Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lex’s take on the Super Catastrophe uh, Committee

First off, anything that includes Cambodian war hero John Françoise Kerry should not be a “super” anything that isn’t followed by a pejorative; as in Super Windbag, D-bag, SFB, Ego Maniacal Turd Biscuit, etc., etc. Next, the P-BO will absolutely crap his drawers, as if he were caught by Moochel scarfing down a Big Mac and fries, if the Super Losers accomplish anything. His favorite meme – this do nothing congress - will be gone if they do. His constant whining - “Oh woe is me, I’m trying to do so much for you little people but you, you lazy, soft, cowardly, bitter clingers, will not cooperate. You cannot appreciate my affirmative action passed through life intellect. You are not worthy of my greatness. You all disappoint me so. I’m off to the Lower Nambian Peninsula to bow down at the feet of their great tribal leader Big Chief Whatthephook, and play a dozen rounds of golf.” - will have to end.

Next, whatever they accomplish, if they accomplish anything, relative to our true financial problems, it will be like taking a thimble of water out of the great Pacific Ocean or a bucket of sand out of the Sahara. It will be totally meaningless.

The entire federal system of entitlements and taxes needs to be on the table. We are 15 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT!!!! Nibbling at the margins accomplishes nothing. Yet, these windbags can’t even accomplish that.

We need a flatter, fairer tax system where EVERYONE has skin in the game. So that when SFB Demo-Dopes want to raise taxes, Republicans can say- well you can’t raise taxes. You’ll hurt the poor. Right now 46% of us have ZERO skin in the game. So sure raise taxes. Why would they care? They pay ZERO anyway. I don’t care if it’s one half of one percent, everyone should be paying something. Then when taxes go up, they MUST go up across the board.

Entitlements MUST be addressed.

Military Retirement can not be drawn until age 60, unless medically retired.

Social Security cannot be drawn until age 70. You can retire at age 65, but you will need to cover the first five years of retirement on your own.

Medicare/aid need to be means tested and co-pays adjusted in accordance with one’s ability to support himself.

Waste needs to be slashed. Start with the post office. Hire private carriers. Close and consolidate branches. Sell equipment to the private carriers. Get someone to run the thing who understands that the Post Office is rapidly becoming the 21st century’s buggy whip. The Post Office needs someone who can carefully and skillfully shut the thing down.

Pay the UN for the right to have seat in the building of the world’s most dysfunctional organization and not one dime more. Charge rent for the prime real estate they occupy. Tow and ticket “diplomats'” cars that are double parked outside the strip club all night. Dump them in the East River if the fines are not paid within 7 days.

Stop subsidizing NPR, PBS.

Stop borrowing money from China so that we can send grant money back to China to study Chinese prostitution.

But the gutless, led by the weak, who are following the timid in search of hole to stick thier collective heads into, will never arrive at a solution that will move us any closer to solving this problem. Which brings me back to the “big thing,” the P-BO doesn’t want anything accomplished. He’ll get what he wants, because…well look at the picture.


Anonymous said...

No middle ground, no agreement, winner take all, Texas Hold'em in 2012.

Anonymous said...

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