not offended by this:

Monday, November 28, 2011

OWS boycotts the NFL, I wonder why?

It was a rainy Sunday here in lovely Ft. Wayne, IN. What better way to spend a rainy day than to watch a bit of football. Throughout the day, I was watching literally 100s of multi-millionaires, coached by other millionaires, playing on football teams owned by millionaires several 100s of times over, playing in stadiums mostly built by public money but mysteriously named after corporations instead of public heroes, filled with mostly wealthy people who’ll pop a couple of C notes for a ticket, 20 bucks for parking, 40 bucks for a beer, hotdog, and a program.

I wondered, where is the OWS crowd? If ever there were a 1%, it’d have to be professional athletes, owners, coaches, advertisers and yeah, people who can afford to shell out the money to take in one game – let alone season ticket holders and luxury sky box owners who support the pampered few at field level.

If ever there were a prime target for this miss mash of misfits, knuckleheads, whining losers, criminals and perverts who would be totally at easy naked in a Penn State locker room with Jerry Sandusky, pro football would be it. Yet nothing. Zero. Zip. Nadda. Not one tent anywhere in the league. Nothing. Why?

If it were about putting it to the 1%, there would have been protests across the league. But when you look at the description of who makes up the OWS crowd from above, you quickly realize that, if you threw in union thug, it’s also a description of the Demo-Dope base. OWS isn’t about much of anything except getting the jug eared dope currently occupying the WH another term. And if they have to destroy a bit of America to make that happen, well so be it.

The OWS crowd wants confrontation with the cops. The last thing WH operatives would want is some of OWS debris getting the $h!t slapped out of them by some of those crazy Oakland Raiders fans for trying to burn an American Flag or trying to block the entrance to the stadium. The cops would never be able to get there fast enough to stop a fire team of guys like the one pictured above from massacring an entire battalion OWS half wit wimps.

If it did happen, it could lead to an all new sport, local fans Vs OWS. People would pay to see Cincinnati Bengals fans line up in orange and black on one side of River Front Park and OWS mingling on the other. Then at the sound of the whistle, blown by the mayor, the fans descend on the OWS crowd with buckets of soapy water and scrub brushes and give them a good cleaning before dumping them into the Ohio River.

Then there’s this. After another come from behind victory by the Denver Broncos with Tim Tebow under center, ESPN has placed Merrill Hodge on 24 hour suicide watch. All sharp objects have been removed from his home and he’s been forced to wear nothing but loafers least he try to use his shoe laces to hang himself. Never has one human being been so invested in the failure of another. Tebow refuses to cooperate. He looks like crap for 3 ½ quarters giving Hodge hope, and then, somehow, wins the game. That has Hodge standing on the edge of a tall building somewhere wondering if life is worth living in a world where Tim Tebow can win pro football games.

And this. Recall when the Detroit Lions mocked Tebow? Since then the Broncos are 4-0, the Lions are 1-2 and their hyper-talented skuzzinglyy dirty nose tackle Ndamukong Suh will be suspended – for, what else, dirty play during the Loins’ loss to Green Bay - for some number of games.

Oh, Lex fouled up. First time since Jr High when I thought I was wrong but it turned out I was right. Big sis’ birthday is today. I gained a day somewhere. It must be global warming or cooling or change speeding up or slowing down the calendar here in Ft. Wayne. Anyway, the post under still pretty much sums up her day. We have one last chance to avoid the AL Vs LSU re-match, the SEC championship game. If LSU wins that game, invest heavily in No Doze. There will be a run on that product by halftime of the BCS game.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Avoiding an AL vs LSU re-match in the BCS

Here’s the big news from last night’s debate: Newt wants to allow illegal aliens who entered this country 25 years ago; have children and grandchildren who are American citizens; have paid their taxes and are members of a local church to be made “legal” but NOT CITIZENS. He proposed a kind of local draft board to review things case by case.

That would sound reasonable were it not for the Demo-Dopes who would turn 25 years into 25 minutes, having children and grandchildren would become, having 17 kids by 15 different fathers all living on welfare; paid taxes would become, paid union dues; being members of a local church would become, being members of the Demo-Dope party.

