Friday, September 30, 2011

The work the rich are doing, Mzzzzz. Warren

Some Demo-Dope dope named Liz Warren who is seeking the “Scott Brown seat” in the US senate, let lose these lines last week:

“I hear all this, you know, ‘Well, this is class warfare, this is whatever. No. There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own — nobody.

“You built a factory out there? Good for you. But I want to be clear. You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police-forces and fire-forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory — and hire someone to protect against this — because of the work the rest of us did.

“Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific, or a great idea. God bless — keep a big hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is, you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.”

I didn’t know who Liz Warren was so I looked her up on AlGore’s marvelous invention the Internet. Here’s her career from Wikipedia:

Warren joined Harvard Law School in 1992 as the Robert Braucher Visiting Professor of Commercial Law. Prior to Harvard, she was the William A. Schnader Professor of Commercial Law at University of Pennsylvania School of Law and also taught at the University of Texas School of Law, University of Houston Law Center, University of Michigan and Rutgers School of Law—Newark.

From 2005 to 2008, Warren and her law students wrote a blog called Warren Reports, part of Josh Marshall's TPMCafe.

Warren appeared in the documentary film Maxed Out in 2006, has appeared several times on Dr. Phil to talk about money and families, has been a guest on The Daily Show,[12] is interviewed frequently on cable news networks,[13] appears in Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story, has appeared on the Charlie Rose talk show,[14] and has appeared on the Real Time With Bill Maher talk show.[15] She has also appeared on the PBS show NOW.[16]

Warren is a member of the FDIC's Committee on Economic Inclusion and the Executive Council of the National Bankruptcy Conference. She is the former Vice-President of the American Law Institute and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She served as the Chief Adviser to the National Bankruptcy Review Commission.

What’s missing? Yeah, a real job that produces something useful or provides an actual usable service. Never had a real job? Why waste your time running for the “Scott Brown seat” in the US senate. You’re presidential material baby.

Warren is being hailed as a great class warfare warrior for “taking it to the rich” in the load of crap above. I was thinking about the obvious rejoinder to Mzzzzzzzzz. Warren’s line of BS that goes like – yeah some nasty rich guy bought the machinery that was made by guys working for some other nasty rich guy, to put down gravel bought from quarry owned by some nasty rich guy who bought more machinery that was made by guys working for some other nasty rich guy so that they could lay asphalt or pour cement that was purchased from some other nasty rich guy who bought more machinery that was made by guys working for some other nasty rich and the same cycle is then repeated for chain link fence, paint, electrical, plumbing and nearly everything that goes into the factory.

Warren would have clueless Demo-Dopes - really, is there any other kind - believe that the peasants got up one morning and decided to pave a road. They toiled all weekend hauling gravel, sand and cement. Then, the nasty rich guy exploited the work of the masses by building a factory at the end of the road the commoners worked so hard to construct. She’s an idiot. In that respect, she would blend right in with the other 98 or so dopes comprising the US senate.

That was the obvious line I was going to take to debunk Warren’s line of BS. Then it struck me. Mzzzz. Warren says in her soon to be classic rant of BS that gets knee deep well ahead of most, “-because of the work the rest of us did.” What Mzzz. Idiot means here of course is actually, “because of the work the rest of us paid for.” Because, as we know by her bio, Mzzz. Warren like her lib bros and sisses has apparently never worked a day in her life at a job that produced something tangible by quitting time.

Yes the rest of us hired rich guys who employed a lot of people to do the litany of things that Mzz. Warren cites in her rant. Where she really fouls up though is using the phrase “the rest of us.”

It struck me. The top 1% of wage earners pay 39% of all federal income taxes. The top 5% pay over 50%. The top 10% of wage earners pay 66% of all federal income tax. Here’s the rub, and this where Mzzz. Warren demonstrates what a complete moron she is, the lowest 46% of wage earners pay 0% of the federal income tax.  Not only did they not do the work in Mzzz. Warren's rant, the entire 46% didn't contribute even one dime for the work to be done!

So Mzzz. Warren, it’s not the rich using the roads and bridges “because of the work the rest of us did.” It’s actually the 46% of the free loading population using those facilities because of the work the rich did. Because of (g)assbags like Warren, the 46% will never work to get into the mix or even say thank you to the 54% of us pulling the wagon they are riding so comfortably in.  Instead Mzzz. Warren will continue to convince them that they are owed more and more for doing less and less.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The political acid test

We’ve heard the Tea Party being maligned since they first showed up at a town hall meeting and asked a pol a difficult question. Racist, homophobic, Earth Hating, knuckle dragging morons were the nice terms. Well now there is proof positive that on top of all that the Tea Party is full of STUPID, racists, homophobic, Earth Hating, knuckle dragging morons.

Take that cracker state of FL, they voted for Herman Cain in overwhelming numbers Saturday last. Cain beat his nearest competitor in the delegate count by nearly two to one. If that weren’t crazy enough, a Fox News poll shows Cain has now moved into a statistical dead heat with Perry and Romney at the top of the GOP field.

Apparently, those racist, homophobic, Earth Hating, knuckle dragging Tea Party morons haven’t seen a picture of Cain. He’s black! In fact he’s much, much, blacker than the P-BO! In fact he’s so black, it’s doubtful numbskulls like Slow Joe Biden and Scrawny Harry this war is lost Reid could lay their “clean and articulate” or “capable of dropping the negro dialect” lines on this guy.

So, what is the Tea Party doing supporting a black guy? “Stupid racists” is the only answer. They haven’t figured out yet that Herman is black.

I’m going to introduce a new metric for deciding the Republican presidential nominee. Enough with all of the issues stuff. We pretty much know that anyone in the field would be a 10,000 fold improvement over the P-BO. Yes, that includes Paul and Huntsman.

ASIDE: I saw a bit of Huntsman on Greta last night and for the first time actually thought the guy made good sense, particularly on foreign policy.

So the heck with the issues, besides what I’ve see and read of the debates so far, Herman Cain won everyone of them. It’s on to the real acid test for any political candidate. It’s called the Lex BBQ test. Of the candidates available, who would Lex most like to have over to his home for a BBQ?

Hands down, Herman Cain. Why? Well who the hell would want a politician crashing their BBQ. They’d be shaking hands and asking "how are you doing", but moving on to the next hand before you can answer the question. I believe, Herman would sit down and actually enjoy himself. He just seems like a good guy capable of connecting with real people. That’s probably because he’s one himself. I’ve liked Herman Cain since the first time I saw him on the Neal Cavuto show. A guy that actually answered questions and admitted when he wasn’t sure about something.

Romney would be a good guy to have a private lunch with at a snooty restaurant. Newt would be a good guy to bring into the book club. Perry’s probably a good tailgater. But Cain is the guy I’d like to have sitting at my picnic table. Having beaten the widow maker, cancer, he doesn’t seem to fret over much of anything. I can see him dripping a bit of mustard onto his trousers and laughing about it as he took the next bite. Some of the others would bring the whole thing to a halt while an aide took a dry cleaning stick to the spot.

The last thing on Cain is a policy thing. He’s popular because of his 9-9-9 plan that even the simplest among us can understand. Cain can explain his whole plan in 15 seconds – 9% flat income tax; 9% corporate tax no loopholes; 9% consumption (sales tax) tax. By contrast, Romney’s economic plan is over 150 pages long. I suppose Mitt could simplify the message by calling it his "150 plus plan." Romney starts to explain his plan by saying, “There are seven things that we need to do…” That reminds me of the Rodney Dangerfield movie Back to School. During the oral exam, the antagonist professor says, “I only have one question (Dangerfield’s breaths a sigh of relief) with 57 parts (Dangerfield is crestfallen).” So by the time Mitt gets to the fourth point you can hear the audience zzzzzzzzz, and they can’t remember any of it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How the "hike" went down

Ahhh, Haaa! I saw this on Drudge:

"I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover. I really hope that someone can agree with me on that."

Suspend elections! That’s Lex’s conspiracy theory # whatever. Now, who said this? One of the cast members from Jersey Shore? Michael, during an episode of The Office? Russian president/prime minister/chief commissar for the politburo for life Vladimir Putin? No, no and no. It was NC Demo-Dope governor Bev Perdue. When questioned about the comment later, she swears she was “joking.” No one laughed. According to those present her voice was level and aside from not being funny, it didn’t appear to be a Slow Joe Biden attempt at humor like the famous, “Stand up Harvey. Let them see you. Oh, yeah. That’s right. God bless you. Well just give them a wave from your wheelchair.” That’s comedy gold right up there at the top, along with them racist, homophobe Earth hatein’ Tea Baggin’ son of bitches can go straight to hell. I’m still laughing.

