Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Can Cain turn this positive?

Uh oh, Herman Cain is in trouble. The sort of thing that is a resume enhancer for Demo-Dope candidates is death for conservatives. For some odd reason, Billy boy Clinton can grope, gape, ogle, expose himself, harass and even rape women and remain a hero of the left in general and the Lib women in particular.

Why? Well one Lib indicated that she’d give the letch a Lewinsky just for keeping abortion legal. He probably has since taken her up on her offer. One wonders if she then allowed the louse to smack her around a bit. Should we mark her down as one of those “women who love too much”? Ha! Mark her down as an idiot willing to be used.

Very odd that as Herman rises in the polls these allegation come out. Who could have done it? Well who has the most to gain? Romney might have leaked the info. Sure, he could have, but he didn’t. It’s way too early for Romney to take that risk. He has met all challengers, watched them sore in polls and then fall away. Cain is just the latest in a line.

Newt could have done it. Sure. He’d gain a lot. He’s risen in the polls and if Cain were to fade away, Newt would become the newest “not Romney” candidate.

It’s probably the P-BO’s boys. They are scared to death what will happen to the black vote if half-black, white raised, pampered and passed through Barry has to run against a real black man.

Another possibility is that these two women are seeking their 15 minutes of fame and a check from the National Enquirer. My sense about these things is that there is usually something there. In this case I believe that one of the women, the one who filed a formal complaint, was a poor performing employee and saw herself getting canned so decided to take a swipe at a big payoff.

Oddly, the one with the formal complaint is one the one I’d worry least about. It’s the second one with no formal complaint who can now pretty much make up anything she wants because there is no complaint on file. Weird huh?

I’d do the same thing with these two that we did with Kathleen Willy and Juanita Broaddrick. Did the women go on to confide extemporaneously to friends what happened and in Broaddrick’s case seek medical attention. Even Monica confided in Linda Tripp. Poor Linda. Was that gal ever ravaged by pols, MSM and late night tv for picking up the phone when Monica called.

Handled correctly, this could be like Cain’s smoking ad, taking a negative and making it positive.

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