Monday, September 12, 2011

Getting remeberances of 9-11 right

Is anyone else tiring of 9-11 remembrances that include about everything except remembering that it was a group of dirt bags trapped in the 12th century who pulled off the events of that day?

There is nothing wrong with reflecting pools, tolling bells, somber music and name reading. But I for one would like to hear someone deliver a stem winding “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender” type speech that calls this enemy what it is and calls America to action. Then the Marine Corps band and the Army choir would break into the Battle Hymn of the Republic in lieu of the pathetic Sounds of Silence performed by Paul Simon.

After all, we’re at war. Maybe we could act like it for just one day each year. That day could be on 9-11 to commemorate events that kicked off the latest round in an endless war between western civilization and a religion that has ALWAYS had at its core zealots who think nothing of killing school children, women and the most helpless among us to “advance” their cause. Maybe for just one day each year we could pause and reflect on the vicious nature of the enemy.

I have tired of the hearing about the “tragedy” of 9-11. A tragedy is when the kids see the family dog hit by a car in the neighborhood street. A tragedy is an undelivered note of a lover’s intent to fake her death. Not receiving the note, the man thinks his fiancĂ© has really died and runs off with the maid. When Juliet catches up with them, she slays Romeo and the maid in some seedy motel room. OK maybe Shakespeare did have a better idea on how to end that one.

The point is that 9-11 wasn’t some accident of fate. It was planned and carried out with years of forethought and training. It was a despicable act of war carried out by followers of the “religion of peace.”

Now the same type of people who collapsed the WTCs want to build a victory mosque adjacent to the cite where they stood.  The “smartest” among us tell the rest of us dumb@$$es that the idea is perfectly OK. Well it isn’t OK. It’s offensive. It’s rude. It’s unacceptable to all except for the P-BO and Bloomberg types among us.

If Jimmy Hoffa wants to pick a fight with some real SOBs why doesn’t he pick one with the 9-11 mosque bunch? If Slow Joe wants to call someone a terrorist, why he doesn’t start with real terrorists who blow people and things up? If the P-BO and Rep. Fredrica Wilson want to call a group people our “enemy,” why don’t they start with the zealots of the “religion of peace” who have made such a mess of the world with their 12th century way of thinking? Instead, each of these “leaders” has rolled in on American citizens who carry clever signs and wear Uncle Sam hats to rallies for a more responsible federal government. The Tea Party, it would seem, is greater threat to America to these “leaders” than the Islamo-Terror-Fascists and their buddies who brought us 9-11.

Well I’d had enough.  So sent off a couple of e-mails to gently try to make this point. I don’t think they require much of an explanation.

Have you people lost your minds? I read where a campus tribute to 9-11 that would have consisted of 2,977 American flags was cancelled because the tribute didn’t included flags from the other countries. What kind of brain dead PC institution is being run at Marietta? News flash to the administrations office: Marietta College is NOT the United Nations. How many flags will Marietta College raise at the next sporting event? Hypocrites. How many national anthems will be played before kick off? Hypocrites. How many languages is each course taught in? Hypocrites. How much federal grant money is accepted at Marietta? Hypocrites.

Dear Mr. Ginder:

Congratulations on the big win last Friday night. It was a great game well played by both teams on both sides of the ball.

My only disappointment in an otherwise outstanding evening was the public address announcer’s, hopefully inadvertent, use of the word “tragic” or “tragedy” to describe the events of September 11, 2001. What happened to America on that day was not a tragedy. It was an act war perpetrated by an organization populated with the worst kind of Godless, merciless and cowardly human debris.

As result of the heinous terrorist acts of 9-11, we have long been engaged in two open wars and possibly 100s of clandestine operations on every continent. Much of the heavy lifting in the defense of our nation is being done by young men who are not too far removed from the activities we witnessed Friday night.

This is not a small matter or distinction without a difference. As other young men step up to take their place in the line protecting America, I would expect that they will know that the actions their service will require are not a result of some random act or preventable accident that ended “tragically.”

Thank you for your time& Go Chargers.

Respectfully submitted,

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