OK, I’ve had a massive number of e-mails (nearly one) wanting my take on the Iranian “hikers” being freed.

Conspiracy theory #7

At least one of the three was in fact a spy. My guess is it was the chick. Now who she was spying for is anyone’s guess. In today’s world, it could have been the US, Iraq, Israel, Russia or some group inside Iran.

What’s your evidence? Hey this is my conspiracy theory. The whole point of a conspiracy theory is that you can make outrageous charges, but you don’t have to prove squat. But ok, here goes.

It has to be the chick. Why? Well why else would two dudes go hiking on the unmarked Iraq Iran border? Here’s how this whole thing went down.

Sam: Hey Bill, you want to get up early tomorrow and go hiking on that unmarked stretch of the Iranian border?

Bill. You’re out of your mind. STFU.

Sam: Yeah, what was I thinking? What a dumb@$$ idea.

Then, the very next minute:

Mary: Hey, Sam and Bill, do you guys want to get up early tomorrow and go hiking on that unmarked stretch of the Iranian border?  I just got a new bra-less tank top and some short, short hiking shorts I want to try out.

Sam: That’s a great idea. I was just thinking the very same thing.

Bill: Heck yeah. I’m in, as long as we can leave early enough to catch the sunrise.

Next, the chick gets out first and pretty much clams up, keeps a low profile and fades away. The guys get out and are yaking up a storm in true Stockholm Syndrome fashion. They are making the rounds trashing the US and anyone else they can for their own stupidity – wait is that strong enough – no, colossal stupidity. No wait still not strong enough. The leviathan of all stupidity. The things that they have said lately give some insight as to why they were on that border in the first place. They’re dopes.

The only way to confirm this theory is if Richard the dick Armitage outs the chick for being a spy and Scooter Libby goes to jail for it.

It is rumored that Sean Penn played a role in their release. Maybe he coughed up the million bucks. If so, way to go Sean. Penn is pretty much a dope, but I admired him when he went to New Orleans to help out after Katrina. I can still see him famously launching his rowboat sans the bung plug. But hey, he went down there in addition to probably writing a huge check. However, none of that cancels out chumming it up with Chaves and Castro. Politically, Penn is as dumb as the three “hikers.”

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ideas for retiring the national debt

Hold a series of national lotteries.

Sure if we hold a national lottery to retire our debt, 98% of the burden of paying off the debt will fall on foolish people who can least afford it. We’ve all been at the check out at the Stop and Go on the corner of Hucksmif & Corvil (hilarious but DEFINITELY no kids) when some mope dressed in camo and sporting an outrageous mullet buys a six pack of Keystone Light beer, two cartons of cigarettes and $40 worth of lottery tickets with cash and a gallon of milk, a bag of donuts and pound of bacon with his welfare card.

This plan has the added benefit of allowing the P-BO to set up a whole new government entitlement program. The Department of Payoff Equity or DOPE will be established to reimburse mopes who used their rent money to buy tickets. It’s the least we can do after they sacrificed so much.

Sure I’d buy a ticket. But I know I’d have 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 chances of winning. And the winner would be Warren Buffet. How could he miss? Here’s a guy who demands to pay more taxes, but for some reason won’t just send the money in, hmmm. He could plop down 5 billion for tickets as an act of patriotism and not blink an eye. With 5 billion in tickets how could he lose?

Declare a national disaster

Americans love to give their hard earned money to people all over the world hit by natural disasters. So, the P-BO could declare an American natural disaster, like the Grand Canyon filling in. Hey, if Hollywood can fake a moon landing they have someone who can photoshop this. Tell Americans it will take 16 trillion to buy enough shovels and hire enough men for this “shovel ready project.” Put Slow Joe Biden in charge of the effort. Set up an account and watch as school kids hold car washes, sell 50 cent candy bars for $5 and go door to door with “Help Dig Out the Grand Canyon” change containers.

Again the burden here falls on the really stupid. I can see Biden and the Congressional Black Caucus being the worst hit here. I probably wouldn’t fall this one but would list it as new conspiracy theory on this page at some point.

Sell Bonds

How did America finance WWII? War bond drives, that’s how. Here’s how that worked. The bond drive chairman would round up the latest war heroes and a couple of top tier entertainers and travel the nation putting on shows. People would give until it hurt. Of course the greatest WWII war bond drive was with a couple of Marines who put up the Flag on Iwo Jima, and were immortalized in Joe Rosenthal’s epic photo while in the process.

So how would this work? Well we’d get some economic geniuses and “budget heroes” like Tim the tax cheat Geithner and Charlie ways and means to cheat the taxman Rangle to travel the country sharing their tips on tax preparations. You get guys Like Scrawny Harry this war is lost Reid to deliver a bit of cowboy poetry about his pomegranate trees and how he made 6 million dollars in profit on a senator’s pay. He can also tell the engaging story about how and why the senate hasn’t produced a budget in going on 900 days now. This is great stuff.

After stem winders by these “budget heroes” you bring out the Hollywood entertainment to get the crowd really jazzed up so they will give until it hurts. You get Babs Streisand to sing “People” who help retire the debt are the luckiest people. You get Tony Bennett to sing “I Left My Brain in the Twin Towers.” The Dixie Chicks close out the extravaganza with there are “Wide Open Spaces” in downtown NY all because of George Bush.

I probably wouldn’t go for this one, but there are millions of brain dead liberals who would, which makes it a good plan in my book.

Just ask people to send it in

The P-BO could go on tv and tell all of those millionaires and billionaires – Buffett, Bloomberg, Moore et al - and anyone else who is complaining about low taxes to just send it in. This hasn’t worked to date. In fact, in Buffett’s case, the creep won’t pay the taxes he owes while asking to be taxed even more. WTF?

Sadly, none of the plans will work. If God himself came down from the Heavens and wiped the debt clean, the 535 would just take it as a sign to continue to spend more and more. We’d be back in trouble by noon the next day.

Here’s the realistic way.  Vote as many of the 535 out of office as possible.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sedition? Only if you oppose a balck man.

Lex’s conspiracy theory # something or other* predicted the Dopes would turn to social unrest and intimidation as means to suppress voter turnout in conservative districts or have the 2012 election cancelled all together. Is the groundwork for that conspiracy theory being laid by the two Mikey’s and an IA Sen?

The two Mikey’s - Moore and Bloomberg - are predicting violence if the jobs picture doesn’t improve soon. Remember, Bloomberg is the guy who is advocating bringing more immigrants into the country to get the economy moving again. Yeah, weird huh? That’s very counter intuitive. But Mikey B. has made more money than me so what do I know?

The prediction of riots by these two Mikey’s sounds almost like a self full-filling prophecy. Sort of like, “Well we aren’t advocating riots, but we’d certainly understand if you people took to the streets and smashed windows and took things that are not yours. That would be totally understandable. After all the fat cats are getting fatter and you poor and down trodden just want to get the rich people’s boot off thier necks. So yeah, it’s totally understandable for you to riot to get things you didn’t work for. Totally. So…watch out for the totally justifiable riots that may occur.”

Now if you asked the two Mikey’s if they were inciting discontent or rebellion against his own government, the text book definition of sedition, they’d reply, “Oh of course not! How dare you! No more so than Martin Luther King or Gandhi.”

Then after the two Mikey’s urge, uh, er, rather predict riots, you read about IA senator Tom I flew F4’s in Vietnam, no wait it was Japan, an easy mistake Harkin encouraging Demo-Dope supporters that the Dopes “need some of you probably getting arrested for doing things you shouldn’t be doing,” it’s easy to see why the two Mikey’s might have stumbled upon something.

Now if you asked Senator Harkin if he was inciting discontent or rebellion against his own government, the text book definition of sedition, he’d reply, “Oh of course not! How dare you! No more so than Martin Luther King or Gandhi.”

