Friday, September 02, 2011

Sports night

Uh, it’s Friday. Let’s talk sports for second.

The Hockey shot herd round the world. For those who don’t know some 11 year old kid, Nate Smith, made a 75’ shot into a 6” hole and won 50 large. Not so fast my friends. Nate is the twin brother of Nick. It was Nick’s name that was called to participate in the contest. Nick was outside at the time, so the quick thinking dad substituted Nate for Nick. A day later the Smith’s came clean.

Hmm, this is difficult situation for the sponsors of the contest. No not really. Nate’s name was not drawn. Sorry, well actually we’re not even sorry, NO PRIZE. What the Smith’s might have done by their actions is to deprive the next guy in line for a shot his chance. Had Nick simply not shown up, would they have drawn another name? I don’t know.

And let’s not heap too much praise on the dad for coming clean…a day later. He’s the one who sent Nate down in the first place. Integrity is doing the right thing the first time. Play by the rules.

Oh and speaking of the rules, did you see this? Some kid pointed his finger to the sky to honor his 16 year old friend killed in an auto accident, after scoring the "game wining" TD in an OH high school game. The boy was a pall bearer at the funeral that morning. The ref flagged him for excessive celebration. Apparently it’s a penalty to “call attention to yourself” in OH high school football.

That’s probably a good rule. I don’t particularly care for chest thumping morons who act as if they just won 50 large in a fixed hockey promotion every time they do what they have practiced weeks to do. That said, what’s next? He ran off the field too quickly and called attention himself. His uniform is much dirtier than the others. He’s calling attention to himself. The halfback now has over 100 yards and is calling attention to himself. The press box is being flagged for calling attention to who carried the ball and who made the tackle.

Aside: Have you noticed how PA announcers never give credit where credit is due? If they did, it’d sound like this, “Griffith carried the ball through a hole my grandma could have hit created by Hussey and Van Meter. Then he tripped over his own feet in an open field, after a meager 15 yard gain. Oh, and if he had any speed, he’d have scored on the previous play as well.” Don’t worry the Griffin never reads past the first paragraph.

Dear Mr. Ref, I think the key word here is “excessive.” Oh, yeah, and kid, don’t do anything to call attention to yourself. Next time you have an opportunity to catch a TD pass, drop it. No wait. That would call attention to yourself.

For the OH high school rules committee: The ONLY guys not calling attention to themselves in a football game are on offense from the tackles in.

Then there’s this disgusting video. Notice it’s a gang of blacks beating a white ref. Racists! Where’s the evil Rev? Al notso SHARPton? Rev? Jesse Hymietown Jackson? Scumbags ought to be in jail.

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I did'nt see a one graph let alone a pair of 'em. Griffin.