Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's Romney because the MSM said so

Conspiracy theory #9

The republican field is being vetted pretty thoroughly by the MSM who have yet to vet the Punk-in-Chief. As the flavor of the month rises to the top, the MSM take it upon themselves to put that flavor under a microscope and expose all of the nasties hiding in the mix. It makes no difference if the candidate is a relatively newbie like Herman Cain or an old hand like Newt Gingrich. No one, it seems, is safe from new and startling revelations about perceived short comings or ghastly faux pas, like using your own money to buy jewelry for your wife.  Ahhhhghhh, the horror.

Newt has risen to the top. Right on schedule, here come the innuendos and decades old stories designed to bring Newt down and force Republicans into the safe choice – Romney. Why Romney? He’s been on top since this thing kicked off what seems like 10 years ago. Yet he hasn’t had much attention paid to him.

That’s rather odd, don’t you think? The man leading the Republican field is a hyper successful businessman, yet OWS isn’t dogging and disrupting his campaign. They did show up at a Newt event over the weekend though. Hmmm.

Here’s the conspiracy theory. The P-BO has directed his lemmings in the MSM that he wants to take on Romney and some other white male VP candidate - the older the better.  Bob Dole would be perfect. The lemmings are out cutting everyone else but Romney – the front runner in the field - to shreds.

Bachman is too stupid and clueless. When you think about it, if that’s a disqualifier, it would also have to exclude the current occupant of 1600 PA Ave.

Cain is womanizing creep. That would seem to disqualify one Billy Billbo what’s the meaning of is, rape ain’t a crime if the victim’s name is “Juanita” Clinton.

Perry was slow on the draw at a couple of debates. That describes His Royal @$$holiness on any day the teleprompter doesn’t show up.

Even leading VP candidate Marco Rubio was slammed by the Wash. Compost for “embellishing his family story.” Hell no one in politics has ever done that before. Lied about inventing the Internet? Sure. Lying your @$$ off about being sent to Cambodia by a president who wasn’t even president at the time is actually a pretty common thing these days. Marco is a handsome Latino Republican who articulates the conservative philosophy as well as anyone, so the media has to try to crush him early on.

The bottom line is the media wants to pick the Republican candidate, and they are picking Romney. That gives me great pause, because I picked Romney as well. The media are picking Romney because the P-BO told them to.  That order went out probably because the P-BO believes that, except for actually having a brain and accomplishing something in his life, Romney is the most like himself. I picked Romney because I’m of the opinion that the P-BO has gotten us so deep into trouble it is going to take someone of Romney’s business acumen and steady hand to lead us out of the darkness.

I happen to know that the second Romney clinches the nomination, there will be a flood of MSM BS about business deals Romney closed that cost single mothers their jobs that were then shipped off to China. The women were forced into prostitution and had to turn their kids over to child protective services who got them involved in a children’s program at Penn State. A sorrier tragedy there never was.

The OWS losers who will have ignored Romney for a year will show up by the hundreds at every campaign stop. Though he will have answered the question 10,000 times, he will be asked endlessly why Romneycare is different than P-BOcare. For his part, King Squadouche will conflate the 10th Amendment state’s rights argument with his own unconstitutional national mandate.

Oh, just thought of this. Call it Conspiracy Theory #10. The P-BO OKed the Supreme Court’s decision to take on P-BOcare so as to get his own BS law declared unconstitutional to take that issue off the table in 2012. Or he beats Romney with the 5-4 decision, saying it must be unconstitutional in MA as well.

That’s two conspiracy theories in one day. You just don’t get this stuff anywhere else.

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