Then you have a couple of hundred NY protesters taking Vietnam war hero Tom Harkin up on his idea. About 80 people in the group were arrested during the Demo-Dope day of Wall St. Rage. Of course when you’re a Demo-Dope and you break the law and get arrested, it’s police brutality. Here’s one take on the “violence”:

"I was shocked because it seemed like one person after another was being brutally tackled, and it wasn't clear why. I was deeply disturbed to see them throw a man and immediately they were pounding on him. Their arms were going back in the air. I couldn't believe how violent five people needed to be against one unarmed man."
Meaghan Linick, 23, from Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Hey! Meaghan! Did you see what happened in London? Maybe the NY cops aren’t going to sit by and watch a bunch of know nothing, do nothing, be nothing oxygen thieves wreck the city.

Now if you asked the oxygen thieves if they were inciting discontent or rebellion against their own government, the text book definition of sedition, they reply, “Oh of course not! How dare you! No more so than Martin Luther King or Gandhi.”

Then, the best guy ever to play an average black guy in the movies, Morgan Freeman, says the Tea Party is going to do whatever it can to get the black guy out. Which black guy Morgan? Holder or the P-BO? Both are threats to the American way of life.  Here’s what Freeman said on some CNN talker nobody watches,

“Screw the country. We’re going to whatever we do to get this black man, we can, we’re going to do whatever we can to get this black man outta here.”

Yeah pretty incoherent, but ahh, give the guy a break. He’s used to having other people write down what he’s supposed to say for him. And in the same interview he referred to Mitch McConnell as Mitch O’Connell. Who cares? All those drunk Scott/Irishmen look and sound alike anyway.

If there is violence in America’s cities, it’s all Slow Joe Biden’s fault for not digging up more shovel ready jobs. And wasn’t Biden supposed to be watching the stimulus money to make sure we didn’t get ripped off? Solyndra? Class? Bueller? Anyone? Class? 535 MILLION DOLLAR federally guaranteed loan? Anyone?

Why isn’t Slow Joe being hounded by the press about his incompetence as the stimulus money watchdog?

* You know you’ve gone off the rails when you have so many conspiracy theories that they have to be numbered, and even with that, you cannot keep them straight.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The P-BO: Not so fast on that Palestinian state I advocated for last year

In a stunning bit of success, the P-BO administration is on the verge of scoring a huge victory in the UN. Through the tireless efforts of the Shrilldabeast and the P-BO, the Palestinians are finally and at long last ready to ask the UN to recognize Palestine as a state member. As GWB might say, “Way to go Barry. You’re doing a hecuva job.”

Conspiracy theory #6

This was all according to plan. The Palestinians would ask for statehood, just as the P-BO said they would when he spoke at the UN a scant year earlier. The administration would publicly wring its hands, then say, “Well a two state solution is the only answer anyway, so we might as well get on with it. It’s sort of like P-BOcare, the stimulus, and gays in the military. It’s going to happen anyway, so let’s have an orderly transition”

Then NY 9 raised its ugly head. Ooops. NY 9 indicates the Jews don’t particularly care for the P-BO anymore. Better shore up what used to be a pretty reliable P-BO voting block and even more important to the P-BO a reliable donor base. So now they are reversing field and opposing the Palestinian’s move for statehood. It’s too late. Embarrassingly, not even a personal appeal from the chief Arab butt kisser and stoop and bow machine can beg or bargain Palestinian leader Abbas out of his plans.

So now the US is in the unenviable position of having to veto in the UN Security Council that which a novice president seemed to embrace and encourage a year earlier. That veto will go on the already long list of grievances Islamo-Terror-Fascist use to blow up school children and pizza parlors. No doubt, in the year 2780, some @$$bag ITF will be flying his Millennium Falcon into the World Space Station because the US vetoed Palestinian statehood in the UN 779 years earlier.

In an earlier time, the US would have gone to Abbas and said, “Look you do what you need to do. But if we don’t like what you do, there will not be one dime in aide from the US less food and medicine, which will arrive in the much less fungible form of actual food and actual medicine. No money. None. Nadda.” Then to Banki Moon, the US UN Ambassador would say, “Look you do whatever you have to do. But if we don’t like what you do, we’re out. No more money for UN Commissions on Human Rights run by North Korea. No money for UN Commissions on Starvation run by Ethiopia. No money for UN Commission on Climate Change run by China. Gone. Over. Kaput.”

And… someone ought to tell Abbas that with statehood comes great responsibility. There’s trash that needs collected, electricity that needs to be provided and security that MUST exist on an international border. Heretofore Hamas could lob missiles onto Israel and the Palestinians could say, “Those crazy Hamas guys. What can you do with those kids?” Once statehood is granted, Israel can expect a Palestinian state to control its border. If it doesn’t, Israel can retaliate against the state and its leadership.

Bottom line: This is an embarrassment to the P-BO. The US will have to veto this effort which will undo all of the Arab butt kissing the administration has done to this point. It could lead to a spike in oil prices and violence.

But in the end, Israel will need to clobber the Palestinians, Hamas, Syria and Hezbollah really good at least one more time anyway.

Last, why are we still wasting money in the UN?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Liar, Philanderer, Cheat lectures Republicans

Suppose you had a neighbor who lost his law license for lying to the court. Yeah, I know, woooo, whoooo, one less lawyer. Suppose everyone in the area, including the neighbor’s wife and daughter, knew your neighbor to be a crude, philandering narcissist who has had multiple credible accusation of sexual harassment/assault and even rape filed against him. Last, and perhaps worse all, he is a known cheat at golf. He’s an expert with the hand wedge. His deluxe Calloway golf bag is jammed full of every club and golf gimmick he can buy, but the only one he actually knows how to use is the stubby pencil to whip up a respectable score.

Now suppose that neighbor decides he is going to hold a neighborhood meeting to lecture his neighbors on the need to take climate change seriously. Would anyone show up? Not likely huh.

Well Bill Clinton has taken to lecturing the Republican field on this subject as if were AlGore himself. Clinton said of the Republicans:

"I mean, it makes us - we look like a joke, right? You can't win the nomination of one of the major parties in the country if you admit that the scientists are right? That disqualifies you from doing it? You could really help us there."

Well where to begin? First, the entire Republican field, sadly, doesn’t reject AlGore’s cooked “science.” Romney allows for human caused climate change, as does Huntsman. So Clinton is either a liar or woefully uninformed on that. We’re told that Bill is the smartest guy in any room he happens to walk into, so he must be lying. I think that’s something no one could say Bill Clinton was incapable of.

Clinton uses the term “scientist” as if it were a group of the whole without even one opposing voice. 100’s have signed a paper noting their own skepticism about climate change theory in general and the data collection methods used to support that theory in particular. Perhaps you missed this one Bill:

Ivar Giaever, who shared the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics for his experiments on electron tunneling in superconductors, resigned on Tuesday from the American Physical Society over the society's official statement on climate change. He objects in particular to the statement's assertion that the evidence in favor of manmade climate change is "incontrovertible."

What other scientist Bill? The ones at East Anglican that have been fudging, lying and just plain making up data about climate change for the last 20 years, those “scientist?” Or our own buffoons (aka climate scientist) at NASA who ran around like Chicken Little while claiming the Earth had warmed a remarkable amount in one year only to discover that they counted the September average twice and omitted October’s reading. Those “scientist?” Or is it the scientist who set up temperature monitoring stations on airport tarmacs and on roofs next to the building’s air conditioner discharge.

But even if the “science” was done scientifically, why would anyone give any more credit to Bill Clinton than your lying, philandering, cheating neighbor in the example above?  Maybe, Bill, you should just stick to the liberal meme when someone disagrees with them, "RACIST!  HOMOPHOBE!  EARTH HATER!!!!"  That way you don't have to explain yourself.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The military's new protected class

Well, finally, an America Mooochell and the rest of us can be proud of. Gays, at long last, can serve openly in America’s military. After 55 years, I can finally enjoy my morning coffee. The P-BO hailed this achievement by dropping these lines:

Today, the discriminatory law known as ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is finally and formally repealed. As of today, patriotic Americans in uniform will no longer have to lie about who they are in order to serve the country they love. As of today, our armed forces will no longer lose the extraordinary skills and combat experience of so many gay and lesbian service members.

Now if I were a patriotic aging, bald, fat guy with gimpy knees, bad eyesight and an ever failing back, I’d sue the military for discrimination “in order to serve the country I love.” I am all of those things, but I actually love the country enough to not place my personal wants and desires ahead of the country I supposedly love.

Even if the P-BO and other Ivy League educated elites don’t not want to admit it, however many gay and lesbian service members are gained through this policy, many times more will be lost because of it.

