Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Giving Newt a second look

AF Bro sent this link to a Newt speech titled “Victory or Death” given before the Rep “shellacking” of the P-BO’s boys in 2010. It’s in 5 parts, and each runs over 8minutes. Find the time to view them all. If you can only sit for one, go to the last.

I’d written Newt off early on, on a couple of accounts. First, he stumbled out of the block by trashing Paul Ryan's budget plan.  Next, was his ability to win the Rep nomination let alone the general election. I didn’t think a twice divorced, three times married guy who sat on a couch with Grand Fran Peloser to hector us about global cooling/warming/climate change or staying the same could win. After the Tony the shlong Weiner seat went Republican, I thought, heck my dog George could beat the P-BO.

Then there was the money issue. The P-BO will raise a billion dollars for the 2012 cycle. I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. The P-BO needed 700 million in the last cycle because nobody knew who he was. He’ll need a billion in the 2012 because everyone knows who he is. Can Newt compete? No. But Newt has devised a brilliant scheme that will place the P-BO in a serious dilemma. Newt has said he will challenge the P-BO to 7 Lincoln - Douglass type debates of three hours each with no moderator, only a time keeper.

Hey easy, the P-BO will just decline. He’s too busy. After all, he’s the president. Well he’s had time for 72 rounds of golf. And Newt has said, if the P-BO declines his offer, Newt will just follow the P-BO around the country showing up everywhere the P-BO does four hours later. I don’t think the P-BO can stand toe to toe with Newt, or anyone else for that matter, in a debate that isn’t controlled by a P-BO lemming in the MSM. The 7 three hour debates will easily off set any cash advantage the P-BO has over Newt.

This five part speech is a compelling case for Newt. Waging the campaign around big ideas that break 70 – 40 in your favor is a pretty solid campaign strategy. I love the idea of abolishing the 9th circuit court. That’s a big idea.

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