People cannot stand Washington Pols because common sense is such an uncommon commodity. And if you want to know why that is, look two posts under.

But who cares about that? Thanksgiving is upon us. That means only one thing – big Sis’s birthday is nearby - Mon. To cook dinner this year, she will probably have to be coaxed out of the basement where she’s been hiding out since Alabama’s OT loss to an inferior LSU team. Family finances be damned, and never mind she won’t pay to put her own kids through college, she is running an ad on E-bay offering a full ride to Alabama for anyone who can consistently kick a 44 yard field goal.

Things got only slightly better after last weekend’s shake up of the BCS standings which put Alabama back in the #2 spot. Sadly, the depth of the MF Global scandal was just coming to light at the same time. After investing heavily in Bernie Madoff’s “can’t lose” investment strategy, she dumped the rest of the family fortune into something called MF Global. Run by a former NJ governor, it was “a sure thing.” Only it wasn’t, because it was run by a former NJ governor.  Now the nation knows what the MF stands for.

Right after Thanksgiving dinner, she’ll be loading up her bucket of nickels and heading off to the MS casinos to try to scrape together enough cash for a nice Christmas this year. She’ll be easy to spot. Look for the gal, a bit long in the tooth, wearing an Alabama visor, elephant ear rings, one of those incredibly fashionable elephant trunks over her nose, an Alabama sweatshirt with “BAMA” on the front and a roll of toilet paper and an empty Tide detergent box duck taped to the back, Alabama PJ bottoms and elephant head slippers.

But the only thing likely to get her back to snapping her fingers to Neil Diamond’s “You are my love at last” is if there’s a re-match in the BCS Championship game between Alabama and LSU. Let’s see, AL vs. LSU…again. That means a football game that:

Has more punts than accurate passes.

Is so boring even soccer fans will be tuning in.

Will have fewer total yards by both teams combined at the end of the game than Stanford and Oregon average in their first possession.

Will have the nation trading in their beer cups for drool cups.

Will make Woody Hayes’s three yards in cloud of dust look like crazy, wildcat, flea flicker, trick plays, double reverse toss back to one tackle throwing a 60 yard strike to the other tackle who was an eligible receiver, wide open football.

If Alabama wins, will have LSU crying foul and demanding a best 2 out of 3 re-match.

If it's AL and LSU in the BCS, I suggest we skip the game and go straight to the overtime rules.  That or the first touchdown wins.  That would mean the longest game in history, maybe even perpetual football.  In 2057, after an LSU defender's cane broke, AL 3rd string running back - old man Jones - "dashes" for the winning score,  in a run that takes so long they have to use time lapsed photography on Sports Center to show it.

Our ONLY hope in avoiding this disaster is Arkansas beating LSU by 3 touchdowns. Well, there is ONE other possibility. The Iron Bowl is this weekend. But it’s sissy’s birthday so, for her sake and the sake of her family, we won’t even go there.

Happy birthday sis.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's Romney because the MSM said so

Conspiracy theory #9

The republican field is being vetted pretty thoroughly by the MSM who have yet to vet the Punk-in-Chief. As the flavor of the month rises to the top, the MSM take it upon themselves to put that flavor under a microscope and expose all of the nasties hiding in the mix. It makes no difference if the candidate is a relatively newbie like Herman Cain or an old hand like Newt Gingrich. No one, it seems, is safe from new and startling revelations about perceived short comings or ghastly faux pas, like using your own money to buy jewelry for your wife.  Ahhhhghhh, the horror.

Newt has risen to the top. Right on schedule, here come the innuendos and decades old stories designed to bring Newt down and force Republicans into the safe choice – Romney. Why Romney? He’s been on top since this thing kicked off what seems like 10 years ago. Yet he hasn’t had much attention paid to him.

That’s rather odd, don’t you think? The man leading the Republican field is a hyper successful businessman, yet OWS isn’t dogging and disrupting his campaign. They did show up at a Newt event over the weekend though. Hmmm.