It is also going to be a legal quagmire. A whole new protected class has been thrust upon the military. I can’t wait for the law suit requiring military chaplains to marry Bruce and Larry at the base chapel. They call it a slippery slope because you don’t stop sliding, gaining speed every inch on the way down, until you finally crash at the bottom.

Our church just ended its 50+ year relationship with the Girl Scouts because of that organization’s insistence that the church chuck 2,000 years of catechism and allow for the membership of lesbians in its troop. Sorry, you join the Catholic Church, they don’t join you. The program for young girls in the parish will continue under a different name. They will have their own fund raiser and we’ll support that with our thin mint money. Geez, I hope they come up with something good, because I really like thin mints.

This is the way it works with tolerant liberals. You tolerate every hare brained socially destructive scheme they come up with or they label you a racist, homophobic, Earth hater.

And so it will be with the end of DADT. It’ll start with mandatory sensitivity training in lieu of combat training. Then the imposition of one of those Lesbian, Gay and Transgender recognition days, which later will become an entire month. These days/months are designed by liberals to raise awareness and build unity. They are for the most part divisive jokes. Like the controversy during black history month where the black cook planned a “black menu” of fried chicken and other stereotypical black foods. She was excoriated for her insensitivity and the menu was pulled. No liberal saw the irony of a black working woman being maligned by the “smart people” in neckties for doing her job during black history month.  If she had planned the menu on anyday in May, no one would have said a thing.

Then will come the precepts that will require LGAT to be enlisted, promote and offered key assignments at rates far exceeding their actual numbers in the ranks or society. Discharging one for cause will become impossible. The pressure will be relentless until everyone is required to fallout in lavender fatigues with a pink feathered boa. I predict a steady exodus of career guys at their first opportunity.

Elections have consequences. This is the hope and change 52% of Americans wanted. And they have gotten it in spades. Ooops. Can you say that? No. You can’t.  You racist, homophobic, Earth hating bastard.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tebow driving ESPN mad

Ahh sports, the great distracter. Time to leave all of the bad news behind for three hours of bone jarring hits, acrobatic catches, how’d he do that runs and heart stopping drives. Time to just leave it all behind, right?

Wrong. The P-BO has been injecting himself into the big games of sport for three years now. And if you’re an ESPN producer, there is no way you can let the Heisman Trophy winning 3rd string quarterback of the Denver Broncos fade into obscurity.

So on Sunday’s pre-game, ESPN did a nice little hit piece Tim Tebow. Center stage of the ESPN piece was this line Tebow delivering this line to group of prison inmates:

"If you have Jesus Christ in your heart, you are going to spend eternity in Heaven. If you don't, you're going to spend eternity in Hell."

That apparently doesn’t sit well with some “comedian” named John Oliver who compares his hate for Tim Tebow with that he holds for Osama bin Laden. Nice John. I suppose Oliver has a life sized poster of Rashard Mendenhall in his office.  Oliver asks the question, “What if I don’t believe what Tebow does? I don’t want to be told I’m going to hell.”

Here’s the thing John, if you don’t believe what Tebow does, you probably don’t believe in hell either. So what’s the big deal? In fact John, I don’t know for sure, but I’ll bet the Griffin’s next commission check that you’re one of the moral equivalence guys who are constantly asking, who are we to judge? So what if this guy wants to marry a goat, who are we to judge?

And let me ask you this simple question John, if Tim Tebow KNOWS the only way to salvation is through the Lord Jesus Christ, how selfish would it be of him not to tell others? You have a right to reject the message. You don’t have a right to never be exposed to it. If that were the case, I’d demand every climate change scam artist like AlGore be locked up for violating my 1st Amendment right not to hear BS.

Tebow’s big crime against ESP, Oliver and others was his pro-life Super Bowl ad. Tebow had the temerity to take on the left’s own religion – abortion – front & center on America’s biggest stage. He cannot be forgiven for that. He can’t fade away like the score or so other Heisman Trophy winners who didn’t make the NFL. He has to be hyped by people who then turn around and complain about the hype. ESPN hacks like Merril Hodge, who could not possibly tie a bigger knot in his necktie, attacks Tebow mercilessly. For what purpose? He’s third string! What other 3rd stringer is getting this kind of treatment?

Most rookies, particularly QBs, come into the NFL and are given the let’s wait and see if he can adjust to speed of the game, get coached up on the NFL way, etc. etc. Not Tebow. He comes into the league under a freight train load of hype loaded onto him by the same people complaining about the hype he gets, and then they tell us he can’t make it.

Just to drive ESPN and Merril Hodge mad, I hope Tebow hangs around the league for 15 years as a back up, then wins a Super Bowl as the starting QB. Trent Dillfer?

Monday, September 19, 2011

A picture that may offer insight to our problems

Occasionally, when I walk into in the kitchen unannounced, I’ll find jr. sitting on the counter listening to his i-pod. Butts off the counter, I demand. Who would want to make a sandwich on that counter if they knew you were sliding your butt across it every morning, I explain. Plus, there are 8 pieces of furniture in the kitchen that are specifically designed for butts. They are called chairs, I go on sarcastically as jr.’s eyes roll up toward the ceiling.

So here’s the P-BO with his skinny butt on a historic piece of government property, the Resolute Desk. If the desk were in a museum somewhere and you tried to rest your weary feet by placing them or your ample @$$ on the Resolute Desk’s top surface, you’d probably be arrested. But rules, decorum, common sense and just the ordinary manners mom and dad taught us are for the Bible totting, pick up with a gun rack driving little people not for the arugula eating P-BO.

Here’s a brief description of the Resolute Desk from Wikipiedia. That’s the cite where anyone can post anything about anyone or thing. So you know this has to be accurate:

Many presidents have used a large partners' desk called the Resolute Desk, so named because it was made from the timbers of the British frigate HMS Resolute. The ship was frozen in Arctic ice and abandoned, but later found and freed by American seamen. It was refurbished and presented as a gift from the United States to Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom in 1856. When the British ship was decommissioned in 1879, Queen Victoria ordered twin desks made from its timbers, keeping one and presenting the other as a gift to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880.

Back to the picture, look and you’ll find in the frame at least three pieces of furniture specifically designed for butts. None, it seems, are as comfortable for the P-BO as the surface of a 130 year old relic that signifies, what had been until the P-BO arrived, the special relationship between Britain and the United States.

Ahh, Lex you’re nit picking. Well, maybe. But this picture just screams to me, “Look everybody! I’m sitting on the Resolute Desk, what ever that is. I have absolutely no sense of history, or even a reasonable understanding of the decorum expected of a president while in the Oval Office.”

Then there’s the whole, the White House is the people’s house, thing. Who walks into someone else’s house and plops their butt on their host’s desk?

Last, is there a dress code in the White House? Check out the guy in the jeans and open collar. Now maybe he was called in from vacation during an emergency. But I rather suspect that if there is a dress code, it’s probably a pretty lax one with this bunch. I can imagine aides wondering the halls in tank tops, baggy shorts, flip flops and light coat of oil exchanging hey dudes as they pass one another during the summer months.

So yeah, the country is going off a cliff at 100 miles per hour and I’m interested in this picture. Why? Well this picture tells me a bit of why the country is headed over a cliff at 100 miles per hour. If the P-BO doesn’t even understand the history of the Oval Office, he probably doesn’t understand economics either.

Friday, September 16, 2011

A case for Romney

First things first. Dakota Meyer received the Medal of Honor yesterday. Read his citation here: The citation is shortened version of the summary of action, which in Meyer’s case probably goes on for several pages.

Now, I’m sure Mark Cuban and dozens of Hollywood moguls are beating down Meyer’s door to get the rights to his story so they can rush into production a movie about our latest war hero. Yeah right. It’s probably more like, “Hold everything Harv! Meyer didn’t rape or murder anyone. He didn’t even flush a koran down the john. He just saved 40 guys on the occupier’s side while dispatching half dozen or so Taliban freedom fighters. I’m not sure America is ready for a film that puts the American fighting man in such a positive light.”

Screw ‘em all. Semper Fi Devil Dog!

I am a conservative. So conservative in fact, that on occasion I make Jim DeMint and Rush Limbaugh look like flaming liberals. So why am I sticking with Mitt Romney. He’s not the most conservative candidate in the race. Perry, Bachmann, Cain, Santorum and probably even Newt are more conservative. Throw out Paul. His isolationist views will get us all killed. Throw out Huntsman. He is too liberal.

