Monday, August 31, 2015

Can you pick out which photo shows terrorists?  The Shrilldabeast can’t.
Here’s a video of what the pig in a pantsuit - the evil Shrilldabeast – calls a terrorist.

The Shrilldabeast is incompetent and a liar.  Fortunately, unlike her slack-jawed husband, she’s also an incompetent liar.  That, I think, is the cause of her slow twisting demise and why we may be spared from ever having to listen to this miserable, unaccomplished, rape enabling POS address the nation from the Oval Office.  There is only one political party in the United States that supports the decapitation of humans.  That would be the Dope party.

I understand that abortion is the law of the land.  So was slavery.  So was separate but equal.  The Supreme Court is populated by humans. Some humans are stupid.  Some Supreme Court justices are stupid.  I accept that some people think that, for whatever reason, it’s best not to bring a child into this world.  I will not accept that I have to pay for the procedure.  I will not accept that tax dollars are used to subsidize the lopping off of a viable baby’s head for sale.

Yet somehow the pig in a pantsuit levels a charge of terrorism at Republicans for calling attention to a horrific organization that she and her party wholeheartedly support that is engaging in the exact same activity as ISIS.   Amazing!

Here’s what ISIS should do.  Next time they lop some hapless Christian’s head off they should frame it as a “women’s health issue.”  Then they should establish some kind of “bio medical research company” and ship the severed heads there for “research.”  The next thing you know the Dopes will demand that the US taxpayer subsidize ISIS’s “women’s healthcare initiative.”  How is that scenario any crazier than what we are witnessing at Planned un-Parenthood?
Fox News demands more of the same damn it!
Because they dominate the polls, Fox News’s new line of attack - snarkishly advanced by George Will and Charles Krauthammer - on Trump and other Caligula, D.C. outsiders Cruz, Fiorina, Carson etc. is that the GOP base prefers candidates with not one wit of experience in governing.   They say these things straight faced as if the country were not 19 TRILLION in debt, merrily cutting off baby heads, as divided as ever along racial and economic lines, Christians under attack at home and abroad, Islamo-Terror-Fascists on the march, every branch of government mired in some kind of scandal, 47 million Americans on welfare and another 97 million chased from the workforce by a poor economy and cheap illegal labor.  All of this brought about by the "experts."

WTF?  Could Larry, Curly or Moe really do any worse?  Why not try something new?  Is that really a crazy idea?  I think people pushing establishment candidates, thinking they will right the sinking ship that they continue to punch holes into the hull of, is a whole lot more crazy than anyone supporting a candidate who has not had a hand in destroying the country.

Russia taking azzwhipping in Ukraine
One wonders what the Russian body count would be and how committed Putin would be to annexing Ukraine had The Empty Suit bothered to send Ukrainians some decent weapons with which to defend themselves.   But, we’ll always have that reset button.

Friday, August 28, 2015

If we are not an angry country by now, we should be

One time good guy Marco Rubio says that the Donald will not be the Republican nominee “because we’re not an angry country.”  First off, anyone who has watched Trump on the stump or doing an interview knows that he’s NOT angry.  He had a woman on stage checking his dome for a toupee yesterday for crying out loud.  Even when he calls Rosie O’Donnell a fat slob on twitter it’s grounded in truth and has a reality TV – in other words, who gives a $h!t - aura about it.

But yeah, there’s a great many of us who are POed and with good reason.  We have given our hard earned Yankee dollars, our time and our votes to a party and pols that have taken our money and worse than done nothing with it, they have collaborated with the Dopes to destroy the country.  So yeah it kinda pees some of us off.  We have a blubbering cry baby drunk running the house calling Ted Cruz a jackazz while he openly kisses The Empty Suit’s azz.  We have still have Harry the roach Reid running the senate, well technically it’s Mitch McConnell but really there's not the least bit of difference between the two what-so-ever. 

Next off, if we’re not an angry country by now we must be dead, Dopes or in a coma.  Our hard earned Yankee tax dollars are being used to subsidize a twisted organization that cuts off baby heads and ships them off in the mail and laughs about it.  One Caligula, D.C. party is laughing along the other is hiding under the bed sheets doing not one damned thing about it.

Speaking of Planned un-Parenthood, the rape enabling pig in a pantsuit in front of a group of brain-dead compared the entire GOP presidential field to terrorist for opposing Planned un-Parenthood.  The Shrilldabeast said she expected terrorist to reel against women but that “it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to be President of the United States.” 

I’ll tell what’s a little hard to take.  The rape enabling old, old hag who has spent much of her adult life covering up for her slack jawed raping, groping, exposing, woman beating old man lecturing anyone about “women’s issues.”  So far the only Republican candidate that I have heard link the Beast to her rapist alley cat of a husband is Rand Paul.  Whoever replies to the Beast’s nonsense with, “If she’s truly interested in protecting women, the best thing Shrilldabeast could do is get her husband under control.”  If any of the under card candidates took it to the pig in a pantsuit on this, they’d skyrocket to the top of the polls.