Here’s the conspiracy theory. The P-BO has directed his lemmings in the MSM that he wants to take on Romney and some other white male VP candidate - the older the better.  Bob Dole would be perfect. The lemmings are out cutting everyone else but Romney – the front runner in the field - to shreds.

Bachman is too stupid and clueless. When you think about it, if that’s a disqualifier, it would also have to exclude the current occupant of 1600 PA Ave.

Cain is womanizing creep. That would seem to disqualify one Billy Billbo what’s the meaning of is, rape ain’t a crime if the victim’s name is “Juanita” Clinton.

Perry was slow on the draw at a couple of debates. That describes His Royal @$$holiness on any day the teleprompter doesn’t show up.

Even leading VP candidate Marco Rubio was slammed by the Wash. Compost for “embellishing his family story.” Hell no one in politics has ever done that before. Lied about inventing the Internet? Sure. Lying your @$$ off about being sent to Cambodia by a president who wasn’t even president at the time is actually a pretty common thing these days. Marco is a handsome Latino Republican who articulates the conservative philosophy as well as anyone, so the media has to try to crush him early on.

The bottom line is the media wants to pick the Republican candidate, and they are picking Romney. That gives me great pause, because I picked Romney as well. The media are picking Romney because the P-BO told them to.  That order went out probably because the P-BO believes that, except for actually having a brain and accomplishing something in his life, Romney is the most like himself. I picked Romney because I’m of the opinion that the P-BO has gotten us so deep into trouble it is going to take someone of Romney’s business acumen and steady hand to lead us out of the darkness.

I happen to know that the second Romney clinches the nomination, there will be a flood of MSM BS about business deals Romney closed that cost single mothers their jobs that were then shipped off to China. The women were forced into prostitution and had to turn their kids over to child protective services who got them involved in a children’s program at Penn State. A sorrier tragedy there never was.

The OWS losers who will have ignored Romney for a year will show up by the hundreds at every campaign stop. Though he will have answered the question 10,000 times, he will be asked endlessly why Romneycare is different than P-BOcare. For his part, King Squadouche will conflate the 10th Amendment state’s rights argument with his own unconstitutional national mandate.

Oh, just thought of this. Call it Conspiracy Theory #10. The P-BO OKed the Supreme Court’s decision to take on P-BOcare so as to get his own BS law declared unconstitutional to take that issue off the table in 2012. Or he beats Romney with the 5-4 decision, saying it must be unconstitutional in MA as well.

That’s two conspiracy theories in one day. You just don’t get this stuff anywhere else.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Super Failure Committee doomed 40 years ago

Map of gerrymandered LA Congressional District of 1990s

The Super Failure Committee is doomed to…well…fail. Not just because it’s loaded with super blowhards, liars, corruptocrats, and in Cambodian war hero, John Françoise Kerry’s case, a 100 gallon blister bag crammed full of 200 gallons of toxic BS coated in an aura of infallibility and scented with the all of arrogance of Middle East despot and the haughtiness of Lady gaga.

But as big an embarrassment as the Cambodian war hero is to himself, his party and family, the failure of the Super Committee was baked into the pie 40 years ago. The reason we’re tied in perpetual grid lock with minorities wielding enough power to force an unwanted, unmanageable and unconstitutional healthcare system down our throats is something called gerrymandering.

As most non-public school grads and the self educated know, gerrymandering is the creation of district lines that make no rational sense except to insure one party or the other controls the seat.

It flies in the face of rational thought and any method of survey known to mankind. As I recall from my Marine Corps days, American survey is based on one mile squares surveyed with iron chain; a one mile square equals a “section” of land; a 6 mile by 6 mile square plot equals a Township. Many of today’s country roads are laid out precisely along Township survey that has been carried forward for hundreds of years. When viewed from the air, they form perfect squares as far as you can see. So how do we go from this precise way of measuring and plotting, to the abomination of a congressional district above? One word - politics.