Well Mitt, like every other Republican candidate so far, is conservative enough. By degrees, if the P-BO is a candle of conservatism, Romney is the sun. Even Huntsman would be a blast furnace compared to the P-BO.

Romney also has the resource to go toe to with the P-BO. It was said that the P-BO needed to raise almost a billion dollars in his last presidential run because people didn’t know who he was. Now it’s said that the P-Bo will need to raise more than a billion for his re-election because everyone knows who he is. Romney continues to out pace all of his rivals in fund raising, including front running Rick Perry. Romney has also been in the game a long time and has an established ground game in the key states.

Romney is smooth as glass. He is unlikely to ever confuse the birth place of John Wayne with that of John Wayne Gacy. Over two election cycles, I cannot recall even one such gaffe.

Experience is another plus. Romney has taken over flagging ships before in business and the Olympics and set them straight. Sadly, after the P-BO’s 4 year non-stop assault on America, we’ll need someone with such credentials.

Romney has been thoroughly vetted. It is unlikely as the sun setting in the east that any twitter pictures of Romney are ever going to surface. Now is not the time for newbee. Remember the press sat on the GWB drunk driving charge until just 5 days before the 2000 election.

Romney can win. He continues to out pace the others in head to head polls against the P-BO.

If Romney should tap Marco Rubio as his VP, Romney/Rubio would win in a landslide. Marco says he doesn’t want a VP assignment. The elders may have to convince him that he must serve for the good of the country. Republicans need to crack one of the P-BO’s core constituencies. Blacks vote 98% Demo-Dope for no good reason and have been for 40 years. That particular core would be a difficult nut to crack, even with Herman Cain as a VP. Hispanics would flock to Rubio. Rubio also has the benefit of being more conservative than Romney.

Don’t worry about Romney’s Mormon faith. That issue is red herring raised by the media to scare people off. Heck, we just elected a guy with Muslim ties who attended the hate filled church of G-D America run by a racist hatemonger. If that issue ever came up, the easy way to handle it is, “Who would you rather have as president, a God fearing Mormon or a guy who sat in the pew of church for TWENTY YEARS where the Rev? G-Ded America?”

Look if I were the king of the world, I’d make myself President of the US, which would be a more powerful position than king of the world. After that, I’d pick Cheney or Rumsfeld. No one would screw with the US if one of those guys were in the oval office.

I’m not the king of the world. This election is too important, America is in too much trouble not to back a guy who has the experience, resources and talent not only to win but more importantly to fix the dire mess 52% Americans put us in after the last election.

Romney/Rubio 2012.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time to snitch on a neighbor...again

I joined the P-BO snitch website this morning and reported myself: takes poor Barry to the woodshed nearly everyday. He likened this website to something the Nazis and commies would do. Ya gotta stop him before the he puts the whole truth out there.

Join and report like all good Nazis and commies. It was a bit over two years a go when the Nazis running the White House launched their wildly famous that urged Americans, “If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to” Lex sent in something everyday to that site run with your tax dollars. I intend to do the same here comrades, and like all good commie bastards I expect you to keep an eye on your neighbor. After all, he’ll be watching you. Be especially alert for American flags and those Gadsden flags with the creepy snake on them. They are a dead give away for anti-P-BO activity. It is our collective duty to protect the collective by protecting the party! Or in this case, the party organ, the P-BO. You must comply. The gulag awaits.

How long do you suppose this cite will last? Flood it. Flood it with the P-BO’s own words on shutting down G’itmo, getting the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Flood it with the truth from as many e-mail accounts as you have available. Do it everyday, twice a day if you think of it.


Instead of asking us to spy on our neighbors, maybe the P-BO should be asking his own administration to spy on one another in an effort to stem stupid attacks and pull their collective heads out of their rectums. Now, in addition to the wildly stupid gun walker scandal, we find out that the P-BO and slow Joe chucked 500+ million in stimulus money down a green jobs sink hole in a boondoggle known as Solyndra. The big payoff? A political photo op for the P-BO and Slow Joe.

There’s an old axiom that goes, never attribute to malice that which can be explained away by stupidity. Sadly, with this administration, stupidity seems to be a bottomless pit. There is nothing that cannot be explained away by it when comes to the P-BO and the @$$clowns he chosen to surround himself with.

This is so rich on two levels. First, it demonstrates what scam the whole green thing really is. There they were, the P-BO and Slow Joe touting Solyndra as the be all, end all in green initiatives. They dump 535 MILLION TAX PAYER DOLLARS into it. Now it’s totally bottom up. And no one, absolutely no one from the administration is to blame. Instead they blame…drum roll please…George W. Bush.

Next, it demonstrates what total and utter failure the stimulus was and what waste any further stimulus will be. There’s the P-BO out shouting at college kids “pass this bill” for 447 billion in new stimulus while congress is trying to find out what happened to the last 800+ BILLION in stimulus money.

People from this administration should be in jail on the gun walker case. People were killed because of their incompetence. Where’s Patty Fitzgerald? He locked Scooter Libby up for a process crime in a case where he already knew who had committed the crime he was charged with investigating. But the P-BO’s ATF and DOJ people get PROMOTED for coming up with a hare brained scam that got innocent people killed.

Now Solyndra surfaces, and the administration’s reaction is, “oh well, so sad, too bad, it’s unfortunate 535 MILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS were wasted on one of P-BO’s chief campaign contributors. But we got some really neat photos out of the deal”

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not grandpa's Demo-Dope Party

I’m pretty much done arguing policy with the libs I know and meet. I resort to this simple question, would your grandparents recognize today’s Demo-Dope party?

New tapes on the Kennedy’s reveal how strongly anti-communist they were. Can that be said about the P-BO, who actually brought a communist - Van Jones - into the White House as his green jobs Czar?

President Kennedy reduced the top marginal tax rate from a whopping 90% DOWN to 70%. Instead of lowering rates, the P-BO wants to raise them and is on a class warfare binge that would make John Edwards’ “two Americas” baloney look sensible.

When Kennedy was president, defense was 52% of spending and 9% of GDP. Today under the P-BO, it’s 19% and 5% of GDP with another half a trillion in cuts imminent when the super committee fails to reach agreement.

President Kennedy embraced technology and spurred America’s space program pledging to reach the moon in ten year’s time. Today under the P-BO, NASA is in a shambles reduced to a Muslim outreach program and lying about climate change. As far technology goes, the P-BO, perhaps in keeping with his father’s Muslim heritage, condemns technology blaming ATMs and grocery scanner for his pathetic record on jobs.

On his inaugural, President Kennedy delivered this famous line:

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

Can anyone, even the most ardent P-BO support, seriously suggest that the P-BO has it in him to stand in front of the Knesset, or anywhere else for that matter, and deliver such a straight forward unambiguous message of support to our friends and warning to our enemies?

While abortion hadn’t yet risen to the acid test for Demo-Dope candidates that it is today and there are few if any public comments from President Kennedy on the subject, he did nominate pro-life justice Byron White to the Supreme Court. That move alone would disqualify him to run for any public office as a Demo-Dope today.

Can you imagine President Kennedy letting Hubert Humphrey LBJ get away with calling fellow Americans terrorists?

Ronald Reagan once famously said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. They left me.” They have long ago left reasonable Americans behind.  So rather than argue who started what wars for what reasons or who added what to the deficit, it comes down to a simple question, would your grandparents, or even your mom and dad recognize today’s Democratic Party? 
Different note same theme: Bill Clinton is coming to IN for a speech. It’s all over the radio here. It got me to thinking. Here’s a disgraced ex-president injecting himself into every conversation with ABSOLUTLY NO SHAME for what he put the country through. It’s just one fund raiser after another, one speech after another, showing up where he has no business showing up like Shanksville, PA. Meanwhile M. Lewinsky has faded away into space. She has not even written what could be a best selling tell all book. Why?

Conspiracy theory #5: Bill Clinton has raised and continues to raise tons of money for the Clinton Library, or as Rush calls it the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor. I’m thinking some of that money has found its way to Monica. In my mind, there is no other reason why she wouldn’t be telling her side of the story loudly on every available forum.  Or maybe she got a double does of shame and humility recieving what should have gone to Bill as well as her own.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's a picture is worth?

A few things need to be addressed quickly.