So, a drunk, a liar and thief walk into a bar.  Then a priest and rabbi come in and sit down on either side of John Boehner.  Yeah count me among the POed.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Glenn Beck is un-American for advocating not voting

These days Glenn Beck is spending as much time telling us who he is against as he is telling us who he is for.  Fine.  No problem with that.  Then Beck goes on to tell his considerable audience that he won’t vote for Bush, Graham, Pataki, Gilmore, Trump etc.  OK fine not voting, for many people, is actually a vote in and of itself.  Romney got millions fewer votes than did his GOP presidential predecessor John McCain.  Many believe the GOP voters who sat out the 2012 Presidential election handed the election to The Empty Suit.  That has worked out well for the non-voters, right?  Not voting has proven to be a good model, right? We got gay marriage, Robertscare, the Iran deal, the IRS, VA, EPA, DoJ scandals galore.  So yeah, show those establishment GOP bastards and sit out 2016 as well.  Who knows, maybe the Dope that gets elected will finish the job of finally and totally killing off the American dream.  Yeah, that’ll show those GOP establishment bustards.    

No doubt, Beck is a bit worried about the Donald making a third party run against one of his chosen candidates, Cruz, Paul, Fiorina etc.  No doubt he thinks Trump needs to make a pledge to support the eventual GOP candidate.  Well Glenn, you go first.  You spend as much time railing against and running down candidates that are not in at least 98% lockstep with your views, isn’t it time for you pledge support?  Isn’t it time for you to make the same pledge to the GOP as Trump?   Also Glenn, how is not voting for the eventual GOP candidate any different than Trump running as 3rd party.  Both put a socialist dope in the Rainbow House.

Look, Beck can do whatever he wants.  If he decides that he is going to torpedo ½ the GOP field in Aug a year before election fine, but it’s then hard to take the (g)assbag seriously during his weepy monologues about America “losing its soul.” He groans on and on about the Planned un-Parenthood videos, the IRS, the EPA, the Iran deal but is perfectly happy to sit out a pivotal election that could end in allowing it continue and even accelerate.  In that regard, Beck is an un-American, self-serving, a-hole.

For the record, as Scott Walker has had trouble getting out of his own way lately, I am a Cruz/Fiorina guy.  But I will vote for the GOP or if it is Bush, Graham, Pataki, etc. I’ll vote against the Dopes.   

Fox shills for Univision
Apparently Megyn Kelly had a love fest with fellow Trump hater Whore-hey Reeemoose.  During their slobbering lovefest, Kelly never got to the pertinent question, “Has God spoken to you today.”  She also never asked the anti-American activist why he thought it was OK to act like an illegal alien and jump the line at the news conference and in doing so disrupt the news conference.  She didn’t ask why he never showed up the Shrilldabeast’s campaign and start disrupting that old bag’s few and far between news events. 

Fox News, like Glenn Beck, is becoming very tedious.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Catching up

Trump punts Georgie Ramos
Much is being made of The Donald's confrontation with Ramos.  My first take on this is that Ramos was acting exactly like the illegal alien excrement heads he advocates for.  He gets to jump the line and disrupt the proceedings and then be rewarded for his BS behavior.  Then right on cue the exact people he was jumping ahead of pipe up to defend the worthless POS.  Trump might have reminded Ramos that after the Donald's law suit is settled, Ramos may be working for him.  Let me guess, "You're fired!" 

OK the signs were crass and classless.  OK the university probably had to do something.  But it’s not as if anyone got hurt.  Now if these guys were starters on the football team, you can bet all would be forgiven. I think America is becoming a nation of babies waiting to feign offense about something, anything to get attention.

The definitive piece on PC (That isn’t about The Donald)
I like this short piece, particularly the line that characterizes Mike Brown getting his thieving, dope smoking, fat azz shot off as his “final miscalculation.”  Uh yeah, you could call it that.
Trump blasts Megyn Kelly…again
All manner of media BS artists are rushing in to save the poor dear, who, like the gals just outta Ranger school, supposedly don’t need no stinkin’ help.  I just need to know if God spoke with Megyn today.  So if Fox is so very “fair and balanced” and a great many people think Kelly was an obnoxious dope during the Fox debate, shouldn’t there be some balance to the love fest at Fox and at least one Fox contributor with the sense to say, “You know what, asking Ted Cruz if ‘God had spoken him today’ was complete and utter BS.”  But when it comes to one of their own, they ain’t so “balanced.”  Fair and balanced?  No.  When it comes to one of their own it’s more like closed minded and closed ranks.

Government of the people?
If you think Bernie Sanders and socialism is a good idea, read this and this.  Government is out of control.  None of this even addresses IRS, VA, TSA or EPA scandals.

Send Derek Jeter to negotiate with Iran
The Empty Suit claims he was hustled by former Yankee Derek Jeter on the golf course – but where else would you find the clown. Yet this is the complete dumbazz we trust make a nuke deal with Iran.  Exit question:  Is there any chance the Iranians hustled this clueless waif?
ESPN rejects truthprefers PC

Congrats to three Americans who pummeled Johnny Jhadi on the train 
Good for them.  Couldn't the American embassy have arranged a coat and tie for the three before the ceremony with the French president?  Just a bit embarrassing for the Americans to be in their very best polo pull over shirts while the Brit is in coat and tie.   

Friday, August 21, 2015

Trump raises true meaning of the 14th Amendment

If you were as backward on the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution as I was, here’s the definitive word on it from Ann Coulter.  As it turns out, the Donald might be correct.  Anchor babies are not US citizens and can be loaded up with the rest of the family and sent packing.  Now if you’re a sexist pig like Billbo Clinton and will not take the word of a woman, Mark Levin makes clear theintent and meaning of immigration as contained in the text of the Constitution and as it pertains to the 14th Amendment here.  There’s also this.

No doubt the lefty Libs will be using the same BS argument they use in the “separation of church and state” argument to overcome the language found in the Constitution.  They will continue to harp about it and insist, “it’s right there in the Constitution.”