The funny thing is, that except for the most egregious cases, gerrymandering has been found to be legal. Until we adopt a policy of moving relatively straight lines to capture the requisite number of voters per district, we will have entrenched corrupt pols. Today’s pols are so safe that even Lincoln running against an incumbent like baboon @$$ ugly Maxine why yes I am a dumb@$$ to boot Waters wouldn’t stand a chance.

So the Super Failure Committee starts with half a dozen representatives who come from districts where they have better than a 90-10 chance of re-election. The Senate is only slightly better. It’s a bit harder to decipher why states go hard left or right. I think TX and MA might be good case studies with everyone else falling in between. TX = no income tax. MA = Taxachusetts. TX = gun totting oilmen. MA = blackberry toting “service sector” eggheads. TX = Stephen F. Austin, Sam Huston, Adm. Nimitz, Red Adair, Roger Staubach. Once you get past the founders who libs all hate and condemn MA = Madam Barney Frank, Cambodian war hero John Kerry, Teddy I only drown one gal not wife in my car Kennedy. This needs further study. For now, let’s just say that by their policies, the states are self gerrymandering.

So yeah, the thing is going to blow up, but we knew that 40 years ago.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Time to re-occupy the basement

Mom!  I guess I'll be coming home now.  Can I get my room back?  Did you clean it?

Well it would seem the dim wits who at first embraced the movement of misfits, anarchists, socialists and fascists called Occupy Wall Street have tired of stepping around piles of human waste left on the sidewalks by their heretofore imagined political allies. Even if their cause were just, few Americans would approve of crapping on and in everything in sight to make the point. We see that kind of behavior at the zoo. We choose not to embrace it on our city streets.

So the movement that once had favor in polls is now a political liability. So, savvy pols who read the polls and who were once buddies with and insisted the movement was model of free speech in America, are now using front end loaders and cops in riot gear to put a piece of figurative duck tape over the movement’s mouth.

It was never so much what was being said in the squallier of the OWS camps that so alarmed people. Americans are so used to hearing lunatic, undecipherable, un-American crap that we have formed an entire political party around those spewing it. It’s called the Democratic Party or on this page the Demo-Dope party. Although, saying you were going to fire bomb Macy’s, or wished that there were 911 more 9-11s seems a bit over the top even for the Dopes.

I think it was the scatter logical aims of the group along with the rapes, assaults, damage to private property and even the financial impact on cities and business that finally had the lame brained pols answering the wake up call. Michael Bloomberg is the perfect case in point. Stay as long as you like he insisted at first. Then as the OWS camp began to look and smell like a third world land fill, he said, let us in to clean it up for you. Sort of like mom cleaning a teenager’s room, after insisting for weeks it was up to jr. to get the job done. She finally gives in when the room becomes a threat to the family’s health and the smell can no longer be masked by a closed door and half a bottle of air freshener. In the case of NYC, the teenager gave mom the finger and told her to f%$k off. Bloomberg was OK with the rebuff.

Then the polls shifted and the American people had had enough. So Bloomberg did what any good pol standing upon a moral foundation of shifting sand would do, he called in the cops. He told the OWS morons it was for their own good. Sort of like mom calling dad in to get jr. by the ear, drag him on to the front lawn and hose him off all the while insisting, this is hurting me more than you son.

It is all the mayors’ of these cities fault that this crap (literally) piled up and went on for so long. Had they just enforced the city’s laws from day one, all of the rape and squallier could have been avoided, not to mention millions in clean up costs and police overtime required to monitor the morons. You can bet if a Boy Scout troop had tried to set up on city property without a permit and paying the appropriate fee, they’d be yanked out of there at sundown. But they’d never do that to begin with. So the mayor doesn’t have to worry. It’s only a Lib crowd that complains about the lawlessness of Wall St. or the man, or the war, or free education, free drugs, free housing, free food, free electricity, environmentally conscious crowd that creates it own environmental toxic waste hazard that it calls a “camp” that is allowed themselves to be lawless.  The mayors were OK with it until it became a political liability.

I’m pretty sure King Douche and his side kick Queen Grand Fran had nice words for the OWS crowd in the beginning. I have not heard much from them lately. They certainly should have some of the blame for the mess that their Demo-Dope base has created placed on their narrow boney shoulders - his indistinguishable from hers.