First the picture. Now I don’t expect Boehner to spit on Slow Joe every time their paths cross, but I do expect him to spit into his hand before they shake. I guess Boehner didn’t get the memo on Slow Joe calling members of his caucus terrorists. Boehner should have used the occasion to berate Slow Joe telling him not to call Republicans terrorists, and if he’s in the room when someone else does, he should ask them to leave. If Slow Joe can’t stand up to Maxi Waters how can he be expected to stand up to Putin if necessary?

I suppose it’s alright that these two get along. That picture just tells me, “new boss? Same as the old boss.” It says, “America, you’re screwed. We know what’s best for you.” It says, “Together we can control them.”

Next Krugman. The ferret like Mr. K wrote a despicable article for the NY Times blog on 9-11. From what I’ve read about it, it’s a pretty ugly article.

Much is being made of Mr. K calling Rudy G., GWB and others “fake heroes.” Heroes? I don’t recall anyone calling them heroes in the first place. Certainly they never referred to themselves as heroes. I think as Mr. K watches every economic model he ever believed in fail utterly, his mind becomes more and more addled. He is confusing “leadership” with heroic action.

When I think of the heroes of 9-11, it’s of the courageous guys who dashed into the burning buildings or stayed behind to help as many others as possible. It’s not of some politician showing up after the smoke has cleared. But even so, there where many courageous decisions made by the president and Rudy. Who can forget Rudy telling the Saudi prince where to shove his 10 million dollar check?

Heroic leadership made in air conditioned confines with dozens of staff will always be a bit different for me than heroic action made in a split second in the face of danger. Like the office worker who searched out and found the only open stair case and then led scores of others to it, staying on until he died; the men or flight 93 who gave America her first victory against a soulless enemy are real heroes.

But back to the point. Who said Rudy and GWB were heroes? I don’t recall anyone saying that they were. Certainly no one in the MSM. So Mr. K has constructed a nice little straw man that he then proceeded to tear up. In the process he destroyed a bit more of whatever little bit of his ever diminishing integrity remains. Remember, this is the same guy that hoped for an invasion of space aliens to jump start the economy.

The debate. I watched a bit of the Republican debate last night. Perry was pounded from all sides. ADVICE to Gov Perry: NEVER say, “At the end of the day…” again. Mitt still looked good, surprisingly even while defending Romney care. Bachmann latched onto Perry’s HPV snafu, which Perry admitted was a mistake, and went to the well on that issue about ten times too many for me. I like Santorum, but why he’s still in I can’t figure out. I don’t care for Paul and Huntsman. Cain, as always, was great. That leaves Newt. It seems to me, he always has the best command of the issues and is the most qualified guy in the field to be president. Ironically, being most qualified is also his bigest liability. If Newt can hang on until the field thins, so he can get more time in these forums, he could pull it off.

From the, It’s your fault I’m fat file. Some colossal dumb@$$ is suing White Castle because he’s too fat to fit into one of their seats. That’s like Lex suing DeWalt because my wood project didn’t turn out like I wanted or jr. suing Gibson Guitar (before the feds) because he can’t play one like Ted Nugent. Being a fat @$$ is one thing I know something about. Dieting and exercise suck worse than passing up a bowl of Pringles and a Coke at 9pm, but come on. Sadly, America awaits the outcome of this suit, which in today’s world is by no means a given. Today, some judge or jury are as likely as not to find in his favor as to say, get out here tubby and lose some weight. You are fined $10,000 for every pound you’re overweight and owe White Castle every penny of the money they have spent defending themselves from your idiocy.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Getting remeberances of 9-11 right

Is anyone else tiring of 9-11 remembrances that include about everything except remembering that it was a group of dirt bags trapped in the 12th century who pulled off the events of that day?

There is nothing wrong with reflecting pools, tolling bells, somber music and name reading. But I for one would like to hear someone deliver a stem winding “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender” type speech that calls this enemy what it is and calls America to action. Then the Marine Corps band and the Army choir would break into the Battle Hymn of the Republic in lieu of the pathetic Sounds of Silence performed by Paul Simon.

After all, we’re at war. Maybe we could act like it for just one day each year. That day could be on 9-11 to commemorate events that kicked off the latest round in an endless war between western civilization and a religion that has ALWAYS had at its core zealots who think nothing of killing school children, women and the most helpless among us to “advance” their cause. Maybe for just one day each year we could pause and reflect on the vicious nature of the enemy.

I have tired of the hearing about the “tragedy” of 9-11. A tragedy is when the kids see the family dog hit by a car in the neighborhood street. A tragedy is an undelivered note of a lover’s intent to fake her death. Not receiving the note, the man thinks his fiancĂ© has really died and runs off with the maid. When Juliet catches up with them, she slays Romeo and the maid in some seedy motel room. OK maybe Shakespeare did have a better idea on how to end that one.

The point is that 9-11 wasn’t some accident of fate. It was planned and carried out with years of forethought and training. It was a despicable act of war carried out by followers of the “religion of peace.”

Now the same type of people who collapsed the WTCs want to build a victory mosque adjacent to the cite where they stood.  The “smartest” among us tell the rest of us dumb@$$es that the idea is perfectly OK. Well it isn’t OK. It’s offensive. It’s rude. It’s unacceptable to all except for the P-BO and Bloomberg types among us.

If Jimmy Hoffa wants to pick a fight with some real SOBs why doesn’t he pick one with the 9-11 mosque bunch? If Slow Joe wants to call someone a terrorist, why he doesn’t start with real terrorists who blow people and things up? If the P-BO and Rep. Fredrica Wilson want to call a group people our “enemy,” why don’t they start with the zealots of the “religion of peace” who have made such a mess of the world with their 12th century way of thinking? Instead, each of these “leaders” has rolled in on American citizens who carry clever signs and wear Uncle Sam hats to rallies for a more responsible federal government. The Tea Party, it would seem, is greater threat to America to these “leaders” than the Islamo-Terror-Fascists and their buddies who brought us 9-11.

Well I’d had enough.  So sent off a couple of e-mails to gently try to make this point. I don’t think they require much of an explanation.

Have you people lost your minds? I read where a campus tribute to 9-11 that would have consisted of 2,977 American flags was cancelled because the tribute didn’t included flags from the other countries. What kind of brain dead PC institution is being run at Marietta? News flash to the administrations office: Marietta College is NOT the United Nations. How many flags will Marietta College raise at the next sporting event? Hypocrites. How many national anthems will be played before kick off? Hypocrites. How many languages is each course taught in? Hypocrites. How much federal grant money is accepted at Marietta? Hypocrites.

Dear Mr. Ginder:

Congratulations on the big win last Friday night. It was a great game well played by both teams on both sides of the ball.

My only disappointment in an otherwise outstanding evening was the public address announcer’s, hopefully inadvertent, use of the word “tragic” or “tragedy” to describe the events of September 11, 2001. What happened to America on that day was not a tragedy. It was an act war perpetrated by an organization populated with the worst kind of Godless, merciless and cowardly human debris.

As result of the heinous terrorist acts of 9-11, we have long been engaged in two open wars and possibly 100s of clandestine operations on every continent. Much of the heavy lifting in the defense of our nation is being done by young men who are not too far removed from the activities we witnessed Friday night.

This is not a small matter or distinction without a difference. As other young men step up to take their place in the line protecting America, I would expect that they will know that the actions their service will require are not a result of some random act or preventable accident that ended “tragically.”

Thank you for your time& Go Chargers.

Respectfully submitted,

Friday, September 09, 2011

The P-BO offers less than nothing; wants it fast

Hmm, there was a speech asking the congress to act quickly on a Jobs Act last night. Yeah that’s the same speech and jobs act that sat awaiting while the P-BO dilly dallied in Martha’s Vineyard. But now he’s back and this thing is a crisis. So pass this thing now. Pass it quickly so we can find out what’s in it. As George Washington once famously said, fool me once and you’re a SOB. Try to fool me twice and I’ll have you taken out.

This smarmy Eddie Haskell wannbe has already used up his affirmative action do-over pass on the economy. While his dopes in the congress haven’t passed a budget in going on 900 days, the P-BO has put out two, now three worthless “plans.” The first was an actual budget that was on paper. In the Demo-Dope controlled senate, it got nearly one vote. Then he had a speech in Apr about 400 billion in cuts, but he has yet to produce a “plan” for that speech. Now, in Sep the P-BO wants 447 billion in new spending in a hare brained son of stimulus jobs act.