Even if the 9 dopes in robes hold with the anchor baby BS, it seems cleaning that up will NOT require a Constitutional Amendment.  And how has all of this been pushed into the sunlight?  The Donald, that’s how.

Charles Krauthammer, per usual, deconstructs and blasts the Donald’s positions for mass deportation, anchor babies etc.  For CK: How do we know we cannot do these things when we have never even tried?  Anyone who hunts or wants to run off a pest squirrels or birds knows that you do not necessarily have to kill them all.  When you start shooting at the pests their survival instincts kick in and they vacate the area on their own.

The same maybe true for illegals.  When you start to round up a few, cut off employment, schools, hospitals and government assistance many - maybe even most - will vacate the area on their own.   Besides what is the worst that can happen?  We try and don’t get anywhere and we are no worse off than we are now.  The cost will be covered by cutting off the benefits.  Or in the Donald’s world, we get Mexico to pay for it by cutting off any foreign aid we send them.  Thing are so very F-ed up, why not try?

Trump also called Jeb a “low energy person.”  Not even CK will come to Jeb’s defense on that one.  But seriously, what establishment Rat Republican isn’t low energy?  McConnell?  Boehner?  Thad Cochran, John McCain and Orin Hatch have about as much energy as the stiff in the Weekend at Bernie’s movie.  The Rat Reps are all next to dead except for mustering enough energy to line their own pockets with taxpayer money. 

Another question for lying pig in a pantsuit
We all know the real question that needs to be asked of the Shrilldabeast, how could you possibly do your job without access to classified e-mail?  The next question needs to be simple, “Did you receive any e-mail marked ‘Top Secret’?”  This is important because the pig in a pantsuit insists that she never received anything marked “classified.”  “Classified” is NOT a security classification.  In other words, nothing would be "marked classified.”  It would be marked confidential, secret, top secret and/or NOFORN.  The lying $h!t needs to be asked if she ever received Top Secret information on her BS e-mail server.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Women in the Army Rangers, suuuuuure they met all of the standards...that they could

The Army Rangers are going to graduate two women this week.  Color me skeptical that the women met the same standards as men.  Like the Shrilldabeast swearing that no classified material crossed her server, the wannabe generals will swear standards were not compromised.  Even if that is true what does it say about the standards for that "elite" fighting force?

We all know how it works.  If three pull ups are the min and Suzy can only do one, the leadership looks the other way and tells everyone Suzy did three.  Then the leadership decides being able to complete three pull ups isn’t even that big a deal and deletes the requirement altogether. 

“Why?  Because pull ups aren’t a good indicator of upper body strength?”

“No.  They are an excellent indication of upper body strength.”

“Well, why then?”

“Simple, the pull ups have to go away because women do not have the upper body strength to do them.”

“So isn’t that an indication that women do not have the upper body strength to be Rangers?”

“No.  Not at all.  It’s an indication that pull ups are a sexist exercise that have no place in today’s PC military.”

I do not think ISIS will be as PC as the Pentagon wannbe gens.  None of this will end until a unit is wiped out somewhere.  But congrats to the new Ranger gals.

Lefty Lib science
It’s mid Aug and the temperature is not going to hit 80 degrees for the next couple of days here in Ft. Wayne, IN.  Don’t worry warm-mongers.  Car thermometers of autos parked on the blacktop at the Kroger at noon will still read in the upper 90s and what more proof do you really need that the planet is turning into a cinder right under our feet.

This is how stupid these people are.  This dope congressman (but really are there any other kind?)actually thinks his car thermometer is an accurate way to determine the ambient temperature.  I always wondered why the thermometer in my car parked in the garage would read 43 degrees in the winter when I started it when I knew it was much, much colder out.  Then magically the outside temp reading would drop while I drove up the lane.   It's crazy.  I cannot figure it out.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Road trip to Bloomington, IN

I’m running Lex jr. to Bloomington, IN to start classes at IU.  Ho joy.  Here’s my last bit advice for him before turning him over the lefty lib azzclown machine.

Advice from your old man as you enter the land of leftist
Totalitarian fascism also known as “college.”

The biggest trick the devil plays on us is to trick us into believing that he does not exist.

He has NO power over you.

All he can do is tempt you.

College life is full of temptations.

Go to church. 

Make a friend at church.

If you want to be a true campus rebel, carry your Bible with you everywhere you go.  Occasionally get caught reading it.

Be a good roommate.  Be clean.  Keep the door locked – even if you’re only going to be gone for a second.  Respect other’s property.

If you are in the room, leave the door open to invite others in.

Call or text mom every day.  It won’t take but a second.

You are an adult now.  Act like one.  Take responsibility for all that do or fail to do.

Remember why you there.

Approach school as your job and excel at it.

Go to all of your classes.

Most “stress” is self-induced.  Being prepared for class and eating and sleeping right can remove a lot of stress.

Find time for physical exercise for one hour at least three times a week.  It’ll help clear your mind.

Explore the campus and find an ideal place to study.

Your dorm room is probably NOT that place.

Understand all of the course requirements and due dates in the first two days of class.

Post them somewhere where you can see them daily.

Meet with all of your profs after class or during office hours early-on just to say hi.

Seek help immediately if a class is not going well.  Meet with the Prof.  Find a study group.  If all else fails, try reading the book.

Make a good friend in every class that you can work with and seek help if necessary.

If you take good class notes, you’ll make friends easier.

A bad grade is not the end of the world.  It just requires extra work for rest of the semester.

