Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Let's try requring people to carry guns

That son of a bitch, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is protected by New Yorks’s finest 24-7, called for stricter federal gun legislation in the aftermath of a particularly bloody weekend – even by NY standards. Ten people were killed, 50 wounded in 14 separate shootings in NY over the Labor Day holiday.

In response to the shooting Bloomberg, that SOB, said, “we cannot tolerate it, there are just too many guns on the streets and we have to do something about it.” I would argue that there are not enough guns in NY City. NY City already has probably the strictest gun laws in the nations. For idiot SOB Bloomberg, that means nothing. If we already have 2,500 gun laws, we need 50 or 100 more. And oh, not only gun laws apply here. I think it’s still illegal to shoot someone, even in NY City.

You might wonder how things would turn out if, say, every third NYer had a concealed carry permit and the others just wore a gun on their hip. I think you might see a more polite society, even in NY. We know one thing for sure. When bad people start shooting, they don’t stop until good people show up with guns. The way to stop bad people using guns on good people is not to take guns away from the good, but rather require that they arm themselves.

Instead of this SOB’s hare brained scheme to disarm law abiding citizens, Bloomberg should be passing laws that say every third teller in a bank WILL BE armed. Pizza delivery men MUST carry a loaded hand gun and be proficient with it and able to shoot straight at night. Every taxi driver is REQUIRED to be armed. Convenient store clerks and bar owners MUST have a sawed off shotgun behind the counter. Women who work the late shift MUST carry a hammerless 2 ½” .38 in their purse or strapped to an ankle.

Pass laws like that and watch criminal scum move their criminal activity areas where no laws require citizens to be armed.

You could also use the laws to limit activity that you want to discourage. If you want less smoking, you pass a law banning smokers from carrying a gun. You want less prostitution, don’t allow pimps, whores and Johns to carry. The criminals will move to that segment of society where they know they have an easy mark thereby limiting the unwanted activity. Let the criminals do what the police can’t.

Now that SOB Bloomberg must have also missed the London riots. Londoners where snatching up Louisville Sluggers and cricket bats faster than they could be made. That sets up the rather daring proposition of your wife having to close with and beat an assailant who may be much bigger stronger and faster with a bat. And what if the assailant also has a bat? Contrary to Hollywood make believe, I’ve never seen or heard of anyone who dodged a well aimed shot.

So here’s the deal you SOB, you forego your 24-7 armed protection, and I’ll put down my gun. The creepy little SOB will never do it. He thinks he’s too important not have people with guns standing all around him all of the time protecting his @$$. You, on the other hand, are not important at all. Bloomberg is a SOB.

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