447 billion on top the 800 billion already flushed down the crapper, for what? There was no mention of “shovel ready jobs” last night. So what can the 447 billion be used for? It’s just campaign cash for the P-BO’s re-election, period end of sentence. It’s walkin’ around money for union hoods, ACORN types and the P-BO's army of brain dead socialists. It’s the famous P-BO “stash” used to keep poor minorities on the plantation.

It won’t work. How do I know this? Well there’s the 800 billion dollar daddy stimulus that didn’t do one damned thing. CBO calculated that each job created by the first stimulus cost taxpayers in excess of $200,000. The P-BO himself laughed and noted that there weren’t as many “shovel ready jobs” as he thought. So, if there are no shovel ready jobs, where will the money go? For an answer, re-read the paragraph above.

Another laugher was the line that the whole thing was paid for. When a Demo-Dope says “it’s paid for,” he doesn’t mean he’s cutting waste and worthless government programs and regulations and using that money for the new plan. He means, you’re going to pay for it. He’ll say the “rich” are going to pay. But EVERY SINGLE TIME the Demo-Dopes aim at the rich they hit the middle class right square in the wallet.

Remember when they were going to soak the rich by taxing yachts at a higher rate. The rich simply stopped buying yachts. Who got hurt? The guys who build, maintain and sell yachts and all of their suppliers. The rich got through that idiocy unscathed. All of the solid middle class skilled workers in the industry were crushed. The exact same thing will happen when the Demo-Dopes go after their new target of choice, the privet jet. The rich will simply put off the purchase of new a jet, and the industry, i.e. skilled workers, will suffer.

The irony of this little pencil necked know nothing lecturing us about jobs while he let’s the NLRB shut down Boeing in SC and the FBI raid Gibson guitar is stunning. The idiocy of talking about putting people back to work while extending unemployment is another indication of how clueless this buffoon really is. The dip-$h!tery of this @$$clown providing a back door amnesty to illegals while wringing his hands over a 9% unemployment almost makes you hope Jimmy Hoffa would advocate taking the SOB out.

The really scary part is that Bozo wants this passed quickly. Pass what? As with everything else about this POS, no one really knows. Throw it against the wall, and pass it in the dark of night. Passing anything that provides the P-BO with some taxpayer cash to spread around among his cronies before the election will do.

But the really, really scary part is that the Republi-Rats might “compromise.” They’ll trim the package to 337 billion and get the toe nail clipper tax cut by half and declare victory.

This is not a jobs act. It’s a P-BO re-election act.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Are you ready for some football or a joint session of congress?

This is what Slow Joe Biden would look like tonight, if his hair plugs had taken.

First the debate. I don’t know why when Rick Perry points out the obvious, like Social Security, as it is currently structured, cannot support itself because there are not enough new investors to pay off the old investors (the definition of a Ponzi scheme) that obvious truism is called “toxic” by the political know it alls like Karl Rove. In Rove’s world, I suppose it’s better to lie to get elected than to advocate change for a system that is going to die under its own weight. How do you think we got to where we are Karl?

Now tonight that SOB, know nothing, jug eared dope that 52% of Americans foisted on the rest of thinking America will be running his suck in front of a joint session of congress. Behind him in the shot will be his terrorist, lying, plagiarizing, son of a bitchin’ vp, the slowest of all Joes, shovel ready Biden. Biden will be up and down grinning applauding the chief SOB so often he’ll look like one of those toy monkeys that bounces on its butt while grinning ear to ear and beating a pair of small symbols together. The only difference in the two is that the monkey’s hair plugs took and slow Joe’s, like most things associated with this buffoon, were a miserable failure.

In the audience will be a whole host of SOBs. America’s only functioning cadaver, scrawny Harry this war is lost Reid; Maxi Waters, who as far as I’m concerned can go straight to hell; a Maxi wannabe, Fredrica Wilson who is an enemy of the American state as it was founded (She oughtta be taken out); Andre Carson a race baiting lying sack of crap of the Rev? Al notso SHARPton category and a couple of hundred other lying hypocrites also known as Demo-Dopes.

Not all is milk and honey though. The queen dame of the Demo-Dopes, San Fran Grand Nan Pelooser, is peeved that Republicans will not offer a response to the P-BO’s campaign kick off speech. The queen of class warfare who herself is a multimillionaire while decrying the rich said the Republican move “would speak volumes about their lack of commitment to creating jobs.” Boehner’s response should be, “Look, if talking created jobs, that pant load president of yours has talked so much and done so little else that unemployment should be about .000000001% by now.”

She is just trying to drag the Republicans into helping to cover up the P-BO’s narcissistic boneheaded play. “See the Republicans screwed up Thursday night football too.” She is truly out of touch with Mr. & Mrs. America if she thinks that anyone with a brain is interested in prolonging the P-BO’s charade one nanosecond longer than necessary. The collective sigh of relief across America tonight, after the P-BO tells his last lie, is likely to cause more wind damage than hurricane Lee.

The only bit of suspense tonight is what the P-BO is going to call Tea Partiers and Republicans. His Demo-Dope acolytes have already taken all of what by Demo-Dope standards are the civil references, tea baggers, terrorists, SOBs, racists, lynch mob, hell dwellers, Nazis, un-American, etc. etc. I may tune in just to see if the P-BO will drop the last pejorative available and call us M-Fers. Perhaps will he will even choose to use the whole term.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Let's try requring people to carry guns

That son of a bitch, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is protected by New Yorks’s finest 24-7, called for stricter federal gun legislation in the aftermath of a particularly bloody weekend – even by NY standards. Ten people were killed, 50 wounded in 14 separate shootings in NY over the Labor Day holiday.

In response to the shooting Bloomberg, that SOB, said, “we cannot tolerate it, there are just too many guns on the streets and we have to do something about it.” I would argue that there are not enough guns in NY City. NY City already has probably the strictest gun laws in the nations. For idiot SOB Bloomberg, that means nothing. If we already have 2,500 gun laws, we need 50 or 100 more. And oh, not only gun laws apply here. I think it’s still illegal to shoot someone, even in NY City.

You might wonder how things would turn out if, say, every third NYer had a concealed carry permit and the others just wore a gun on their hip. I think you might see a more polite society, even in NY. We know one thing for sure. When bad people start shooting, they don’t stop until good people show up with guns. The way to stop bad people using guns on good people is not to take guns away from the good, but rather require that they arm themselves.

Instead of this SOB’s hare brained scheme to disarm law abiding citizens, Bloomberg should be passing laws that say every third teller in a bank WILL BE armed. Pizza delivery men MUST carry a loaded hand gun and be proficient with it and able to shoot straight at night. Every taxi driver is REQUIRED to be armed. Convenient store clerks and bar owners MUST have a sawed off shotgun behind the counter. Women who work the late shift MUST carry a hammerless 2 ½” .38 in their purse or strapped to an ankle.

Pass laws like that and watch criminal scum move their criminal activity areas where no laws require citizens to be armed.

You could also use the laws to limit activity that you want to discourage. If you want less smoking, you pass a law banning smokers from carrying a gun. You want less prostitution, don’t allow pimps, whores and Johns to carry. The criminals will move to that segment of society where they know they have an easy mark thereby limiting the unwanted activity. Let the criminals do what the police can’t.

Now that SOB Bloomberg must have also missed the London riots. Londoners where snatching up Louisville Sluggers and cricket bats faster than they could be made. That sets up the rather daring proposition of your wife having to close with and beat an assailant who may be much bigger stronger and faster with a bat. And what if the assailant also has a bat? Contrary to Hollywood make believe, I’ve never seen or heard of anyone who dodged a well aimed shot.

So here’s the deal you SOB, you forego your 24-7 armed protection, and I’ll put down my gun. The creepy little SOB will never do it. He thinks he’s too important not have people with guns standing all around him all of the time protecting his @$$. You, on the other hand, are not important at all. Bloomberg is a SOB.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

No "Labor" in Labor Day for 14.1% in Detroit

So if you’re the P-BO where might you go to make a Labor Day speech? Texas which has been a job creating machine? No. To SC to tell those potential Boeing laborers why the NLRB is suing Boeing to stop the jobs from coming in? No. What better place to show for a Labor Day speech than where no one much is working, Detroit.