Carry extra pens and pencils.  They fail at the worst times, besides you never know when the cute chicky-poo in the seat next to you might need to borrow one.

While mom and dad are footing the bill, no tattoos or piercings.  No drugs or alcohol (until legal).  There is plenty of time for that later.

Avoid any class associated with a department ending in “studies,” as in black, gender, women’s, transgender, homosexual, life, etc.  Life is too short to waste your time and money studying people who are studying nonsense.

There are objective truths in this world.  Discover them.  Avoid relativists.

Get your rest at night not during your morning classes. 

Put everything you’ll need in the morning together BEFORE you go to bed.  You think much better before going to bed than right after waking up.

Eat healthy.  Popcorn is NOT one of the major food groups.

Laundromat courtesy:  Be there to remove your clothes from the machine before the cycle ends.  Only a-holes leave their stuff in the washer or dryer for hours after cycle has ended. Clean out the lint trap after your load.

Balance a campus club or two with academic life.

Get out - go to all of the campus sponsored activities that you can.  It’ll be a fun way to meet people.

Unless you are whole-heartedly committed to the cause, avoid campus protests of all kinds.

Remember to brush your teeth for three minutes at least twice a day.

Stay on budget.

Not much good happens after midnight – check the metro section of any newspaper, most drug deals gone bad, shootings, stabbings, drunk driving etc. occur after midnight.

Be especially careful at night and doubly careful after midnight.

“White privilege” is a racist lie.  Asians are the most economically and academically advanced group in America.  Good for them.  Their work ethic and family structure allows them to excel.

When someone calls you a racist, homophobe, global warming “denier,” bigot, etc. it is designed to get you to shut up – probably because they losing the argument.

These arguments most often originate from the fake diversity crowd – or fauxvirsty poseurs.  They demand diversity in all things unless that diversity includes white, heterosexual, male and/or Christian ideas that bump up against their crazy idea of “diversity” which is nothing more than an Orwellian term used by leftist, totalitarian fascists to get you to march lockstep, or more accurately, goosestep with them.

In this regard be the nonconformist “outlier.” 

We’re only a phone call and a short drive away if you really need us.

You have done all the hard work to get where you are.  You've studied hard and gotten good grades in high school.   You have scored well on a standardized test.  You have been accepted into the only college you have wanted to attend.  You have laid the groundwork for a successful college career.  All of that is ancient history now.  None of it guarantees your success at IU, only a future of hard work and dedication will. 

So, enjoy college, while preparing for a successful career in the “real world.”   You are well prepared.  You can do this.  Get as much education and enjoyment out of your college experience as possible.

We have not seen you or spent very much time with you over the last 18 or so months, just the daily comings and goings as you’ve now grown up, but we will miss you terribly.  You have made us very happy parents.  We will be praying for your success.

Love, Dad 

Right on cue

After releasing his plan on immigration, Donald Trump didn’t even have time to call someone a fat loser before the chattering class was telling anyone would listen to them shout, that the plan wouldn’t work.  What part of the plan?  Building the wall?  Defunding sanctuary cities?  Deporting all illegals?  Putting more border patrol agents on the border?  Ending the anchor baby loophole in the Constitution?  All of it!  None of it makes any sense according to people who talk about what other people are talking about.

I have to say, it makes sense to me.  The reason these things have not worked in the past is because Caligula, D.C. weasels were looking for votes on one side and cheap labor on the other. Trump has correctly poked both in the eye.  So of course they are going to close ranks and say the plan is unworkable.  The plan is workable.  The only problem with the plan is the people who are supposed to work to make the plan law don’t work. 

Just because the anchor baby provision is difficult, the senile drunk, thieving, liars in Caligula say the entire plan is unworkable.   

I cannot believe that not a minute goes by where Donald Trump is not dominating the news cycle.  He’ll be dominating again today because of the new VA scandal in CA.  He’ll be out there again telling us what a horrible job John McCain is doing for veterans and how much he loves the vets.

The big problem with trying to beat Trump is that he’s right.  Immigration is the biggest threat to America.  His plan get to the heart of the problem.  McCain and the rest of the 100+ year old Caligula, D.C. crowd have f-ed the VA, IRS, DoJ, EPA and everything else they touch up beyond all recognition.  Attacking the ruling class in Caligula is popular because they are about 98% lying thieving bastards.

At some point someone is going to have to figure out how to beat Trump to the news cycle.  But no one would ever attack John McCain for being horrible for veterans.  Trump does and he gets news headlines because he’s right.

Catholics try to thread the Boy Scouts needle
BSA recently allowed homosexuals to act as adult leaders.  Lex predicted this move.  The BSA said that religious Scout troops could continue to restrict their leadership to reflect their deeply held religious beliefs.  Oh, how nice of them.

In the Aug 9th edition of Today’s Catholics the National Catholic Council on Scouting announced that Catholic sponsored BSA troops would continue to down the road to perdition with the BSA.  Lex fired off note to the leadership.

For Mr. Edward Martin and Father Michael Hanifin

I read in the August 9th issue of Today’s Catholic a quote: “Our youth don’t want to leave Scouting…Let’s continue this important journey together and pray for the future of Scouting.”  News flash:  It doesn’t matter whether they want to leave Scouting or not, Scouting has already left them.

The one thing we know about the radical homosexual movement is that they are never satisfied.  As such they will continue their assault on Scouting until it becomes untenable for anyone who maintains a Biblical reference for marriage, or Biblical reference to anything else for that matter.  There is already a proposal for a merit badge for Sexual Ethics.  Sounds innocent enough.  Is there any doubt where it will end up?  It will be a course in normalizing any and all sexual choices as co-equal, men and men OK.  Men and two men OK.  Men and boys OK.  Men who “identify” as women OK. 