So now the crowds are being dispersed sent to reoccupy mom’s basement or a city jail cell. They will re-emerge in the spring when the weather warms, because these are true fair weather patriots. I wonder if the cities learned anything from this mess?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lex’s take on the Super Catastrophe uh, Committee

First off, anything that includes Cambodian war hero John Françoise Kerry should not be a “super” anything that isn’t followed by a pejorative; as in Super Windbag, D-bag, SFB, Ego Maniacal Turd Biscuit, etc., etc. Next, the P-BO will absolutely crap his drawers, as if he were caught by Moochel scarfing down a Big Mac and fries, if the Super Losers accomplish anything. His favorite meme – this do nothing congress - will be gone if they do. His constant whining - “Oh woe is me, I’m trying to do so much for you little people but you, you lazy, soft, cowardly, bitter clingers, will not cooperate. You cannot appreciate my affirmative action passed through life intellect. You are not worthy of my greatness. You all disappoint me so. I’m off to the Lower Nambian Peninsula to bow down at the feet of their great tribal leader Big Chief Whatthephook, and play a dozen rounds of golf.” - will have to end.

Next, whatever they accomplish, if they accomplish anything, relative to our true financial problems, it will be like taking a thimble of water out of the great Pacific Ocean or a bucket of sand out of the Sahara. It will be totally meaningless.

The entire federal system of entitlements and taxes needs to be on the table. We are 15 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT!!!! Nibbling at the margins accomplishes nothing. Yet, these windbags can’t even accomplish that.

We need a flatter, fairer tax system where EVERYONE has skin in the game. So that when SFB Demo-Dopes want to raise taxes, Republicans can say- well you can’t raise taxes. You’ll hurt the poor. Right now 46% of us have ZERO skin in the game. So sure raise taxes. Why would they care? They pay ZERO anyway. I don’t care if it’s one half of one percent, everyone should be paying something. Then when taxes go up, they MUST go up across the board.

Entitlements MUST be addressed.

Military Retirement can not be drawn until age 60, unless medically retired.

Social Security cannot be drawn until age 70. You can retire at age 65, but you will need to cover the first five years of retirement on your own.

Medicare/aid need to be means tested and co-pays adjusted in accordance with one’s ability to support himself.

Waste needs to be slashed. Start with the post office. Hire private carriers. Close and consolidate branches. Sell equipment to the private carriers. Get someone to run the thing who understands that the Post Office is rapidly becoming the 21st century’s buggy whip. The Post Office needs someone who can carefully and skillfully shut the thing down.

Pay the UN for the right to have seat in the building of the world’s most dysfunctional organization and not one dime more. Charge rent for the prime real estate they occupy. Tow and ticket “diplomats'” cars that are double parked outside the strip club all night. Dump them in the East River if the fines are not paid within 7 days.

Stop subsidizing NPR, PBS.

Stop borrowing money from China so that we can send grant money back to China to study Chinese prostitution.

But the gutless, led by the weak, who are following the timid in search of hole to stick thier collective heads into, will never arrive at a solution that will move us any closer to solving this problem. Which brings me back to the “big thing,” the P-BO doesn’t want anything accomplished. He’ll get what he wants, because…well look at the picture.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Unaware" Clouseau/Chu argues against government involvement

The P-BO’s energy secretary unwittingly makes the perfect case why government dopes shouldn’t be investing tax payer money in the markets. After all the evidence to the contrary, Steven Chu still insists that the P-BO’s boys did their due diligence before chucking half a billion dollars down the Solyndra crapper. Chu said:

We were very thorough in the application of loan at the time. In the end of 2008, the beginning of 2009, we asked outside people to give us second and third opinions. What was unanticipated was that the market for the prices of solar modules really plummeted.

