Friday, September 16, 2011

A case for Romney

First things first. Dakota Meyer received the Medal of Honor yesterday. Read his citation here: The citation is shortened version of the summary of action, which in Meyer’s case probably goes on for several pages.

Now, I’m sure Mark Cuban and dozens of Hollywood moguls are beating down Meyer’s door to get the rights to his story so they can rush into production a movie about our latest war hero. Yeah right. It’s probably more like, “Hold everything Harv! Meyer didn’t rape or murder anyone. He didn’t even flush a koran down the john. He just saved 40 guys on the occupier’s side while dispatching half dozen or so Taliban freedom fighters. I’m not sure America is ready for a film that puts the American fighting man in such a positive light.”

Screw ‘em all. Semper Fi Devil Dog!

I am a conservative. So conservative in fact, that on occasion I make Jim DeMint and Rush Limbaugh look like flaming liberals. So why am I sticking with Mitt Romney. He’s not the most conservative candidate in the race. Perry, Bachmann, Cain, Santorum and probably even Newt are more conservative. Throw out Paul. His isolationist views will get us all killed. Throw out Huntsman. He is too liberal.

Well Mitt, like every other Republican candidate so far, is conservative enough. By degrees, if the P-BO is a candle of conservatism, Romney is the sun. Even Huntsman would be a blast furnace compared to the P-BO.

Romney also has the resource to go toe to with the P-BO. It was said that the P-BO needed to raise almost a billion dollars in his last presidential run because people didn’t know who he was. Now it’s said that the P-Bo will need to raise more than a billion for his re-election because everyone knows who he is. Romney continues to out pace all of his rivals in fund raising, including front running Rick Perry. Romney has also been in the game a long time and has an established ground game in the key states.

Romney is smooth as glass. He is unlikely to ever confuse the birth place of John Wayne with that of John Wayne Gacy. Over two election cycles, I cannot recall even one such gaffe.

Experience is another plus. Romney has taken over flagging ships before in business and the Olympics and set them straight. Sadly, after the P-BO’s 4 year non-stop assault on America, we’ll need someone with such credentials.

Romney has been thoroughly vetted. It is unlikely as the sun setting in the east that any twitter pictures of Romney are ever going to surface. Now is not the time for newbee. Remember the press sat on the GWB drunk driving charge until just 5 days before the 2000 election.

Romney can win. He continues to out pace the others in head to head polls against the P-BO.

If Romney should tap Marco Rubio as his VP, Romney/Rubio would win in a landslide. Marco says he doesn’t want a VP assignment. The elders may have to convince him that he must serve for the good of the country. Republicans need to crack one of the P-BO’s core constituencies. Blacks vote 98% Demo-Dope for no good reason and have been for 40 years. That particular core would be a difficult nut to crack, even with Herman Cain as a VP. Hispanics would flock to Rubio. Rubio also has the benefit of being more conservative than Romney.

Don’t worry about Romney’s Mormon faith. That issue is red herring raised by the media to scare people off. Heck, we just elected a guy with Muslim ties who attended the hate filled church of G-D America run by a racist hatemonger. If that issue ever came up, the easy way to handle it is, “Who would you rather have as president, a God fearing Mormon or a guy who sat in the pew of church for TWENTY YEARS where the Rev? G-Ded America?”

Look if I were the king of the world, I’d make myself President of the US, which would be a more powerful position than king of the world. After that, I’d pick Cheney or Rumsfeld. No one would screw with the US if one of those guys were in the oval office.

I’m not the king of the world. This election is too important, America is in too much trouble not to back a guy who has the experience, resources and talent not only to win but more importantly to fix the dire mess 52% Americans put us in after the last election.

Romney/Rubio 2012.

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Anonymous said...

From the Griffin. I am doing my on the ground report from my trip to Scotland. More than once I heard the comments," What the bloody 'ell is a going on wit that daft president o'yours?". I did not hear of any Scotsmen singing his praises. In the past I have always rebutted criticism of America and did on this trip. But agreed with them on their comments about this president. Their biggest complaint? Their "bloody investments ha' been tossed in the shitter". Yea, mine too. As to a Romney/Rubio ticket...fine with me. We need people that know something about business and leadership. And that includes the senators up for re-elction too. Give me some company CEO's. This will be 2010 Part Two. One more thing...the Griffin predicted numerous scandals coming as a result trillions of dollars in the hands of the Chicago pols in the White House. Solyndra is only the first but definitely not the last. This was easier to call than a one horse race. Scandals will rock this White House over the next year. Slow Joe will get a pass as too stupid and the public will understand.