Your position on the BSA reminds me of a woman in an abusive marriage.  Time after time she get slapped around, and she says, “We’ll just have to continue our important journey together and pray he doesn’t hit me again.”  She’s going to get hit again. 

How are you going to maintain a Catholic standard when the Scouts attend events outside the troop and council?  You should realize that the BSA has placed you in a totally untenable position.  The BSA’s insistence on catering to the militant homosexual agenda is going to force you to quit the BSA at some point – probably sooner than you think.  You should just get on with it by making a clean and amicable break with the BSA today and move Catholic sponsored troops to Trail Life USA.         

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday morning stuff

Trump is probably conservative enough
One of the big kicks used against Donald Trump used by establishment conservatives is that the Donald is not a real conservative.  The chattering class loves to point that out to all of the Trumpsters.  The chattering class says it every day and every day Trump’s numbers improve so the chattering class acts like the guy who does not speak French asking a Parisian for directions to the Louver.  When the Frenchman shrugs, “I don’t understand” the guy starts yelling louder and louder at the Frenchman, “HOW DO I GET TO THE LOUVER?”  The Frenchmen finally shrugs and walks away.  Oh, and for the record the Frenchman understood every word.

Here is news flash to the chattering class.  Donald Trump is NOT popular because he’s the most conservative candidate in the field.  He’s popular because he’s not afraid to poke a very sharp stick into the promise everything – but do nothing establishment Rat Republicans’ eye.  He’s popular because people actually believe he’ll do what he says.  If Trump is only 1/10th as conservative as the average Rat Republican, but does what he says he’ll do, he’ll be a 10,000% improvement over the “conservative” do-nothing Rats who sit about kissing The Empty Suit’s azz with one of their thooms up their butt leaving the other hand free to loot the treasury.  In that regard, like everything else, Rat Republicans are only half as effective as Dopes in stealing money from the US taxpayer.  The Dopes use both hands to line their pockets while kissing TES’s azz.

Who do trust with nukes?
George Will asked if we would trust Donald Trump with nuclear weapons.  OK, would you trust a lying thieving pig in a pant suit Shrilldabeast or Crazy old, old, old Uncle Joe or socialist Bernie Sander with nuclear weapons?  Will’s question is a good one, but the fact that he zeroes in on Trump while ignoring the Dope field tells you all really need to know.  I’m pretty sure there is a protocol to deploy nuclear weapons that runs well outside a presidential whim to nuke, say…Megyn Kelly because she asks stupid unprofessional questions.

Gas Gas Gas
Good news!   ISIS is using chemical weapons on the Kurds in Iraq.  
Was there any type of Empty Suit red line there?  Luckily our border is secure so we do not have to worry about ISIS coming across the southern border with a car load of mustard gas.

The pig in a pantsuit’s e-mails
The $64,000 question has not yet been asked to the Shrilldabeast.  Mrs. Beast how in the hell could you have done your job as Secretary of State of the United States without communicating classified information?  Are you lying your fatazz off about not communicating that type of information or were you a completely BS out of touch Sec State?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Lex affirmed, Est. Conservative media hammer Trump and 2 conspiracy theories

A brilliant piece on the debate
Why is it brilliant?  Well because the author, Angelo Codevilla, restates many of Lex’s points from the lead up to the debates.  Of course Codevilla states the points more succinctly, and refrains from one of the hallmarks of this page, calling Dopes, Hollywood swells, MSM hacks and other government officials Jr. High School locker room names.  None the less it gives one satisfaction that a great thinker like Codevilla has stumbled upon the same solution that you arrived at months ago.

Conservative Establishment Conservative media: Leave the Donald alone
George Will, Krauthammer, Lowery, Williamson etc. continue to pound Trump as if that’ll make him go away.  Every time they, the MSM or a rival goes after him, Trump jumps in the polls.   So how long do you continue to think that just one more hit piece on Trump from a reputable establishment conservative writer from National Review on Line will do the trick and end Trump’s candidacy?

Give it up.  Take the Ted Cruz approach and coopt Trump while never saying a disparaging word about him – or any other candidate for that matter.  Maybe a rising Trump lifts all Republican candidate’s boat.  Cruz is rising while people who went after Trump – Paul, Perry and Kelly – are in decline.  Hello!  Can we learn anything?

Besides, if Trump is eventually going to die off of his own doing, as the know-it-alls insist in every column, why not just let him do so?  Cruz is smart.  Having not offended the Donald, he’ll be in a good position to get Trump’s followers when if he implodes.  Back to Codevilla, had the Fox News morons played it straight by asking policy questions instead of insisting that Rosie O’Donnell is not a fat pig and a terrible human being as Trump correctly noted during his twitter war with her, he might have stumbled on a question about Iranian nukes, abortion, homosexual marriage, etc.  

Conspiracy Theory 11-15
Some are insisting that Donald Trump is 5th Column within the Republican party, a Trojan horse sent by the Clintons to destroy the party from within by disrupting its primary process and perhaps eventually running a third party candidacy.  The theorist on this one note Billbo’s phone call to Trump urging him to get into the race.

