Monday, November 28, 2011

OWS boycotts the NFL, I wonder why?

It was a rainy Sunday here in lovely Ft. Wayne, IN. What better way to spend a rainy day than to watch a bit of football. Throughout the day, I was watching literally 100s of multi-millionaires, coached by other millionaires, playing on football teams owned by millionaires several 100s of times over, playing in stadiums mostly built by public money but mysteriously named after corporations instead of public heroes, filled with mostly wealthy people who’ll pop a couple of C notes for a ticket, 20 bucks for parking, 40 bucks for a beer, hotdog, and a program.

I wondered, where is the OWS crowd? If ever there were a 1%, it’d have to be professional athletes, owners, coaches, advertisers and yeah, people who can afford to shell out the money to take in one game – let alone season ticket holders and luxury sky box owners who support the pampered few at field level.

If ever there were a prime target for this miss mash of misfits, knuckleheads, whining losers, criminals and perverts who would be totally at easy naked in a Penn State locker room with Jerry Sandusky, pro football would be it. Yet nothing. Zero. Zip. Nadda. Not one tent anywhere in the league. Nothing. Why?

If it were about putting it to the 1%, there would have been protests across the league. But when you look at the description of who makes up the OWS crowd from above, you quickly realize that, if you threw in union thug, it’s also a description of the Demo-Dope base. OWS isn’t about much of anything except getting the jug eared dope currently occupying the WH another term. And if they have to destroy a bit of America to make that happen, well so be it.

The OWS crowd wants confrontation with the cops. The last thing WH operatives would want is some of OWS debris getting the $h!t slapped out of them by some of those crazy Oakland Raiders fans for trying to burn an American Flag or trying to block the entrance to the stadium. The cops would never be able to get there fast enough to stop a fire team of guys like the one pictured above from massacring an entire battalion OWS half wit wimps.

If it did happen, it could lead to an all new sport, local fans Vs OWS. People would pay to see Cincinnati Bengals fans line up in orange and black on one side of River Front Park and OWS mingling on the other. Then at the sound of the whistle, blown by the mayor, the fans descend on the OWS crowd with buckets of soapy water and scrub brushes and give them a good cleaning before dumping them into the Ohio River.

Then there’s this. After another come from behind victory by the Denver Broncos with Tim Tebow under center, ESPN has placed Merrill Hodge on 24 hour suicide watch. All sharp objects have been removed from his home and he’s been forced to wear nothing but loafers least he try to use his shoe laces to hang himself. Never has one human being been so invested in the failure of another. Tebow refuses to cooperate. He looks like crap for 3 ½ quarters giving Hodge hope, and then, somehow, wins the game. That has Hodge standing on the edge of a tall building somewhere wondering if life is worth living in a world where Tim Tebow can win pro football games.

And this. Recall when the Detroit Lions mocked Tebow? Since then the Broncos are 4-0, the Lions are 1-2 and their hyper-talented skuzzinglyy dirty nose tackle Ndamukong Suh will be suspended – for, what else, dirty play during the Loins’ loss to Green Bay - for some number of games.

Oh, Lex fouled up. First time since Jr High when I thought I was wrong but it turned out I was right. Big sis’ birthday is today. I gained a day somewhere. It must be global warming or cooling or change speeding up or slowing down the calendar here in Ft. Wayne. Anyway, the post under still pretty much sums up her day. We have one last chance to avoid the AL Vs LSU re-match, the SEC championship game. If LSU wins that game, invest heavily in No Doze. There will be a run on that product by halftime of the BCS game.

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