Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tebow driving ESPN mad

Ahh sports, the great distracter. Time to leave all of the bad news behind for three hours of bone jarring hits, acrobatic catches, how’d he do that runs and heart stopping drives. Time to just leave it all behind, right?

Wrong. The P-BO has been injecting himself into the big games of sport for three years now. And if you’re an ESPN producer, there is no way you can let the Heisman Trophy winning 3rd string quarterback of the Denver Broncos fade into obscurity.

So on Sunday’s pre-game, ESPN did a nice little hit piece Tim Tebow. Center stage of the ESPN piece was this line Tebow delivering this line to group of prison inmates:

"If you have Jesus Christ in your heart, you are going to spend eternity in Heaven. If you don't, you're going to spend eternity in Hell."

That apparently doesn’t sit well with some “comedian” named John Oliver who compares his hate for Tim Tebow with that he holds for Osama bin Laden. Nice John. I suppose Oliver has a life sized poster of Rashard Mendenhall in his office.  Oliver asks the question, “What if I don’t believe what Tebow does? I don’t want to be told I’m going to hell.”

Here’s the thing John, if you don’t believe what Tebow does, you probably don’t believe in hell either. So what’s the big deal? In fact John, I don’t know for sure, but I’ll bet the Griffin’s next commission check that you’re one of the moral equivalence guys who are constantly asking, who are we to judge? So what if this guy wants to marry a goat, who are we to judge?

And let me ask you this simple question John, if Tim Tebow KNOWS the only way to salvation is through the Lord Jesus Christ, how selfish would it be of him not to tell others? You have a right to reject the message. You don’t have a right to never be exposed to it. If that were the case, I’d demand every climate change scam artist like AlGore be locked up for violating my 1st Amendment right not to hear BS.

Tebow’s big crime against ESP, Oliver and others was his pro-life Super Bowl ad. Tebow had the temerity to take on the left’s own religion – abortion – front & center on America’s biggest stage. He cannot be forgiven for that. He can’t fade away like the score or so other Heisman Trophy winners who didn’t make the NFL. He has to be hyped by people who then turn around and complain about the hype. ESPN hacks like Merril Hodge, who could not possibly tie a bigger knot in his necktie, attacks Tebow mercilessly. For what purpose? He’s third string! What other 3rd stringer is getting this kind of treatment?

Most rookies, particularly QBs, come into the NFL and are given the let’s wait and see if he can adjust to speed of the game, get coached up on the NFL way, etc. etc. Not Tebow. He comes into the league under a freight train load of hype loaded onto him by the same people complaining about the hype he gets, and then they tell us he can’t make it.

Just to drive ESPN and Merril Hodge mad, I hope Tebow hangs around the league for 15 years as a back up, then wins a Super Bowl as the starting QB. Trent Dillfer?

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Anonymous said...

I viewed the John Oliver piece on Tebow. So we have a Brit telling us about how we view religion. Mayflower, American Revolution, War of 1812. Oliver the Brit tells us about American football.The European style he could demostrate is the one where the player falls to the ground grabbing a body part while faking a series of death quivers. After 20 seconds he could jump back up ready for tea and biscuits. Our football players have too much pride and our fans would not stand for it. Hey, the next time the sheep herders in the Falkland Islands threathen the British Empire just stand back. We will send in the Denver Bronco cheerleading team. God Bless Them.
The Griffin.