Maybe.  But every day the odds look better for Trump to win the Republican nomination than for the Shrilldabeast to win the Dope nomination.  Also, weak, spineless, lying, thieving, Dope-lite PsOS like McConnell and Boehner are doing a better job of destroying the Republican brand from within than Trump could ever hope to achieve.  Last, anyone who thinks that they can control Trump on such a ruse will end up disappointed.  I guarantee that even if the Donald did enter into an agreement with Clintons to turn the Republican primary on its ear, Trump’s loyalty to that plan disappeared with his rise in the polls.

Conspiracy theory 12-15
This one is much better in my view.  The Clintons do have a 5th column within the Republican field, but it’s not Donald Trump.  It is Jeb Bush.  

Better to have coopted the front runner and odds on favorite to win the nomination than some wild card like Trump.  The Clintons and Bushes have some kind of evil relationship where Barbara and GHW Bush refer to the slack jawed rapist as “their adoptive son.”  They have raised all of these wonderful children so why the need to adopt a reprobate? 

Given the field of candidates and the fact that his old man, his brother and his adopted brother were all presidents, why would Jeb think the nation couldn’t survive without another Bush in the Rainbow House? 

ANSWER:  The Clintons have coopted Jeb because they know he will not vigorously attack his slack jawed rapist adopted brother or Billbo’s do-nothing unaccomplished pig in a pantsuit wife.  So at the family dinner one night Bill-dabeast insist only a Clinton or a Bush is worthy to run America.  Jeb says, “OK I’ll run.  That way no matter who wins, the presidency will still be in the family.”  The logic is undeniable.  OK it’s deniable, but it’s a good conspiracy theory.  

Thursday, August 13, 2015

She almost got away with it

Those were the words of House investigator Trey Gowdy regarding the Shrilldabeast's attempt to thwart investigators by concealing her e-mail trail while playing Secretary of State for The Empty Suit.  As Lee Corso might say, not so fast my friend.  

Have we seen this play before?  A scumbag, derelict, POS Clinton trapped in a web of lies, deceit, contempt, arrogance and lawlessness their own making only to slither away mostly unscathed based on the various meanings and interpretations of the word “is.”

Anyone who thinks the pig in a pantsuit is in serious trouble of being charged for negligent handling of classified material or lying about the same has forgotten about the 2,000 or so other scandals that were sure to cook the Bill-dabeast once and for all.

NOTE:  Bill-dabeast = a conflation of the Shrilldabeast and her slack jawed rapist old man – Billbo.  But the astute readers of this page have already figured that out.  None the less, a very clever moniker, no.

First off, they are powerful Demo-Dopes.  That means the lapdog MSM will be flying top cover for them for as long as it takes, carrying their baggage and hauling their water no matter how heavy the load becomes or how pathetically partisan they appear.

There are probably a great many in the MSM that are as sick and tired of the Bill-dabeast as the rest of us.  Nothing would make them happier than seeing them and their no talent spawn exiled to Elba to live out their days in each other’s company.  A punishment, no doubt, each would consider worse than death.

The relationship between the Bill-dabeast and the MSM is like that of a neighbor and his Chevy Volt.  He invests way too much into a POS car.  When he finally figures it out, it’s too late.  Rather than admit he was an idiot for ever getting involved with the crap machine, he tells everyone how great the car is.  Better to feign satisfaction with his F-up than look like a fool for getting involved with it in the first place.  But the stupid car keeps getting worse and worse, and he has to invest more and more money, time and energy to convince himself and the neighbors that he and his car are not worthless PsOS.  Like the Volt, short of spontaneously combusting into a fireball, the car owner and the MSM love affair with the Bill-dabeast will continue in order to protect their crappy investments.

So no, I don’t think they will be “frog marching” the Shrilldabeast into a federal penitentiary anytime soon - no matter how egregiously the old, old, old hag broke the law and tried to cover it up.  

It will be frustrating as hell, because like the other 2,000 Bill-dabeast scandals, we’re sure we got them this time.  There will be ample evidence that Omar the tent maker needs to get busy joining enough orange material to cover the Superdome and fashion it into a prison jumpsuit for the Beast.  There will be NO DOUBT that she has committed serious and sustained violations of the law that should have her making little rocks out of big ones with a 10 pound sledgehammer inside a federal “workhouse” in the Alabama summer heat. 

NOTE:  Making little ones out of big ones may not be as harsh a punishment for the Beast as it sounds.  All she’d really need to do to make a big rock into little rocks is sit on one.

I think the best we can hope for is the slow, very slow, complete and total humiliation and political destruction of the Shrilldabeast and thereby her no count husband and their no talent, no show daughter.  Hopefully that will be enough to dry up funding for the Billbo Library and the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Debate strategy, EPA destroying the environment, Trump fade?

GOP debate strategy should be to pivot to the pig in a pantsuit
Republicans should take a note form Carly Fiorina and use any lapdog MSM question to pivot to an attack on the Shrilldabeast.  Fiorina does this all time, especially when told that Republican stance on abortion is out of the mainstream.  She shoots back, it’s the Beast who is out of the mainstream; supports late term abortion while most Americans do not; supports Planned un-Parenthood’s dissection of babies for the sale of their parts while most Americans are sickened by the thought;  supports tax payer funding of abortion while most Americans do not. 

The premise of every lapdog question should be rejected.  Had Trump taken Kelly’s question on what he said about women and turned it on the Shrilldabeast, he’d have scored a knockout.  As in, “Look, you can bring up all of these things out of context.  Fine.  I’m not PC.  But my wife never had to try to cover for me for raping, groping, harassing and exposing myself to women.  The pig in a pantsuit has spent her entire married life covering up the sex crimes of her slack jawed screwball husband.  If the Dopes want to come after me for a twitter war with a fat slob fine.  But I’ll take it to them for their enabling of a true misogynist.  It won’t be pretty.  Besides I love women.  I’ll win all of their votes because women love me.”

