Thursday, August 13, 2015

She almost got away with it

Those were the words of House investigator Trey Gowdy regarding the Shrilldabeast's attempt to thwart investigators by concealing her e-mail trail while playing Secretary of State for The Empty Suit.  As Lee Corso might say, not so fast my friend.  

Have we seen this play before?  A scumbag, derelict, POS Clinton trapped in a web of lies, deceit, contempt, arrogance and lawlessness their own making only to slither away mostly unscathed based on the various meanings and interpretations of the word “is.”

Anyone who thinks the pig in a pantsuit is in serious trouble of being charged for negligent handling of classified material or lying about the same has forgotten about the 2,000 or so other scandals that were sure to cook the Bill-dabeast once and for all.

NOTE:  Bill-dabeast = a conflation of the Shrilldabeast and her slack jawed rapist old man – Billbo.  But the astute readers of this page have already figured that out.  None the less, a very clever moniker, no.

First off, they are powerful Demo-Dopes.  That means the lapdog MSM will be flying top cover for them for as long as it takes, carrying their baggage and hauling their water no matter how heavy the load becomes or how pathetically partisan they appear.

There are probably a great many in the MSM that are as sick and tired of the Bill-dabeast as the rest of us.  Nothing would make them happier than seeing them and their no talent spawn exiled to Elba to live out their days in each other’s company.  A punishment, no doubt, each would consider worse than death.

The relationship between the Bill-dabeast and the MSM is like that of a neighbor and his Chevy Volt.  He invests way too much into a POS car.  When he finally figures it out, it’s too late.  Rather than admit he was an idiot for ever getting involved with the crap machine, he tells everyone how great the car is.  Better to feign satisfaction with his F-up than look like a fool for getting involved with it in the first place.  But the stupid car keeps getting worse and worse, and he has to invest more and more money, time and energy to convince himself and the neighbors that he and his car are not worthless PsOS.  Like the Volt, short of spontaneously combusting into a fireball, the car owner and the MSM love affair with the Bill-dabeast will continue in order to protect their crappy investments.

So no, I don’t think they will be “frog marching” the Shrilldabeast into a federal penitentiary anytime soon - no matter how egregiously the old, old, old hag broke the law and tried to cover it up.  

It will be frustrating as hell, because like the other 2,000 Bill-dabeast scandals, we’re sure we got them this time.  There will be ample evidence that Omar the tent maker needs to get busy joining enough orange material to cover the Superdome and fashion it into a prison jumpsuit for the Beast.  There will be NO DOUBT that she has committed serious and sustained violations of the law that should have her making little rocks out of big ones with a 10 pound sledgehammer inside a federal “workhouse” in the Alabama summer heat. 

NOTE:  Making little ones out of big ones may not be as harsh a punishment for the Beast as it sounds.  All she’d really need to do to make a big rock into little rocks is sit on one.

I think the best we can hope for is the slow, very slow, complete and total humiliation and political destruction of the Shrilldabeast and thereby her no count husband and their no talent, no show daughter.  Hopefully that will be enough to dry up funding for the Billbo Library and the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

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