Monday, November 14, 2011

We knew we were all soft bitter clingers, but lazy as well?

We’ve been a little bit lazy over the last couple of decades. We’ve kind of taken for granted — ‘Well, people would want to come here’ — and we aren’t out there hungry, selling America and trying to attract new businesses into America.

Who said that? Some hard working guy who has been up with cows and out with owls working his butt off for the last 30 years? No. Then some smart guy who has made a ton of money with his imagination, savvy and creativity? No. No, actually that statement was uttered by an affirmative action pass through who has never had a steady private sector job in his entire life – the P-BO.

Calling us lazy comes from a guy who as President of the United States has played 72 rounds of golf.  At 5 hours each (given his reported inability to hit a golf ball any better than he throws a baseball maybe 10 hours) totaling, ahh, lemmesee, 5 times 7 is 30 something plus another 10 or so, that’s 40, no wait, gotta start from the right. 10 carry the 1, 5X7=35 plus the one equals 360 hours of golf. If you divide that by 40, the number of hours in our typically lazy work week, that’s 9 weeks of golf. And that time off doesn’t include all of the 10 day “working vacations” that roll around every other month.

Now according to our dumb@$$ in chief, Americans are bitter clingers that have gotten soft, lazy, and are about as exceptional as Greece on any given day. Which is still better than what this know nothing’s Attorney General said about America when that d-bag called us a nation of cowards. I think this skinny, jug eared sock of crap was wide awake for 20 years, front and center in Rev? Jerry Wright’s church of Let’s All Hate America Now. He learned his lessons well from his mentor.

There was another Republican debate on Saturday night. Change the day of the week, and it seems that line could be used twice a week from now until next September. I didn’t watch it. I was in a deep depression after drinking two cases of beer and a fifth of bourbon before starting to drink heavily after The OSU’s OT loss to Purdue. ASIDE: You’d think at a university of 52,000 under grads you’d be able to find 9 fat guys to stand in front of 9 other fat guys and “block” them for the 1.2 seconds it takes to allow the game winning point after touchdown. You’d be wrong.

Anyhoo, Newt is on the rise. Watch this slam dunk beeautch slapping of Scott Pelly who, given his willingness to “debate” Newt during his question, is apparently is running for president. That’s big news.

Penn State
I did see a bit of the Penn State game against NE. I tired very quickly of the Penn St. crowd, the players, the announcers and it seemed everyone else acting as if Penn St. were some how a victim. Tears shed for Joe Pa and Penn St. football are misplaced. The more you read about what was going on at that university, the more you know that Joe Pa and the entire university leadership were enabling Jerry Sandusky. That includes the interim head coach, who knew about the allegations. No, hell no, they all didn’t have to resign in disgust, but that would have been nice. At a minimum, how about a, “Hey, Joe Pa, Sandusky goes, or I go.” At least get the slug out of the locker room for crying out loud.

I said it before, I’ll say now, the university needs to be figuratively bulldozed. Everyone who knew or should have known needs to be sent packing.  And what's the NCAA going to have to say about this?  It's OK to knowingly allow child molesters in the locker room, but if you sell a game jersey that belongs to you, you get a 5 game suspension.  Sumpins' up-side-down there.

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