The EPA is destroying the environment
Who will lose their job?  Who will go to jail?  Unless they can find a white Republican male – no one will be named.  No one will be held responsible.  Remember the “you’re doing a heck of job Brownie” line during Katrina?  Who is doing a heck of job in the Colorado River pollution debacle?  EPA head Gina McCarthy, like so many of TES’s people, is a clueless, incompetent, idiot.  She should name the people responsible for this mess and fire them after charging them criminally for negligence by close of business today or have her worthless ugly azz pitched into that river.

Dopes get all stressed out when one of us throws one those toxic curly lightbulbs they made us buy into the trash, but it’s all so ho hum when they release 3 million plus gallons of toxic waste into the Colorado River.  Heads should roll at the EPA. 

What we know after the IRS, VA, DoJ, etc. scandals is that NOTHING will be done.  No one will be held accountable.  This is another issue to pivot back to dopes on.  When asked (aka accused) about environmental issues Reps can of course point out the hypocrisy of the lefty Libs on the issue and can now say that Republicans are not dumping 3 million gallons of toxic mine waste into the west’s most important water supply.

Trump fade begins?
When the disgusting videos of the dissection of aborted late term babies surfaced, the Donald said Planned un-Parenthood should be defunded and that he’d shut down the government for that purpose if necessary.  Now he’s resorting to PuP’s own talking points to defend “some portions” of PuP.  According to Trump, abortion is only a small part of what PuP does.  300K abortions = small portion, really Donald?

Here’s what pols and even non pols like Trump need to remember.  The Center for Medical Progress still has at least 7 more videos to release.  One will surly come out just prior to the next Republican debate.  Given the escalating nature of the evidence against PuP in each video, pols - Dopes and Reps - may want to keep their powder dry on this issue.  Given how each video is more disgusting than the last, what will the last video show? 

This another good pivot point for the Reps to go after the pig in the pantsuit.  PuP founder Margret Sanger was a raging racist.  She called blacks “weeds”.  The Beast has said publicly that Sanger is one of her “heroes” and has accepted a PuP award named after Sanger.  How hard would it be to pivot from a Rep position on abortion to the Shrilldabeast accepting an award named after a raging racist from PuP?  As in, “My position on abortion is extreme?  I’ll tell you what is extreme accepting an award from an organization founded by a racist.  That’s what the pig in a pantsuit did.  That’s extreme.”

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ferguson, the Beast and Kelly - all sort of the same

Dep of Justice is running Ferguson, MO it is a predictable mess
After petty thief and thug Mike Brown was shot while attempting to continue his assault on a police officer, Eric the wad Holder unleashed his un-Justice Dep. On Ferguson, MO.  Even after the officer was cleared of any wrong doing, DoJ cleaned house.  Today there are again riots in Ferguson, MO.  So, who are you going to blame now?   Well everyone but the people causing trouble no doubt.

If black lives really mattered to the people holding the signs that say they do, the best thing to advocate for is cooperation with the police.  Every one of the high profile black deaths at the hands of the police – including the outright murder of a black man in SC – could have been avoided had the victims simply followed police orders.  If black lives matter, cooperate with the police and write your letter from your jail cell a la MLK’s letter from his Birmingham jail cell.

For the people carry those “black lives matter” signs shouting people down, I don’t believe they give a hoot about Mike Brown or any other black man killed by police.  They are anarchists who probably are hoping more unarmed black men get killed in the commission of their crimes.  If they gave a $h!t they’d trade their “black live matter” signs in for signs that read “cooperate then contest.”

But if we’re honest here, we know the contest part is BS, because in every case the victim was breaking the law.  That violation of law led to contact with the police which led to an altercation and ultimately the victim’s death.

But all of this is happening in Dope cities run by Dopes in many cases black Dopes bought with union money.  Ferguson, MO is run by DoJ it’s a mess.  Baltimore is run by Dopes.  It’s a mess.  NY City is run by Dopes. It’s a mess.  Wherever there is inner city trouble, you can make book the Dopes and unions are running things.   

The Beast buying votes with your money
Taking a page from the sail eared dope in the Rainbow House, the Shrilldabeast set about to buy votes with your money.  It’s great work if you can get it.  The pig in a pantsuit announced yesterday that she would make college more affordable for little Johnny and Suzy, not by reducing college costs mind you, but rather by having you pay for their tuition.  That’s good news for Johnny, Suzy and their parents.  Consider those votes bought.

But it’s a double whammy.  Not only are you going to pay to send your slacker neighbor’s kids to college, but once they arrive they will be indoctrinated with all manner of lefty Lib BS “studies.”  Gender, black, women’s, Transgender, homosexual, “studies.”  I laid out some simple rules for Lex jr. as he sets sail for college.  As long as mom and dad are footing the bills there will be no tattoos, piercings or any courses from any department ending in “studies.”

During response to Trump, Kelly swears she won’t respond to Trump
Megyn Kelly apparently told her audience last night that she wouldn’t apologize to the Donald nor respond to Trump’s “attacks” on her for doing “good journalism.”  Uuuuuh, OK.  Not to put too fine a point on it but isn’t telling your audience that you won’t apologize or respond to the Donald sort of like responding to the Donald?  If you truly were not going to respond to him wouldn’t you have not opened your show by responding to him?  Just sayin’.  If you’re not going to respond to him, don’t respond him – period.  Oooops.  Can you use that word in the same thought with Kelly?  I’ll call Erick Erickson over at Red State and get a ruling. 

