Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If the P-BO is the smart one, I'll take the dummy

The MSM continues its meme of what a super hyper genius the P-BO is. Anyone who would think differently, because there is no evidence of intellect, is of course a racist, Holocaust denying redneck. I suppose the argument could go like this: Not even a dumb@$$ like George Bush could wreck the country as fast as the P-BO has. It takes a true genius to allow the country to spiral this low this quickly. OK. That makes sense.

Of course the corollary to the P-BO is soooooooo smart, is anyone that oppose him is dumb. Enter the Republican presidential field. One nanosecond after a Republican candidate gains the slightest bit of traction, enter the MSM with the, “are they smart enough” BS.

Really, how smart do have to be. Harry Truman wasn’t even a college grad. Maybe our problem is that we get these pointy headed dopes who think all the answers are in a book somewhere. “Honey, have you seen that 12 step volume on what to do when North Korea is working Iran on proliferating nuclear weapons?” Or “Where’s that damned ‘Getting out of 14 Trillion Dollars of Debt for Dummies” book?” Sometimes the answer is obvious. In the latter case, stop spending so damned much money.

But that, it seems, is not sophisticated enough. You need the Slowest of all Joe’s “we have to spend money to save money” theory here. It’s so counter intuitive. No one could be that dumb. It must be genius.

Well sometimes the obvious answer is the correct answer, and in Slow Joe's case, he keeps plumbing new depths of stupidity. I was taking a tactical test once. I was given a simple objective and whole mess of stuff, more than what was required, to complete it. I saw a simple answer. But I convinced myself simple wasn’t good enough. Why would I have all of this stuff if it were that simple? So I created a complex solution to a simple problem that used all of the stuff. During the critique, when the instructor’s first words were, “Sometimes the obvious answer is the correct one,” I knew I was in trouble.

Maybe the Ivy Leaguers we hired to run the country for the last 6 presidential terms eschew common sense for sophisticated hare brained Harvard models that don’t work. Maybe we need common sense president who can say, “Hold on there Joe. We can’t spend any more money, because we don’t have it.” It’s pretty obvious. Maybe it’s too obvious. It can’t be that simple. If it were that obvious we wouldn’t need a bunch of Ivy Leaguers with hands softer than a kitten to figure it out for us.  They've done a heck of job so far. 

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