Thursday, September 01, 2011

The punk in chief demands time, told to pound sand

What a punk. The P-BO back from 10 days of strenuous vacationing, decided that not only would he ruin another night of tv for America with his political speech on the economy, he’d do it in front of a joint session of congress on the exact same night the Republican presidential candidates had a debate scheduled. What a classless boob.

When the scheduling conflict was pointed out to the White House, Jay Carney of the Riverview Carnival Co. shrugged and told the Republicans to move their event, which had been scheduled for months. This is what petulant affirmative action pass throughs do when they run into trouble of their own making. They expect that everyone else will adjust to cover up their lack of forethought.

Happily John Boehner said, “Ahhh, not so fast.” The second in line of succession forced the clueless half wit at the top into doing what should have been done by some high school intern in the Demo-Dope establishment in the first place, de-conflict the schedules.

But why a joint session of congress for what is sure to be a political speech loaded down with P-BO Demo-Dope style BS, covered in a heavy sauce of flowery lies, served up with a steaming pile partisan rhetoric and served on a plate of Demo-Dope hypocrisy?

What Boehner should have told the president:

Hey look this joint session isn’t going to work. Why? Well for a very good reason that I’m sure you will understand.  I’ve scheduled a golf outing for my caucus that day. Besides, we still remember you inviting us to another of your BS speeches in Apr. where you put us in the front row and then in the most classless move since James Cagney shoved a grapefruit into the face of co-star Mae Clark’s face in the movie The Public Enemy, you began to rip one of my members – Paul Ryan. That was a punk move if there was a punk move. It was un-presidential, un-manly, un-American and a lie all at the same time.

So, there will be no joint session for you, unless you want to use one to issue an apology to Rep Ryan. And while you’re apologizing, how about issuing one to the American people for the despicable behavior of the black caucus? What a vile bunch. Maxi Water tells Tea Partiers to go to hell. Fredrica Wilson called them the enemy – something you told Hispanic voters by the way. This total idiot Andre Carson says there are members of my caucus who want to see blacks hanging from trees.

When we get back to work you’ll be calling for us to work together and enjoin a new civil dialogue. You have got to be kidding me. No one in my caucus wants to be in the same room with these race baiting self-serving morons.

As the head of the Demo-Dope party you need to call these creepy bastards out by name and denounce them in no uncertain terms. But that would take the spine you clearly lack. So no. There will not be any joint session for your political jack@$$ery. In fact, were I a tv exec at one of the networks, I’d make you and the DNC buy the time to address the nation from the Oval Office. 

Save everyone time and trouble.  Send us your plan on paper via same day courier.  Better yet, have Slow Joe deliver it to my office in person.  Might as well give that otherwise worthless pant load a job he can't screw up. 

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