Yeah, really, who knew markets could plummet?  Markets don't plummet, ever, but especially when the US government is nearly 15 trillion dollars in debt, and there is clueless buffoon in the WH. You couldn’t seriously expect them to see that one coming. Who knew the Chinese would be using prison labor to make solar panels at one half the cost Solyndra could produce them? You just can’t expect government bureaucrats to think that the Chinese would ever cheat to give themselves an advantage.

When asked about audits that indicated that Solyndra was on its financial death bed, Chu shrugged.

I was not aware of the audit instantly at that time, became aware of it later. And so what has happened during this period is we have a very good loan people, and they tried to, you know, what are the best projections, going forward, and how do you monitor progress of the loan? Certainly, any new company in the process of constructing a new factory that would be more efficient, more highly roboticized to be competitive would be burning through cash.

Perfect! He didn’t know. A company is “burning through cash” (aka your tax dollars) to build a gazzillion dollar plant to produce solar panels at twice the cost the Chinese are making them for in a warehouse with a dirt floor, and dip$h!t “was not aware” there were problems. And yet, he maintains that they did their due diligence before crapping your money away.

Idunno, doesn’t make sense to me. How can you say you did your due diligence when you’re down half a bill? How can you say you did what was required to protect the tax payer dollars when those dollars are gone, and there is exactly ZERO to show that the money ever existed? How about a bit of honesty? Hey Steve, take a line from NY Jets Head Coach, Rex Ryan, “That was dumbest f&^king move ever.”

How about an econ 101 line of questions:

Q: How much does the industry charge for panels?

A: $3.

Q: How much will you charge?

A: $6.

Get out, and don’t come back until you can get cost per panel down to $2.50

There is more “due diligence” in those two questions than 3 years of Steve Chu’s Inspector Clouseau like vetting of the Solyndra deal.

This was all political. If it turned out, great.  If not, well so sad too bad. Luckily, it wasn’t our money. When asked about the politics of the BS loan, Chu amazingly said:

I was not aware and certainly no decision we made in the loan program had anything to do with who is investing in this company. There were people like George Kaiser, who have been associated with the Democratic Party…But certainly, at my level and the people I was talking to, we were not aware of either the Democrat or Republican backers.

So once again Clouseau/Chu was “not aware.” It must have been in March. He was busy getting his NCAA basketball bracket together.  Ahh, but he was aware of Kaiser. But not aware of backers who happened to be Demo-Dope or Republican - except for Kaiser who was a big Demo-Dope supporter.

What Chu should have admitted is that government – especially this current bunch of nit wits – has no business using tax dollars to pick winners and losers. And ask yourself this, would this bunch of brain dead numbskulls ever have considered a loan to promote clean energy that actually works like coal, oil fracking or nuclear power? In a world - NO! Two words for emphasis – Hell NO!

Steven Clouseau/Chue admits he is “unaware” (aka: asleep at the wheel, derelict of his duty, incompetent etc.) of the embarrassing details of the Solyndra loan.  Yet he, like the @$$bag who hired him, won a Nobel Prize. Add AlGore to the mix, and it’s proof positive that you are better off asking for advise from your barber or the guy who pumps your septic tank than anyone who has ever visited Sweden to pick up a prize.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Giving Newt a second look

AF Bro sent this link to a Newt speech titled “Victory or Death” given before the Rep “shellacking” of the P-BO’s boys in 2010. It’s in 5 parts, and each runs over 8minutes. Find the time to view them all. If you can only sit for one, go to the last.

I’d written Newt off early on, on a couple of accounts. First, he stumbled out of the block by trashing Paul Ryan's budget plan.  Next, was his ability to win the Rep nomination let alone the general election. I didn’t think a twice divorced, three times married guy who sat on a couch with Grand Fran Peloser to hector us about global cooling/warming/climate change or staying the same could win. After the Tony the shlong Weiner seat went Republican, I thought, heck my dog George could beat the P-BO.

Then there was the money issue. The P-BO will raise a billion dollars for the 2012 cycle. I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. The P-BO needed 700 million in the last cycle because nobody knew who he was. He’ll need a billion in the 2012 because everyone knows who he is. Can Newt compete? No. But Newt has devised a brilliant scheme that will place the P-BO in a serious dilemma. Newt has said he will challenge the P-BO to 7 Lincoln - Douglass type debates of three hours each with no moderator, only a time keeper.

