Thursday, September 08, 2011

Are you ready for some football or a joint session of congress?

This is what Slow Joe Biden would look like tonight, if his hair plugs had taken.

First the debate. I don’t know why when Rick Perry points out the obvious, like Social Security, as it is currently structured, cannot support itself because there are not enough new investors to pay off the old investors (the definition of a Ponzi scheme) that obvious truism is called “toxic” by the political know it alls like Karl Rove. In Rove’s world, I suppose it’s better to lie to get elected than to advocate change for a system that is going to die under its own weight. How do you think we got to where we are Karl?

Now tonight that SOB, know nothing, jug eared dope that 52% of Americans foisted on the rest of thinking America will be running his suck in front of a joint session of congress. Behind him in the shot will be his terrorist, lying, plagiarizing, son of a bitchin’ vp, the slowest of all Joes, shovel ready Biden. Biden will be up and down grinning applauding the chief SOB so often he’ll look like one of those toy monkeys that bounces on its butt while grinning ear to ear and beating a pair of small symbols together. The only difference in the two is that the monkey’s hair plugs took and slow Joe’s, like most things associated with this buffoon, were a miserable failure.

In the audience will be a whole host of SOBs. America’s only functioning cadaver, scrawny Harry this war is lost Reid; Maxi Waters, who as far as I’m concerned can go straight to hell; a Maxi wannabe, Fredrica Wilson who is an enemy of the American state as it was founded (She oughtta be taken out); Andre Carson a race baiting lying sack of crap of the Rev? Al notso SHARPton category and a couple of hundred other lying hypocrites also known as Demo-Dopes.

Not all is milk and honey though. The queen dame of the Demo-Dopes, San Fran Grand Nan Pelooser, is peeved that Republicans will not offer a response to the P-BO’s campaign kick off speech. The queen of class warfare who herself is a multimillionaire while decrying the rich said the Republican move “would speak volumes about their lack of commitment to creating jobs.” Boehner’s response should be, “Look, if talking created jobs, that pant load president of yours has talked so much and done so little else that unemployment should be about .000000001% by now.”

She is just trying to drag the Republicans into helping to cover up the P-BO’s narcissistic boneheaded play. “See the Republicans screwed up Thursday night football too.” She is truly out of touch with Mr. & Mrs. America if she thinks that anyone with a brain is interested in prolonging the P-BO’s charade one nanosecond longer than necessary. The collective sigh of relief across America tonight, after the P-BO tells his last lie, is likely to cause more wind damage than hurricane Lee.

The only bit of suspense tonight is what the P-BO is going to call Tea Partiers and Republicans. His Demo-Dope acolytes have already taken all of what by Demo-Dope standards are the civil references, tea baggers, terrorists, SOBs, racists, lynch mob, hell dwellers, Nazis, un-American, etc. etc. I may tune in just to see if the P-BO will drop the last pejorative available and call us M-Fers. Perhaps will he will even choose to use the whole term.

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