Monday, November 21, 2011

Super Failure Committee doomed 40 years ago

Map of gerrymandered LA Congressional District of 1990s

The Super Failure Committee is doomed to…well…fail. Not just because it’s loaded with super blowhards, liars, corruptocrats, and in Cambodian war hero, John Françoise Kerry’s case, a 100 gallon blister bag crammed full of 200 gallons of toxic BS coated in an aura of infallibility and scented with the all of arrogance of Middle East despot and the haughtiness of Lady gaga.

But as big an embarrassment as the Cambodian war hero is to himself, his party and family, the failure of the Super Committee was baked into the pie 40 years ago. The reason we’re tied in perpetual grid lock with minorities wielding enough power to force an unwanted, unmanageable and unconstitutional healthcare system down our throats is something called gerrymandering.

As most non-public school grads and the self educated know, gerrymandering is the creation of district lines that make no rational sense except to insure one party or the other controls the seat.

It flies in the face of rational thought and any method of survey known to mankind. As I recall from my Marine Corps days, American survey is based on one mile squares surveyed with iron chain; a one mile square equals a “section” of land; a 6 mile by 6 mile square plot equals a Township. Many of today’s country roads are laid out precisely along Township survey that has been carried forward for hundreds of years. When viewed from the air, they form perfect squares as far as you can see. So how do we go from this precise way of measuring and plotting, to the abomination of a congressional district above? One word - politics.

The funny thing is, that except for the most egregious cases, gerrymandering has been found to be legal. Until we adopt a policy of moving relatively straight lines to capture the requisite number of voters per district, we will have entrenched corrupt pols. Today’s pols are so safe that even Lincoln running against an incumbent like baboon @$$ ugly Maxine why yes I am a dumb@$$ to boot Waters wouldn’t stand a chance.

So the Super Failure Committee starts with half a dozen representatives who come from districts where they have better than a 90-10 chance of re-election. The Senate is only slightly better. It’s a bit harder to decipher why states go hard left or right. I think TX and MA might be good case studies with everyone else falling in between. TX = no income tax. MA = Taxachusetts. TX = gun totting oilmen. MA = blackberry toting “service sector” eggheads. TX = Stephen F. Austin, Sam Huston, Adm. Nimitz, Red Adair, Roger Staubach. Once you get past the founders who libs all hate and condemn MA = Madam Barney Frank, Cambodian war hero John Kerry, Teddy I only drown one gal not wife in my car Kennedy. This needs further study. For now, let’s just say that by their policies, the states are self gerrymandering.

So yeah, the thing is going to blow up, but we knew that 40 years ago.

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