Hey easy, the P-BO will just decline. He’s too busy. After all, he’s the president. Well he’s had time for 72 rounds of golf. And Newt has said, if the P-BO declines his offer, Newt will just follow the P-BO around the country showing up everywhere the P-BO does four hours later. I don’t think the P-BO can stand toe to toe with Newt, or anyone else for that matter, in a debate that isn’t controlled by a P-BO lemming in the MSM. The 7 three hour debates will easily off set any cash advantage the P-BO has over Newt.

This five part speech is a compelling case for Newt. Waging the campaign around big ideas that break 70 – 40 in your favor is a pretty solid campaign strategy. I love the idea of abolishing the 9th circuit court. That’s a big idea.

Monday, November 14, 2011

We knew we were all soft bitter clingers, but lazy as well?

We’ve been a little bit lazy over the last couple of decades. We’ve kind of taken for granted — ‘Well, people would want to come here’ — and we aren’t out there hungry, selling America and trying to attract new businesses into America.

Who said that? Some hard working guy who has been up with cows and out with owls working his butt off for the last 30 years? No. Then some smart guy who has made a ton of money with his imagination, savvy and creativity? No. No, actually that statement was uttered by an affirmative action pass through who has never had a steady private sector job in his entire life – the P-BO.

Calling us lazy comes from a guy who as President of the United States has played 72 rounds of golf.  At 5 hours each (given his reported inability to hit a golf ball any better than he throws a baseball maybe 10 hours) totaling, ahh, lemmesee, 5 times 7 is 30 something plus another 10 or so, that’s 40, no wait, gotta start from the right. 10 carry the 1, 5X7=35 plus the one equals 360 hours of golf. If you divide that by 40, the number of hours in our typically lazy work week, that’s 9 weeks of golf. And that time off doesn’t include all of the 10 day “working vacations” that roll around every other month.

Now according to our dumb@$$ in chief, Americans are bitter clingers that have gotten soft, lazy, and are about as exceptional as Greece on any given day. Which is still better than what this know nothing’s Attorney General said about America when that d-bag called us a nation of cowards. I think this skinny, jug eared sock of crap was wide awake for 20 years, front and center in Rev? Jerry Wright’s church of Let’s All Hate America Now. He learned his lessons well from his mentor.

There was another Republican debate on Saturday night. Change the day of the week, and it seems that line could be used twice a week from now until next September. I didn’t watch it. I was in a deep depression after drinking two cases of beer and a fifth of bourbon before starting to drink heavily after The OSU’s OT loss to Purdue. ASIDE: You’d think at a university of 52,000 under grads you’d be able to find 9 fat guys to stand in front of 9 other fat guys and “block” them for the 1.2 seconds it takes to allow the game winning point after touchdown. You’d be wrong.

Anyhoo, Newt is on the rise. Watch this slam dunk beeautch slapping of Scott Pelly who, given his willingness to “debate” Newt during his question, is apparently is running for president. That’s big news.

Penn State
I did see a bit of the Penn State game against NE. I tired very quickly of the Penn St. crowd, the players, the announcers and it seemed everyone else acting as if Penn St. were some how a victim. Tears shed for Joe Pa and Penn St. football are misplaced. The more you read about what was going on at that university, the more you know that Joe Pa and the entire university leadership were enabling Jerry Sandusky. That includes the interim head coach, who knew about the allegations. No, hell no, they all didn’t have to resign in disgust, but that would have been nice. At a minimum, how about a, “Hey, Joe Pa, Sandusky goes, or I go.” At least get the slug out of the locker room for crying out loud.

I said it before, I’ll say now, the university needs to be figuratively bulldozed. Everyone who knew or should have known needs to be sent packing.  And what's the NCAA going to have to say about this?  It's OK to knowingly allow child molesters in the locker room, but if you sell a game jersey that belongs to you, you get a 5 game suspension.  Sumpins' up-side-down there.