Just after Demo-Dope gov. Jenny Granholm signed into law the largest tax hike in MI history, MI unemployment jumped from 6.8% to over 15 %. Currently the unemployment in MI is at 10.9%. In Detroit, unemployment is at 14.1%. In 2010 over 50% of those unemployed had been so for more than 26 weeks. Wanna bet that the 2010 26 is 78 in 2011?

And who better to rev up the crowd ahead of the P-BO than a Teamster thug icon Jimmy Hoffa? While introducing the P-BO, Hoffa, referring to the crowd, told the P-BO, “this is your army. We are ready to march. Let's take these son of bitches out this.” When the P-BO took the stage after Hoffa, he didn’t remind the union thug of the new civility he has called for. Instead he said he was "proud" of Jimmy Hoffa and other labor leaders. I guess that would include the union thugs who trashed the WI state capitol.

Hoffa’s a worthless union creep. Fine. We get it. If he wants to round up his army of unemployed union thugs and go around the country causing trouble and defacing public landmarks, go for it. Union membership falls every year. It’s below 12% of the total workforce. Were it not for states and companies forcing union membership the number would fall below 5%. So follow your thug instincts Jimmy.

There’s an election next Nov and I think it’s in the nation’s interest to see you, Trumka, Stern and the rest of the union “leadership” doing what you do best, causing trouble and destruction that the tax payer has to put right when you move on to the next moronic cause. The lower your membership dives, the louder and more destructive you should become. And by all means go after a group of Americans who call themselves Tea Partiers. They wear funny hats. They dress in red white and blue. They clean up after their rallies. They have never caused one bit of trouble, except for the pols at town halls when they ask a question and demand an honest answer. They are a good easy target. They won’t cause any trouble for you…until Election Day

So, sure we get it. Union thugs are destructive leeches sucking productivity out of the American work place. But what about the P-BO? This royal walking talking piece of excrement, allows his @$$clown VP to call us terrorists. He allows Maxi Waters to tell us to go to hell. He allows Fredrica Wilson to call us the enemy and has even said so himself. He allows Andre Carson to say that we want to see blacks hanging from trees. Now he says he’s proud of Hoffa for calling us “son of bitches.”

NOTE TO HOFFA: Your union affiliate English teacher probably didn’t teach about plurals. Unless you were referring to a single person who was the product of many bitches, the correct phrase would be “sons of bitches.”

Do you recall the good Joe Wilson? He was the guy who spoke the truth from the house gallery when he famously shouted at the P-BO, “You lie.” He was excoriated by the press, by the Demo-Dopes, and yes by the Republicans for his outburst. He apologized. On the other hand, everyone it seems who has a policy disagreement with the clueless half-wit in the White House has to be a racist. The left and prominent Demo-Dopes can say whatever they want about us without so much as a peep from $h!t for brains liar in chief or even one of his minions.  There is never an apology.

You have to give the Demo-Dopes credit. When one there group steps out of line, they close ranks and insist nothings wrong. When one Republican challenges the P-BO on anything, you can count on him being referred to as an unhinged racist by the MSM and Demo-Dopes. Then, almost like clockwork, you can count on some Republican to chip in. “Well my good friend from FL shouldn’t have said that the P-BO’s policies are bankrupting the county. We don’t need that kind of over heated rhetoric.”

That’s why I’ve not given ten cents to the Republican Party in 10 years now.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Sports night

Uh, it’s Friday. Let’s talk sports for second.

The Hockey shot herd round the world. For those who don’t know some 11 year old kid, Nate Smith, made a 75’ shot into a 6” hole and won 50 large. Not so fast my friends. Nate is the twin brother of Nick. It was Nick’s name that was called to participate in the contest. Nick was outside at the time, so the quick thinking dad substituted Nate for Nick. A day later the Smith’s came clean.

Hmm, this is difficult situation for the sponsors of the contest. No not really. Nate’s name was not drawn. Sorry, well actually we’re not even sorry, NO PRIZE. What the Smith’s might have done by their actions is to deprive the next guy in line for a shot his chance. Had Nick simply not shown up, would they have drawn another name? I don’t know.

And let’s not heap too much praise on the dad for coming clean…a day later. He’s the one who sent Nate down in the first place. Integrity is doing the right thing the first time. Play by the rules.

Oh and speaking of the rules, did you see this? Some kid pointed his finger to the sky to honor his 16 year old friend killed in an auto accident, after scoring the "game wining" TD in an OH high school game. The boy was a pall bearer at the funeral that morning. The ref flagged him for excessive celebration. Apparently it’s a penalty to “call attention to yourself” in OH high school football.

That’s probably a good rule. I don’t particularly care for chest thumping morons who act as if they just won 50 large in a fixed hockey promotion every time they do what they have practiced weeks to do. That said, what’s next? He ran off the field too quickly and called attention himself. His uniform is much dirtier than the others. He’s calling attention to himself. The halfback now has over 100 yards and is calling attention to himself. The press box is being flagged for calling attention to who carried the ball and who made the tackle.

Aside: Have you noticed how PA announcers never give credit where credit is due? If they did, it’d sound like this, “Griffith carried the ball through a hole my grandma could have hit created by Hussey and Van Meter. Then he tripped over his own feet in an open field, after a meager 15 yard gain. Oh, and if he had any speed, he’d have scored on the previous play as well.” Don’t worry the Griffin never reads past the first paragraph.

Dear Mr. Ref, I think the key word here is “excessive.” Oh, yeah, and kid, don’t do anything to call attention to yourself. Next time you have an opportunity to catch a TD pass, drop it. No wait. That would call attention to yourself.

For the OH high school rules committee: The ONLY guys not calling attention to themselves in a football game are on offense from the tackles in.

Then there’s this disgusting video. Notice it’s a gang of blacks beating a white ref. Racists! Where’s the evil Rev? Al notso SHARPton? Rev? Jesse Hymietown Jackson? Scumbags ought to be in jail.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The punk in chief demands time, told to pound sand

What a punk. The P-BO back from 10 days of strenuous vacationing, decided that not only would he ruin another night of tv for America with his political speech on the economy, he’d do it in front of a joint session of congress on the exact same night the Republican presidential candidates had a debate scheduled. What a classless boob.

When the scheduling conflict was pointed out to the White House, Jay Carney of the Riverview Carnival Co. shrugged and told the Republicans to move their event, which had been scheduled for months. This is what petulant affirmative action pass throughs do when they run into trouble of their own making. They expect that everyone else will adjust to cover up their lack of forethought.

Happily John Boehner said, “Ahhh, not so fast.” The second in line of succession forced the clueless half wit at the top into doing what should have been done by some high school intern in the Demo-Dope establishment in the first place, de-conflict the schedules.

But why a joint session of congress for what is sure to be a political speech loaded down with P-BO Demo-Dope style BS, covered in a heavy sauce of flowery lies, served up with a steaming pile partisan rhetoric and served on a plate of Demo-Dope hypocrisy?

What Boehner should have told the president:

Hey look this joint session isn’t going to work. Why? Well for a very good reason that I’m sure you will understand.  I’ve scheduled a golf outing for my caucus that day. Besides, we still remember you inviting us to another of your BS speeches in Apr. where you put us in the front row and then in the most classless move since James Cagney shoved a grapefruit into the face of co-star Mae Clark’s face in the movie The Public Enemy, you began to rip one of my members – Paul Ryan. That was a punk move if there was a punk move. It was un-presidential, un-manly, un-American and a lie all at the same time.

So, there will be no joint session for you, unless you want to use one to issue an apology to Rep Ryan. And while you’re apologizing, how about issuing one to the American people for the despicable behavior of the black caucus? What a vile bunch. Maxi Water tells Tea Partiers to go to hell. Fredrica Wilson called them the enemy – something you told Hispanic voters by the way. This total idiot Andre Carson says there are members of my caucus who want to see blacks hanging from trees.

When we get back to work you’ll be calling for us to work together and enjoin a new civil dialogue. You have got to be kidding me. No one in my caucus wants to be in the same room with these race baiting self-serving morons.

As the head of the Demo-Dope party you need to call these creepy bastards out by name and denounce them in no uncertain terms. But that would take the spine you clearly lack. So no. There will not be any joint session for your political jack@$$ery. In fact, were I a tv exec at one of the networks, I’d make you and the DNC buy the time to address the nation from the Oval Office. 

Save everyone time and trouble.  Send us your plan on paper via same day courier.  Better yet, have Slow Joe deliver it to my office in person.  Might as well give that otherwise worthless pant load a job he can't screw up.