Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time to snitch on a neighbor...again

I joined the P-BO snitch website this morning and reported myself: takes poor Barry to the woodshed nearly everyday. He likened this website to something the Nazis and commies would do. Ya gotta stop him before the he puts the whole truth out there.

Join and report like all good Nazis and commies. It was a bit over two years a go when the Nazis running the White House launched their wildly famous that urged Americans, “If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to” Lex sent in something everyday to that site run with your tax dollars. I intend to do the same here comrades, and like all good commie bastards I expect you to keep an eye on your neighbor. After all, he’ll be watching you. Be especially alert for American flags and those Gadsden flags with the creepy snake on them. They are a dead give away for anti-P-BO activity. It is our collective duty to protect the collective by protecting the party! Or in this case, the party organ, the P-BO. You must comply. The gulag awaits.

How long do you suppose this cite will last? Flood it. Flood it with the P-BO’s own words on shutting down G’itmo, getting the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Flood it with the truth from as many e-mail accounts as you have available. Do it everyday, twice a day if you think of it.


Instead of asking us to spy on our neighbors, maybe the P-BO should be asking his own administration to spy on one another in an effort to stem stupid attacks and pull their collective heads out of their rectums. Now, in addition to the wildly stupid gun walker scandal, we find out that the P-BO and slow Joe chucked 500+ million in stimulus money down a green jobs sink hole in a boondoggle known as Solyndra. The big payoff? A political photo op for the P-BO and Slow Joe.

There’s an old axiom that goes, never attribute to malice that which can be explained away by stupidity. Sadly, with this administration, stupidity seems to be a bottomless pit. There is nothing that cannot be explained away by it when comes to the P-BO and the @$$clowns he chosen to surround himself with.

This is so rich on two levels. First, it demonstrates what scam the whole green thing really is. There they were, the P-BO and Slow Joe touting Solyndra as the be all, end all in green initiatives. They dump 535 MILLION TAX PAYER DOLLARS into it. Now it’s totally bottom up. And no one, absolutely no one from the administration is to blame. Instead they blame…drum roll please…George W. Bush.

Next, it demonstrates what total and utter failure the stimulus was and what waste any further stimulus will be. There’s the P-BO out shouting at college kids “pass this bill” for 447 billion in new stimulus while congress is trying to find out what happened to the last 800+ BILLION in stimulus money.

People from this administration should be in jail on the gun walker case. People were killed because of their incompetence. Where’s Patty Fitzgerald? He locked Scooter Libby up for a process crime in a case where he already knew who had committed the crime he was charged with investigating. But the P-BO’s ATF and DOJ people get PROMOTED for coming up with a hare brained scam that got innocent people killed.

Now Solyndra surfaces, and the administration’s reaction is, “oh well, so sad, too bad, it’s unfortunate 535 MILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS were wasted on one of P-BO’s chief campaign contributors. But we got some really neat photos out of the deal”

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