Friday, September 09, 2011

The P-BO offers less than nothing; wants it fast

Hmm, there was a speech asking the congress to act quickly on a Jobs Act last night. Yeah that’s the same speech and jobs act that sat awaiting while the P-BO dilly dallied in Martha’s Vineyard. But now he’s back and this thing is a crisis. So pass this thing now. Pass it quickly so we can find out what’s in it. As George Washington once famously said, fool me once and you’re a SOB. Try to fool me twice and I’ll have you taken out.

This smarmy Eddie Haskell wannbe has already used up his affirmative action do-over pass on the economy. While his dopes in the congress haven’t passed a budget in going on 900 days, the P-BO has put out two, now three worthless “plans.” The first was an actual budget that was on paper. In the Demo-Dope controlled senate, it got nearly one vote. Then he had a speech in Apr about 400 billion in cuts, but he has yet to produce a “plan” for that speech. Now, in Sep the P-BO wants 447 billion in new spending in a hare brained son of stimulus jobs act.

447 billion on top the 800 billion already flushed down the crapper, for what? There was no mention of “shovel ready jobs” last night. So what can the 447 billion be used for? It’s just campaign cash for the P-BO’s re-election, period end of sentence. It’s walkin’ around money for union hoods, ACORN types and the P-BO's army of brain dead socialists. It’s the famous P-BO “stash” used to keep poor minorities on the plantation.

It won’t work. How do I know this? Well there’s the 800 billion dollar daddy stimulus that didn’t do one damned thing. CBO calculated that each job created by the first stimulus cost taxpayers in excess of $200,000. The P-BO himself laughed and noted that there weren’t as many “shovel ready jobs” as he thought. So, if there are no shovel ready jobs, where will the money go? For an answer, re-read the paragraph above.

Another laugher was the line that the whole thing was paid for. When a Demo-Dope says “it’s paid for,” he doesn’t mean he’s cutting waste and worthless government programs and regulations and using that money for the new plan. He means, you’re going to pay for it. He’ll say the “rich” are going to pay. But EVERY SINGLE TIME the Demo-Dopes aim at the rich they hit the middle class right square in the wallet.

Remember when they were going to soak the rich by taxing yachts at a higher rate. The rich simply stopped buying yachts. Who got hurt? The guys who build, maintain and sell yachts and all of their suppliers. The rich got through that idiocy unscathed. All of the solid middle class skilled workers in the industry were crushed. The exact same thing will happen when the Demo-Dopes go after their new target of choice, the privet jet. The rich will simply put off the purchase of new a jet, and the industry, i.e. skilled workers, will suffer.

The irony of this little pencil necked know nothing lecturing us about jobs while he let’s the NLRB shut down Boeing in SC and the FBI raid Gibson guitar is stunning. The idiocy of talking about putting people back to work while extending unemployment is another indication of how clueless this buffoon really is. The dip-$h!tery of this @$$clown providing a back door amnesty to illegals while wringing his hands over a 9% unemployment almost makes you hope Jimmy Hoffa would advocate taking the SOB out.

The really scary part is that Bozo wants this passed quickly. Pass what? As with everything else about this POS, no one really knows. Throw it against the wall, and pass it in the dark of night. Passing anything that provides the P-BO with some taxpayer cash to spread around among his cronies before the election will do.

But the really, really scary part is that the Republi-Rats might “compromise.” They’ll trim the package to 337 billion and get the toe nail clipper tax cut by half and declare victory.

This is not a jobs act. It’s a P-BO re-election act.

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