Oh and just because the echo chamber at Fox says it was “good journalism” doesn’t make it so.  For crying out loud, you asked Ted Cruz if God had spoken to him today.  THAT’S “good journalism”?  YGBSM!   The fact that all manner of lefty Lib MSM – CNN, NY Times etc. - are heaping praise on Fox for the debate is about all we really need to know.  But nice try.  Now, I’m not going to respond to Kelly’s refusal to respond except to respond by telling us she won't respond to the Donald’s response to her BS journalism.  Oh one more thing…

Monday, August 10, 2015

Debate sham

Several posts under Lex had gone to all the trouble to rank the Republican field top to bottom.  I thought after the debates I’d re-rank them.  Then I saw these time totals for the “debate”:

·         Donald Trump 10:30
·         Jeb Bush 8:33 
·         Mike Huckabee 6:32
·         Ben Carson 6:28 
·         Ted Cruz 6:28 
·         John Kasich 6:25 
·         Marco Rubio 6:22
·         Chris Christie 6:03 
·         Scott Walker 5:43
·         Rand Paul 4:51

Why in the hell would anyone change their minds about anything based on these time totals?  Rand Paul is one my top third guys he got less than 5 minutes to address the nation.  I would say any of the 10 candidates outperformed the three moderators who took up over 31 minutes of debate time asking BS gottcha or would you please get in a loud obnoxious shouting match with one of the guys standing next to you type questions.

Yet I could not turn on Fox News Fri – Sun without hearing the anchors and the paid contributors heaping great praise on the moderators and how well everything went.  For anyone with a brain or who looks at the time totals, the “debate” was a complete sham of a “debate.”  Now comes endless talk and chatter about who “broke out”, who won and who lost.  Based on what?  Paul lost because he invested over two hours to stand on stage to get the opportunity to talk for less than 5 minutes? 

Fiorina did break out.  The moderators were out to “get Trump.”  Any other assessments of the “debate” candidates is probably based more on who you happened to like or didn’t like going in than anything that happened under the pitiful “debate” format that gives the agenda driven moderators 3 times the amount of speaking time as any of the candidates running for President of the United States.  On Fri after the "debate" Lex opined that the moderators - Kelly in particular - were:  Terrible. Horrible.  The worst.  The Great One Mark Levin says it better here.  

The RNC in coordination with Fox News in general and Kelly, Baier and Wallace in particular F__ed the whole thing up.  I can understand why FNC thinks it was a huge success – it generated 24 million viewers – well Trump did.  I can’t comprehend why the RNC, any of the candidates or the American people are satisfied with three non-candidates sucking up more than 3 times as much air time as the leading contenders.

The RNC had better be careful or there will be a brokered convention in Cleveland.  Trump can stay in until the very end and so can a number of other candidates.  My advice is get the networks out of your debates.  Go to the New York boxing commission and hire a time keeper.  Put 2-4 candidates on stage allowing one minute to ask a question and three minutes to answer the question.  Then 30 seconds for a follow up question with one and half minutes to answer. 

The Donald is NOT going to go away.  Why?  He doesn’t have to.  Were he a typical candidate his big money donors would have dried up by now leaving the typical candidate stuck in a Motel 6 somewhere in Davenport, Iowa looking for a ride home.  The Donald is flying his own jet to one of his own hotels today.  He worth ten billion.  He doesn’t need donors.  Were he a typical candidate his Caligula, D.C. support would have abandoned him by now.  He doesn’t want any of the Caligula, D.C. crowd endorsing him.  They are his main target.  Were he a typical candidate, he wouldn’t be able to hire a single reputable political consultant.  He doesn’t need them, want them and rails against them.  He hires his own people and probably doesn’t listen to them either.

So what do you do with the Donald?  You co-opt him.   You agree with him to the extent that you can and otherwise ignore him.  Trump is an energy vampire.  The more you attack him the weaker you become and the stronger he becomes.  He says things to be attacked.  Fools take the bait. 

What confounds me is why the talking heads insist Trump get out while he’s the front runner but the same bunch never says, “Hey, Pataki, Graham, Santorum, Perry, Gilmore take a hike.  You have no hope.  You’re going to destroy the party.”

Other debate fallout
According to the oh so smart talking head crowd, John Kasich is on the rise?  Why?  Unemployment in Ohio?  No.  A state budget surplus then?  No.  Then it must be his withering attacks on the Shrilldabeast.  No.  He’s afraid to attack the Shrilldabeast.  Well then why is John Kasich on the rise?  Simple, he attended a homosexual wedding and abandon traditional marriage because the Supreme Court said he should.  It’s settled law don’t you know, just like Dred Scott.  And just like Dred Scott, it’s not worth fighting for.  Waaaaaaaait a minute.  Dred Scott isn’t the law of land anymore.  WTF is Kasich trying to pull?  

In conservative politics shouldn’t Kasich’s position work against him?  Oh it does.  But the Fox talking heads want you believe it is a big advantage for him.  Why?  Well Kasich is an establishment insider, not some shoot from the hip outsider like “wacko birds” Paul, Rubio, Cruz and Trump.  So it doesn’t matter that he’s outside the party norm on homosexual marriage, amnesty and Robertscare.  He’s an insider on the rise and won the debate damn it.  Who you going to believe, Fox News talking heads or your own common sense?